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/tg/ how do Tau deal with armies that outshoot them (Imperial Guard)?

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Wait until they get a new codex.

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Outmanuever them, outdeploy them, make sure to have a dynamic target priority based on immediate threats to your units, and dont be afraid to sacrifice a unit or two for the greater good.

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Roll for diplomacy

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Roll for anal circumference.

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Artillery make the Tau invalid.
This is just fact.

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Roll for anal diplomacy

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Oh tau, why must you suck so much?

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Outshoot? Certainly in quantity (and quantity is a quality all its own), but from what I recall the range on Tau guns are intense, especially Rail Guns. I was going up against a Tau with my IG army, and the only time I ever got his units within range was after far too many turns of Send the Next Wave. They could even stay outside the range of all but a handful of my artillery.

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Why outshoot tau when you can just smash them to bits in melee?

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Then you're not using nearly enough Manticores or Basilisks.
They make Crisis Suits your bitch.

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9x broadsides 10x deathrain suits 4x 6fire warriors in devilfish and 1x pathfinder w/fish

they can't out shoot you for shit.
Hop over devilfish with suits, fire, hop back.
devil fish get 4+ cover in the open
9 Broadsides + pathfinders = fucked up tanks from outside their range.
Tau still work.

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(Also Orks, Space Wolves, Grey Knights, Space Marines, and pretty much everyone)

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It's to distinguish the people who don't get 40k.

People tend to gravitate towards Tau because they're the "good" guys.

At least it makes it easy to know when you're going up against a casual player.

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Tau can't beat Squats. Can't shoot what you can't

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Some of us liked the clean technology look, and the fact that they are the only race that actually fucking uses technology like AI and shit.

And some of us do like crisis suits, yes. So no, its not entirely because they can be seen as the "Good guys" (Although them also being the only army with the common sense of diplomacy makes things a little nice to think about too)

But since the Codex Creep has made Tau invalid, oh well.

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>Tau players
>Don't "get" 40k

I play Tau because they're the one faction that actually wants to create a good society for all races and not some bullshit dead guy.

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You just made our point. Thanks.

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thank you for confirming the prejudices people have against tau players.

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This is what Mehreen players actually believe

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>Common sense

>good society

Like I said, people who don't get 40k.

It's the one universe where you're EXTREEEEEEME for the sheer Hell of his.

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Then you're playing the wrong game. Don't you get it? 40k is one giant tragic comedy. The world ended with the "death" of the Emperor. We're jut watching the credit reel.

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>Bullshit dead guy


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I still think there can be more to the 40k universe than just GRIM GRIM DARK GRIM DARK DARK GRIM DARK

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yeah, but that's not what makes this universe interesting. It's like enjoying soccer because the players have pretty colors on their shirts.

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I still think Tau fit in the universe. They are just as capable of killing, they subjugate planets, they are becoming less naive. The only thing different is that they TRY to engage in diplomacy, and when that doesn't work, then they begin the killing like everyone else.

Or is there a skull minimum required?

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There is.
The setting is still full of cocaine fueled glam rock, black humor and silly shit that makes no damn sense.
Every race has their small successes and victories, they are just usually glossed over by the giant print tragedies, just like real life.

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But here's the thing: it's not grimdark, it's dark comedy.

When an exterminatus is performed, you're supposed to laugh, not actually feel bad.

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This, its really a aesthetic preference. I prefer the clean technology look that the Tau possess, that digitized camo looks good on their units. Don't get me wrong, I dig muhreens, but the Tau brought something to the table that the other armies, well maybe the Eldar, didn't have. Course the Eldar have viable melee though.

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This. Pieplate spam decimates tau armies, but basically you have to suicide all over those units and hopefully kill them.

if they're not vehicles you aren't worried because they can't out-maneuver you. That's it.

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I think 40k forgot its supposed to be tongue in cheek...

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So you're allowed to decide what makes 40k interesting for everyone? I'm not actually a Tau player, but let them like the slightly more pleasant faction if they want. I don't see what's wrong with that.

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I could care less about the Tau's "goodness". I just fucking love railguns and battlesuits and their tech in general, which actually looks functional compared to CATHEDRALS ON TREADS.

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I'm just glad that the Tau are finally starting to realize just how much shit there is out in the universe, and how very small their empire is in the greater scheme of things. Looking forward to how the Tau deal with the fact that their whole manifest destiny schtick doesn't really mesh with the intentions of a lot of FUCKHUEG powerful opponents.

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Outplay your opponent. Literally, they have no answer for anything. I call it old-book syndrome.

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Shut the fuck up.

Tau would be awesome, and the good guys, if not for the whining of Imperial players.

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The only good part about the Tau are how they send diplomats to Tyranid swarms and Necron raiding parties. It gives them enough humor to fit the setting.

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they are too reasonable. If they were slightly more insane about their Greater Good, and if their aesthetics reflected it (like on the concept arts John Blanch did for them, full of cyberpunk gizmos and crazy ornaments) then they would certainly fit, without necessarily being EEEVILLL.

They just need to go a bit overboard.

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Glad some people agree that alot of the appeal is due to their looks and style and not just the "HURR GOOD GUYS" that people instantly assume.

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might drive them to greater expansion though, seeing how the other empires are dying. Kinda like the Chinese are now...

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They did it ONCE. Gotta learn that you live in a grimdark universe somehow, right?

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Their philosophy was based on the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

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I'd laugh so hard and drink so much tears if in the next codex, it turns out that the Tau have discovered warp travel and have expanded BIG TIME and have become a legitimate threat now.

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> People like the look of Tau instead of SPACE CATHEDRALS

If you seriously agree with this, then you don't understand 40k and never will. Quit trying to change the game, and just go play one that actually suits you.

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Oh man, ever read their Codex when they allied temporarily with the Dark Eldar while fighting off the Orks? Shit was both hilarious and... terribly awful.

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But they won't.
Because they outlawed the study of the Warp.

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hey, some people can like soccer for the pretty colors, they just have to deal with the fact that they are missing out on the real aspect of their hobby, and shouldn't be so obnoxious about their approach.

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The image you are looking for.

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They'd overstretch themselves so fast in that case it wouldn't be funny. Well, I suppose it would be funny for the Dark Eldar who decided to go a-pillagin', but for everyone else: nope.jpg

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the rumor going around is that harlequins are working with the tau to unlock the webway portal, or something like that. Tau will probably never use warp.

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sadly not going to happen. There was a campaign that involved them learning about the warp. They gathered a whole bunch of information and then the attached etheral said "FUCK THIS SHIT" and put it all under lock and key.

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Still is, especially now.
The funny thing is that Ward, while hamfistedly, is bringing back the oddball shit 40k used to have in it with his codices. See the jokaero.

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I see more people bitching about perceived tau fan bitching than actual tau fans bitching.

I mean look at this, the guy was just asking for advice on how to deal with a certain army as tau and now its all "TAU DONT BELONG IN 40k"

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ITT: Taufags who don't realize that the rest of the race is subjugated by the Ethereals.

They aren't the good guys, they're just the polite face that a powerful few put on their warmongering and imperialism. It's like if the Illuminati were really blue space men with hooves and no noses.

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>Marine players arguing with Tau players

Ey! You guyz bettah stop fightin each otha and start fightun us! Erryone knowz we'z da best race anywayz!

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That was funny.

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Nope.jpg, in this hypothetical event, they decided to sit back for a few generations (maybe 48 years) and increase their population 100,000-fold.

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man, look at this:

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While I won't go into current politics, keep in mind it's only the IMPERIUM that's really waning. Everyone else in one the rise; that's the main reason the Imperium is collapsing. If it was only one or two major factions at a time the Imperium could (and has) survived, but with everyone ascendant the Imperium can barely hold itself together.

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Bringing Matt Ward to bring in the funny to 40k is like asking Tim Buckley to make a funny webcomic.

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ONE guy, and 20 people suddenly go berserk. I'm a Tau Fan and I hate people who act like that but damn people.

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The Dread Pirate Farsight maaaaay change that

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More accurately like having him write a funny kids cartoon show.

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They don't

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Oooooohhhhhh... Is this that "Rise of the Tau" thing? I've never really bothered with any of it, I just heard that the Tau apparently curbstomp the entire galaxy in some ridiculously short length of time.

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The Tau had a good thing set up before imperial whining made GW realize "OH WE HAVE TO MAKE THEM FAIL IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE ASPECT, ALSO MIND CONTROL"

They were dogmatic aliens trying to create a perfect society and universe, anyone who stood in the way was obviously an evil madman and had to be put down like the rabid dog he was.
Individuality was a bad thing, conformity was the ultimate virtue.

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Find me another codex writer who is doing it.
Hint: they AREN'T, which is the problem. Ward seems to be the only one to remember back when 40k had all kinds of wonky shit that didn't make a lick of fucking sense, but it was 40k so it worked.
The current tone of the setting was made and propagated by all the other writers that people gush over, if they are even still with GW.
If you never took 40k serious at all, Ward doesn't really bother you. It's silly, it's so bad it's funny, it's what I remember 40k being. I have no complaints. The people who came in for the grimdark and super srs bizniss shit all hate him.

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Uh huh.
Because the Eldar would freely give such a massive fucking secret to a race of infants.

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Dont use your silly logic in regards to the harlequins.

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No, i just made it up. When realizing that the rest of the universe is full of giant motherfucking empires, you do what you need to do, in this case, fucking until you have the population to fill go and make your own giant motherfucking empire.

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but the old fluff was written less badly, and had better cultural references.
Man, just read the Space Marines codex, it takes itself too seriously.

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> Telling other people what makes things interesting

Yeah, well that's just like, your opinion, man.

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Pretty sure I read somewhere that the Eldar viewed the Tau as a race with incredible potential, partly due to the fact they have almost no registry on the warp.
OP these posts pretty much answer your question, keep moving your troops via Devilfish out of harm, Kroot sometimes to hold melee, Railgunz to kick ass

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The orkz will never move from their point
The Eldar are almost extinct
The dark eldar are slowly dying
Chaos has been always there and it cannot surpass the imperium

The three you are talking about are the Tau, the necrons and the tyranids. So no, it isn't that bad

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Oh. Well, apparently someone did something exactly like you described. From what little I've seen of it, the Tau get plot armor. Like, Ward-level plot armor. And then they conquer EVERYTHING.

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Isn't this how they fit into the world? They have the best intentions but they are too naive to realize that they can't negotiate with other races and pay for it. Is this not tragic?

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That was what Eldrad said, in the 3rd ed Tau Codex.

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Ah. I see what I did. I made the basic 40k mistake and forgot the Eldar. Yeah, they're dropping like fucking rocks, and faster if the Imperium goes. But, Chaos not growing stronger as the Imperium collapses? I think I might want some of what you're smoking, my friend.

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If they are ignored long enough, the Tau will conquer everything eventually.

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>but the old fluff was written less badly
Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau.

And sure, if references to everything including Doctor Who are "better".

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Speaking of which I REALLY hope that Farsight becomes even more important to the Tau in the next codex, maybe reforming them into a greater force with better principles while instilling in the army a greater respect for melee combat. Farsight lore could be really awesome.

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pretty much

but that's barely enough.

They also have in-universe plot armor, to make up for it.

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This. There is grimdark to the tau, its just alot of it is subtle, and alot of people wouldn't know subtlety if it hit them in the face...subtly.

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didn't the human race had some alliances with other xenos before the age of strife?

>> No.16188390

Yes. And the Imperium will cement it's iron grip on the galaxy if everyone else ignores them for long enough. Was there a point to your post?

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The Chaos of the galaxy is pretty much only there because of the IoM. In all of the history Chaos has never been as powerful as it is now, because of how many humans are in the galaxy. Once there are no more humans, chaos will wane again.

>> No.16188397

Space marine codex makes a lot of sense if it was the pov of the Ultramarines. The glory hogging and pompousness fits them very well.
It was only as serious as YOU took it to be, so used to the super serious nature of other codices. I laughed all the time at it. Hell, I play smurfs, for 15 years, I laughed thru the entire thing and thought "This is exactly how the Ultramarines look at their brother chapters". I laughed at the people who got so angry about it because the entire thing was a long slap in the face of the moar grimdark players who have come in to the hobby in the last 10 years.

>> No.16188399

It's easy to ignore the Tau Empire, because of their size. No one is going to ignore the IoM.

>> No.16188400

Yeah, and Uthan the Perverse said "The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We Eldar who have failed, or the Humans, on the road to ruin in their turn? And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn't even bother to ask! We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude."
Guess which one is being raped by Slaanesh.

>> No.16188409

>Created by Eldar
>implying Chaos cannot exist without humanity

>> No.16188420

>Implying that Chaos continually rely on humans psychic energy to feed the warp
I thought that once Chaos got to point they couldn't regress in power(?) That for growth they did rely on that but the warp itself wouldn't regress? Maybe I am wrong.

>> No.16188423

Chaos has never been as strong as it is now because it has been building its strength for ten millenia. The Imperium's capability to repel Black Crusades has fallen as Chaos's ability to create them grows. Chaos is based on human psychic power, yes. But them conquering their way across a crumbling Imperium doesn't mean they're destroying (all) that psyker power.

>> No.16188427

He's right you know.

>> No.16188431

Wane =/= destroyed numbnuts, it means weakened. The Eldar die, the humans die, what's left? Orks? They have their own gods already. Tyranids? Hivemind. Necrons? Go back to sleep once/if everything else is dead. Losing the humans would cripple chaos as it stands now.

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>implying the immaterium gives a fuck

>> No.16188451

And as the Tau grow, people will stop ignoring them. That's why the whole "Tau will conquer the Galaxy because no one will ever see them coming" theory makes no sense. It's like people think the entire race is some horrible, collective abomination of Creed.

>> No.16188459


A more likely scenario is that the Tau keep snatching up imperial worlds under their noses and before they know it the Tau are a credible threat. Not taking over completely of course.

>> No.16188461

I'm new into 40k, and I have to say, I like how the human race and the galaxy isn't advancing.

It is impossible for a society, it doesn't matter how small or how big, to keep stale. It will always change, something that the imperium is not doing.

For me it is an interesting way of telling a story, because I know it would be impossible for an imperium to exist

>> No.16188462

Chaos existed before ten thousand years ago. What do you think was eating the shamans on Earth? Chaos has always been there, always, it feeds off mortals, and their emotions, to grow, and there is an unprecedented number of mortals in the galaxy right now. Most of which are human or ork, but the orks power their own gods.

>> No.16188464

Destroying Imperium =/= destroying humanity. And you call me retarded.

>> No.16188474

Credible threat I can accept.


But THAT? No. Just no.

>> No.16188488

Obviously the IoM would die well before all the humans do, but the majority of humans would follow it in relatively short order, aside from a few stubborn stragglers here and there.

>> No.16188496

I dunno.
They lost every Third Sphere world in the Zeist Campaign (including T'ros). If they go into M42, when shit hits the fan, they'd have to take all that back.

>> No.16188497

Long-term, like 10,000+ years long-term.

>> No.16188503

The Imperium is changing, it's just not for the better, for the most part.
Worlds are being lost, knowledge is being lost, both are being REGAINED. The only thing that has been static is the government, and even that has undergone massive upheavals, like the Beheading, the Age of Apostasy.
The real kicker is unlike many settings where future = better, in 40k, it's worse.

>> No.16188517

the imperium will fall, it will transform into millions of small empires, they will not have the inquisition breathing behind their heads, they will grow and develop, many will dissapear and others will start a new crusade to gather the lost worlds.

And the story will repeat itself again and again. They human race will not fall, it will just descend and ascend

>> No.16188521

You know what? I'm going to assume that the post you made wasn't my first assumption that "He thinks Chaos kills off everyone because lolChaos" and assume you meant that loyal Imperials will resist and die. Well, Chaos can gain converts on EVERY world in the Imperium. Every single one. And they're not going to kill everyone on the planet either, because that just takes too long/too much work/etc. So you will have plenty of planets which will, if not welcome, then convert to Chaos.

>> No.16188523


Which is why I want the Tau to end up being a credible and larger threat now. Its not like it'd ruin the lore in anyway.

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Don't forget that the great game is meant to power the gods of chaos and keep the warp turbulent. In the empyrean, perpetual motion works.

>> No.16188528


That would spell a death knell for all of humanity.

The tyranids, orks, necrons would kill everyone, and the dark eldar would enslave the rest.

>> No.16188541

Yep. Once Chaos gained sentience.followers, it became self-sustaining. Which is why the Imperium hates it so much.

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File: 12 KB, 300x300, 1538890-lorgar_s_faithful__khalgath_by_nalro_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not only that, but outfits like the Word Bearers are very interested in... conversion, of a populace.

>> No.16188552

Chaos doesn't want humanity to die, they want the imperum to die.

Then they could all just be "Your emperor has abandoned you, join us." and everyone will be like "Fuck, alright." and chaos wins.

>> No.16188569

They don't want the imperium to die. That is why Abaddon keeps on failing, Chaos does not want him to succeed, just keep the imperium at bay. The imperium is needed to take care of the tyranids and necrons, both of which chaos loathes

>> No.16188578

Exactly. Most of the Chaos legions basically feel betrayed by the Imperium. Or they just want power. But theres lots of betrayal too.
Hence warcries like 'Death to the false emperor!', etc.

>> No.16188586

That... is an interesting perspective. Internets to you sir. I hadn't thought of it that way. But why tyranids?

>> No.16188595

We Tau do not serve a dead Emperor, but the greater good of the universe. Join us humans! Chaos has nothing to offer you but pain and misery!

>> No.16188601

They can't be controlled and hive fleets block out the warp.

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>> No.16188622

You offer us slavery to the words of your Ethereals. You offer us death as the human shields for your ranks. You offer lies. The same lies the Emperor offered to us.

Chaos offers power, and wealth and life. Chaos offers us freedom. So run back to your precious Greater Good, little Tau. My greatest good awaits me in the Warp.

>> No.16188644

Tyranids are destroy everything. The psychic signature of the Hivemind blocks the warp (shadow of the warp). Chaos will not be able to feed off their emotions, so it has a vested interest in making sure that the species being targeted by the tyranids survive.

They are the antithesis of Chaos. Tyranids are controlled by a hivemind, they are all of one conscience. Chaos is individualism to an extreme. Each follower of Chaos seeks greatness for themselves, they do not like being bound to anything.

>> No.16188658

Yeah, I should have remembered those things, but I'm spacing out right now. I probably should get some sleep.

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File: 121 KB, 1024x732, Orks_invading.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Greatest good my fellow sentient being? Your choice will be between becoming a mindless killing machine, an addict to pleasure, or a slowly decaying effigy of what you once were. No longer will you be the man your family once recognized and loved, you will have become an abomination, only capable of serving your so called "Gods". The ethereals do command us, but their wisdom serves us and our purpose to bring peace and order to this war-stricken galaxy, to bring safety from the hordes of Tyranids and Orcs. Consider your next decision regarding allegiance wisely.

>> No.16188697

The hypocrisy being that they are wholly dependent on the powers/sensations of the warp.

>> No.16188715

I think the Necrons are more efficient about it, but that's just me.

>> No.16188730

>40k Tabletop thread

>Devolves into lore circlejerk

Every fucking time /tg/.

It's like you hate the actual game.

>> No.16188742

What's to like about the tabletop game? It's massively unbalanced, ridiculously expensive, even prohibitively so, and it's not getting any fucking better.

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I killed my family for sorcerous components, blueskin. Anything else?

>> No.16188769

It seems reasonable because you are a communist.
Space maoists are evil to rational people.

>> No.16188771

Nobody cares NERD.

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You bring nothing but a tyranny clothed in pretty words, no different then that corpse the loyalists worship. You speak to me of abomination? Open your eyes whelp! This whole galaxy is an abomination, a mindless abomination. You speak of purpose, but only actions matter, and your actions show only that you have joined the universe in the mindless abomination that it is. The only peace and order you will know is when you are serving Nurgle int he grave. FOR CHAOS!

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I've got a buzzing in my comms, switching channels.

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why can't tau be more grim dark. Even starwars is getting more grim dark love.

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Your corpse will rot and fester, and spread the gifts of Papa Nurgle to all.

>> No.16188836

They're plenty grim. You just haven't looked close enough.

>> No.16188838

ugh man, I used to be a Star Wars fanboy, but that universe has been played out/raped beyond belief. I even don't have interest in SWTOR now, but probably will be picking up GW2.

>> No.16188842

That doesn't even mean anything. How are they grim dark.

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>filename bitches

>> No.16188849

I was just looking at some starwars old republic art thinking oh wow star wars is now grim dark.
Why can't 40k tau.

>> No.16188873
File: 260 KB, 900x771, Nurglish_Dreadnought_by_FirstKeeper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At last, an opponent that might set me free of this tomb.

>> No.16188888

Star Wars was never meant to be grim-dark though.

>> No.16188901

yeh but it grim dark sith lords with respirators is kewl. I wish gw would decide to grim dark the tau.

>> No.16188902

They're a species of hardcore space Maoists. They're heavily implied to suffer mind control, and outright fucking stated to seperated into eugenically-created castes. Their approach to diplomacy is by creating a situation where a world has to beg their protection in order to survive. Their talk of the Greater Good masks a manifest destiny which uses the "equal" inducted alien troopers as poorly-equipped irregulars. The Tau Empire's goal is the Ethereal domination of the galaxy and the elimination of dissent. According to some sources, the chemically neuter prisoners of war on planets where they expect resistance. THEY ARE FUCKING SPACE COMMUNISTS. How are they not grimdark?

>> No.16188911

Because they are. It is just that most round these parts are too dense to read stuff that has not been posted in a Humanity Fuck Yeah post.

Prior to the Ethereals showing up The Tau were well on the way to wiping themselves out after finding Blackpowder style weapons. I could list more but this will just turn into a shitstorm caused by either side.

AS for the OP the answer is Tactics and use of terrain as people have said. Just keep it in mind that the guard have been updated for 5th ed Tau are still on the coat tails of 3rd early 4th, and back when guard had a codex from the same edition as Tau, IG were worse well apart from the Allies thing but its not like that was broken and lead to such fluffy uses....

>> No.16188915

No skulls.

>> No.16188922
File: 205 KB, 602x1097, 1314890649901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You look strong.
It will be good to have that strength.

>> No.16188925

Thats not grim dark thats back story. I want them to have more depth.
The best idea would be for farsight to lead a civil war against them and to add melee to their combat doctrine.

>> No.16188928
File: 182 KB, 702x950, Farsight_and_the_Eternal_Dawn_by_IgnusDei.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah but I roll with mah boy Farsight, he ain't wiggity wack like that.

>> No.16188931
File: 143 KB, 417x401, Troll Detected.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goddammit. I should have realized before now, but I've seen legitimate post with that exact same statement. Fuck off.

>> No.16188943

> Allies are treated bad and poorly equipped

If anything the tau treat their allies pretty equally, the kroot hero Angkhor Prok is revered among the tau and allowed to command them. The reason they don't all use pulse rifles is because they prefer their own weaponry that the tau have upgraded. The kroot rifle is used because it doubles as the kroots weapon of choice, the warstaff

>> No.16188950

And gue'vesa?
Yeah no.

>> No.16188953

Aren't tau like evil bastards at heart though? Like, you have to join them or else kind of attitude. and you'll still only be a third class citizen at best

>> No.16188961

True... but that's because the Kroot fill a role: Assault troops. The Vespid fill a role: Command squad hunting/Close Support. And the Gue'vesa fill a role as well: Bodies on the ground in front of the Tau. So it's really more just the humans.

>> No.16188968

Yes. See >>16188902

>> No.16188980

Gue'vesa rules let you buy them for 3 points per model. Alternatively, they are a relatively new addition to the empire and not yet as trusted as the others

>> No.16188981

Humans are not given any equipment even though they are physically Superior to the tau fire cast, also kroots are mercenaries their main employers are the tau empire.

>> No.16188989

As special weapons not as standard.

>> No.16188997

I like Tau because they're the only army whose special characters aren't covered in more bling than Jay Z's entourage.

>> No.16189002

Come then alien, I will show you my strength, and should you survive the battle, you will make a pleasing sacrifice.

>> No.16189031

No. For example, it all depends on how much of a dick the individual Shas'o / Ethereal is.
If either one is a nice guy, then everyone is holding hands.
If they're not, well then its Stalin in space.

>> No.16189075

I'm just saying that the rebellious teen has the makings to fit in with the rest of the family

>> No.16189111

I love the Tau's Nativity. They killed a greater daemon and thought it was slaanesh.

>> No.16189119

You love their celebration of Jesus?

>> No.16189122

na·tiv·i·ty Noun /nəˈtivitē/
1. The occasion of a person's birth.
2. The birth of Jesus Christ.

>> No.16189125

fucking auto correct....

>> No.16189128

well they ARE a pious people aren't the- ... oh wait, wrong guys

>> No.16189137

The Tau were just a ploy by GW to get weeaboos to play 40k. They're a dumb race, and GW makes fun of them in their own fluff.

>> No.16189152

The Orks were just a ploy by GW to get soccer hooligans to play 40k. They're a dumb race, and GW makes fun of them in their own fluff.

>> No.16189168

Thank you. Now I don't have to.

>> No.16189200

If anything they were actually more aimed at the Star Trek and Star Wars fans. Tau were to be more of a standard sci fi race.

>> No.16189223

The answer: Use a gun.

And if that doesn't work: Use more gun.

>> No.16189246

I'm pretty tired of hearing that Tau=weebaoo

weeaboo connoisseur here. Tau aren't nearly weeaboo enough

>> No.16189264


>> No.16189317
File: 12 KB, 370x278, Alex_Trebek-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ohh I'm sorry, but the answer we we're looking for was "Mecha" "What Wapanese term best describes the Tau's style is Mecha". Also please remember to state all answers in the form of a question.

>> No.16189342

not really, they need wow style ears first

>> No.16189354


Mecha isn't wapanese, you imbecile. The term was used by the Japanese first, then ported elsewhere.

>> No.16189375
File: 4 KB, 100x100, 1314760998048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mecha isn't wapanese, you imbecile.
>The term was used by the Japanese first

>> No.16189384


Yes. Do you know what that makes it? A Japanese term.

That's like saying that wanker is an angliophile term instead of an English term.

>> No.16189387

>>Then ported elsewhere
Or are you going to call Armored Core, Battletech, and the other Western mecha series out there weaboo?

>> No.16189393

>Nothing can be weeaboo without GIANT EARS?
Great! I'll let my GM know this so I can have real katana (counts as power weapon) in my next DH game.

>> No.16189394

again, you're wrong. Not nearly weeaboo enough mech style at all. Then again, the idea of big robots itself came from moonland

>> No.16189407



War of the Worlds, motherfucker.

>> No.16189412

Yes. Definately. No fucking doubt about it

Battletech frikken took japanese designed robots straight out of their cartoon.

>> No.16189442

the point is your post is a contradiction.
You say mecha isn't Japanese (we are referring to the term not the actual subject) but then say
>The term was used by the Japanese first
So then it is Japanese. The term is Japanese.
you're a quick one
mecha isn't weaboo and being influenced =/= the same. Azumanga Daioh is weeaboo
You are a novice, stay out

>> No.16189458
File: 12 KB, 217x233, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is my post and in response to >>16189394
pic related
refer to posts
for reference

>> No.16189460


Azumanga Daioh isn't fucking weeaboo, it's Japanese.

Weeaboo refers specifically to non-Japanese worshipping Japanese pop culture. Something that is, itself, Japanese cannot be non-Japanese, can it?

>> No.16189471

Battletech was MADE BY WEEABOOS

Beyond just Robotech
There's fucking CRUSHER JOE mecha in there




>> No.16189473

I stand corrected but only on half of your response. Whereas weaboo is Japanese worshiping I would imply it being the more effeminate aspects, not the masculine ones i.e. mecha. The term weaboo itself was initially meant for females only.

>> No.16189488 [DELETED] 

oh please nigger.

>> No.16189504


>Weeaboo only applies to girly stuff

Note: This picture can actually be described as weeaboo, as getting the joke requires not just knowledge of an anime, but knowledge of the original japanese dub.

>> No.16189509
File: 17 KB, 310x206, You just went full Orange Juice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Captcha ate my picture.

What is it, stupid?

>> No.16189531

Seriously. A person can be into Japanese mecha (being real specific here so I can avoid another argument over terminology) AND Mech warrior, Exoskeleton suit designs, anything Sci_fi in general that involves robotic musculature and not be a weaboo. He may enjoy the mecha design and technology but it doesn't translate to that. A person that is a westerner and reads Azumanga Daioh, has wall scrolls of Inuyasha, and cosplays IS a weaboo. There is no western translation of that that could justify the use of any other term. I know because I enjoy the aesthetic design of some mecha and western robotics/mechanical exoskeleton designs. It started with me back with Star wars and the AT-ST.

>> No.16189545

>AND mechwarrior

which is from battletech, which is from japanese mecha (macross etc)

what was your point again?

>> No.16189548

I get what you're saying, I hope my post here>>16189531
cleared it up.

>> No.16189554


Heinlein himself was a weeaboo

he liked to wear kimonos.

Heinlein is more famous in Japan than the US.

Just look at what their respective adaptions were.

Japan- super heavy focus on the power armor

America- parody movie with infantrymen

>> No.16189560


The Starship Troopers movie wasn't so much parody as it was the natural product of a book made by a conservative being adapted by liberals.

>> No.16189580
File: 32 KB, 250x348, ONtkk+qYNPwWplAMZu9guCJ8uoVb72p9015C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It just irks me that people always asociate Robots that are more 'realistic' and have guns for arms instead of hands with individual fingers is a purely western invention

This fucker right here. Even featured in early battletech what not. How many western designs has this guy (and his buddies) inspired? His design dates back to 82' and is from a Japanese mecha anime.

>> No.16189585

Jules Vern War of the Worlds 1880 and various movies afterward
AT-ST and AT-AT 1981 Empire Strikes back
Macross/Robotech 1982
Mechanized walker in Aliens 1986
obviously all influenced each other
also technology isn't about culture of a specific nation, even if a particular nation has a greater fascination/research than others.

>> No.16189608


It bothered me when I was 13

but in college I mellow now

>> No.16189618
File: 205 KB, 900x1021, 1140477181174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>16189585AT-ST and AT-AT 1981 Empire Strikes back

You mean the AT-ST is a newer design than Gundam?

>> No.16189626

this guy here and you are right about
albeit sometimes the Japanese animators completely ignore any intelligent design. Giant robots in space many stories tall using...swords.

>> No.16189630

You're right, just like The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress was his communist manifesto.
You fucking moron.

>> No.16189634

Quote from 1d4chan that seems quite relevant;

"Meanwhile in the Imperium, all citizens worship a God Emperor, lead suicide charges into battle with swords screaming "FOR THE EMPRAH!", frown upon all forms of outsiders, have super soldiers who can obliterate enemy divisions on their own in a way that shames Kenshiro, worry about being having the prettiest hair of all hair-etical marines and wear 18th century style garb. But the Tau have robot suits that GW said they wanted based off of anime mechs so I guess that means they're Japanese weaboo instead of a coalition of the old-world British Empire and India."

>> No.16189635

>HURP DURP Tau are not grimmdark enough, go back to MLP, where did I put my goth makeup at?

>> No.16189637

ha forgot about that one, ya got me there. Still not conceding that interest/knowledge in mecha falls under the term weaboo though.

>> No.16189642

The anime had almost nothing to do with the book.

>> No.16189646


OK, so I say Heinlein was a conservative and you equate that with saying he was a communist.

Wanna maybe run that one by me again?

>> No.16189655

Your point being? Other than "Waaaaah I didn't like it!"

>> No.16189661

I'm saying the society in the book was as much a representative of his ideal one as The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress was.

>> No.16189667

It isn't.

You can't be weeaboo without knowing it. If you like the early Battletech designs, and have no idea most were japanese designs, you are not a weeaboo.

>> No.16189819


lets not forget AT votoms

>> No.16189851

decent but wasn't as popular as Gundam/Macross and came out in '83
hmm anyone ever see an obscure anime called Venus Wars? didn't have battlesuits but the mecha was interesting. All this mecha discussion is making me nostalgia a bit.

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