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So, yesterday i sent in my submission, written to the extent of my ability.

I am young, I have had nothing published, and i live on the other side of the globe.

Do i stand a chance, or will they pick the 40-year old neckbeard instead of me anytime?

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>I have had nothing published,
Your worst obstacle because it doesn't tell them anything about how (un)reliable you are. Basically, lack of any resume is a bitch.

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>Avoid any violence towards children or otherwise defenseless individuals or any sexual violence. Any submission containing this will be rejected outright, and the writer will not be able to write for us in the future.

So close, yet so far. Soon.

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This is the absolute truth.

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whoa, someone's actually hiring? I was pretty sure the entire industry is on death's doorstep.

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I figured as much. The only thing i could have written was that i wrote for my high school newspaper, which isn't very impressive.

How do you get things published anyway? Knowing the right people? Or are Indie RPGs the way to go?

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You're not going to get hired with that grammar.

Also, as in ALL bussiness. Knowing the right people is the only way to get into an industry.

This isn't the 80's were an impressive indie ruleset can get you a job, it's the future, where

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>How do you get things published anyway? Knowing the right people? Or are Indie RPGs the way to go?

Both. Basically, writing your own stuff and knowing the right people who can jump-start you. Or, ya know, you can be such an awesome writer that they'll hire you in a heartbeat.

And like >>16223338 says I'm also surprised someone's hiring in the business. Roses aren't exactly blooming, if you know what I mean.

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Well, it's FFG, they almost always have spots open for some position, whether it's freelance writer, "Organized Play Associate" or marketing thingies

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>no violence towards the chilluns

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>read submission again
>first I is lower case

Yeah, i'm fucked

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>We are not looking for comedy entries, and do not submit any easter eggs. Any overt or subtle references to your favorite comic book, movie, song, or other media will get your submission rejected.

I guess you've got to earn the right to tip your hat to /tg/ first.

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