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Does /tg/ have any more hilariously bad paint jobs like these?

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Yes. Proceeding to dump.

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Take-home message: get a finer brush for eyes?

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Once I blow this horn, you will all become like me.

Yes, that and phin your taints.

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Buckley Guardsmen.

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>The plasma gunner's face

This is why you don't fail your Gets Hot rolls, kids.

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Dear god, this is so retarded I can't stop laughing at it.

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Keep laughing, we're only just getting into it.

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Christ almighty DEM googly eyes! I can't keep a straight face looking at them.

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I just hope to fuck that I don't end up playing against someone with paint jobs this retarded. I'll get banned from the store before the first movement phase.

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In all fairness, those guys still look retarded even if the painter is good.

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>these pictures
Keep 'em fucking comin' you marvelous man.

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We are full steam ahead for bad paint-jobs.

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Your next opponent painted these.

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I didn't know Doom had a miniatures, to be honest.

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here we have muffle, oatface, captain googley, one eye and johnny two-hats

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they are so fabulous

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I have a fucking neurological disorder and I paint better than this.

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Alas, my reserves are running low, so I hope that /tg/ can provide some as well.

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I may have to find some older models of mine that I attempted to paint eyes on.

Many cross eyed librarians and officers.

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Why can't I stop laughing?

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These are highly inspirational.
No matter how bad my minis painting skills are, I can always look at these and say,
"I may suck, but at least I'm not THAT bad!"

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Nostalgia my friend.

The one chapter that most used to play, the 'poorly painted marines'.

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And the ever famous 'Horse thing', can't remember what it was called.

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lol OP's pic made me lol

dose faces

dat paintjob hahaah

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I've always thought this is crude but innovative. I like it.

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i've got a few

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I knew a guy who liked to play wh40k but didn't care at all for painting, and one day he intentionally gave his marines the worst paint jobs I've ever seen just to underline that fact.
Total bro.

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My friends call devlan mud "Skill in a can".

Anyway, since I'm out of pictures, I guess I'll provide some reading material, seeing as my hobby place is full of painters who can't seem to get it right.

I used to be pretty bad myself, I would paint urak-hai with codex gray armour and all that, but I've come a far way from it, here's some of my work (I fixed these guys up since then, since I've noticed some hilarious mistakes.)

Now, we have one guy who used to go to my hobby shop who doesn't go anymore, and we called him 'shit eating grin', I did a early morning huge story thing on him because I could, but he's notorious for bad painting.

His firewarriors were painted a solid colour, baby barf yellow. It was embarrassing to look at, since the paint dried (Or too much paint was used) before it settled, causing them to look like horribly mutated freaks.

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Man I cannot wait until february-march time, my local model store will be fucking packed with 2nd hand models that kids got for christmas, painted like this, and then sold once they lose interest after realising it takes patience and skill.
>mfw browsing for minis to buy at 1/5 of their original price and strip

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ork hut

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I almost passed out laughing at this one the first time I saw it.

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>devlan mud is skill in a can
He's not wrong, a quick splash of devlan mud can make even the shittiest attempt at drybrushing somewhat tabletop worthy.

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I just noticed I need to use less gold and more silver.

Now, he had no painting ability whatsoever and I wish I had some of his models to prove it. He would paint his tau tanks random colours, seriously. His idea of camouflage was painting said tank a solid green, blue, or red. Then adding polka dots of another colour everywhere, we called them the circus tent tanks which he hated with a passion.

He also painted a baneblade baby barf yellow and fluffed it as a fixer-upper the tau stole and started using in their own army because they could.

His battlesuits also came in random solid blobby colours: Silver, red, green, brown, or baby barf yellow.

His kroot came in one colour: Brown, just poop brown.

To be honest, I miss fighting against his armies because his drones were either on the base, half on the base, or off the base or somewhere in the general vicinity of the base, it was fun.

Also, just noticed I missed his skull backpack, thankfully when I went over these guys, I fixed that.

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Were his parents a deamon and a chainsword?

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Christ, that's something an Ork would do.

I like it.

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>painting first models
>made horrible choice of 15mm SS
>ruin several paintbrushes because I put too much paint on them, don't get the hint
>models are buried under at least a solid inch of paint
>they're not even recognizable as human beings
>put on 5 more layers
>run them in a tournament

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Sprue-built fortifications?
Good idea. Horrible execution.
Here's an example that doesn't suck.

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This paintjob is pretty proficient, technically. Beats me why the painter decided to make the model look like candy, but I can't really fault it.

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And I also painted that scroll thing on his leg gold, what the hell was I smoking?

Anyway. We also had a player who played salamanders, he was only a wee lad but would never accept any of our painting tips, which sucked because he bought FUCK TONNES of models and would always paint them in heinous ways.

Dreadnoughts of solid green and marines with blobby black shoulderpads, vulkan h'stan (Or whatever his name is) was a random assortment of flakes of paint and showing metal. His little banner thing was nowhere to be found.

Back to blobby-tau guy, he also played dwarves for warhammer fantasy. He painted his dwarves only silver or gold, including that anvil lord guy. All of his cannons? Silver or gold. The skin? Mostly silver, dabs of gold.

I honestly had no idea what the fuck he was trying to paint, but then again he painted circus tent tanks so these sort of things weren't beyond him. He liked to tell me about how he was painting all of his dwarves and was quick to tell me that he was going to add red in soon.

After seeing his space marines (Which were spraypainted base and all a solid gold colour, then a roller brush dipped in blood red was used to paint the eyes), I was afraid of seeing red.

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pretty sure thats extra heretical

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That'd actually be a pretty cool mini for a RIFTS dogboy squad leader. The commissarial greatcoat fits right in with all the rest of the Coalition design aesthetic.

Of course, it's 40K heresy...but what isn't, anymore?

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We also had another painter, he was fairly decent when I first started, but then he seemed to get worse and worse. He would constantly criticize our paint-jobs, pointing out every conceivable mistake and heckling us for said things.

If you happen to point out any of his, he will simply state that 'it adds character' and that it isn't truly a mistake. He also regularly cheats in his games, tells us about his rape fantasies and that he's always off his meds, and will rage HARD when he loses games.

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is it a carnifex mounted on some kind of horrific pastry?

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unfortunately, out of bad, just funny / neat left

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I think it's supposed to be a tervigon

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Around here we excommunicate faggots like him.

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that is leman russ: rapetrain

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good lord

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Thankfully. His favourite rule break tactic was the "Members of his own squad block his line of sight, ONLY if it's a special weapon because it's different from the main weapon".

I gave him the whole "Yeah that's bullshit" but he fucking bitched ON AND ON about it.

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I just don't understand why they take pictures.

I mean, my painting is bad, not as bad as most of these, so I don't take pictures of my minis.

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> mfw I'm about to have a FUCK TON of terrain.

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It looks like they took a Leman Russ and strapped on the weapons of three different space marine vehicles.

Is this what an Adaptus Mechanicus tank would look like? Because if so, I approve.

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What in the hell

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I ahve this horrible feeling that it might be intended to be a stompa.

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those gatling guns are gundam arms i think

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...Blobby Tau player: Adam? Famed for his yellow Valkyrie and true "Lemon" Russes?

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I love this one

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Oh goddamnit why is this shit so expensive, I fucking love 40k and I love models.

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No. His name is Brandon.

He rages HARD and looks like this.

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Is that an old Nob Power Klaw of all things?

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Because GW are a bunch of greedy fucks that want as much of our money as possible.

I mean, I love 40k and the models as much as the next fa/tg/uy, but you'd have to be an idiot not to acknowledge this, and as much as I want to start up a IG army, I can't knowingly support a company like GW.

At least there's Ebay, right?

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Looks like Matt Ward's son

that's a discouraging thought

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Some of the mahreen models look like this.

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Bump for the only good type of 40k thread on /tg/

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>My face when that is pretty much on par with my sculpting

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