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Don't you just hate it when that happens?

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Did he wear one plate arm and gauntlet to bed?

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Depends on the whore.

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Don't you?

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If you were a follower of Khorne, wouldn't you?

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He's into powerfisting.

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I wouldn't mind that particular whore...

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Why not Imperial Whores?

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Please, good sir, may I have more Jubblowski?

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Must be careful not to post NSFW though.

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Make a thread on the tgchan. And keep posting.

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Too much effort. I will keep posting, but I will just put everything on Megaupload.

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Here you go. Safe For Work and Not Safe For Work.

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Get to sleep standing up, feel air conditioning even on your genital even in the middle of the fight, run all day and barely feel tired... power armor would be sweet.

Hell, power armor has fucked up "nutrient recyclers" which means you can shit in your pants without making a mess.

No wonder chaos space marines turn into giant dicks.

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What was the origin of this, anyways?

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Jubblowski or Lil' E?

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The world needs more Lil' E.

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Give me a minute...

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Hmm really? I thought it was dead, like Cultist, or LCB stuff around here?

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Not a lot, but what I have.

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Oh. Well I admit, she was before my time when she first appeared.
Draw Faggit did her, so I guess her true origins were lost with him, though I do know that /tg/ NAMED her.

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Switching gears for a second for Lil' E's origin...

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I see how it is, you guys download the links them abandon the thread.

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Where's that picture naming you the crow god when I need it?

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Very good then.

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Yeah, I found it after I posted. Thanks though.

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So there's a lot more of Jubblowski then of Lil' E. You guys mind if I post him first?

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TOO LATE! I already started while your back was turned!
But no, I'm in too many threads right now. Posting as fast.

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This thread is now...
totally awesome....

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As fast as to make grammatical errors!

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Hello GEM

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Collector, due to a hard drive death, i lost all of the Redeemer Reaction images i'd created. Tell me, in your travels, did you collect the many i'd made and saved?

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I have maybe one or two to be honest. I'm more of a collector of memes.
Though I do have too many 'Elves' and 'Magic Users' for my own good.

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Ah, you beat me to that one.

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I suffered two ctatastrophic harddrive deaths within a month of eachother, I lost EVERYTHING

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And I have one more, but I saved it less than an hour ago, and it's only Lil' E related in so much as there is a poster of Lil' E int he background.

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Haha, oh wow. That thread actually spawned... this?

I love you, /tg/.

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I have no idea who the kid on the left is. Also, did that idea ever get past a cover page?

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Not a kid. A Sister of Battle.
And no. the closest it came to was >>16137959

Back to the Big J.

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It's Lofn. LIVII and Taldeer's daughter.

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Y'know, I never saved stuff like Grandpa Dread images and shit because I never thought he would go away.

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OOOOH, on the cover.
The one of the LEFT is a Callidus assassin, the one on the right is Lofn.
My bad.

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You want the Grandpa stuff?
I have that too if you'll give me a second.

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I have gradually become aware of the fact that there are literally thousands of Raege, Fuklaw, and Angry Marines pics out there I have never seen.

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The hell is her problem in this pic?

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Maybe i'll ask DLFG next time i see her.

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You and me both brother.
Not much, but if it was used more then 2 times in a Grandpa Thread (or made for one) then it's in there. From the Fire for the Flamer to the Necron Liquor.

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Stress. That's a fastener popping off. Look out, she's gonna blow!

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It's too small for her amble bosom.

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SoB armored top is not holding back the POWER.

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That's the Lil' E archive again.

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Hey Magpie King, always good to see some old stuff.

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The SoB helmets remind me of The Iron Giant at times...

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Hey Russ. It's good to air out the oldies sometimes.
My hope is that it'll inspire new stuff too.
It's kinda hard to post Jubblowski though, see as she has so much NSFW, and I'm on thin enough ice with the higher powers.

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... Mine Now.

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From what I heard he and the others got banned. Verity, Gnollbard, Lleman Russ, Chemrat, everyone.

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There's always something new, if only a trickle.

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I'm sorry.

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/co/ crossover pictures awww yeaaaah.

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I'm not sure about everyone. I avoided that purge, but some got perma'd (Verity, Chemrat, Sergalfag for the 27th time, others), some temporary (everyone else I know of).

Still, we've got the message from on high:

"...Grandpa Dreadnought threads should be fine in /b/. Pass this message around."

Sage for not contributing and also treading on thin ice/old ground.

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Sorry I vanished for a moment there. I just got a new Orange Lantern Ring and Power Battery. I was playing with it.
At times they all were. And a mod used the G-Dred threads as a ban worthy example not too long ago. (namefag circlejerk.)
But never enough.

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Hey, this is at least tangentially related: on the topic of drawfags, WCKD seems to have resurfaced. His dA journal had activity today.

>namewa However.
Namewa, however, is nowhere to be found.

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Wait, WHAT?!

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Didn't he not fill a bunch of commissions even after payment was made?
I mean, I have a ton of his stuff, but that's what I heard.

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If he's back he still owes me money. But you know what's more likely? Someone somehow accessed his account just to attention whore.

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Honestly that's why I scavenge art instead of buying it.

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THE COLLECTOR! You lovable bastard. Two requests, Fook Myr and Doo Myr, do you have them?

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... Yes, but nearly impossible to post.
I have them just in a Draw Faggit folder.

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I would welcome a mega upload or something and understand you cannot post them without risking the hammer.

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Already on it.

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Eris bless you, Collector. March in fortune.

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I only have a few more Jubblowski that I can post. Most of them are the beginning of sets that end up NSFW, so you only get half the... 'story.'

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March? I have minions for that!

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Download link?

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please see >>16137529
That has everything. Everything Jubblowski anyway. It would take me a few hours to upload EVERYTHING.

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And that's about as far as the SFW Jubblowski goes.

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Thank you. Joining thread late. I must have missed it why admiring Jubblowski's... faith.
Yes, her full round, fun to watch in a sports bra... faith

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Worry not, for many a greater man have likewise... admired her faith
I'm throwing a few pictures into another thread, but I seem to be on a roll tonight. Anything anyone wants to ask about?

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My favorite.
>But anon, that one's not even sexy!

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Why don't you pick the topic great magpie?

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WCKD seems to have resurfaced

Who was this exactly? If he is who I think he is I might know somethings.

>> No.16138787

It would take me several threads to post all my Cultist stuff, but I DO have a megaupload of her if you want it.
Because it's almost midnight and I work int he morning.

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The one who drew this. MOST of his stuff is NSFW.

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Well, the Tau twins Fuc and Do seemed interesting, and I haven't heard of them before.

You got anything on 'em?

>> No.16138811

Yes, but about 90% of them is porn. Download link in >>16138633

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Hrmm. I guess I don't have any request then!

At least, not something that wouldn't take a couple of hours to post like LCB or Xeno.

... you do have a Xeno collection, right?

>> No.16138842

I didn't actually get into Xeno Quest. I dunno why, it just didn't catch my fancy.
DO have a LCB/Macha folder though.

>> No.16138851

Pictures were meant to be posted.
I need to shower anyway.

>> No.16138863

Hrmm. I've got a pretty extensive folder of xeno fan art. If you ever feel the need to add it to the collection....

Also, the grim dark futures star crossed lover RomCom is always good to see.

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Not who I thought it was but Ill put down my drag net and see what I can find.

Long story short he ripped off a bunch off commission money?

>> No.16138913

Great pics! Thanks, Collector!

Btw, why don't we create some kind of booru for these things?
If we can't post them here...

>> No.16138925

No problem and I think there is a /tg/booru. I've given my collections to people who were going to use them to post there, but I don't know if they ever did.
That's what I hear.
The Bloomtime comes.

>> No.16138943

There is a /tg/ booru?
Do you perchance have a link?

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>> No.16138954

just google /tg/booru or grognard.booru

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Don't you just hate it when your roommate is have too loud sex in the room across the hall?
Here you go. Don't know how extensive or good it is though. There were recruitment threads when it started, but I never put my stuff on there. Would take far too long to upload AND tag.

>> No.16138981

Thanks a lot!

Can't find any Jubblowski pics there tho :(

>> No.16138991

I have them all. You can get them from the Megaupload link.

>> No.16138996

Yeah, Collector? I have a request.
Who are you really?

>> No.16139007


I got that drawn! It's one of my favorite pieces of fanart from /tg/

>> No.16139015

You should retaliate by loud fapping and panting, with the occasional "Ohhh Emprahhh!~" scream. That'll show 'em.

>> No.16139025

You know, I think I WON'T do that. But thanks for the suggestion.
You don't actually care about some Tripfag, do you? As long as I post pretty pictures you guys tolerate me.

>> No.16139032

I need to update the Megaupload for these...

>> No.16139063

There we go, new Megaupload in a moment.

>> No.16139087

All my Love Can Bloom, Macha, NSFW, Lofn stuff, now for your enjoyment.

>> No.16139099

And what if we DO care?
I mean, you can;t spend ALL your time on 4chan. What do you do all day, what do you look like?
I'm curious. If no one else is ignore me.

>> No.16139124

It's 'ample'.

>> No.16139135

Not the worst spelling error in the thread.

>> No.16139163

Cool, thanks.

>> No.16139179

Yeah, typing and posting faster then I should have been.

>> No.16139211

OH WOW! The Jubblowski folder has 119 downloads!

>> No.16139280

Ooh, we're talking about Lofn?

Here guys, enjoy this sweet story full of DAWWWW about her.


>> No.16139287

Whips, Oil.... Yeah, no daw in that one.

>> No.16139312

Are you suuuuuuuure?

It's a heartwarming tail of how Lofn befriends the Sisters of Battle.

Maybe you should read it before you make any silly judgements.

>> No.16139331

I think I'll pass for now, thank you.

>> No.16139343

Whoops, tale. Not tail.

>> No.16139349

>this thread

>> No.16139366

Hey, we know what's good. =]
Thanks again, Great Collector.

Final Heresy was always particularly win. I just like the even mildly nuanced characterizations.

>> No.16140315

...Do you have a download link for Cultist?

>> No.16141005

Kill with fire

>> No.16141786

It's a few months old (and late, I had to sleep)
But here, 413 of Cultist.

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>> No.16141927

Um... Ok then?

>> No.16142514

Keeping it alive.

>> No.16143708

Anyone have this picture in higher resolution?

(I didn't really have any related pics, but wanted to contribute somehow.)

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