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Remember this?
Want to try being a little creative while showing off your character progression?

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>implying my friends ever make campaigns that last more than three sessions

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Here's mine.

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Yeah I know man, but ask if you can't continue the same character in another setting instead of starting over all the time.

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Was also born without arms.

Captcha: radder Patrick

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Oh man, I haven't seen that in a while.

Got it saved on my harddrive, shame I forget to saved some other good ones too.

Anyway got those Warhammer Fantasy RPG ones? They're pretty famous.

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Natural progression is best progression.

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>trusting a dude with no face with the explosives
Does not bode well.

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Sometimes you just have to have a bit of trust.

Admittedly trusting a guy with no face with explosives is a bit of a leap of faith.

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It's like agreeing to participate in a knife-throwing act with a guy nicknamed "Shaky".

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>all fingers and toes

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>want to make one of these
>But still only 3 stages in

Im enjoying the campaign but I want to see how it all ends!

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Just make three then, easy peasy.

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It happens.

I work in a tattoo shop, and a guy came in to get some tattoos fixed. The name of the guy who did them was One Eyed Pete.

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Bumpopolis with OC.

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Took a minute to do this.

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Awesome campaign, forgive my not-so-great art abilities please.

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The result of a 2 year campaign (still going strong)


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The blue stone that is faintly glowing is a stone harvested from the corpses of ancient colossi that were murdered by an jealous god.

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>an jealous god.

a jealous god.*

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Oh nice, the thread bumped. I wish I had a character to show off...

Ohhhh. That's cool, seems very unique.

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I can't help but see


when I read this one. Maybe it's just me.

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Nah, you aren't the only one.

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I see it too

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I agree, a smidgen Mary Sue.

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I played this character until I retired him at level 8 and quit the campaign.

The DM was good at roleplaying but was such a realist that it got to be too much.

Never a piece of Thief gear. Never a bow, never anything special that I could use, and I was still the best combat character with a +7 ranged weapon bonus.

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I only see Mary Sue because there's no real transition between "amateur assassin" and "super best paladin".

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He's actually sort of a character in a setting/story I came up with but have not yet had the chance to put into action.

It involves conquistador dwarfs, fantasy terrorism, and a big ol' world.

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This is from a campaign that's long since ended, but i always love posting it in these due to the shear fact of how quickly the shit hit the fan in that game.

CoC game. In the end the giant worm was "rejected by reality the way a transplant patient would reject a kidney" and torn apart by invisible monsters.

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Quite Sue.

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I don't see how he can be considered a Mary Sue when there's no obvious suggestion of superiority...you guys have clearly never been in a campaign above level 30 this character is average to say the least.

Also there's no clear transition because derp, it goes from Age 16 to Current Self with no indication of time passed. And where do you see 'super best paladin' anywhere in the description?

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>Implying the giant sword, twin halos, and a personal quest to kill every "evil" beingthe universe doesn't smack of paladerp.

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>Giant sword
So you don't see 'overcompensation' inscribed in the blade
>Twin Halos, Personal quest
>Implying the entire party can't share these traits

Do you even know how to think? Or do you just like to repeat everything everyone else says?

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ended up trapping his own body to make up for his loss of combat effectiveness. magic guided hand crossbows activate from the rip cord on his chest. usually hides it under a cloak

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it's not the power level. It's the visual derp.
Double Halo?
Giant Sword?
also, the lack of any explanation for the shift form "semi-normal assassin" to "uber-paladin"

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Uh. Bullshit
I have a level 35 Gestalted and she screams less MarySue than that Paladin

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Lord Inquisitor Jonah Sykes, an old PC of mine.

Of course, once he actually became a Lord Inquisitor, he became an NPC for use in other campaigns. Lord Inquisitors are a bit OP.

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It's the GM's setting. When does the player ever come out and say 'Hey, this is great and all but can I have a sword bigger than myself and 2 fucking halos for no reason?'

>Calling something a marysue without any written information on them provided
Are you a wizard?

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Real men don't need faces.

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I like how it jumps from "nobody two-bit ganger scum" to not just Inquisitor but boss of Inquisitors.

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The whole '16->current self' is a bit of a big jump, and for a significantly developed character it's practically Mary Sue bait. (not that >>16196257 isn't a mary sue or anything)

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Well, THAT was the wrong image.

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More than anything else it's the "I was mysteriously given a demonic artifact as a babby for no reason except for me to develop immunity to demons so I could go and kill archdemons. After I was assassin."

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You know, you can totally change the ages on the template.

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It did take 212 years, in fairness. And a looong campaign.

Just figured /tg/ didn't want to hear the story, is all.

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A better version of the template would be;

25% of current age
50% of current age
75% of current age
Current age

That way there's not such a huge gap.

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>gift =/= curse
Your head must be denser than Jupiter's surface

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One mans gift is another mans curse

See immortality

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Whoa. That's just absurd. Next you'll be saying we can use programs other than MS Paint.

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Wheeeeeeeeee Locus!

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Well, let's not go to crazytown or anything.

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I loved this campaign. I started off as a young naive kid who duel wielded long swords. I couldn't afford better armor, so I was stuck with leather. Eventually I made a deal with a sorcerer to get some better armor, and so I got flaming armor. It had the same stats as steel armor, but pic related. This caused me to start looking into dark magic and shit to lift the curse. I made a deal with Mephistopheles, and he lifted my curse and made me his disciple.I then murdered the sorcerer who cursed me, and wore his head on my belt. In his house I found a magic sword that I used to kick ass. My evil got us into all sorts of shenanigans, eventually leading up to the spirit trapped into the sword coming to life. I tried to defeat the spirit, but he crucified me and shot me with a magical arrow of healing, which kept me alive but suffering for eternity.

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>fucking forgot the picture

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fuck you

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Now this guy was fun to play.

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...you best be trolling.

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True story.

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All went better than I initially thought. I didn't even get molested... much.

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A character I played from middleschool to highschool. I keep em around as an NPC just to mess with my players sometimes.

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age 10: Yay I am a wizard's apprentice! Yay! I can help with magic yay!

age 15: So I am a sorta wizard now. Want to try to be powerful pauldron wizard. That shit would be fucking fun.

age 30: Why is my entire civilization rock?

age 1030: Humanity is a dying race? Not.. on.. my watch... by the power of zarus... PAULDRON WIZARD POWERS ACTIVATE!

Current Self: Well at least I got to be a pauldron wizard for a little while. Hey humanity is still around, so I guess that's cool too.

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Oh hey, I remember you.

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My character from a homebrew RPG I played with my friends.
Your typical post apocalyptic planets, several factions of transhumans wielding high technology, none completely good, lost tech, mutants, death worlds, settings of different technological and cultural level, etc.

And then I found out about Warhammer 40k and realized ripped off this all must sound...

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Oh, please, please, tell it again, sah! Tell it again! For the benefit of the younger fa/tg/uys!

... And me!

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Wow. Cool. I didn't think many people would. I mostly GM now. Also the GM from that game is still dating the game store guy.

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Well it's on sup/tg/ I think. But sure I guess since it's /tg/ if people want it to be story time I will tell it.

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The Severin guy here.
Would like to kindly inquire about the tale of your advantures

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Been up 24 hours +. But here is the article on sup/tg/. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14785908/

A long time ago in a game store far far away...

My female friend, much like a kid sister to me, wanted to date a guy who worked at a local game store. She had enlisted the help of a forever gm (who after posting the story I would later find out just had a few issues at the time that he was going through, hence the batshit craziness that ensued.) to help her get cred with the counter guy. In order to that she had me help design a campaign for her.

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After a while of design, she says that she is having trouble with the campaign. I try to troubleshoot with her, however at this time I was partially transitioning to a new job (that I have now) so I send one of my old friends (who was one of the first people I played 3.5 with) to find out what was going on. He would later inform me that my whole campaign was a clusterfuck, and that I should be ashamed. Due to more scheduling difficulties I go to the next campaign night to observe/play.

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Getting intrigued here

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Apparently the player and others who were playing had all become victims to a very forceful personality, who had basically using this to vent some insanity he was going through. In short, furfaggotry had ensued hardcore. I am not talking some guy running an awakened corgi or a catgirl or some shit. No. I am talking full blown fetish to the table. One of their players who had pretty much gone full retard and turned the place into crazed furry paradise had ascended to some type of god hood. My friend I realized had let me come to see this to be a tool of some kind. So I made the PTSD wizard Cameron Longstrider. You see part of the campaign was a city that was turned to stone, and one of the options was you were a human you could come from that city if the party was cool with it. Oddly they were.

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Now what I did not tell you last time about Cameron was that he was based off an old army buddy I knew with PTSD. Good guy, funny as hell and when he got out he had a epic god damned beard. He was a god damned warrior at heart, but he like me was an intell nerd. So I made Cameron Longstrider, the wizard with a great warriors soul. So the party arrives on the floating city, they touch cameron's statue the wrong way and he wakes up. Now the first thing I played off, was not the antixeno stance, but the PTSD. Cameron was a wizard who had been turned to stone for 1000 years and be sentient. He gets awakened by what any human would likely interpret as monsters who speak in a different form of common. The first thing he does it fireball gasms and freaks the fuck out screaming about the stillness of a thousand years. This scares the party. A lot. Especially what I would later be told is the "realism" of his reaction to being awakened.

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Reading on Sup/tg/. Shit, this is tense

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I ask the party what happened to the other civilizations as I have never seen the likes of them before. Apparently one party member had peirced elysium and caused it to leak through to this part of the plane. Turning humans and some humanoids into what the party was. I asked if they had asked for this. They said that it was a gift to humanity. My character started to freak out again. I volunteer to take first watch while the rest of the party sleeps. My character, lost and confused walks to the holiest site in the city which is all but in ruins with shit (literally shit) all over it. My character cries out to the gods for answers in a fit of blind fury. Why would the gods of justice and freedom allow this to pass? The DM rolls a dice. And looks up me and smiles. Cameron Longstrider hears an answer. The answer is from the God Zarus.

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For those of you who don't know, Zarus is a God of Humanity that was introduced in races of destiny. He isn't exactly the bright shiny pelor- well actually he kinda looks like a clean shaven pelor. Zarus was a deity who believes that humanity should be on top above other races in D&D. Zarus, saw what I had gone through and had an answer. My character asked to be blinded so he could not have to see the atrocities that had been committed to humanity. Zarus, and I didn't get this through that well in my last post, was not pleased with this response. Zarus told Cameron "No. Humanity does not give up. Humanity will not go quietly. Not on this plane. Not on the next. Not on my watch. Not on yours." The DM had Zarus do a strike against me bringing me down to one hit point. This made the party laugh at me a little. Then Zarus spoke again. This time kneeling down to me. He hands me a map to a library. "Go. You will now what to do upon arrival. Let none stand on your way." Cameron Longstrider, was now on a quest from god.

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An engineering student who went to princeton what got paid 600 bucks to do a half hour cryogenics experiment on campus...he woke up in the grim darkness of the 40th milenium having been discovered by an inquisitor, where he became a heretek and an acoylte. Eventually he lost his arm and got a replacement with a built in grapnal...also he was a master of cognigator espionage and truly came to believe in the Emperor, but hated the structure and society of the Imperium...also he had fun with anachronism.

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>mfw Zarus

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>inb4 story is killing furries/killing elves.

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The furry half of the playing group was actually for this. "Zarus is Lawful Evil right? We are chaotic good! Holy shit we have an antagonist to fight now that will be worthy!" My friend just nodded. She had learned well. Though one of the party members was nervous, because I have been known to do horrifying things with wizards and sorcerers. Cameron traveled to the Library, which was based off the Library of alexandria. Originally it was going to be run by a Dragon that horded knowledge for treasure, however we figured a lich would be better. Cameron arrives at the lich and tells him that he was sent in the name of Zarus. The DM rolls, the Lich points to the obscure scrolls and books section and runs to the other side of the library. Apparently, the Lich was afraid of Zarus. My character leaves the island, by jumping off of it and casting fly at the right time leaving the party in the dust. Somehow everyone was having a good time still. My character goes to his old workshop to find what goods he could use. The party, then realized, that it would take a long ass time to catch up with a wizard, when the only other magic user in the party was a cleric. So the decide to ditch me and deal with me later after going to take the fight to Assholia. Zarus appears to me "The fallen dare to strike at Assholia, home of the heartiest stock of man. Go to warn them. Give them time to make what little preparations they need. Read what books you can. Harm no human, and no harm will come to you from man." So I read books and fly off to assholia. I am careful to harm no man. I arrive and tell them what the party is planning to do. Assholia, is naturally unphased.

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>mfw, always wanted to do something like this, but thought it was too Sue

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It reeks of Sue because it started off as a special snowflake.

Is this from something?

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I get down on my knees and pray to zarus, who is now answering my prayers personally. This is probably due to being the only one who prays to him. Or so I think at this point. "Zarus, Oh noble god, I will forsake my magic if you give me the answer to the riddle of saving humanity from what has befallen it." Zarus appears to me. "Men do not kneel." And he choke lifts me up. "I will not take your magic wizard. But in order to find your answers you must test your mettle as a man. Walk until you can walk no more, take the road to the mountains. There you will find your answer." I walk to the mayor of the small town and gather my things. "Tell me when the war hits you." The mayor laughs "More like if." After a four day trek through the assholian wild, which is a combination of "OH GOD IT BURNS" and "JESUSFUCKBEESANDBEARS" and wailing and gnashing of teeth, I get to the mountain reaches and out of assholia. Then a messenger vulture tries to eat me. The message is very blunt "War came, and went away." I walk to an abandoned pantheon, which is also a city entrance. Upon arrival, I see guards with guns. Not just any guns, rifles. I roll a d20. Cameron fails his constitution check and collapses to his knees. I smirk at this. This is also significant, as my character has yet to see a crossbow. The city is something /tg/ would have built. It has a dapper dragon complete with monocle, zeppelins everywhere and a whole lot of steam and clockwork. I trade all I own that is not essential to my quest (thousand year old antiques are actually quite noteworthy) and purchase what I need. Cameron then arrives at the steel halls of man.

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Cameron was a wizard with PTSD. He had to make checks (will) not to freak out on occasion (every time a surprise attack occurred, including the messenger vulture which almost killed him), but they became less and less the more he had visions from Zarus.
Cameron prayed to Zarus once more "Noble Zarus I walked through leagues of flame and sulfur, walked till I could walk no longer and studied everything I could. Noble Zarus, tell me how to save humanity fro this grizzly fate." Zarus did not answer. But a priest did. "You there, you go to fight the beastmen? The ones who have reshaped the world? Alone?" I look at the priest "Why have you not?" I look around some more "Why have none of you stopped to prevent this fate? What have you done?" There is shock. A man stands up. He is very well dressed, even in this dapper town. "We stand idle no longer." The mayor was now on my side. "The beastmen failed at Assholia, now is the time to strike at them and prevent this curse from consuming us all!" The people cheer. The GM makes me do a spot check. The bust of Zarus on the wall, looks as if it is smiling. At this point the other members of the party were getting ready for "operation ground and pound" (yes a dragonforce song...) in which they would try to take their crusade to the dwarves with bear Calvary and the steam punk nation in the mountains, laplandia.

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Alas, poor fellow, I knew ye well. Still, fun character. Posted this before, but the thread was mostly dead so what's one more?

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I make ready my preparations for war. Up to this point my character had been studying biochemical warfare, curses, biotoxins, poisons and other things. Zarus prohibits poison use in his worshipers. Additionally Zarus told me to hurt no man. I ready my ships, which were bought with the last relics that I owned. The Might of Humanity, and The Fist of Zarus. The Mayor takes The Might, Cameron takes The Fist. Together they fight crime, err, bomb the shit out of the body of the army with a combination of biotoxins and stuff from assholia. They bomb them with an airborne cure for the curse of fur that has been given to them via the party. The party had no spell casters capable of dealing with this, or attacking my ship in the air. This battle was a landslide. They were pissed, however, they realized that this was going to be an epic end and decide to go to the shrine of their god and see if they can summon him. I land the ship next to the body of the army, and order my army not to hurt any man. "All men and women, all humans, are free to leave and do as they wish." The generals who had fought so valiantly asked of me "You do not wish to kill us?" Cameron shakes his head. "All men are free. Do as you wish." This causes the party to laugh, as they recruited the general early on. "Dude he is gonna fuck you up." The GM says "Cameron gave a reasonable terms after such a battle, but you do have a point. Trade diplomacy rolls to see a result." He rolls a 13, modified to a 23. I rolled a natural 20, which was modified to a 28. His jaw dropped. He even test rolled the dice to make sure it was not rigged. (he rolled a 13 again.) "What way is this?" The general asked. "The way of Zarus" Cameron replies and gets back on the airship. "You can fight me if you wish, but I have wolf hunting to do." I saw terror in their eyes.

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The little crotch-leaves are kind of cute.

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Dieter is a Heer machine-gunner in a WWII thing on a homebrew system that I'm doing right now.
Basically a standard example of good intentions turned to hatred.


Now I know you're awake, you feathery bastard.

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Well damn.

That's awesome!

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The next step (and my final post of this for the night. over 30 hours just aint right) is to go alert the humans living with the dwarves that there are more like them and that the beastmen have been routed. This rallies the dwarves. Which had tons of references to dwarf fortress and were able to waylay the beastmen by using traps. I see the dwarves roll out on bear cavalry. I ask the Lord Zarus for equally awesome cavalry for men. So we get Deep Crow Cavalry. We find the party, who has summoned their god, which looks like something from my "worst of peoples characters" folder. My army fights bravely and boldly, with the fury of man. We are winning but not nearly fast enough. So I pray, to Zarus one last time "Zarus, you have helped me bring humanity back from extinction, now let me prevent this from happening again. Give me the power to slay a god, give me the power to mend the heavens. I offer everything I have for this." Zarus appears one last time, before all on the battlefield. Everyone is required to do a will check except for my PTSD wizard who everyone thought was talking to himself. "I have heard your prayers. I have, and will answer all of them." Zarus touches my forehead and disappears. I cast a fireball, which extends all of my HP and CON, it slays the god and cauterizes the wound between the realms. Cameron smiles "My work is done." He falls to the ground. A memorial is made for him. The party, is satisfied. I go to the front. Look at the clerk, sizing him up. "Hey, the cute girl GM back there likes you. You should probably go talk to her." I go outside and have a smoke. That is my story.

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I want to hear more of this story

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Pretty much it was D&D 3.0 system mixed with zombie Apocalypse in fantasy as a setting.

All on one magical island (that's a lie it was low magic) covered in zombies, and ancient secrets.

>> No.16200489

I had my old one saved, but can't find it.

1) Orphan survivor of a dwarf fortress.
2) Warrior dwarf with a captured goblin girl.
3) Paladin with goblin wizard cohort.
4) King with goblin queen wife.

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Someone should put the best of these together in a team.
Imagine it.

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The Obedar is an NPC in our campaign.

All that's really known about him is that one day he was in his tower when it suddenly exploded, leaving nothing but a sooty crater and a floating hand and eye. He had been harassing the locals in his town for the past couple generations by wrecking dramatic moments, peeping, and making himself a general nuisance of himself, but now he's bound to my wizard like a weird familiar and serves as her mentor.

Believe it or not, this is actually from a serious, narrative-focused campaign. Somehow it works.

>> No.16203958

>making himself a general nuisance of himself
I fail at typing.

>shame. divirpri
I am ashamed and so is CAPTCHA.

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Can we have this at a readable size?

>> No.16207253


I have only just come back to this topic, and I wanted to say that this art is fucking cool.

>> No.16207288

Thanks. I was forced to do it with a borrowed mouse and MS Paint due to vacation and only having my derpy netbook.

>> No.16208303

We need more of these.

>> No.16208521

Posting just to see this thread resurrected.

A character from a homebrew game me and my friends were playing. I was asked to play an NPC for a bit, since my character got killed. Basically a one-shot villain for the party to kill and move on. But I took a liking to him, and when the time came decided to try my luck with the psycho serum rather than have him just die. And rolled a 20.
After timeskip, Griffin returned and became a nightmare. And later played an important role in foemation of our next setting.

tl; dr
From an NPC to Nightmare!

>> No.16208917

Heres one.

Fun game

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>> No.16212801

Also in the campaign with the floating hand. Not my character. This guy never bathes. Ever.

I also like to think he's worn the same robes his entire life.

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