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Playing a Navigator in Rogue Trader. Feels so pimp. I just executed a few prisoners with my warp eye. I'm a Dark Visionary with very radical ideas about the warp. I want to "open" everyone's eyes yo the glory of the warp. I am currently trying to deal with the pitiful null who is on board. She cannot experience the magnificence and mystery of the warp.

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Enjoy being executed.

Seriously that is a fucking stupid philosophy for a navigator to have.

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They have to catch him first. Not much inquisition out there in the backwaters.

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That's where they mostly hang around. It's the best place to find mercenaries, tech and people who are hiding from the Inquisition.

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It's fun as hell how all of us have skeletons in the closet in our game. Hell the null belongs to the inquisition which our Missionary brought on board. We like playing on the edge. Our Arch-Militant is a deserter. Our explorator is practically owned by the Adeptus Mechanicus with how pimped out he is of black tech. We even have Dark Eldar ship on board.

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Ok i did defend you a moment ago but now you just went full retard.
The dark Eldar are gunna fuck your shit up if you keep him/her on your ship. Its what they do.

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nah its just the ship. No pilot

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Surely there gunna want that back?

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obviously.... were always expect to get screwed over at every corner.

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Give it em back then trail them to Commoragh and set up a trade post.

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