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I just agreed to join a Shadowrun group with some friends, which is good timing because I just finished reading Gibson's Neuromancer. I'm practically drowning in cyberpunk goodness right now.

I've never played Shadowrun before, only V:tM and AFMBE. Is there anything I should know before playing? I've downloaded the rulebook and and reading through it as we speak.

Any hints, tips, stories, advice or anything else to give me?

If not, Shadowrun General I guess.

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Never trust anything the Johnson says, ever.

Scout the goddamn location out for god's sake.

Always have plenty of ammo.

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>Hire wizard
>Send wizard to do the job
>Play video games at home
>Collect money

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Got it.

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Rigger is the coolest thing to be. Buy a drone, disguised as an eagle, with an anti-materiel rifle stuck up its butt.

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If you are intending on doing anything in combat, having multiple initiative passes is godly, and does not necessarily require a great deal of expensive chrome. Rating 1 cyber does not break the bank, and can be stacked with combat drugs.


Ha ha ha no. You ain't playing D&D now, son.

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Ok, I'm probably not fair here. I played SR once and we basically ran immediately into a spirit or something, against which our sammies couldn't do shit even with EX ammo, and then our wizard stepped up and blasted it to bits.

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Ah, is fair enough. Certain threats do call for mystical backup.

If your GM was good, you'd have been running into stuff that the Sammy's skillset was more suited to as well though. Mages are good generalists and there's a couple things only they can do, but Street Sammys generally outdo them on the murdering by an astonishing margin, and have their own bag of tricks.

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You should play as a trap.

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Shadowrun can be hilariously awesome.

It is entirely possible to create a small girl dual-wielding high-powered sniper rifles with magically-enhanced reflexes, and she will be capable of shooting the dick off of everything in existence. One of my players did this once, and managed to do so in a semi-serious fashion. She died while rappelling into a megacorp's central offices from a helicopter in a plot to shoot the top execs. Tragically, they had added a large number of explosives to motion sensors on the glass, and so she died when she hit the glass. Then again, so did they, so it's all good.

It is entirely possible to recreate Gene from God Hand in this game. I did so once, and spent the entire game punching people in the groin with excessively huge amounts of lethal damage. Nothing says entertainment like twenty dice of lethal to the Johnson's johnson.

Also; try hacking smartguns. It's hilarious if you can do it, and hovering drones with repeaters allow you to pull all sorts of shenanigans.

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Unless those execs had others above them, that was a seriously dumb idea on their part.

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Rival runners, also trying to assassinate these guys, did it. Also, I'm pretty sure those execs were fake body doubles, and in the end, we all got screwed out of the usual triple-paycheck that a proper run entails.

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