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Questions about warhammer and 40k,

how much does a typical 1250, 2000 point army cost?

is it worth getting into if none of your friends still play? i have a games workshop near my house where people play regularly...but I don't know anyone who is into it anymore :/

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Crack is cheaper

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loadsa wonga

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500 point army costs $150-$200. extrapolate from that what you will.

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so about 1000$ for a 1k army?

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Yes, because 200 dollars multiplied by two is about $1000.

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2.5k cost me $500 canadian. So it should be cheaper for Americans.

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what do you mean?

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2.5k for 500...where did you buy it
was it 40k or fantasy?

and what army

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A crack cocaine addiction will cost you about $20-$40 to start up compared to Warhammer's $300 or more.

A crack cocaine addiction and a Warhammer hobby will cost about the same amount to maintain. It depends how addicted you are to either.

You can get four hits of crack cocaine for the price of one Games Workshop paint bottle.

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Out of curiosity, what would be the cheapest (money wise) 2000 point armies, if one ignores Counts As?

I know the cheapest legal army is a single box of GKTermies, but I honestly don't know about 2kpts.

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Chaos Daemons for 40k.

Bought them at a game shop.

Traded them in for 3500pts of Tyranids though and couldn't be happier.

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That if, for example, you spend $200 for a small 500pt army. Adding 500 more points is not going to magically cost you $800 more dollars.

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Crack kills fewer brain cells than this thread.

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Do you want to win?
If No: $200.
If Yes: $600.

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I guess any high cost unit army?

Stay away from horde armies like Orks, Nids and IG.

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It's still GK.

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Crack cocaine will also lead to a more social lifestyle than Warhammer 40,000. You'll get more exercise, be outside more often and maybe even meet some girls.

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I don't remember the specifics, but its something like Draigo and 20 purifiers with accompanying transports or something like that. Grand total of 23 models.

But this Anon:>>16170524 has the right of it. You can play "somewhat" cheaply. You will not win.

One of the big ways GW makes money is by making the large expensive models necessary to win but at the same time requiring at least 2 crappy troop choices in every army.
So theoretically you could get somewhere around 1~1.5K with an HQ and a bunch of troop choices, which would be the cheapest way to go, but you would get steamrolled by everyone.

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so if i spend 500-600$ i can get a 2500 point army that will have a good chance at winning?

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>Cares about winning in a wargame of narrative origin, which has slowly acquired pathetic concessions to competition which make the game worse overall.
>Thinks winning is expensive because he's only ever hopped from netlist to netlist instead of figuring out tactics.
Harp darp.

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>Play Warhammer 40K
>Deploy Models
>Opponent does too
>Enjoy game regardless of outcome or opponent army composition

Now let's get back to why OP should do Crack.

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>>Cares about winning in a wargame of narrative origin

elaborate kind sir.

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I was going to ask if tank spam IG or NidZilla might be cheaper, but yeah, I think GK can pull that off with less kits.

Draigo - 270
Grand Master - 390
MC Warding Stave, MC Psycannon, Blind Grenades, Meltabombs, Digi Weapons, Psybolt Ammo, Brain Mines, Psycho Grenades, Rad Grenades, Orbital Strike, 3 servo skulls
10 Paladins - 780
Apothecary, Banner, MC Stave,2 MC Psycannons, 6 MC Falchions, Psybolt Ammo
5 Paladins - 465
Apothecary, Banner, MC Stave,MC Psycannon, MC Falchions, Psybolt Ammo

The cheapest is probably Draigo + 4xGKTerminators, for a total of around $230

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No. You'll likely need to spend more than that just to get to 2.5K points.

Simply adding $200 every 500 or so points is misleading since the first 1000 or so points are cheaper than the next 1000 and so on. Essentially the larger your army the more expensive it gets to grow it since you've maxed out the units that have a good $:point ratio especially with your HQ, which will have the best ratio in your army.

Take for example a Space Marine army. This is just a general example, don't really read anything into it, but I;m just going to put it out there.
Say you use your first 500ish points on Vulkan and two tac squads. Thats 530 points for $95. Not bad. About a 5:1 points:$ ratio.

But that army kinda sucks. So lets add 5 TH/SS termi's in a land raider. thats 450 or so. Quite a lot. But it costs nearly $120. a ratio of only 3.5:1.

But now you want to add some Heavy Support into your army. So you nab two predators for your list. Whoops. Thats $100 for just 120 points. Even worse, you realize that your tac squads are too vulnerable, so you buy rhinos for them. thats another $70 to add 70 points.

Now this isn't the best list, but it give you an idea of what I mean when I say that the points:$ ratio only gets steeper as you have to start buying transports and filling out your force chart. The larger the army the more it costs to increase its size.

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How many of you guys do Ebay or Craigslist?

I got enough bitz to make 24ish Necron Warriors for around 9 bucks.

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I don't personally care about winning. I play Tau for fucks sake. But I am pointing out that game gets expensive if you want to win and tactics aren't worth much in a game where most of the "tactics" are in what list you bring.

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I've got a 40k question...

Do I need to put trophy racks on my Chaos Terminators? They seem just way too fragile and look like pain in the ass to paint.

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You should put Land Raiders on the trophy racks.

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That is brilliant!

But why stop at Land Raiders? Mount a Titan on those suckers.

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No you have it all wrong. The layering should be:

>Land Raider
>Eldar Titan
>Reaver Titan
>And a single Carnifex head at the top

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You guys are pulling the price out of your fucking asses. Why do you lie about the prices? Are you trying to trick new players to replace ones that quit?

Here is my IG, $822 USD

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~Oh you~

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An typical Ork army, composed of Kan wall and loota+ B-Wagon bunkers.

Quote: Warhammer, where players fuck over new players in order to help GW alive.

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I didn't put any on my Chaos Terminators.
Hell, I didn't even use the heads. I have thm Chaos Warrior heads.

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A typical Ork army, composed of Kan wall and loota+ B-Wagon bunkers.

Quote: Warhammer, where players fuck over new players in order to help keep GW alive.

>~Oh you~
What is it?

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Well what is it GW beta male #132?
Let me guess let me guess, you were going to attempt to white knight GW or perhaps troll me... till you realize that i actually know popular tournament lists and builds?

$631 USD Archon Incubi Deathstar with lance spam

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Welp here's my 500 dollars BA jumpers list (400 dollars without the fucking Vanguard veterans).

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>mfw I built my army for half that much using ebay, AoBR conversions and buying from guys at the FLGS

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$250 FUCK YA i told you its cheap >>16171415

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£250, so it's like $400

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Not trying to ruin your troll attempt but... if you are born retarded, i'll apologize to you now. But if you arnt... then YOU ARE FKING STUPID. Thats in GREAT BRITAIN POUND. You know, like $407 USD?

I... feel sorry for you. Why? because for some reason, you cant comprehend the difference between:

a) Something is high priced aka MRSP
b) Something that fails to fetch a good resell value aka your example of ebay....

Really guys, don't be so brainless...

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This thread really is a shinny example of the type of retards that makes up the base of warhammer players. No wonder its dying, and half of the sales is spess mehrenes

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welp, thnx guys but I dont think the cost benefit analysis works in warhammers favor

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