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I was told that ppl around here might be interested so i'll just leave this here:


Collection of about 190 Warhammer 40K Books, free to access and read.

Have fun.

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This deserves a sticky.

>type +1 after clicking my post to vote for it

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I compiled that collection just for me. But after i saw how many ppl here seem to like Warhammer just like me and seeing how hard it is to come by some of the older books i thought it might be a benefit to someone.

As far as i can say it is the biggest collection of warhammer books online. And i really searched...

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Does this have the Night Lords books? or anything about the Iron Warriors?

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Yeah it has the Night Lords novel. Apart from i think 5 or 6 you can find any published warhammer 40K book in that collection.

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I'll bump this with some 40K Wallpapers and Art.

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Concerning the Iron Warriors it doesn't seem to have Storm of Iron that i can see from scanning through the list. It does have the Iron Warrior novella thing though.

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Hm didn't i add that?

Whatever i added it again to the collection, so you can find it now as latest addition.
Its probably twice in the list now :D

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Have you got the old collection of short stories? It was called Dark Millennium or Dark Imperium or something, i can't find my copy and i'd like to read it again.

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Alright, enough promoting.

Have fun and enjoy.

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I suggest to just check out the collection. I really don't know them all by name. There are several short story collections in it.

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bump for awesome

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I'm reading it right now


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bump for op random img.

Books are the finest weapons in the service of Imperium... A bolter might kill hundreds, but a well written book can kill generations. - Lux Dominicus, fallen priest, my last character

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this needs pinning

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I second this pinning, possibly with a "Must Read" list


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Thanks OP.

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Fuck you OP

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none to sticky?

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Accept this cross-eye stereogram as thanks.

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i like

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