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She is a Warhammer character.

Redhead, muscular. Wears camo?

If I masturbate to her, all these fifteen-year-olds with names like "Aiden" that wear hats with flat bills will BE WIPED OFF THE PLANET BY THE POWER OF MECHAJESUS. I just can't find ANYTHING about her.

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we dont provide you with fapfuel, neither are we /r/

reported and saged, ther is no need to bump this shit

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Did somebody say Warhammer?

I think somebody said Warhammer


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Also, WTF is your last sentence

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>Fifteen-year-old with name like "Aiden" that wears hats with flat bill detected

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I think her name is daisy.

I THINK. Not the princess.

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Aiden is my son's name.

He plays DnD with me, damn fine pally...

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Does he wear flat-billed hats?

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sorry i'm late

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I respect the DIII artists immensely for not caving into to tens of thousands of fuckwits shrieking like wounded pigs over the fembarb not being a waif.

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WCKD is still alive btw, just...isolated.

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i thought he stole everyones money and fucked off like a faggot cunt

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So he didn't OD?

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Thank me later.

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No, no, I think I'd rather do it now.

Thanks again for being awesome, Collector.

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So +4 Str thread

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Yesterday and today... Active week for you.

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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you collector I've seen multiple threads where you have contributed generously. good lookin out, and way not to be a faggish tripper.

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Okay, collector posted most of my catachan colletion, let me finish up with the cata-chem hybrids.

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I try.

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I have Chem-Chan too if you guys want her. Even the shirt lived Kelly parts.

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Yessir, yes we do.

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Alright, give me a minute to upload it. Even have the porn separated into its own sub-folder for this one.

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what ever happened to that "chem-rat" character that i used to see around /tg/?

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I have no idea, but probably was banned.
Also, here you go.

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hey, thanks bro. i appreciate it, i'll give ya a few pics i have that are pretty neat too.

not this pic, i gotta find my folder of em.

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I was about to ask about the... That looks like a Clydesdale. Cool big horses, but I prefer Quarter Horses for riding and herding.

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Did the dude who used to do the original "Ratling Jack's" cata-chan ever come back? He dropped in about 6 months ago and posted some in-process 34 of her, and he seemed to be drawing her bigger and more freakishly muscular each time.

Does anyone have anything more from him or did he just drop of the face of the internet?

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i know it might not be 100% /tg/ but i thought it cool enough to place here, i have more if interested

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Its legs are too thick and proportionally short to be a Clydesdale. That's a Shire, an even bigger draft horse.

...you know, anon, if you got more ACTUAL HORSES, you can continue. I need stuff for my warhorses folder.

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Sorta want

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>I prefer Quarter Horses for riding and herding.
What? You ride horses too?

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big enough fer ya?

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Oh, yeah. Thought the color was wrong for a Clyde.
My Grandpa broke horses as a hobby. Ran a small Alfalfa and Beef farm. Spent most of my childhood there.

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Damn, that thing must be at least 20 hands high.

He would make a nice charger, though. He probably is as nimble as a elephant, but he's strong enough to carry an armored knight for an extended period of combat and he'll hit HARD on the charge. And if he was an actual warhorse, he would be fightin' himself once he got in the enemy lines.

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This thread is awesome; huge horses, and huge horse faced women. MY TWO INTERESTS TOGETHER AT LAST.

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Move to Texas, plenty of them here.

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I like said women beefy and strong, not mcdonalds, droopy fat.

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Make it Chemrat and we're golden.

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They're slow and they're stupid. I mean Ogryn level stupid. The herd my Great-grand father had needed another horse to lead them or they would just stay in one place and do nothnig, while their hooves would degrade.
On a fucking field of grass. Stand and do nothing. A fucking horse!
They're good for 2 things: pulling trains and meat.

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Okay, maybe not a Shire, but you need a heavy horse to be a proper knightly warhorse. The common image of one is a thoroughbred with armor on it.

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... no. I mean, MOST things I'll happily provide. But I never saved any Chem-Rat that I can think off.
I mean, the ONLY Cultist-chan picture I never saved was the Flair Cultist.

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For cavalery, nothing beats a Hanoverian, or failing that a Trakehner/Wielkopolski (same thing) or Holsteiner.

Especially those who can learn to bite on command.

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I'm not sure about all of that, but he completed my commissions from awhile back at least.

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Ouch. Granted a really smart+obnoxious horse is annoying as fuck too. My aunt's like scattering her feed in the pen, then stomping birds when they come to eat and kicking their bodies around like a soccer ball. It also figured out how to push gate and handle-door latches open, like a goddamn jurassic park raptor.

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