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ITT: we discuss costumes in fantasy media and dump as many pics of armor cleavage as possible.

so /tg/, besides Prince of Persia what are some other big offenders when it comes to focusing entirely on the T&A?

I just remember playing the Warrior Within, and literally the first memorable shot was of Shahdee's ass. Even as a 14 year old I could figure out why they'd want to provide fanservice like that.

Pic related, its dat ass.

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The weird thing is, I don't even find that sexy. But the stuff from Sands of Time? Hot.

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You mean Farah?

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Yeah, i love it when women shoot you in the back and say "sorry"

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Oh god I remember dat ass. Such boners were had.

This was a real woman though. God Farrah was hot and didn't even need to dress like a whore

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Perhaps magic is powered by T&A?

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I still lol a little every time I think of Warrior Within.

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Hey, at least she said sorry. It's more than you usually get.

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I love it when they part just so they can all watch her walk by

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Let's not forget DMC

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And here's Trish

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I decided I am going to create a world where magic runs entirely on T&A. The more visible cleavage a sorceress has, the more powerful she will be.


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What if she's naked?

And what about male mages?

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Penny arcade-ish.

Can't really tell

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and bayonetta.

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Sad part is, Warrior Within had the best gameplay, yet shittiest costume and characterization. Sands of Time had awesome characterization and the costumes were decent, but the combat got old fairly fast - and yes, this *WAS* a game of both combat as well as platforming.

Two Thrones... let's not go there. Whoever came up with these bosses needs to be fired and barred from vidya for all eternity.

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The more pecs you have, the more powerful you are. As a warrior or mage.

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I guess that works

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Works for me!

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What about the 2008 game? It was weird and non-canon, and cel-shaded, but I ended up really liking it.

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Oh, shit. I forgot T&A.

Anyway... There's being sexy while naked (presumably in the company of someone said female char plans to have sexual relations with, from mild to extreme to consensual heterosexual sex in missionary position for the purposes of procreation), and there's dressing in a goddamn practical way.

There are sexy costumes, too, but they're different from what Shahdee exhibits here...

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I disagree.
The thinner legs you have, the more power.

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Meh. Too easy platforming with the never-die thing. Plus I wasn't a fan of 1on1 fights. The dual-wields and throwings and crowd controls of Warrior Within tickled my fancy best... Even if I sometimes banged on the table in incoherent rage and screamed in rage every once in a while...

As for "canon", the PoP series already has several canons in it. The original trilogy, for example, is totally different from the Sands of Time trilogy.

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Yeah the 1on1 fights were annoying as fuck, I avoided them at all cost.

The platforming reminded me almost of like...Sonic Adventure 2.

Well, that explains why I liked it so much.

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Anyone have that one pic of the three female warriors, two in reasonable full-body plate, and a third in a chain-bikini? The two reasonable ones turn to each other, and one says 'I say we kill her just on principle'.

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I think it should work the same way as with women

Huge man-boobs = Huge power

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One thing I really liked about this game was the dynamic between the Prince and whatsherface. Not just the scripted back-and-forth, but the little details, like how the Prince would help her down from a climb.

Sometimes I wonder if that could be expanded upon. Make an entire game where you play two characters who help / support each other like that.

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Behold the greatest mage in all the land: Seamus McMantits.

No one knows what his face look like, as it is buried beneath his enormous torso.

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That man is greatly respected as a shaman and healer of his people.

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Already done.

Muscle Wizard!

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In D&D one could make a Muscle Wizard base class, using CON/STR instead on INT.

Using the power of your muscles you bend the very fabric of the universe to your whim.

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It has the best setting IMO: so colorful and full of life, dem landscapes, dat soundtrack...and the combat system was somewhat appealing if you were into hit-em-ups and things like that. Shame the characters behaved like hipsters...despite that, I think Elika was really cool.

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>Sometimes I wonder if that could be expanded upon. Make an entire game where you play two characters who help / support each other like that.

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Yeah the bosses were cool, the environments were amazing, and the platforming was sound.

Too bad the enemies sucked and the dialogue was so...meh.

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>>I say we rape her mercilessly just on principle .

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I said "help each other", not "one has to protect and ensure safe passage for the other".

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Honestly, I liked SoT soundtrack best. Dat Mid-East vibe in "action" music and the subdued ambient in quiet platforming scenes.

And then they had to go replace it with Godsmack...

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"Ive told you this once before cant control me
If you try to take me down youre gonna break
I feel your having nothing that youre doing for me
Im thinkin you are a fake, you are that way
I stand alone
Inside I stand alone."

that's deep poetry, dude

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I can't hear you over how lost in space I am.

Also: Lemmings.

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Probably the most beautiful game I've ever played, and if I've got 10 hours to play a game before I die, I'd pick that one.

Not that it's my favourite game, not by a long shot, but it's up there. It's got problems, sure, but not the 'You never die!' issue, given that it's mechanically no different from a checkpoint system, just presented in a slightly more reasonable way. But eh, it's clear that presentation of mechanics is vital in this day and age.

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As for the main topic, I've no problem with T&A really, just as long as it fits the tone of the setting. I wouldn't want to see Brienne of Tarth in bikini armour, for instance, but Red Sonja? Yes please. Red Sonja ain't exactly taking itself seriously.

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what really puts me off about Sonja is that her outfit is really a costume, like spider man's, batman's or any other modern age hero's. She almost always (depending on who draws her) wears the same scale mail bikini, metal wire pauldrons and gloves with pointless decorative slits on the hems. She travels, fights, gets captured and breaks free all day all year but her outfit never gets damaged. Or are we supposed to believe she commisioned local craftsmen to produce identical, metal bikinis, gloves or boots whenever she wore a pair out? Compare this to Conan: he changed his outfit pretty much every adventure but readers still had no problem recognizing him amongst other characters on the page. It would be even easier with Sonja even if she changed clothes since she's a woman in a male dominated setting.

I saw some recent comic were she wore a chainmail shirt for a change, it was quite nice and still sexy enough since it showed off her legs. In the 80's she dressed like pic related, still sexy as hell but made 100 times more sense than the retarded bikini. Sure, it wasn't metal armor but it must be far more comfortable and easy to mend/replace between battles.

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The game had it's faults but it was a VERY beautiful and fun to play through at least once.

I love the Prince and Elika's childish bickering but I guess it's not for everybody.

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True. For example, Jade Empire's equal-opportunity fanservice seems fairly fitting, as it's "just that kind of game" (i mean, seriously... there's only two characters in the WHOLE GAME who ever change their clothes).

Still... if it's pseudo-European and the men are in full plate while women wear chain mail bikini at best and somehow both are equally protective... Well, no.

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I don't mind T+A in fantasy. It's fantasy.

I'm bored by this: "No way would those shapes be on a breastplate, no way would there be side-butt, because blah blah blah"... It's banal.

That being said, perhaps there are limits. Pic somewhat related.

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in the best sword & sorcery, men wear harnesses at the most, hard gay style. Or they only wear chainmail shirts so their metal links can be violently and spectacularly torn apart by a strong opponent's overwhelming attack, exposing their broad, sweaty heaving chests...

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considering how many people have hunted ferocious beasts and fought wars NAKED throughout real human history, I really can't be bothered by any amount of exposed skin in my fantasy material. However, when women wear armour than ONLY exposes their tits and stuff like that, it's just too obviously sexualized and ruins the immersion for me. If a woman rushes into combat wearing only a helmet, sandals and a shield like some depictions of ancient greek warriors, for example, I'm totally OK with it.

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I think the problem is when only women dress like that, but the guys are in full armour. Why the fuck can't the women wear full armour?!

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Girls can wear reasonable battle clothing and still be attractive.

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They can, but it goes back to "Fantasy so why the fuck not?"

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yeah, the problem is internal inconsistencies in the game world

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>The thinner legs you have, the more power.

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Even in the real world, people fight naked, so why not fantasy?


Hell, why are these chicks wearing chainmail bikinis at all? They should fight butt-naked!

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...unless they're some bug-eyed triangle-faced japanese drawing.

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The bustier ones should bind their breasts tho.

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true, to avoid being slapped in the face by their own tits when they leap across the battlefield.

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Since when does /tg/ mind these attributes?

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Fine, then I fully expect cock-waggling naked men too.
This is my problem. Does anyone really buy this shit because "oh god she so hawt man". So this either have to be completely subconious hound-dogging or I am pretty sure the industry wouldn't do it.
To be honest its fucking boring me at this point.

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What's wrong with fighting naked in fantasy?

The Celts fought butt-naked against the Romans.

Hell, even in the 1990's there were people running into battle naked!

Check out "General Butt Naked":

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There's a reason the Celts lost.

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The problem is when men wear 100+ tons of shitty looking armor, and women wear 10oz of armor.e

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Getting the Romans to build a wall and then leave counts as losing?

>> No.16180733

It doesn't count as winning, either. The Romans stopped their push north because there was fuck all they wanted there.

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dumping sexiness because I have nothing better to do for an hour

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>Hadrian's Wall
>Scotland and Ireland

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Fencing off a ghetto is not a victory for the ghetto, sir.

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LOL! Wow I never heard about General Butt Naked before, that's hilarious!

I can't believe such shit went down in the 90's lol!

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And which of them lost land, exactly?

Besides, who the fuck wants Scotland or Ireland?

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"I smolder with generic rage." is one of my favourite PA lines ever.

Seriously spend just 5 seconds thinking about how much shitty writing that can apply to and you'll have an entire page full of examples.

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maybe I should have posted porn instead

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See: The troubles, Northern Ireland, 1980s.

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The English natives lost ground, the Scots and Welsh killed everyone who tried.

The Pictish tribes didn't lose because they fought naked, they lost because the Roman legions were literal killing machines.
The training for a legionnaire consisted of marching in step, stabbing and ripping. They would just walk at the enemy in a long line like a combine harvester. Enemies bash into the shields and are disemboweled.

The primitive armour available at the time was little defence against the mechanics of Roman war, running naked at the enemy, painted blue and stoned out of your skull was one of the best options.

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Dammit, what is wrong with my browser?

I'm trying to open the OP pic in a tab so I can save dat ass, but the picture won't load all the way, just a thin strip of the top and the rest is blanked. Refreshing doesn't do anything.


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refresh it, or grow up and find real ass.

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There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world; t'would be a shame to damage yours.

>> No.16181463

What? Did they damage the goods?

>> No.16181528

instead of refreshing, press enter in the address bar so it actually reloads the page.

failing that, right-click-save the image on your computer if it's some weird poltergeist in your browser

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lol what
having armor helps you survive. Those romans you're talking about...they wore armor, dipshit. Armor helped them survive and win.

>> No.16181654


He's saying that AGAINST the Romans it wasn't much help to wear armour. Can't say how accurate that is but I'm just clearing up the misunderstanding.

>> No.16182006

I know, and I'm pointing out that he's full of shit, because armor helps you live. As evidence, the victorious romans wore it.

>> No.16182898


Yeah, its not accurate at all. They didn't NOT wear armor out of futility, they used it as a shock practice. Gaels were and are still known for it. It was to freak out enemies and the like, and it worked too. For modern similarities, look up the famous 'highland charge'.

Also, chainmail is a celtic invention.

>> No.16182943


>the famous 'highland charge'.

Oh, right, that thing that got the Scots butchered and conquered by England. Again.

>> No.16182961

That's a correlation, not a direct effect. The celts lost against the Romans more because they were less disciplined and disorganized than because they were naked.

>> No.16183015

And because they didn't have armor. And the romans had pilums, and their stabbing style was more effective than the slashes of the celts...
armor is a force multiplier

>> No.16183036


Good job citing the most famous time it didn't work, bro.

How about Killiecrankie, Tippermuir or Falkirk?

By your reasoning, Roman tactics were bullshit due to Crassus' defeat to the Parthians. I mean, he lost the eagle standards too. Fucking pathetic.

>> No.16183208

I just told you why your argument about armor is shit.

>that's a correlation, not a direct effect

Dumbass. The celts won many battles against the Romans without armor, and likely would have defeated the campaign had they had better discipline and better organization. The Romans were simply more tactically sound. Just because one side happens to have something covering their balls doesn't mean the win by default.

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>> No.16183248

A slightly impractical space suit. I'm pretty sure NASA ended up rejecting this design.

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>> No.16183262

Another NASA reject.

>> No.16183294

Because the best spacesuits have a cup-size.

>> No.16183343

Being naked makes up for the lack of protection with the psychological factor of being unsettling.
Being armoured has also a psychological effect, making the wearer seem invincible to both the foes and himself, and doesn't need to make up for anything.

Just tossing this out.

Look upon my pecs ye mighty and despair, for they were forged by Hephaestus and your puny blades cannot harm them.

>> No.16183359

I think the tops would tend to restrict breathing a bit, but then I'm no combat expert.

>> No.16183448

Here it's not so much the suit that's impractical as it is the way she wears it.

>> No.16183482

You can't convince me that these don't ride up a little.

>> No.16183497

Speaking or riding up...

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>> No.16183594

Ever play ME2? Ever bring Jack along with you when you went on space walks? She literally just strapped on a helmet and was good to go. Really pissed me off. Yeah I get it, you're a "free spirit" who "doesn't give a shit about clothing standards" but in fucking space, you wear a goddamn space suit.

Alternatively, props to ME2 for fanservice that is composed of small tits rather than melon-sized.

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>> No.16183620

>Calling Jack fan service
>Not Miranda
>Or the two alien companions that are from one species entirely composed of hot blue women

>> No.16183633

leave the tab open, clear your Temp Internet files and history, then refresh the tab

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>> No.16183637

Godddammit where is her belly button.

>> No.16183654

Are you not entertained?

>> No.16183666

>but in fucking space, you wear a goddamn space suit.
Whatever, dad. Unlike you, we're not afraid to try new things.

>> No.16183672

Maybe she came into being through magical means

being an elf and all

>> No.16183674

>implying elves have belly buttons

>> No.16183701

This is exactly the wrong thing to wear if you intend to go tentacle-surfing.

>> No.16183724

Although those boots are to die for, you'll probably die in them if this is what your flight suit looks like.

>> No.16183768


You know what's the funniest shit?

They are!


>> No.16183830

That's... weird.

>> No.16183844


2suit is better.


>> No.16183877

Looks like an honorary Strike Witch

>> No.16183924

She's way too old.

>> No.16183985

>armor with engravings of hands throwing the horns
This will definitely be included in the Brutal Legend campaign setting I'm working on.

>> No.16184008

>> No.16184013

Looks like a pair of legs disguised as a human being.
It's obviously just a coat+gloves and wig on a stick.

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>> No.16184044

>> No.16184092

>> No.16184117

>> No.16184128

General Butt Naked is a dangerous bad-ass...
20,000 people dead at this guys hands..

>> No.16184167

>> No.16184218

>> No.16184231

I'd like to take notice of a character who was sexy but actually didn't go over board into T&A department.
She isn't practicality in for fighting demons but it fit a theme of a modern witch femme fatale.
Just wanted to state what I think is a proper heroine.

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>> No.16184284

>Family versions might expand to 3 or 4suit, for use with undergarments.

>> No.16184295

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>> No.16184613

>this thread

lol thulsa doom you silly negro.

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>> No.16184669

>> No.16184706

The undead have the worst fashion sense.

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>> No.16184820

What is this from?

>> No.16184854

I don't have a clue. I think I grabbed it off one of the 4chan boards.

>> No.16184868

I can't not see her weapon as anything but part of a pocketwatch mechanism.

>> No.16184895

I'm supposed to buy that she's a schoolgirl when they'd never let her into the building with that sword?

>> No.16184975

With how effective storm trooper armor seems to be, this is probably an improvement.

>> No.16184991

>> No.16184998


It's a prop from the theater club

>> No.16185004


You're doing it wrong.

>> No.16185037

It's from Goddanar.

>> No.16185042

I think.

I've seen so many super-robot series now that most kinda blur together.

>> No.16185085

Wait ignore me
Is right.

Like I said, all just a blur these days.

>> No.16185144

>You're doing it wrong.
Or very, very right.

>> No.16185254


Who said anything about combat? This is metal bikinis and huge cleavage.

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>> No.16186470

>> No.16186486

>> No.16188573 [DELETED] 

>> No.16188721

I just want to make the point that this elf would have been fine if she were wearing bikini armor. Just remember that the next time you go poking fun at how fantasy women dress.

>> No.16188755

her leg's proximity to the blade is greatly alarming

>> No.16188761


>> No.16188762


Considering the look on her face, I don't think she wanted the arrow to be stopped.

>> No.16188778

It also should be reported.

>> No.16188819

No, it's just that elves are more attractive in everything they do. I mean, if that were a human chick, it'd be all like: "Ick! All that wailing and gasping is very unbecoming! My entire day has been ruined by her unseemly demise!" With the elf it's more like: "It's too bad my companion is dead, but at least I never had to see any signs she was suffering. Sure I've had better days, but once I have a few drinks with my (still living) friends, everything will be just fine."

>> No.16188834

Huh. I never noticed that. The way her shadow falls across the sword makes it look like she's embedded the thing in her leg.

>> No.16188854

>It also should be reported.
The Department of Edged Weapons has a regulation setting the minimum legal distance between sword and leg?

>> No.16188868

No because its a child model.

>> No.16188876

>> No.16188878

serious? I gotta say, 0/10

>> No.16188883

And you can tell how? Looks about nineteen to me.

>> No.16188886

dude im not joking its cp.

>> No.16188892

There is nothing pornographic in that picture, you shit faggot.

>> No.16188895

Oh god, somebody tell me there's a version of this with a deflated fake tit.

>> No.16188898

Is it really? She has really big boobs for a kid. It never occurred to me that she might not be an adult. Still, to be on the safe side I'll delete it. My apologies if I've erred.

>> No.16188907

Why is that girl carrying my amplifier while wearing stupid shoes? How can I electrobard if she drops it and it breaks?

>> No.16188909

He's a lying faggot, and you're a fag for listening.

>> No.16188920

Seriously. It might be racy, but it's not pornography.

>> No.16188935

>There is nothing pornographic in that picture, you shit faggot.
It was sexualized though. I wouldn't have grabbed / posted a picture like that if I thought the model was under age.

>> No.16188945

Did I mention you're a fag?
I'm right, because I say so.
You should therefore believe me.

>> No.16188951

Don't worry anon its some sick fucks idea of a lol trap on 4chan. Same as when someone says whats a good anime and they reply with that gay loli anime.
The girl is at least a 13 year old called Cinderella, googling this will take you to pedo bear country.

>> No.16188956

I do not think this means what you think it means. Even if she was 16, what she's wearing is about the same as a swimsuit.

>> No.16188957

Prove it.

>> No.16188964

Damn it, you deleted it. I was going to tineye it to see where it came from.

I sincerely doubt that model was underage. Her body, especially her abdomen, was way too developed. You shoot a woman from a strange facial angle with lighting like that and of course her features are going to look shorter and more childlike.

>> No.16188969

>> No.16188971


>> No.16188974

>He's a lying faggot
Could be.

>and you're a fag for listening.
It's no great loss.

>> No.16188975

For fuck's sake, go back to /b/.

>> No.16188978

You heard me.
The burden of proof is on the accuser.

>> No.16188985

Hmm. Every other woman in this image is a giantess . . .

>> No.16188986

should report this whole thread. Gdamn pedos asking for cp.

>> No.16188995


>> No.16189006

Anon, post it again for TinEye and great justice.

>> No.16189007

If im a troll you'd have no problem googling it.

>> No.16189012

You're right, googling "Cinderella" will bring many results related to a fucking MODEL.

>> No.16189015

>> No.16189020

your google-fu is weak, Just as well.

>> No.16189025

You are the accuser.
The burden of proof is on you.
Otherwise, I'm assuming troll.

>> No.16189029

>> No.16189033

No woman would rush naked into battle. And I don't mean out of shame or something like that but bouncing tits are uncomfortable at best and genuinely hurt at worst.

>> No.16189036

Oh God.

. . . I saw her panties as being a fucking overnight maxi pad.

>> No.16189042

reported for asking for cp

>> No.16189053

nice, the /tg/ mod could use a laugh

>> No.16189065

what got deleted?

>> No.16189066

>non-nude, non-sexualized image
get the fuck out...
not all pictures of children is cp.
not even all Nude pictures of children is cp.

>> No.16189070


I could see a woman with only a wrap of some kind running into battle.

Also, if she had A cups.

Really though, why would a woman WANT to run into battle naked unless it was necessary. Tits are sensitive and a big target.

Even psychologically, a horde of nude women doesn't seem like it would have the same effect as a horde of nude men.

>> No.16189087

Or not.

>> No.16189091

Girl with big tits and a big sword in a skimpy bikini. There was no nudity, but the picture was obviously sexualized. She didn't look under age to me, but I'll defer to others as it can sometimes be a bit hard to tell, especially from a single picture.

>> No.16189105

I really don't think she was underage. Her breasts were of the shape that made it questionable as to whether or not they were implants.

There was nothing pornographic about the picture.

>> No.16189109

smart anon
dumb anon

>> No.16189115

You mean the painfully obvious troll?
Case in point.

Does it hurt to be that beta?

>> No.16189120

I just failed my curiosity save

now I must quest to find that deleted picture. Is there a name I can google search?

>> No.16189132

I'll post it.

>> No.16189135 [DELETED] 

My gift to anon.

>> No.16189142

Heh, oops. Ninja'ed this guy.

>> No.16189147


How could anyone think that is underage? The face is a bit kiddy, but look at that chest. Christ.

>> No.16189153

Beat me to it.
No way I'll believe that it's a child model. Too fucking curvy.

>> No.16189161

Hmm. Is that a photo Julie Belle and Chris Valeho (sp) used as a model for their fantasy art?

>> No.16189163



For reference.

>> No.16189164

no fucking way thats a child. whoever believed it was a child must be fucking apeshit retarded.

>> No.16189165


she looks sort of like TOPANGA from boy's meat world

>> No.16189167

This is why /tg/ has the worst pedos. They actually try to rationalise their disease.

>> No.16189171


I'd hit it.

>> No.16189173

that... looks really hot
link to full set?

>> No.16189177

So, I think it's pretty safe to say that this motherfucker is a goddamn troll.

>> No.16189182

There's nothing on TinEye.

>> No.16189185

Man, there are seriously people believing she is underage? I mean, the shape of the pelvis is completely incompatible with sexual immatureness.

>> No.16189186




>> No.16189187

a shitty one too, maybe hes tired

>> No.16189191

>This is why /tg/ has the worst trolls. They actually try to rationalise their retardation.

>> No.16189199

Nope. Just a random thing I grabbed on /fit/

>> No.16189201

Totally impractical battle garb.

What the fuck is up with captcha? I usually go days without fucking one up, but today I get every other one wrong. And they all looked pretty obvious to me.

>> No.16189204

I wish the mod would hurry up and ban the samefagging pedo ITT. Seriously you are shitting up /tg/

>> No.16189206


Doesn't work lol.


Reverse google image search. Drag and drop the picture into google image search box.

>> No.16189208

Olsen twin?

>> No.16189215


diaf, plz
>Of course those are impnats, which is totally fine, btw. She's gorgeous. She's not 14 in those pics. She was 14 in the purple one-piece pics. Her chest is much much bigger in this pic, but she's 18 now.

>> No.16189222


Tineye only gives me this:

>> No.16189228

OMFG you idiots shes a 13 yearold child model have you thought that isnt a fucking claymore shes carrying thats a long sword. FFS

>> No.16189232

Well, problem solved. Now to deal with that fucking troll.

>> No.16189235

>I mean, the shape of the pelvis is completely incompatible with sexual immatureness.
That's what I thought, though if you look closely at her face, she does look kind of young. And girls develop earlier these days, so you never know.

>> No.16189248

Length avg. 105–120 cm (41–47 in)

>> No.16189250

Uncensored at least, ty

It's obviously a parade sword...

>> No.16189253

Yeah, well, people thought I was a girl until I was 20 yo.

>> No.16189254

Don't try to reason with the troll.

>> No.16189262

I just want this motherfucker to give proof of what he's saying if he's not a fucking troll. Which he won't do, of course, because he's a fucking troll.

>> No.16189269

requesting CP is a rule violation you stupid fuck. Seriously need a mod in here.

>> No.16189271

He can't. It's already been established that she's 18 in that picture.

>> No.16189273

>>16189235And girls develop earlier these days, so you never know.

They do, yeah.

But then that got me thinking, people got married earlier in the old days too.

Married at age 15 in the renaissance or something?
She has the body of a 12 year old in modern terms

>> No.16189283

She isn't 18. 'Cinderalla model' has an actual pay site. It tells you her age.

>> No.16189284

the artifacts! they are multiplying!

>> No.16189285

how do you know it's cp though?

>> No.16189293


>> No.16189302

You were obviously never a 12 year old girl.

>> No.16189303

Don't sage if you don't want us to think you're also a troll.

>> No.16189304

...so, even if this chick is like 16 or 17, are we to arrest everyone involved with Victoria's Secret for frequently featuring models as young as 15? OHHH I know, how about we arrest everyone who has seen American Beauty? 17 year old boobies that are *nude* in that...

Also, as for the fun little google "reference" it said no matches found and gave an "our best guess" which means absolutely nothing.

CP is disgusting as fuck and all kinds of twisted, but this shit isn't CP. If you're trolling: 10/10. If you're serious, you're fucking bent. You need some help. Seriously.

Especially since you keep bringing up pedophilia -- do you even know what that word means? A chick who looks like this is unattractive to a pedophile because she's sexually matured (fully formed secondary and primary, well can only assume primary, sexual features). Biologically, she's fully sexed. That means pedos no likey.

>> No.16189306

I thought it was legal too. Then I found the site. Its obviously not a legal site it tries to justify that it is legal but it has no over 18 certification. It even states shes underage but it is 'art'

>> No.16189307

Use reverse google image search. It points to "cinderella girl model" and "Cinderella-Girl.com"

Which has a legal notice that says "Since Cinderella-Girl.com is a minor we are adding this section to our Website.

All Pictures of this model are Non Nude, and all abiding by US and International Laws.

All photos on this site abide by US and International Laws and contain No Nudity.

United States Code Title 18

Parental release and authorization for this site has been obtained and is held on file.

All photo shoots have been taken in the presence of parental supervision or appointed guardian."


>> No.16189308


Fuck yes, Krod Mandoon!

>> No.16189310

cp requires sexual context.
that is posing and not in any way sexual except for your virgin purist eyes

>> No.16189322

GIS gives me this http://lesbianwomen.tumblr.com/post/4866278224/topless-girls-playing-soccer

Which is a larger version, but no set.

>> No.16189334

Now mods ban the guy assusing people of trolling and for requesting CP.

>> No.16189337

You might have noticed the no nudity, parental consent and national/international law parts of that disclaimer, right? That means this isn't porn, much less child porn.

>> No.16189340

>> No.16189343

dont try and rationalise your sickness.

>> No.16189355

That's my first post in this thread, just trying to provide a source for the claims of her being a minor so people on both sides of the fence will stop herping their derp.

Though I dislike the overt sexualization and marketing of minors to adults I don't care about the CP debate in this thread one way or another.

That being said I'm getting out of here before a mod nukes the site from orbit.

>> No.16189357

Uuuuuh-huuuuuuh. Of course, Mr. Moral Guardian, I'll get right on doing everything you tell me.

>> No.16189363

>> No.16189365

Hush, dearie. Grown-ups are talking here, why don't you run along and play with your fellow tards?

>> No.16189366

>I live in denial

>> No.16189372

Thanks for the sane, rational contribution. Unlike some other people, you actually helped out.

>> No.16189376

This thread has moved from irritating to hi-larious.

>> No.16189379

>> No.16189381

It is pretty amazing what one stubborn troll can do, isn't it?

>> No.16189382

Go back to bed Timmy. It's still way too early for you to get up.

>> No.16189404

>> No.16189422

same fagging Pedo retard. I refer you to >>>/s/ rule on this type of thing. Which applies to all boards.

>> No.16189430


>> No.16189437

>Serial posts
>All within the same minute
That is one quick samefag...
now go away

>> No.16189462

Meh, I deleted it anyway, though. It got to the point where it was more trouble than it was worth and if anyone who wanted it hasn't saved it by now, then they're SOL.

>> No.16189464

>> No.16189476

>> No.16189480


Wait a second... Is that a Bullet Witch screen cap?! Someone else in the world acknowledges, nay, -liked- Bullet Witch?! ... Come brother. Ride with me into the sunset. From this day forward, we shall be 'bros'.

>> No.16189489

3rd guy reporting in who liked Bullet Witch.

Although I after two playthroughs I was done and couldn't play it anymore.

>> No.16189498

welp... I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here
have an Annah, because dat tiefling

>> No.16189500

It was an awful Bayonetta ripoff.
I don't even like Bayonetta.

>> No.16189510

image cap... damn

>> No.16189515

It came out way before Bayonetta to be a rip off.

>> No.16189530

Seemed similarly repetitive and mediocre to me.

>> No.16189534


Pre-release shovelware then. Still, it has its charms, and I find myself going back to it every now and then, if nothing but for the Geists.

>> No.16189537


you can tell when an artist fapped while drawing

>> No.16190203

Buns of steel!

>> No.16190888

>Married at age 15 in the renaissance or something?
13 has always been the marriageable age and it still is in Vatican for example, and it's the consensus age in Spain.
That's because the Virgin Mary married at that age, and because we can't afford to muck about when we have convenience marriages to celebrate.

Sexual development works according to diet and health, so people develop faster when they are healthy and slower when there is shit going, it's not a regular progression, thou today we reached maximum speed in sexual maturity, because of how fucking healthy we are, there are girls that reach puberty around 9.

>> No.16192231

The Vatican doesn't have any kids to get married (it's only a country legally; in reality it's just a single complex), and whatever laws it technically has on the matter are just that way because they're the same as Italy.

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