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Ok, so let's say a Medusa (Gorgon if we want to be proper) decides to go out and about. We'll pretend it's a Monster Friendly Zone.
How could she go about preventing the whole Stone Gaze thing without blinding herself with a blindfold?

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Leave shirt behind, that way no one will look at her face.

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Wear a hat and one of those cool periscope things.

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medusa S&M where she's blindfolded while being molested

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They can turn it on and off.

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Blind everyone else.

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This KIND of makes sense too. I mean, Perseus was able to get around it by looking at her reflection in a polished shield. Which leads me to believe DIRECT eye contact was needed.

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Would glass/water stop it? Or would it take reflection of the light, not refraction?

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I dunno. I'm sure the reflection off water wouldn't cause it... But tinted sunglasses are different then normal glasses...
We'd need to know more about the CAUSE of the stone gaze.

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>oh god damn it
A medusa is indistinguishable from a normal human at distances greater than 30 feet (or closer, if its face is concealed). The creature often wears garments that enhance its body while hiding its face behind a hood or veil.

I've seen nothing that says they can turn it off and on but a veil should stop unwarranted hardening.

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"Sunglasses at night?"

"My vision is augmented."

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Get get yourself some cheap sunglasses.

>oh yeah

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Well yes, she never asked for this.

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I wear MY sunglasses at night.

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I'm partial to the idea of a naive medusa who doesn't fully understand humans, and believes humans are just being silly and playing around when they touch her while blindfolded.

"H-hey now, come on guys, st-stop fooling around... I wear this blindfold for y-your safety and all..."

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or in the case of Planescape: Torment's resident Gorgon in the Brothel of Intellectual Lusts, give her a red veil. Problem solved.

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Just blindfold her. She won't be blindfolded ,the snake eyes can still see, but they don't turn you to stone.

Problem solved!

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>should stop unwarrented hardening
>unwarrented hardening

Yeah, that's what normally happens with these medusa threads...

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But does it work that way? Most depictions I've seen have her INTERACTING with her hair, yes. But never really any that indicate sensory input from the snakes.

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I always get hard during Medusa threads.

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in dnd (and i assume other modern fantasy) they can turn it on and off. however, if she's in greek mythology, everyone would be turned into stone if she does not wear a blindfold.

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aw shit, 5-star post

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Ruby quartz goggles.

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>>16147731But does it work that way? Most depictions I've seen have her INTERACTING with her hair, yes. But never really any that indicate sensory input from the snakes.

the snakes try to warn her that rape is imminent, but overly trusting medusa follows your lead.

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It has to be a SPECIAL Blindfold right?

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Well, since no one else volunteered, I'll take it on myself to post it.

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Most of my monstergirls are porn, so this is pretty much the last of my SFW stuff.

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Then start a thread on /d/ and link it here.

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do you have pics of a blindfolded medusa being brutally raped, her tears streaming down her bruised cheeks?

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Nah, I have to go shopping in a minute. And it's mostly not Medusa anyway. Shit tone of Lamia though.

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in one fantasy movie I say many years ago the Medusa had ruby quartz sunglasses

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It's from... an Eberron writeup, I think? They have (shitty) snake-o-vision there, basically.

No word on whether the snakes can eat things.

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Do you have any pictures of a medusa giving blowjobs with her snakes?

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"Miss 'Deusa."

A soft coating of mist fogged up my glasses as I entered into the private sanctum of my mistress, and I wiped it off, only for it to fog up again. A soft diffused light played through the steam and gave hints of shadow at the edge of the marbled pool, the steam coming from beneath glass, glass that reflected up into the ceiling, a fog showing long legs, crossed, and toes splaying comfortably.

"What is it, Agueno?" She asked, the skin a soft ophidian green, with scales running up the front of her shin, and down her long toes, to end in small, smart claws. I approached, eyes to the side, around the side of the comfortably heated pool, and knelt, offering the red wine.

Her smile was genuine, her teeth sharp, and the many snakes that slithered about her head hissing appreciatively. She took a long sip, and sighed.

"Guests await in your foyer, Mistress, they seem intent on talking to you, even at this hour." I said, while lifting up one of the drying towels and softly patted across the snakes, which made them writhe pleasently. They had always been kind to me, and flicked their tongues out in thanks.

"Hmm. Alright, I've warmed myself enough in the pool." She rose up through the water and stood, the small nub of her tail laying across the cleft of her rather tight buttocks, and she let me wrap her in the towels. She dried at herself with them, as I lifted up her wrap she wore within her manor, and waited for her to step into it, to affix.

"Veil today? Or the glasses?" I asked, her curvaceous figure shifting once to get the last trickle of water from her. I held both, one folded atop the other.

"Glasses. I'm still trying to adjust to modern practices. Do you have some for the snakes?"

"On order." I said, apologetically. "They will be ready soon enough."

"Excellent. Get the wine for them. I may have new statues."

"Of course, Miss 'Deusa."

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Hmm... Sunaho Tobe?

No, not quite. Uncannily close though.

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I don't understand why with so many snakes on her head, the poison effect of one bite is not "you die" with a DC of 33.

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If I recall, didn't Medusa's stone-turning curse take the form of a face so horribly ugly that it turned people to stone? A veil or mask concealing the face should prevent petrification in that case. Additionally, all these images seem pretty unfaithful to the myth. But then, in the original myth, she was cursed Athena for being raped by Poseidon, so perhaps inaccuracy is for the best.

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>cursed by Athena
I cannot into typing.

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Do you mean she was cursed by Athena for being raped by Poseidon, cursed for raping Poseidon, or is actually Athena, cursed, for being raped by Poseidon?

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>cursed for raping Poseidon

As entertaining as that would be, no.

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God, that scene is terrible.

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Technically I think it was more supposed to be to get back at Poseidon for raping people in her temple.

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Well, Poseidon raped her because she was actually pretty fly, and Athena is a bitch so she worked the hoodoo on Medusa instead of Pusseidon


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Actually, she was cursed for wrecking the temple (because she got raped by Poseidon there).

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She was a beautiful woman who worshipped Artemis. Poseidon lusted after her. So she called to Artemis for help as she was raped. Artemis didn't do shit. Then after the fact cursed her to be ugly because she -let- a man rape her, a god no less. It was... one of the most derpy grecco-roman myths.

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Athena, derp.

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Well, Athena's super fem; and I'm pretty sure the gods raped people by taking a mortal form; so...

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Ancient greek mythos, More rape than 4chan!

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you mean Athena

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so if you raped a medusa she'd have flashbacks and be really passive and weepy?

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"Gentlemen." Her claw tips rapped upon the hard stone of her staircase, Mistress 'Deusa moving with an effortless grace as I stepped beside, a glass of wine held for her, and my cane in the other. A brass snake, almost a requirement for employment at this place. I moved a few paces behind, observing the four ruffians who had seen to disturb at such a late hour.

Halfling, Human, Elf, and Dwarf. I wanted to sigh, at how typical such a grouping would be in these days. They had refused the wine, too, no class these days.

"What was it you wished to discuss?" She said, a hand lifted to rest against the edge of her black shades, and her other hand resting against her side, under her breasts, which lifted quite comfortably against the material. She did have pride in her body, and for good reason - she was beautiful beyond compare, and the serpentine features only added to it.

"Yeah, we been hearin' about some people getting turned t' stone." The big barbarian of a man said, his leather jacket hanging open, showing the handle of a switchblade.

"Yes, said attacks were found near the sewers." I shifted uncomfortably, and shifted my weight back, the cane pressed down and my grip tightening on the brass head of the snake. "A tragedy."

"Quite." Deusa replied, her snakes tensing up a hair. They did not like the situation. "But as the tragedy, I must ask why you felt it should bring you to my place of residence."

"Simple. Medusas turn things to stone. You are a medusa. Pretty simple math." The elf said next, while reaching into his back pocket. I twitched, my hand subtly twisting the head and disconnecting it from the main body.

"Yet fails on further examination. The days of the attack, I was in Rome." She smoothed her wrap down, getting the wrinkles away from slightly rounded tummy. "Visiting some old friends."

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Yes but

>a medusa
Gorgons, plural, as a race. There was only one Medusa.

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It's not derpy. It's an accurate illustration of what's waiting for women raped by powerful men in a patriarcal society.

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Or she could be like a rare few of rape victims who are hyper sexual afterwards in a desperate attempt by their subconscious to take control of the trauma.

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"Got proof?" The halfling asked, her fingers rolling as though to limber up.

"For four individuals who barged onto my property, and all but accused me of attacking people in a sewer?" Her voice was venom. "Leave my property, or I will call the police."

"No." The elf drew his gun out, and aimed it at her. He grunted in surprise when his hand fell off, then, with a quick stroke of a blade - adamantium wonderful for disarming ones foes. The cane fell, the hidden blade inside held high.

It did not take long after that, as she slid her glasses back up beyond her beautiful golden eyes, that she had four new statues.

"Please see to the blood, Agu. I am going to bed." She twirled the pistol, a sleek black 1911A1 and smiled. The snakes hissed approvingly at the weapon. "Please get me another glass of wine before joining me?"

"Of course, Miss 'Deusa."

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wow, I was just joking about it

I didn't know medusa's origin story was RAPE

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The Greek gods where assholes.
>Bitch gets raped better punish her
>Athena/Woman logic
Pic related

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i'd have to go for "she can turn it on/off"

petrification is quite a powerful effect, and you'd have to be damn powerful to sustain that kind of power indefinitely. (if we are talking a race of gorgon) I just can't imagine their bodies being able to put out that amount of power without consuming a massive amount of food.

if we are talking a single Medusa who has a god-curse, i don't think it matters. She isn't going anywhere anytime soon, driven mad etc.

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So Athena herself is not to be blamed at all for her decision to not aid one of her followers. A follower who fled into her temple, her holy ground, which Poseidon violated to rape her.

Athena, who with every right she had could have attacked or chased off poseidon and every other god/goddess would've applauded her having the self-respect to do so. chose to stand the fuck aside and then punish her follower for poseidon fucking up her temple.

Yeah, it's the fault of all men. Not the bitch who had the ability to do something and didn't.

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Ha ha ha, you uncultured fuck.

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It's occurred to me that perhaps she doesn't actually see with her main eyes in the first place. Perhaps they're merely attack organs at this point.

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Jesus Christ is the last son of Zeus

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So what's up with the D&D 3.5 beastiary calling Gorgons "Medusas,' and a metal bull a Gorgon?

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what if medusa ca't turn men into stone with her gaze

what if it's just a fantasy she's developed to cope from being raped and abandoned by the people she looked up to.

She pretends she has a magic power to protect herself with, when in reality she is defenseless.

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No idea, but I think 2e was like that as well

>> No.16148172

not in D&D both a gorgon is a metal bull and the medusa is a race of it's own

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It'd make sense, because of what happened. It turns all the more tragic, because she is vilified because, gasp, a deity raped her and she did not fight him off!

I've always felt sorry. At least Miss Deusa can handle herself.

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Hurping aside, that could be good material for a short story.

>> No.16148189


My old Chinese comic books had some sort of cage-like "anonymous hat" made of wood. It enclosed the entire head and had a grill to look out through.

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'tis been a while since I saw quality writefaggotry here.

Many thanks, elegan/tg/entleman.

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The story was written by men

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>> No.16148206


It's made of rattan. It was worn by traveling medicant monks.

but in every story ever with them they ALWAYS TURN OUT TO BE NINJAS so now you know with metagame knowledge if a monk has a basket on his head HE IS A NINJA

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Basically DnD uses any name they can get their hands on differently

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First off
Athena != Artemis
You fucking retards.
Athena was fucking boss.
Artemis was a weepy elitist biiootch.

Fuck it, I forgot what I was gonna say because I was too busy raging about people confusing Artemis with Athena.

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No, no, it is my pleasure. I needed another writefagging for my daily quota of herpnderp, and the picture just told an excellent story.

Besides, y'know, awesome snaketits.


I dunno if I'm up to writefag something of that quality. Hmm.

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if you actually read the thread you would have noticed that they corrected themselves

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>>16148164what if it's just a fantasy she's developed to cope from being raped and abandoned by the people she looked up to.

medusa is a legend set up by adventurers so they all avoid her

but the inner circle of high level adventurers know the truth. They travel to her cave to fuck her.

THe final panel is, the adventurers laughing as they leave her battered and trembling body. Medusa's curled up into a ball and she whispers to herself "I'm so hideous..."

>>/tg/ themed h-doujin

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Kind of hilarious how I literally corrected myself right after that. Yet two people felt the need to correct me :\

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The whole temple maiden thing is the roman version, not the Greek. She has two sisters and is a bat winged monstergirl, in the original, children of Phorcys and Ceto Not human at all..
The Romans added the whole rape scenario, making that version of the myth basically a Poseidon/Medusa slash.

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Hey dude, it was totally Artemis, not Athena, Athena is a total babe.

>> No.16148303

I was having a GOOD DAY THANK YOU jerk

>> No.16148307

I was talking about the other people.
But I'm not surprised you and everyone else took it to mean you.
Fucking namefag ego...

>> No.16148316

Dood no, it actually WAS Athena this time

I mean, I agree with your statement that Artemis is a psycho bitch, but Athena totally did this one

>> No.16148323

Can we just agree that all gods are bastards, and we shouldn't go around believing in them? (It just encourages them)

>> No.16148330


Love you too, hun.

>> No.16148343

>all gods are bastards


>> No.16148370

yeah not all the Greek gods where assholes

>> No.16148383

People post that way too much, the end of all wicked people is supposed to come at the end of the world.
Learn to basic Judeo-Christian lore.

Now if you'd said I don't see Jormungand around you'd be a little less wrong...but still a dumbass.

Thor is actually a lot like Jesus's second coming's supposed to be: "It will sting his ankle, but he will crush his heel." Satan's described as a scorpion or snake in the Bible...Jesus's gets 'stung in the heel' (the crucifixion) before finally crushing Satan's head.

Thor kills Jormungand but dies from his venom.

Thor = Jesus, Jesus = Thor

Deal with it.

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if sunglasses work, how about contact lenses?

>> No.16148410

> and another religion falls into the ''they're all different versions of the same story,'' belief.

>> No.16148426

Hephaestus was fucking awesome, except that one legend where he like tried to rape Aphrodite or something, which wasn't a canon myth at all, and doesn't even make sense because Aphrodite married Hephaestus willingly...and he let her slut around as much as she liked. The gods were mad jelly.

And he was just dicking around inside of his mountain forge making shit with his automatons and ignorign the soap opera at Olympus.

fuckyeah Hephaestus.

>> No.16148430

If we're going into the 'science magic' realm, then why not.

"She's got to make eye contact with the person, but the person never actually sees her pupils or irises, because they're behind the 'magic/filtered/ruby' contacts."

I for one still favor the mask idea.

>> No.16148438

actually thor is not the 'risen god' of Norse myth. That's Baldor

But yes, the idea of the 'risen god'/'redeemer' is present in many cultures

>> No.16148439

Arabs used to have strong Gorgon blood in their veins.

Oh shit, I just broke the fourth wall. Sorry guys.

>> No.16148452

I'm not talking an exact match, I'm talking a match as far as that overposted, underresearched picture.

Also, does that make Loki a Jew, and the blindfolded brother (whatsisname) Pilate?

>> No.16148456

Does anyone know the 3.5 stats for a Gorgon? I'm just wondering in case i want to play one.

>> No.16148466

see: MM

>> No.16148467

The snakes can see for her without activating her gaze, in pathfinder/d20 at least. She can wear a blindfold just fine.

>> No.16148470

You're welcome.
Also lmgtfy

>> No.16148476

Protip: People post that image because it's FUNNY, not because it's accurate


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>> No.16148486

Wrong. Baldur and Odin are the ones closest to Jesus, with their purity and resurrection motifs. Thor's death came after he killed Jorm, and was an indirect result of the fight. Baldur as a pacifistic, pure god of love who was loved by most and betrayed by one is a lot closer to Jesus than Thor, a violent fertility god.

>> No.16148487

No i'm pretty sure basically every greek god has at least one myth where they fuck up someones life for a pretty lame reason. I mean if you were an immortal god who could do stuff with no consequences you would eventually be a dickbag too.

>> No.16148491

If they weren't just clear contacts then I'd say yeah.
Something has to block direct eye contact and just looking through a clear thing doesn't strike me as acceptable.

>> No.16148494

PROTIP: When dealing with mythology jokes, inaccuracies are what make them unfunny. Generalizations: good, not knowing what the fuck you're talking about: bad.

>> No.16148495

Thank you.

>> No.16148515

You know, even if she was as cute as the pictures in this thread, I don't think I could date a Gorgon/Medusa. Too risky. unless they could un-stone me.

>> No.16148521

Thor's primary role was as the protector god of humans, not just a 'violence and fertility god'.
If you'd read even a summary of the whole Bible, you'd know Jesus was not made out to be a pacifist: just biding his time because God apparently wasn't ready. (God in this case is like the spellweaver who needs two more rounds at a critical point in battle)
The whole coming with fire and sword, trampling the grapes of wrath, king of kings?
Seriously, you don't have to BELIEVE the Bible to read and appreciate it, people. It's LORE.

Also, see:

>> No.16148533

There was a non-LA version posted here before.

Medium Monstrous Humanoid
+2CON, +2CHA, -2STR
Darkvision 60ft
Lesser gorgon have a secondary bite attack that deals 1d4 damage.
All-around vision (Ex): A lesser gorgon gain a +2 racial bonus to perception checks, and enemies who flank her do not gain the +2 bonus for flanking, though she still counts as flanked for other effects (such as sneak attack).
Petrifying Gaze (Su): Though not as powerful as a Medusa's gaze, a lesser gorgon still possesses a gaze attack. She may target one creature with this ability as a standard action, forcing the creature to make a fortitude save (DC10+1/2hd+CHA) or take a -2 penalty to dexterity and a -1 penalty to attack rolls; though due to the toughening of skin that incurs this penalty, the creature gains a +1 bonus to its natural armour. A creature who's dexterity score would be brought to 0 by this ability is instead permanently petrified.

>> No.16148554

For fucks sake, you are not the sole arbiter of mythological humor

If my friends laugh when I send them that image, it's funny. End of story. Maybe YOU don't find it funny, but that doesn't mean it isn't. Yeesh.

Thor was never a horse. That doesn't invalidate that fact that it's funny to see Thor as a horse.

>> No.16148568


>> No.16148580

Thor being a horse isn't an analogy.
Your argument is...fuck you don't even HAVE one.

>> No.16148589

That's Beta Ray Bill. He's an Alien, not a horse. Odin made him a Hammer because he was worthy of wielding Thor's for a while.

>> No.16148596

If she was cute and it was a controlled thing I'd def go for it, the only thing is what do Gorgons actually eat?

>> No.16148607

That's not Thor dipshit, that's Beta Ray Bill.

>> No.16148617

Okay, I dun goofed on the horse thing.


>> No.16148621


but she's damaged goods, she was violated by a bearded man who lives underwater.

>> No.16148627

Probably the same thing as people. Maybe more meat.
Unless it's a lamia medusa, then maybe you shouldn't keep rats as pets.

>> No.16148628

>having fun
>/tg/'s face when

>> No.16148631

That's beta Ray Bill, a character from Marvel Comics and a good friend of Thor, but not Thor himself.

>> No.16148634

I dated a woman with a kid for a while.

>> No.16148635

I did say violent. Not god of violence, ie. wargod. Pacifist? Revelations is pretty much irrelevant to Jesus's overall portrayal, and Baldur is closer to that than any other god in the Norse pantheon. Thor still has little resemblance to Jesus, and this is fairly off-topic. Admit you didn't get the joke and move on.

>> No.16148646

Holy shit, i never noticed before that Beta Ray Bill is an existentialist, and the non-whiny kind of existentialist to boot.

>> No.16148647

>Post you reference is complaining about other people not having fun, and is advocating more fun for all

Erm, did you even read the thread?

>> No.16148654

Are you comparing a woman having a kid to being rapped by a god?

>> No.16148667

Also- I got the "Horse Thor" thing from /co/- they were calling Beta Ray "Horse Thor."

DId I just get confused by a meme or something?

>> No.16148674

I don't give a shit, what I would be worried if he wanted her back...

>> No.16148681

Well... No. But the whole "used goods" thing that people say...
I spend too much time in /a/.
It's KIND of a meme.

>> No.16148692

He sort of IS Horse Thor, in that he had amnesia and thought he was Thor for a while... or something.
But he's a seprate character all together, and /co/ call's m' Horse Thor from time to time.

>> No.16148693

>being rapped by a god?

>> No.16148701

This picture is SO SAD! I mean, LOOK how terrified she is!

>> No.16148714


due to experiences with poseidon, she probably thinks that violent bearded man is there to rape her

and she knows that nobody will help her

>> No.16148715


>> No.16148717

Poseidon was straight up GANGSTA YO!

>> No.16148721

I'm assuming that's suposed to be Perseus, in which case she did kinda kill some of his men first.

>> No.16148738


>> No.16148744

"If you can't take the heat,"
etc, etc.

>> No.16148749

So you're saying she was killed by the excessive coming, or arrival, of armed men?

>> No.16148755

She drew first blood, 's all I'm saying.

>> No.16148757

Dude, she was just chillin' not bothering anyone out in the middle of nowhere when a group of SAVAGES BREAK INTO HER HOME WITH THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF MURDERING HER!
Self Defense man!

>> No.16148764

Why did they want to kill her again?

>> No.16148775

murder hobos

>> No.16148780


He... needed to prove he was worthy of the throne or some shit, wasn't it? And also the gods wanted her snuffed.

>> No.16148783


poseidon wanted the bitch to die

>> No.16148785 [DELETED] 

Some dickass king told them to, I think

Course, then he got lithified by her disembodied head, so that's sorta revenge. Also the critter that tried to eat Andromeda got petrified, I think.

Didn't Pegasus spring from medusas blood?

>> No.16148787

In 3.5, a Medusa can see through her snakes. Theres an adventure in "Ghostwalk" that includes a Medusa who had her eyes gauged out

>> No.16148789

So they could take her head. I don't remember why. (in clash of the Titans, which has almost no grounds in mythology, it was to slay the Kraken) But Perseus used her head as a weapon. And he got the mirror shield JUST to kill her.

>> No.16148795

Well then...
She should've gotten out of the kitchen. Odd for a woman; I know, but when a bunch of guys with swords kick in your front door you'd best be half-way out the back.

>> No.16148803

I don't really remember, but I think it was supposed to be a heroic quest. Some god/goddess[es] probably told him to. I know a deity or two piled some magic items on him before he set off with his fancy flyin' boots [a gift from Hermes].

>> No.16148807

>Also the critter that tried to eat Andromeda got petrified, I think.
that was from the movie Clash of the Titans

>> No.16148817

Yeah Pegasus did. Then Perseus died when Pegasus bucked him off when he was trying to fly up to the top of Mount Olympus to give the gods a piece of his mind. (The gods sent a fly to bite Pegasus so he would)

>> No.16148826

Inaccuracy aside, how was that movie?
Good for the old pop-corn hack'n slash?

>> No.16148829


>> No.16148831



>> No.16148835

I thought it was in the actual myth as well.

I KNOW Perseus rescued Andromeda from a sea monster, but maybe he just stabbed it to death, I dunno.

>> No.16148837

TO WHERE? Besides, she didn't have a house, she had a damn cave.
She had the RIGHT to defend herself. She didn't WANT to fight, but they attacked!

>> No.16148845

he had the Helm of Hades, the Sandals of Hermes, the Shield of Athena, and i don't know who the sword belonged to

>> No.16148849

The NEW one is just good for the visuals. Kinda fun, but I'm glad I didn't see it in theaters.

>> No.16148854

The Old, Terribad version was better, sad as that is.

Although I must say the new version had DAT MEDUSA

>> No.16148860

I'll concur that that's a little fucked up.

I'm not saying she didn't, and I don't care where too.

I'm not saying it's not tragic, I'm saying she should've booked it.

>> No.16148874

you mean dis Medusa?

>> No.16148884

>>16148785Didn't Pegasus spring from medusas blood?

Pegasus is symbolic of the maiden that Medusa once was, and what she desperately wanted to hold on to.

As her life blood flowed out of her body and Medusa's wretched life flashed before her eyes, Pegasus was the manifestation of all she wished she could be.

>> No.16148889

I can dig it.

>> No.16148895

I'm down. I hat the ribs, I hate it when you can see a girls ribs, but yeah.
I'd hit that.

>> No.16148897

I can dig this too!

>> No.16148906

what If Medusa was your roommate?

>> No.16148930

i'd get some earplugs so i wouldn't be kept up all night by her and posieden

>> No.16148943

fucking dawww
i think my lamia daughter just got a new sister

>> No.16148946

my apartment is way too small

>> No.16148948

I'd be careful not to wake her up in the morning. If she looks into my eyes I'm stone, so I need to avoid her until she has her glasses or blindfold or whatever on.
Also I'd probably be up first and make the coffee.

>> No.16148963

She;d certainly be a better Greek Mythological Roommate then the Minotaur. He was an ass.

>> No.16148975

Dude spends hours bleeding to death after being whipped raw to give you a "get out of hell free" card, and you call him a bastard?

low man, low

>> No.16148980

that was Poseidon fault too

>> No.16148981

"Medusa! How many times do i have to tell you you cant just turn your dates into statues!"

>> No.16148988

to be fair i'd be willing to suffer for a while if i was guaranteed eternal paradise

>> No.16148992

>>16148930i'd get some earplugs so i wouldn't be kept up all night by her and posieden

you mean her pleas for help that there's a man raping her?

Yeah, put your headphones on and warm a burrito

>> No.16148993

I thought it was Zeus

>> No.16148996

Well she CAN, but the police will probably get involved soon.

>> No.16149000


"But he was rude, and I only dated him for his looks anyway."

>> No.16149008

nope Poseidon, because King Minos wouldn't sacrifice a bull Poseidon cursed his wife to fall in love with it enough to have sex with it

>> No.16149011

did poseidon or zeus ever rape a man?

>> No.16149017


I would tell say there's nothing wrong with being an illegitimate child. At least his skin's not blue.

>> No.16149025

you know

I think I know the appeal of Christianity now, if these are the gods people are worshipping

>> No.16149033

She is an Art major, it can't be helped

>> No.16149036

>be hades
>spend all my time doing the job that has to be done
>maintain balance of life and death
>somehow wind up being the bad guy

>> No.16149038

Glad I took the Synesthete power!

>> No.16149043

Yes as an eagle. Zeus will fuck anything.

>> No.16149048

Different dude, but I might try to help. I mean, it's not like I COULD, but I'd at least make a cursory effort.
Then Medusa could at least know that someone cared.

>> No.16149056


Goddamn Poseidon and Zeus were fucking assholes. The entire goddamn Pantheon were total dicks, but those two were pretty much the top of the shit list.

And then you had Hades, who pretty much got tricked into being the king of hell, does the most vital and most thankless job, constantly gets shit on, and STILL has the lowest Asshole index out of all of them.

>> No.16149059

Old testament god is a bigger anus then all of the Greek gods combined.

>> No.16149065

"well I suppose it's better than Circe, she was a bitch"

>> No.16149084


he didn't even rape the chick he was trying to marry and keep in hell.

Zeus was probably laffin, Zeus would have turned into a pomegranate and RAPED HER

>> No.16149090


"Oh, come on, Circe is my friend. Look, she even gave me a pet pig! She named him after your father. Don't know why."

>> No.16149096

>>16149048Different dude, but I might try to help. I mean, it's not like I COULD, but I'd at least make a cursory effort.

Poseidon might just rape YOU next

>> No.16149111

>dad left when i was 6
>suddenly like circe

>> No.16149114

Eh, he;d probably just kill me right out for defying him. Worst case I get some weird curse.

>> No.16149116

Hey, as stated earlier by someone else, Hephaestus was pretty bro-tier too. and Prometheus probably doesn't count as a god but he was a pretty nice guy who didn't deserve what he got. Fire is a pretty nice gift to give to a fledgeling sapient species.

>> No.16149135

"yeah...Hi Dad..."

>> No.16149139

>Rape her as a pomegranate

Oh man, he would too.

Then you have shitty modern stuff like that disney hercules thingy, and Zeus is all loving good parent and happy married man and shit and Hades is evil babysnatching bad tempered ARGHKJNAJKHBDAMNIT DISNEY.

>> No.16149144

>Poseidon might just rape YOU next
that's not how greek gods work

>> No.16149155

>he didn't even rape the chick he was trying to marry and keep in hell.

Course not. Persephone was ALL OVER that shit.

And really, you can't blame her, Hades be hella pimp.

>> No.16149174

the legendary adventures of Hercules
All the gods are douches!

>> No.16149176

If she pays her half of the rent on time then it's all good.

>> No.16149180


Prometheus. The original proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

>> No.16149195


Dude, I know! That whole affair wasn't even half bad. Hades loved what's-her-name, like, actually LOVE loved her, not Zeus style "you're hot so I'mma put my god-dork in your baby-hole" lust. He even treated her really well while she was there.

Hade's real problem was mostly that he'd been stuck in fucking hell since time began and had no goddamn social skills.

>> No.16149247

I'm tapped out of 'Dusa. Anyone have more?

>> No.16149250

>Hade's real problem was mostly that he'd been stuck in fucking hell since time began and had no goddamn social skills.

I guess that explains why /tg/ sympathises with him so much, eh?

>> No.16149262

when medusa was murdered, did her soul go to the afterlife?

Do all of the god's dead rape victims end up in hell?
Does that mean Hades can talk with them?

>> No.16149267


Prometheus was a titan and Hephaestus was a pussy. Letting Ares fuck all over his wife and shit. Forge that fucker a pair of shears to cut his dick off mang.

>> No.16149287

I thing Pegasus WAS her soul. Everything she wanted to me.
And the JACKASS that kills her rides her.

>> No.16149298


>> No.16149311

Don't be a tease now.

>> No.16149341

>implying /tg/ isn't in /d/isguise

>> No.16149352

Then do what that one guy said. Make a Monstergirl thread in /d/ and link it here.
I'll even contribute if you do.

>> No.16149373

I do what I want!

Besides, most of said smut is endlessly reposted as well.

>> No.16149406

And? Like we care.

>> No.16149416

Oh right. I think I'll do that.

How does I into crossboard linking?

>> No.16149445

Someone in another thread had a good idea. A Medusa roommate would be a GREAT home security system.

>> No.16149484

I am disappoint

>> No.16149486

that was me. since the question of Medusa as a roommate came up.

>> No.16149495

What? You wanted MEDUSA SLAVE WHAT DO?

>> No.16149511


Or a mother she can relate with....

>> No.16149523

Medusa girlfriend... more tolerable. Because we all want one.

>> No.16149552

I do...What would a Gorgons hobbies be in a modern day society?

>> No.16149565


>> No.16149577


Medusa? Meh, that just amounts to a normal girlfriend but with an even harder time getting her hair right. Lamia? Hell yes.

>> No.16149605

And the... Stony Glare when you fuck up.

>> No.16149634

>implying i don't have magic eyes

>> No.16149649


My vision is augmented.

>> No.16149651

Probably art or something. Can't see much manual labor hobbies, what with needing tiny hardhats and safety goggles for the snakes and all.

>> No.16149684

>>16149651 tiny hardhats and safety goggles for the snakes


>> No.16149693

So a girl that would think viewing art at a museum is a good date.
I'd like her already.

What about RPGs like D&D do you think a gorgon would play?

>> No.16149735


They have DnD, but theirs is more of a tower defense game.

>> No.16149760

Yaoi dating sim....
You know those silly girls their love of homosex

>> No.16149765

where is this from? looks like a vydia?

>> No.16149774

Towers and Trespassers?

>> No.16149785


you got a name for this short so I can file it away?

>> No.16149806

Hector "Oh Achilles y-youre s-so manly...."

>> No.16149816

Try "Miss 'Deusa."

>> No.16149829

I believe so, yes

I have no idea what it is though. The word "Dissidia" come to mind. . . ?

>> No.16149830

I will until a better title is heard.

>> No.16149857


Sure, why not?

>> No.16149859

Hey, dudes like homosex too. Just with two chicks.

>> No.16149869

Medusa wants to join your gaming group.
>wat do?

>> No.16149873


Oh yes, let's ship the pair where one KILLED THE OTHER AND SHAT ON THEIR CORPSE. Makes perfect fucking sense.

>> No.16149878


Flee the city.

>> No.16149879

It's a super robot wars game. Not sure of actual title tho.

>> No.16149885 [DELETED] 

Perseus "B-but Hercules we're... Oh Hercules!"

>> No.16149887


I dont know graphics looks like a DS Game

>> No.16149904

Let her. We could always use another player. But she needs to hide the eyes. Sunglasses, Blindfold, whatever.

>> No.16149915

Jason/ALL of the Argonauts

>> No.16149940

Hopefully That Guy doesn't creep on her or anything

>> No.16149951


...meh, at least it's better than Medea.

Seriously, FUCK. THAT. BITCH.

>> No.16149979

No ones going to miss him.

>> No.16150014

>Had Jason provided Medea with satisfaction, remedy, or even an apology, the outcome might have been different; instead, Jason pushes Medea far beyond the levels of human endurance for frustration and helplessness.

Lots of different shit to that story different ways its been told.

>> No.16150022

She can take care of herself. Medusa is a big girl.

>> No.16150039


Jason was a callous asshole.

Medea was a murderous child-killing whore.

>> No.16150056

>>16150039 murderous, treasonous, child-killing, brother-killing, witch whore.

>> No.16150085

I know she is I just don't want any more statues....

>> No.16150114

For fucks sake just let her use stone to mud or stone shape so she can sculpt it into something useful.

>> No.16150148

He's so hard for her right now...

>> No.16150177

Yeah, but what do I tell the police when they investigate the missing person case?

>> No.16150194


"No, I haven't seen him in weeks. Say, while you're here, can you help me move my new marble couch?"

>> No.16150195


>> No.16150233

No crime in having marble statues around.

As long as you keep your mouth shut when the cops are asking you questions, they'll have nothing but circumstantial evidence linking your medusa friend to the killings.

>> No.16150236


>> No.16150249

I liked that one too.

>> No.16150252


>> No.16150263

They could just compare the appearance of the statues to the missing people, you idiot.
"Wow, what a coincidence, this guy is missing and the dude with the medusa girlfriend has a statue that looks exactly like him and is exactly the same height. oh well, that's a coincidence I guess lol"
You are stupid. And this waifu thread is stupid. But you are the stupidest person in it, congratulations.

>> No.16150292

I dunno about the rest of you but... LIVING beings trapped forever as stone. AND having them AROUND me?
Freaks me the fuck out.

>> No.16150295

What would a Gorgon exactly do for a job, I mean it'd be hard for customers to order a big mac when they are afraid of getting petrified.

>> No.16150298

Ms. Deusa... or ...

Actually I like it.

>> No.16150325

Like any other person, really, no matter if it's with snake tail or legs. Ms. Deusa here works as... uh... actually I don't know, I imagine some sort of movie star or lawyer, or even a model.

But they could be anything from law enforcement, to millitary (perfect for taking down soldiers), to mechanics (snakes with blowtorch masks?), to secretaries...

>> No.16150351

A good lawyer would closely examine your state's laws regarding murder.

Sure, there may be a long-running common law tradition of classifying those who have become statues as murder victims, but is turning someone to stone formally defined as murder in your jurisdiction?

I mean, there's no scientific proof that the process is truly irreversible, and who knows what sort of state the person is in while they're a statue.

>> No.16150358

Hey, you don;t see the person at the drive through until you pick up the order. Dark Sunglasses/a hairnet to hide snakes and no one will know your a Medusa.
Your snakes might not like it though.

>> No.16150379

I'm sure there's a way to turn people back. Some fountain somewhere that cures all ailments.
Or Stone to Flesh spells.

>> No.16150390

noted and filed with all of the other things of this ilk...

>> No.16150399

I guess I just find it hard seeing a teenage Gorgon working anywhere like Mcdinalds mcdonalds.

>> No.16150407

I've also got it on my blog. (God I feel like a hipster to say that). Email field has a link to it, if you wanna check out my other /tg/ related stories.

>> No.16150411

Yeah. They work much better in libraries.

...stupid sexy snake librarians...

>> No.16150428

Wow, the library sure is quiet toda-*statue*

>> No.16150444

nah, only if in all caps

>> No.16150449


>> No.16150453

Have I posted this yet?

>> No.16150465

Kids *rabble rabble rabble*
Gorgon "Shhh....."
Kids *look at for a second* "snake hair" *rabble rabble rab-*
Gorgon "I said SHHH!" *petrifys the punks*

>> No.16150491

Medusa working at fastfood restaurant. Imagine some of the sly sexual innuendo from customers...

"Hello sir, may I take your order?" ~Here I am, first day on the job. The manager...well..the NEW manager, suggested I try wearing these sunglasses while I work the cash register to avoid any....accidents.~

"Y-yea can I get a number 4 comb-...What's with the glasses? You are indoors."

"W-well you see sir, it's for your own safety, as looking directly into my eyes might cause you to turn to stone..."~Great..someone who thinks I'm a freak...~

"Oh..well I'm sure it's not a bad thing to make guys hard right?"

"S-s-sir! C-could I please just get your order?"~Oh geez...is he flirting with me?~

"Haha, sure. I'll have a number 4 combo."

"T-t-that will be $5.67 p-please." ~Gosh, he sure is cute...I wish these glasses weren't so dark...maybe just one quick peak will be fine......OH NO!~


"N-not to take the sunglasses off?" ~The manager is so angry now...Mom and Dad sure won't be happy about this...~

"Dammit all Deusa...Alright boys, let's put this guy out back and wait for the boys from the alchemy lab to soften him back up.."

Such is life as a teenage medusa.

>> No.16150496

Nope. This librarian is a hardcore advocate of SHHHH!

Even speaking in lowercase won't save you.

>> No.16150505

Fuckin saved right into the DAWWW folder
>unrelated note
And its not to late to go back to the rock hard puns and jokes Teegee.

>> No.16150540

go to /d/ and click on a random thread enter this in the thread number and go to the page


>> No.16150547

Poor deusa ;_;

>> No.16150550

We're getting there.

>> No.16150599

Or, you know...

>> No.16150611


any drawbros around? If so, could we get a pic of a teenage gorgon wearing a fast food uniform (visor and everything) sunglasses, standing behind a cash register with a shocked look on her face as the customer turns to stone?

That would be amazing :)

>> No.16150647

I Second this motion

>> No.16150675

Stupid Yaun-ti yuan-ti anathema gets all the bitches.

>> No.16150739

This is a adorable. I deman drawfaagotry

>> No.16150748

A TF2 Engineer Medusa...

>> No.16150810

Aww and maybe some of the snakes are holding little wrenches, or screws or something.

>> No.16150842

Seriously? did everyone in this thread leave to /d/?

>> No.16150863

I'm still here...waiting to see if anyone draws Deausa working at McDonalds or something similar.

McDwarfers? Elfy's (Wendy's) Orco Bell?

>> No.16150882


I also doubt a Drawfags gonna cow to your demands
they don't tend to be so weak

>> No.16150883

To be honest >>16150810 is just so god damn cute I gotta see it.

>> No.16150914

"Is everything okay, honey?"

Her eyes were down and body language low, even her snakes did not have much in the way of motion, as the young girl slithered in through the front door of her small home, in the south side of town.

Her father stood, his face full of concern, of a worry that was reserved for fathers of daughters that were far beyond his league, and eyes filled with love that could move mountains. Of course, he wasn't her biological father, but when it counted, did biology matter?

"Yeah, dad, I...." Her voice caught, as he came close to her and wrapped his arms around her gently. He hugged her tight, tight enough that even her snakes felt it, and didn't let go until she sniffled against his neck.

"Daddy, I stoned someone today."

"I know." He whispered gently. "Mr. Theodverger called me, said that you had... taken your glasses off again. He's warned you, he said, and he doesn't want you to get into further trouble. He's worried, dear. He's worried about you. He has a lot of hope for you, and doesn't want..."

"I know, dad." She said, swallowing down the pained feeling that made her tummy hurt. She held him, and her snakes even wrapped against his head, to join in the hug. "I just, school, and this job, and..."

"I told him that you were going to take the week off. You were stressing out because of school, and needed a few days." He said soft, and kissed her forehead.

"Dad, I need the money, I have to pay for the car!" She slithered back, looking up. "We have bills!"

>> No.16150918

Probably, plus the thread is nearing bump limit.

>> No.16150925

"Don't worry about it. Money comes and goes. My daughter doesn't need to worry about those things. You need to get away from the world for a while, my sweet Zola. Come on."

He made for the door with a look back at her, her brow knit in confusion.

"Come on!" He said, laughing. "Let's go, I've already got the back end of the truck loaded up."

She glanced up at the large explorer, modified so that a gorgon could drive with hands and tail. He didn't drive, couldn't drive since the accident.

"I'll need your help dragging your mother away from work, but, I think a few days at the beach should do you some good, my precious cheesesnake."

"Dad..." She exasperated. Her cheeks burned at the comment, and she tried to glare, but couldn't help it.

"Come on, my Gorgonzola."

>> No.16150945


Writefriend awww yeeeaa.

Was wondering if anyone would work off what I posted.

>> No.16150948

>"Come on, my Gorgonzola."

When I saw her name was Zola I was like "No. He is not making that joke. Its just an abstract monster name." And then this. I fucking hate you.

>> No.16150965

Dawww lols

>> No.16150971

And then she gets a jobs as a contractor leading her into this

>> No.16151082


Gets fired from fastfood, goes into construction?

>> No.16151109


>> No.16151279

Sad when a thread dies

>> No.16151504

I'm amazed that this entire thread passed by without anyone posting that chubby gorgon pic.

>> No.16152466


>> No.16153933


>> No.16153974

And yet, I could not help but make it. I would be more disappointed if I did not make a terrible, lame pun!

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