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What is the life of the average /tg/er like?

How often do you play tg? Do you have any lofty goals other than slaying dragons? How long are you planning to stay a virgin. etc.

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Other than magic, I don't actually play.
I'm working out a campaign in CoC for a prospective group.
Also I'm not a virgin.

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I run a Dark Heresy campaign weekly, and play in another fortnightly. Otherwise, I'm fairly normal, apart from brewing beer in my kitchen and commanding a Roman cohort on a night out in town.

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I roleplay as a wizard until I my virginity transforms me into a real wizard.

Then I summon netherdemons to the mortal realm so they can troll on anonymous image boards with me.

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>mfw this thread will turn into an insightful thread on the nature of /tg/ at home, like many have before it
>mfw the OP doesn't realize how much of a failure his troll attempt will actually be
I play thrice a week, in school for my doctorate in criminal law and am pursuing a relationship with a pretty young thing that is infatuated with me.

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I lost my virginity a while ago and before I started playing rpgs. Heck, I started playing with my GF back then, like 10 years ago. I'm 28.
I don't play much nowadays, too busy to make my schedule work with anybody. And I have a hot waifu ;)
Things never been better for me

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I have two RL games, one is about once every two months the other tries to be as frequent as weekly possible. (We generally only play once a month still.)

I do pretty much nothing atm and am waiting for my girlys thumbs up for the virgin thing, sadly we live in different states but it makes the time we share even better.

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>pursuing a relationship with a pretty young thing
>pretty young thing

thing is the key word

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I mostly boardgame, about once or twice a week during the year, but more during the holidays.

I also do some roleplaying, after learning about it two years ago. This year it was mostly Call of Cthulhu (and a campaign I'm running for some friends of mine).

I have no /tg/-related goals, and I'm currently working on a Maths and Physics degree. And I don't plan on staying a virgin forever.

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I play a game, and run a game.
I'm enrolled in Pharmacy School.
I had my 3rd wedding anniversary on June 21st.
I pay my taxes, play video games, and live in an apartment that I pay for using money that I make working part time doing IT for the high school five minutes away from college.

I don't know what you want me to say.

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what do you do for fun?

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Video games, D&D.

I want to go see Contagion, it looks pretty campy.

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I play 2-3 games a week, one is every two weeks. I want to be a writer, and I'm taking a writing degree in college. I'm getting some practice by writing up a campaign.

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My week goes as thus:
College Mon/Wed 9am-2pm, Tue/Thurs 11am-3pm
After college I go home and read books, play video games, go onto the internet to.... communicate... with people or look at porn.
Fridays: 10am I walk to my friend's house to go to a comic book and games store, I'm there until at earliest 2am, at latest 4 am. I play Malifaux, Warhammer 40k (only rarely, I actually despise the fanbase a lot), and Pathfinder or Hero System.
Saturdays: up until recently I was leaving at 11am to go to the aforementioned shop, so I could go to a friend's house to play Pathfinder or Hero System. Unfortunately his schedule has changed, now I will be doing this on Mondays or Tuesdays.
Sundays: up until recently I was taking that day off, now I'll be playing Pathfinder at my friend's house every other week, then on opposing weeks I'll be playing 40k, Malifaux, Magic the Gathering, Pathfinder, Warhammer 40k RPG (we haven't decided on one yet), or Warhammer Fantasy.
I haven't been a virgin since 2007.

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My life largely revolves around /tg/ related concepts. at work I stay sane by contemplating RPG stuff, my girlfriend is a longtime player I've known for over a decade, and we discuss our chars during sex.

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>we discuss our chars during sex.

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Have to admit, I've done this with my boyfriend as well.

Glad I'm not the only person with that "problem."

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I haven't played a game in person in over two years, due to a combination of lack of nerdy friends and a shocking dearth of games stores in my area (you'd think there'd be more of a community in NYC, but no) but I paint and model miniatures fairly regularly and play mektek on my computer.
I'd like to be a museum curator some day, but I fear this may never happen. I'm a museum tour guide right now, and just applied for a curatorial assistant position at my museum, but my lack of experience all but guarantees I'll be passed over. Lately I've been very depressed as I feel like I'm stuck in my current job.
I plan on losing my virginity whenever I next see my girlfriend. I don't know when that will be though; it's a long-distance relationship and right now it's been over two years since I last saw her.

All in all, I'm pretty young, but I don't feel like I'm going anywhere, and this causes me a lot of existential angst.

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>we discuss our chars during sex.

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I don't play as often as I would like. I would play RPGs/board games/wargames at LEAST twice a week if I could. at the moment, I play them rarely.

My loftiest goal is to get a job and sort of figure out what the hell is going on with my life.

I am not a virgin and have slept with 7 people.

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Alchohol, sex addiction, pot smoking, dragon slaying are all forms of escapism. I hope OP isn't the type of fuckface that thinks Tarn Adams is a loser.

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>"Looks like its time you rolled for anal circumference honey.."

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Not OP, but Tarn Adams is my ideal of success. The man is doing what he loves in a respectable career and he's making a bunch of other people happy at the same time

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I've spent the last year in and out of a mental ward.
My shrink think's I'm a threat to society and it takes a lot of meds and talking out my ass before even my own parents trust me to walk in a public place without supervision.
I had a nice winter and spring this year, full of drinking alcohol and using SSDI to pay bills while I can't fucking get work, vomiting because my liver is suffering from the meds.
I spent most of this summer back in the same ward.
I probably need it since all I've thought about this summer was my dead lover's suicide.

I play/played MTG at my local college, avoiding LGS mostly because I hate that insular crowd. I'm thankful for the kids at college but they're all so fucking young.

I wait for a friend in the NSA to come pick me up before the end of this month, as he promised. We'll work and live together as I flee this shitty situation.
If that doesn't happen, I probably don't have much else to live for, because the alternative is fairly bleak and nerddom as an escapist paradise is worn out.

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I've slept with about 3 dozen girls. 2 were actresses. And 3 postop trannies.

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>I hope OP isn't the type of fuckface that thinks Tarn Adams is a loser.

what is a Tarn Adams?

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I have two separate games on the weekends and I play magic with my friends whenever we hang out. I don't have a job, but I do have a significant other that I spend most of my time with (and hence am not a virgin). My life is basically time with my SO during the week, magic and DnD on the weekends. It's kind of perfect, except I have no money to spend on more magic and dice.

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I don't know about this whole "escapism" thing. I play Dungeon Crawl in which I'm escaping my home, loving girlfriend, and loving cat to a fantasy world where I'm a horrifying demonspawn who has died hundreds of times and who is constantly committing cannibalism and getting sick from it, just to survive.

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The creator of Dwarf Mother Fucking Fortress

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I work for a living.
Haven't been a virgin since high school.
Games are fun, but they don't define me.

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It's not enough to have everything you ever wanted in life.


You also have to gloat.

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I play Arkham Asylum every couple of weeks with some friends but honestly I haven't played any warhammer or DnD for years.

Real life has gotten in the way.

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I DM for a group every Saturday night.
I've pretty much reached my short-term goals, own a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant where I make the best tri-tip sandwiches you'll ever have. Figured out a way to make those things just a hair above rare and more tender then filet mignon. You choose what flavor of marinade I did to the thing, choose what type of bread your roll is, choose your cheese, and choose your grilled vegetables. Then regular or curly-seasoned fries and a drink. Business is fucking booming, and my long-term goal would I guess be to expand to more locations. But I don't trust anyone else with my secrets, so we might just keep living comfortably this way. I'll have my kids' college and their first cars payed for easily at this rate. They'll have to get their own houses, though. Can't be putting silver spoons in mouths.
Wife and two kids. Missed their births, though. I was out to sea throwing jets at the sand. Was a nuclear plant electrician on a carrier, used my savings to open my business when I got out. I'd have more money, but if I never see the inside of a nuclear plant again it'll be too soon.

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I'm 33 and work as a building contractor. I do alright.

I still come to /tg/ since the discussion is still better than 90% of the internet.

Virginity? That was a long, long time ago. 16 I think. Although I'm not married, I had a string of heavy sexual activity in my early 20s, along with a lot of heavy drinking and partying. RPGs and tabletop games are my way of unwinding these days.

I don't play video games or watch television much, I write, read (mostly classics, genre fiction), and work on game stuff. Most of the women I meet are terribly dull. I've met a few that were nice, but nothing I could see beyond a month or two of sex. I'm very good at talking women into sleeping with me, but very bad at staying interested beyond that. C'est la vie.

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I play a few wargames at least once a week. I have armies for WHFB, 40k and Flames of War. Other than painting my armies I also like to read and play video games.

My social life is ok I guess. I like to chill with friends over some drinks and some pot.

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Any advice for someone in DEP?

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I just finished DMing DnD 3.5, About to resume DMing AdEva, and about to start playing 4e in a week or 2. I'm also considering starting a /tg/-related talk show on my school's radio station. I play EDH pretty much daily. As far as goals go, I'm working towards a bachelor's and eventually a master's or PhD in Physics. Not really concerned with losing my virginity at the moment.

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You sound interesting! I like you!

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Unemployed, so there's the first stereotype...


>regular lifting
>see the sun more than once a week
>going to graduate school
>speak French and Arabic
>clean shaven


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Between games right now, old DM kinda had to enlist in the air force. Gonna run my own game, once I hammer out the details and flesh it out a bit more. Might make a thread about it later on.

Junior in college, new semester's just starting up. Girlfriend was upset to see me go again, but I plan on surprising her on her birthday. Only one PT session so far, though. Squadron commander this semester, aiming for a pilot slot.

Friend's starting up a Rogue Trader game, in which I...somehow...managed to make a character straight out of a shonen anime. Naturally, his first name is Gar.

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I'm a 22 year old assistant teacher. I'm looking to get back into school for a career in the sciences but I don't know what I want to go in for. Just a typical young adult with no idea what the fuck he wants to do with himself.

I like to drink, smoke and relax with friends, and is usually what I'm doing whenever I'm not working or painting my minis and playing wargames at a local shop. I play Empire in Warhammer Fantasy and Space Wolves in 40k. Planning on getting an Ork army soon enough.

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I own a 1500 pt misc. marine army, filled with Ultramurfs, Blood Magpies and Black Templars and I play a shit load of vidya.

Godo job, good social life and married to a girl who's anti-tg/v

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I'm a college student studying mechanical engineering. I play 2-3 games a week, varying systems, almost never DnD any more.

I'm 20 years old and still a virgin, unfortunately. Prospects don't look good for that changing any time soon, though. I've mostly come to terms with the fact that I'll be foreveralone.

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Don't take the TSP. It's low-return bullshit for people who don't know how to invest and don't want to bother paying an actual professional. Also they push you to choose the government bonds option, big surprise. You'd be better off with that money in your pocket, even if you would just blow it anyway.
If you're Navy or Marines, get a Navy Federal account. Then take out $2000 loans with allotments for them to be paid in six or seven months. That'll build your credit score sky-fucking-high for little cost while you're in.
Money shit aside, just go on autopilot while you're in boot. Turn your brain off and go with the flow. You'll have plenty of time to be an individual later and can actually get away with it if you're able to prove yourself.
If you go out to sea, keep your dress uniforms in seabag storage, you won't need them. Get a couple work uniforms and fill every fucking space available to you with cartons of cigarettes. Marlboro Reds are best. If you smoke, every time you finish a carton go to the ship's store and replace it. When the boat runs out of smokes to sell (Oh, they will.) charge people whatever you want for them and they'll pay it. My rate was $10 per pack when it costed me $6. I made over $2000 almost every deployment off that.
Oh, and don't go nuke. The extra couple hundred every month isn't worth the two days of liberty shaved off every time you hit a port, extra drills, and a legion of other bullshit you have to go through. Stay the fuck away from the nuke program.

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I just started university. My goals are to lose weight, lose virginity, cut back on smoking and finally get into RPGs.

Long-term: shoot for honors in my class and join the Canadian army after graduation.

Overall, I spend most of my time in my room while sneaking out for smoke breaks and ignoring the screaming drunken frenzy that is welcome week.

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well, I've been gaming for 10 years, lurking 4chan and /tg/ for 5. gamed through college instead of doing my homework (not that it mattered, lolBFA), had to move back home because of terribad economy and job market, game every once and a while between job hunting, although all my friends have moved on to more "adult" concerns, having kids and paying rent and such.

lately I get to play very infrequently, maybe every 3 weeks or so. I have a Fiancee, and she graduates from college as well soon. short term goals include dodging bill collectors, stickin' close to my girl, and keepin' my bills paid. long term goals include moving to canada and taking up horticulture...

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Well, I'm about to go get some cigarettes, but if you want to read something else of mine in the meantime, http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14972306/
I really need to get on going through those other tapes.
I'll be back in half an hour or so.

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How often do you play tg?
After a 10 year retirement I am back to DMing once a month.

Do you have any lofty goals other than slaying dragons?
Actually I never really plan on slaying dragons... wait check that I had a lich ninja that went looking for dragons. But yes each character I make usually has several personal goals. Some want power, some want money and fame, in the case of the lich ninja it was to bring down the emperor.

How long are you planning to stay a virgin. etc.
Married with one kid, trying for a second.

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Where did this legend start?

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I only play maybe twice a month on a good month.

I am a lawyer who does bankruptcy, divorces, estates. planning on moving on to juvenille law.

I am virgin at 27.

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I play DnD and Traveler with a group of guys from my high school. We all graduated last year and they have gone off to college. Still trying to figure out this online gaming stuff so as of right now we don't play. I am not a virgin and I am currently sworn into the Coast Guard and will be leaving for Boot Camp in December.

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Every friday get together and play whatever it is that we're playing and there is a monthly larp I'm in.

Currently in the friday game my goal is to be the meta-guy because its whatever and larp goal is to Xanatos everyone into a war between all the factions.

And I'm asexual so doesn't matter.

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I play repeatedly during the week, I have a part-time job, I'll be graduating with a bachelor's degree in December, and I have two bitches that want my dick (one gets it, the other wants it when the first is done with it), and there's a third who is expressing interest. Life is good.

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