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Imperial Guard thread!

Fuck the Astartes. We do the real work of keeping the Imperium together.

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Sounds like a plan.

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No need for a plan. No need for Astartes either.

We're awesome, and there's enough of us to kill the ennemies of the Emperor through testosterone acute poisoning.

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Jelly much, Marine boy?

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>this thread

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Mentor Legion here.
You guys are bros. Also tomorrow we're teaching you advanced urban warfare tactics so don't stay up too late.

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I really like the idea of FUCK YEAH HUMANITY and the underdog-ness of the Guard, but I dunno, I don't really like being associated with the Imperium, and all the Ultramarine fan-wank and whatnot. I kinda wish there was a separate faction of humanity, renegades or rebels (not Chaos) who are trying to establish their own foothold in the galaxy, separate from the Emperor and his Imperium. And, being the second-rate rebels that they are, they'd naturally be using simple weaponry and lots of men, much like the Imperial Guard. The Space Marines get 500 different recolored factions, why can't the Guard have one? I imagine it a lot like the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars.

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> teach advanced urban warfare tactics
> to IG
What. It's like teaching hand to hand fighting to orks. Also, where's the need for Urban Warfare tactics.

We're not astartes, if the target is in fortified location, we don't turn around it to find a back door. We level the damn thing and march upon the corpses.

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Yes and we'll be teaching you how to blow up cities to maximum effect. We're not stupid you know, we know you're as sneaky as a sack of drunk orks.

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Thanks for trying, really, but
is what you get.
"We're already the pinnacle of 40K warfare, go home Cower Armor."

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That's great Guardsman and I'll let you finish but first Scout Sergeant Holystone is going to teach you how to make explosives using your own bodily waste. Then after you've made said explosives he's going to show you how to use them to blow up a fortress.

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But instead of the rebels winning like in starwars the IMPERIUM would win because your rebels would be branded as heretics and hunted down to the last man, heretics or traitors

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Also, IG has boobs. Of pure massive titanium, of course, it's common practice to have a pair of something made of it.

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Good reason for them to be fighting, exactly. And since this is 40k, no faction will ever die until Games Workshop gets sick of them and has them eaten by Tyranids. Fortunately, I think a rebel alliance desperately fighting for a foothold and using guerilla tactics is GRIMDARK enough for them to keep it around.

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If your picture is reflective of the average guardsmen squad then it's no wonder they need so fucking many of them to do anything.

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They call that TAU, the rebels would just join the tau, be sterilized and then fight against the imperium for the greater good, blahblahblah, and then they would die when the Imperial Navy orbital bombs the shit out of the Tau because the Tau dont really have a space fleet,

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This is why I hate IG threads. Not only did they stop being the underdog around the time their 5th ed codex came out, their players are more insufferable than any marinefag I've ever met.

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When were I.G ever the underdog outside books?

Play table top, field all the armor and arty you can, WIN

If anything Tau are the underdogs of 40k, because their codex will never be updated NEEVVEERRR

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Oh boy, you've never met a Space Yiffs fan then...
>When were I.G ever the underdog outside books?
Looks like someone never saw the previous codex.

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How does it feel knowing that we're your "oh shit, save us" button? Talk down about Astartes all you want, but the two need each other.

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But I don't want to be communists in mecha suits, I wanted ordinary humans trying to form a foothold in the galaxy away from the Imperium. Maybe the Imperium dicked them over, maybe they're sick of the constant war and just want to establish their own civilization and get shit done themselves. But, being the grimdark that is the 41st millenium, war follows them regardless, so they bust out the guerilla tactics. I can see Catachans fitting very well into this faction, fighting like it's Vietnam.

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Ask the average IG player and they'll insist their army only wins because of their huge balls and tactical genius, as opposed to their monstrously powerful codex.

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I wouldn't say IG are the underdogs in the books either, though I can hardly claim to have read them all...
Anyway, in the Ciaphas Cain books for example, the guard is depicted as incredibly professional and good at their jobs. The "human tide" tactics are more appropriate of the PDF, not the guardsmen.

Everyone keeps saying that the Guardsmen are "regular people thrown into combat with unimaginable horrors", but that's even more true of the PDF, who have no armor battallions or artillery or navy to back them up. There's the real underdogs for you.

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>When were I.G ever the underdog outside books?
The previous codex was pretty underpowered, it must be said.

>I wanted ordinary humans trying to form a foothold in the galaxy away from the Imperium.

Planets go rogue from the Imperium all the time, and while normally the rebellion is swiftly crushed, it's likely that a few go unnoticed. They'll be using the same sorts of technology as the Imperium, so just use the Imperial Guard codex and reflavour it as you like. Remove the Imperial insignias from your models, or use ones from other ranges like Pig Iron.

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Catachans fucking love war, and any ImpGaurd trooper showing signs of being tired of fighting and going BOOHOO I DONT WANNA FIGHT FOR THE EMPRAH ANYMORE, is when commissar eagle eye shoots him in the back of the head

Rebel human army wont happen unless they are traitor guard or working for the Tau, and if they are working for the Tau they wont get mech suits just body armor and better guns

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You chose poorly loyalist, in your heart you know we've already won.

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Well, there's two type of IG players.
Those who joined when IG became powerful and should all die for being WAAC-fags/

And those who were faithfully playing IG since 3rd Ed and truly deserve the right to kick those fucks in the balls.

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Honestly, it's stuff like this why I'm not a huge fan of HFY.

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Rebellions do happen, it's just that none of them last. Once a planet decides to go rogue, the imperium understandably brings the hammer down on it to dissuade further rebellion by other worlds. Purges inevitably follow, making more rebellions extremely unlikely.

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>Using Commisars

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They do use commissars, but to a much lesser extent than other IG armies, because of the likelyhood that they get fragged. Doesn't stop the commisariat from sending more men in, though.

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There's three players of space wolves at my lgs, and two of IG. One of the Wolf players taught me how to play, the other two are generally kind. The only time I've seen the IG players actually bring their armies was for tournaments.
I've actually been kicking around the idea of a dark eldar coven as mutants on a planet the Imperium wants cleansed. All they want is to be left alone, dammit! But no, you assholes have to keep sending guardsmen and marines and shit to try to 'subdue' the place.

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I didnt mean Catachans using commissars I meant that any foot slogging guards man showing signs of cowardice/unwillingness to fight.

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What if it's the Commissar or General who is sick of the constant war and leads his men to rebellion?

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Assuming a blam doesn't come down from on high, it depends how the soldiers feel about it. If they don't like the idea of some uniformed asshole taking away their Xeno/Heretic-crunching time, it'll go nowhere. Otherwise...

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Other commissars/ Commissar Lords or Inquisitors happens

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Anyone play Company of Heroes? I'd like to make this beast with my Leman. Is it just a paint scheme and Pask or should I try to do more with it?

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So, in short:

Marinefags are always worse than guardfags.
IG never go rogue, and even if the highest commanding officer on the field does, someone else will fix it
IG never break and run, even without a commissar present
IG are the best at all aspects of war, and everyone else can never teach them anything.

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Well then the most logical solution would be what >>16166172 said. I picture it going down like this.

>Planet is deemed tactically important for Imperium
>Imperium conquers, purges, and settles planet
>Time passes, planet is no longer tactically important
>Imperium evacuates important personnel from planet, leaves everyone else behind
>Planet is now on its own, abandoned by the Imperium
>Fuck this shit we'll fight for ourselves!
>Repeat for several more planets, they unify into a rebel alliance, new faction of humanity is formed.

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Leman's are bigger

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Don't forget "Guard are the underdogs"

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That wouldnt happen because each planet produces more Guard for the war effort. So they would come back looking for troops, find out they rebelled and then curb stomp said rebels.

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As I said, good reason for them to fight. Maybe by the time the Imperium catches on, it's too late, the rebel alliance is too big to take down easily, and BAM! New faction of humanity. There are a million ways to make this work.

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Guardsmen thread?

Don't make me say it.

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Indeed, Anon.
Most others will tell you otherwise, and I will but say the various creators themselves have said that few things are absolutely, concretely true and anything can happen -and frequently does.
The Gaunt's Ghosts themselves get detailed to a warzone that's more then 300 years old, and are eventually dispatched to elsewhere without a hint of it ending.
Haters are going to hate, and I'd know -I'm one of them.

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Imperial feudal organization with the Overlord being God-emperor grants no one is gonna have enough power to be a real menace, even if allied with more guys.
They'll lack fleet support, since Imperial Governors have not warships and Mechanicus support, except if they are some kind of industrial world.
That's why SM legions became chapters. So in case of shit hitting the fan, it will be a small sheep excrement, not a load of bullshit.

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Whatcha bout to say nigga?

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All guardsmen are traitors and weaklings.

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I've all ways found Spess marines a bit BRO...tastic, for me

Wher as IG Everyone's so scared they want to run home crying, yet the second they so much as wink *BLAM* executed for cowardice
also I can act out scripts in a British general's voice.

but sir the bunker was destroyed
*BLAM* executed for desertion

Way I see it Astartes are the fist, they strike out and meet the foe like for like.
I,G are the shield they hold the line until, they all die. buying valuable seconds for the Heavy Ordnance to arrive.

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Let it go you twat, it was a warzone, what were you expecting? Us to throw down our arms just because YOU showed up? Sorry, not how we roll, we went down swinging, like the Emperor expects of us.

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Don't make me say it nigga.

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That's why I said repeat for several planets. I picture it being a bunch of planets get shafted by the Imperium, they come in contact with each other, and then they realize that there's enough of them fed up with the Imperium to actually form a fighting force should they unite, so they do.

>Oh yeah, well I'm gonna go build my own Imperium! With blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the Imperium!

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Say that to my face.

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"Uma Thurman had some epic sweaty underboob in Black Snake Moan"?

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I love Guard. The Last Chancers books are my favorite.

On tabletop I love playing power blobs, Conscripts, Chenkov, Vets with carapace armor, Penal Legions, Straken, heavy weapons squads, artillery and Sentinels. I love the glorious charge, and I love guns blazing behind them and artillery raining death.

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Check it out. Chapter Master Sarpedon, 'Soul drinker,' look traitor, act traitor, not traitor. Assaulted mechanicus, looted relics. Independent, sho'. Not traitor.

You know , 'Librarian deCario from the Relictors.' Radical, yes. Sorcerer, maybe. Braces on his brain. But he kicked the ass of a Chaos Champion and used Chaos weapons to protect the Imperium.

That ain't Traitor. Luther, "Fallen Angel." Misterious, yes. Traitor, no.

You went full traitor, man. Never go full traitor. You don't buy that? Ask Ezekiel Abaddon, M30, "I am Horus." Remember? Went full traitor, went home empty handed...

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No more love for the Imperial Hammer?

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I will bump this thread in the name of...well, see this is the one problem with the renegade guard idea. What am I supposed to shout out as my battlecry? FOR THE PEACE? That would make a nice bit of hypocritical humor, I suppose.

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Spess Mehreenz are a rounding error (1 million of you, you say? LOLOLOLOLOL). Their in-game "achievements" are best understood as Imperial propaganda.

>> No.16166799

That's why they're boring.
It's the Imperium with less Imperium.

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>I am butthurt. This is an objective fact.

>> No.16166818

My friends and I tend to ignore parts of the fluff like that.

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One thing that always bothered me with these type of cosplay pictures are that the people dressed don't actually look the part. Don't get me wrong I know that it is cosplay and they are just enjoying themselves and I have no problem with that. It just irks me that they look so unhealthy and unfit for the Imperial Guard.

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>>I work for 40k, have a hard on for Ultrasues and I literally don't understand math.

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>the rebel alliance is too big to take down easily

The problem is, there are very few things the Imperium can't take down easily if it really tries. Even the Tau could get smashed off the map if the Imperium considered them an actual threat. Any breakaway human sector is going to have to survive simply by keeping quiet and hoping to go unnoticed. If the Imperium catches on, they WILL go to extreme lengths to retake those worlds in order to frighten nearby systems into compliance.

If any well organised rebellion could openly break away from the Imperium and survive, then the Imperium would have fallen apart years ago. Rebellious sectors endure by slipping away and going unnoticed amidst the insane beaurocracy the Imperium is tied up in.

>> No.16167306

Well then it's like how the Tau got retconned in, and explains perfectly why they were never mentioned before. So most of their canon battles will be against xenos or chaos as opposed to the Imperium, since they don't want any attention from them.

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No Marine, not even the Primarchs, can ever live up to the sheer scrotal might of Ollanius Pious.

(Which is why GW Squatted him, imo. Assholes...)

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How big is a Vendetta? I want to kit-bash some from Mi-24 Hind models, but I'm not sure if 1:48 is going to look right.

Help me, /tg/, you're my only hope.

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According to my shitty calculations, 10 inches long, 8 inch wingspan, roundabouts.
I don't have the model itself, so I went off of the relative sizes from the Battle Foam site. So, rough numbers at best.

>> No.16168544

I approve of this.

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>Horus paying attention to Pius
>Pius not wearing Terra pattern fatigues
>Pius using a post-heresy pattern Lasgun
>Horus doesn't have his mace
This image is so wrong it hurts

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Guard is what's used when the Imperium's in trouble.

Marines is what's used when the Guard's in trouble.

>> No.16168603

Terra Pattern fatigues? Share please!

>> No.16168604

and what if this is a post-heresy propaganda piece?
You got medieval paintings of jesus with stuff on them that didn't exist bact then.

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Marines can't be used all the day

>> No.16168638


You mean all the time?

Yes, I know. That's what the IG is there for.

The Marines are there when the IG can't handle their shit.

>> No.16168670

my thought was originally

IG = Defense

SM = offense

one is suppose to Guard the Imperium while the other secures more planets and take down the really big obstacles (like the Daemons)

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>It just irks me that they look so unhealthy and unfit for the Imperial Guard.

You don't get it, do you?

Imperial Guard are offered up as a tithe. Its a form of TAXES. As in, when you donate people to the Imperial Guard, unless the Planetary Governor is a die-hard true believer (despite that most Planetary Governors exist for the sole purpose of making Dark Heresy characters angry), you're probably going to want to donate the most weak and unfit soldiers possible. This gives the further incentive to your PDF to train hard: "Be good and ace your PT scores or you're going to see the galaxy."

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>The Marines are there when the IG can't handle their shit.

which is all the time

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Space marines are cool and all but the imperial guard is cooler don't believe me read the guant's ghost series

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