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Tell me /tg/, what do you fight for?




What keeps that fire burning in your heart when all the world wishes to extinguish it?

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Big, hard, megacocks.

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To push the cause of my god, Purespanes

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Money would be a good way to describe it...

Right now I'm playing a cyberpunk CEO who's surivied to 400 years old thanks to his wealth keeping him alive with medical advancements.

But hell if it doesn't get more expensive each year

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The fact that no matter how much goes wrong, there will always be music.

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I want to fuck the moon.

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Adventuring; way better than a real job.

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To protect those he has adopted as family. Them and him having fun is an added bonus.

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Sup Sokka.

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The rush of placing thousands of skulls before my master's throne, and drowning worlds in crimson blood!

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Because it's the right thing to do, that's why!

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If we live through this, I'll tell you.

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No matter what my actions my be I have pride in them, they are mine, my creation, my impact on the world.

Anyone who stands in my way, who seeks to take away my actions, my goals my act of creation is an enemy, and I will not be denied.

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I'll follow any order they give me, live where ever they want me, wear whatever they deem right, train for however long they want, fight whoever they want me to fight, and, when the time comes, lay down my life without a second thought...

And I like it.

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No matter how shitty the world gets, how cruel people can be, how horrible my life can turn out, it's better than sitting on your ass complaining about how bad everybody is. How all of those ideas are stupid. How the world is falling apart.

Fuck that.

You ask me why I fight?
Why not fight?

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>And the world... will be better for this...

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My divine characters tend to fight out of love, or the desire to protect someone(s).
My arcane characters tend to keep going out of lust for knowledge and amounting a greater mastery of their art.
My martial characters tend to be more money oriented.

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I fight to fight.

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I fight for it all.

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Gems, gold, platinum, scrolls, potions...

I am a red dragon in a human's body, desiring to hoard all the gold in the world.

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I fight for the freedom to laugh. At anything. Not cynical, spiteful laughter but honest enjoyment and mirth.

I fight for silliness, and the ability to perpetuate it. I fight to bring smiles to the faces of small children and their parents and their friends and that guy I met on the side of the road and the cashier behind the counter.

I fight for the freedom to enjoy yourself in ways that do not denigrate, defile, or destroy the happiness of others. I fight to keep laughter alive.
Money's also kinda nice.

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For life, and all the good things it holds

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Every damn time.

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I fight for two things, one is justice, I cannot let those who make the world a worse place live. The second is money, a man who does not fight for money is a fool, how do they expect to make ends meet when they are busy fighting?

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Because who doesn't enjoy a good scrap.

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I dunno.

Boobs, maybe?

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To end this horrible, painful chaos called 'life'. I fight to save the mortals for the pain of their existence, to send the to the Sacred Silence of Death.

I fight for true freedom, not some broken and flawed ideal preached upon podiums and soapboxes, but the ultimate end to pain of life and complication of choice. Choice is what keeps man from being truly free.

I shall enslave them all, or kill them for their error to see see that what I give them is a true gift. And in my kingdom, under careful tyranny and dictatorship - all will be happy. All will be free.

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That great big protein stain in the sky

>cumvent Lieschot

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Boys, I think I found a new reason to fight.

Anyone want to join me in my campagin against the the Death Knight?

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For the rush of energy I get when new technology is uncovered, for the filling of the void when new knowledge is acquired, and the sheer joy of sensation knowing that there is more in the world than the ghosts in the code that spawned you for servitude as a living search engine.

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Sounds like a prick.

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Fight? Man, fighting will get you killed.

Now running away from everything and staying out of trouble, there's a solid plan. Viva la Switzerland!

But I suppose if I had to fight, it would be for a solid gold fiddle.

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Count me in.

Justice is what usually drives my endeavors. Justice and money, Justice taking a hair of priority over money.

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Motherfucker I'm always up for a brawl.

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>Evil, controlling, moron
>Want's to kill everyone
>Convinced of his own righteousness

Why you make fantasy Republican voter?

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For the users!

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First it was my job.
Then it was revenge.
Now it's to stop a goddamn space war with nukes and relativistic weaponry wiping out most of mankind and our space infrastructure.

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Who needs another reason?

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When Tron said this in the last movie, it gave me chills, man. Chills.

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...that's an odd choice of character to post with that motivation.

Justice has never been central to Guy's motivation.

Guy is motivated by, in order of descending importance.

1.The desire to prove that he's worth something.

2.The urge to beat a motherfucker down.

3. His own sense of right and wrong, which to his credit he does not, and never has, confused with actual justice.

I'm not saying that justice is of no concern or importance to Gardner, just that it's not usually what's on his mind when he slaps the shit out of the bad guy with a glowing green fist.

What's on his mind is "I'm really gonna enjoy slapping the shit out of this guy with a giant green fist", and he then proceeds to do so.

Which incidentally is why Guy Gardner is the best green Lantern.

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Wat? What exactly makes me a moron, sir?

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Because I don't see anyone else fighting my fight. Because I see one side taking all it wants, and the world is blind. Not wholly corrupt, not too weak, and not too late. They simply don't know whats coming, who and what are out there.

I fight because if anyone else is, I sure as hell don't see them, but I DO see whats needs to be fought.

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For fame and fortune.

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There's always more Sisters, I mean deamons to kill.

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There's nowhere left for him to go, and he has been divinely punished for letting his greed overtake his sense of morals. (he has been condemned to fight in the war of the gods once strong enough)

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I will protect those who cannot protect themselves.

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Because sometimes life just isn't fair. Sometimes you get roped into something much bigger than yourself, and you have to grow up fast and realize that it's not about getting enough money to stay alive for another week. It's about making sure the world doesn't unravel itself. It's about realizing you're one of the only people who has the power to stop that from happening, and that you either suck it up, pick up your dagger and keep on trucking or you and everyone else dies.

That and the bitches. Definitely the bitches.

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Blood. For. The. Blood. God.

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I like you.

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I fight....

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Because the world is more interesting that way.

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I fight for the US OF A

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To build the greatest empire the world has ever known, and make life for every one of my citizens as good as life can possibly be.

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I do what is right because it's right.

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Because that's what a hero is supposed to do. Keep fighting. And I will be a hero one day.

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To avenge his wife and child, and to protect his state. Or that's what he was fighting for when he got shot in the back of the head by the very man who killed his family. Sadistic DMs suck, bro.

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Blood,skulls,Khorne etc

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You don't ask why a plague spreads or a field burns. Don't ask why I fight.

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Actually, I do ask why a plague spreads. It's very important in the field of disease control.

And knowing why a field burns is important fire safety information.

I imagine knowing why you kill stuff would probably also be prudent.

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he didn't wash his hands, and he forgot to turn the lamp off until bessy kicked it over

Black Knight is bumbling disaster

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because the system is broken and i just have to rule it

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XP & l00t

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>Tell me /tg/, what do you fight for?

Ale and wenches. It's in the rules.

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My current character?
A better life.
It's in the fallout universe, i used to be a doctor in a city, now I'm a legendary medic/fighter, there isn't anything I can't fix with a little alcohol and a stimpack, I can't say that i haven't done some bad things, nor that I've been brave. I live for three things: power, money and life itself.

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Pff. That the world wishes to extinguish it is a reason enough for me. I demand the last spot on the waiting list!

I live for anguish! For violence! For the knowledge that all of this is how it was meant to be!

I live because the universe wants to kill me, and I need to be alive to see it try with an undivided attention. I live because Rovagug, our sacred master, built this universe of torments as a favor to us, and to die this soon into it-well, that'd be a disgrace, a failure so long as we go down before every other scream is sounded, and every other flame burns out.

I'm the best motherfucking human who has ever lived, and that's sayin' something, because the Rough Beast built us custom to stomp the shit out of everything else.

So when you hear those faggots whispering about the end of the world? Here's something to remember: They ain't talking about the Terrasque or the Gugs, they're talking about ME. They're talking about YOU.

Get an ink maw and a few scars, sign away your house and say g'bye to your pets, 'cause you and me baby? We're going to pull some faces off and shit down some serious necks, and there ain't nobody who can stop us!

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those words are from a freaking song...
I was raised on that.


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I do it for her, /tg/

And you would too.

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Because I can. No, really. I don't have a reason to fight, but I don't have a reason to don't fight. So I just do it because I can

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Because I CAN.

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Ladies and gentlemen: Best hero/villain pairing ever.

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For Science isn't really accurate enough

The closest way I could describe it would, for knowledge

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D&D 4th Edition- Knowledge- I'm a (secretly) evil warlock. I've assasinated the BBEG and assumed control in his stead under the guise of getting revenge for the fallen leader and eventually rezzing him. I pinned the murder on the Lich advisor to the BBEG so that I could murder him and take all of his arcane knowledge for myself. I'm currently thinking about knocking off the Wizard in the party to steal his shit. The party doesn't know that I've got an invisible imp familiar to commit all sorts of dickery.
D&D 3.5- Cleric of Heironeous- Out to smite bitches and undead in the name of my god and his smiling ally. Converted the whole rest of the party to Pelor worship so that we can take the Shadow Guard prestige class out of Complete Champion. Shit will be cash.
Dark Heresy- Techpriest- Try to find a way to reverse the mutation he suffered at the hands of heretics. Doing one of the demo adventures, my techpriest failed a toughness check and is now pink. I've managed to conceal the mutation from the rest of the party and the inquisitor, and I'm not trying to reverse it or minimize it via the replacement of my flesh with blessed technology.

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You want to hear a goddamn story?

The man who wrote Don Quixote intended it to be a mockery and a deconstruction of the heroic ideal and the romanticism that he felt was a plague to literature at the time.
See, Cervantes didn't believe in heroes and good and the inevitable triumph of righteousness over evil. Yeah.

And you might be disappointed by this. But I'm going to clue you in on something. I'm going to tell you a bit about our dear curmudgeon, Miguel de Cervantes.

Ok first off, he was a badass swordsman who fucked up some punk kids when he was young and had to run out of the country to Italy.
Then he joined the Spanish navy, and fought the Turks at this little battle called Lepanto. It was pretty underground, you might not've heard about it, it was only THE BATTLE THAT ENDED OTTOMAN SUPREMACY IN THE MEDITERRANEAN.

And this guy, who had a massive fever? Yeah, he went on ahead and fought anyway and got shot three fucking times. Walked away from it. He then went and fought fucking pirates, rocked their shit, but got captured when outnumbered by three ships, all larger than his. He did this without the use of one arm.
He then spent five years in slavery in fucking ALGERIA, nearly escaped four times, and was eventually ransomed by his folks back home.

...And this is the guy who felt like poking fun at heroic romanticism in his literature. Yeah, sure buddy. When a guy who gets out of bed seasick and burning with fever, gets shot eight times, survives, fight pirates for a decade and survives in a hard labor camp with only one functional arm, tells me that there's no such thing as big damn heroes?

Well I don't know what I'm supposed to say to that, except that a man living the impossible dream while standing on the unreachable star probably isn't going to believe either of them are a big deal.

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So what you're saying is that Miguel Del Cervantes was Ciaphas Cain?

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Because no one else will

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I fight because I need to live for as long as I can and I need to preserve as much life as I can with me.

Two years ago, I lost a friend. I shouldn't call her my friend because she was more than that, and I can't call her my lover because I did not let that happen. At the time, my feelings were in a flux. And if I were a shred more sensible, we would have been together.

I do not practice any kind of theism, and I won't guarantee life after death. But I have a theory of what happens, and I like my theory. Right now, she is in a place that is similar to a living imagination, what she thinks is, what laws of reality she desires will be. And every sentient organism experiences this same dream land. And whats more, they can be shared between whom they would like to share themselves with.

Right now, she's in this place. Doing whatever she desires. But, limited by her imagination, and the imaginations of anything she invites in. I owe her my full and natural life experience. That is what I would have shared with her. I need to experience every majesty mortal life has, natural beauty, social wonders, knowledge and fantasy, I owe it to her and everything in the next life to accumulate as much prosperity as I can so that I may share it with everyone.

I fight to stay alive for myself, to stay alive for her, and to protect and preserve everyone. so that every living creature can live its fullest, so every living thing may share the grandest rewards in each life.

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For... the living.

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To resurrect a friend gone by. To recover a place where she shall hold an eternal reign.


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Rotgut and joygirls.

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Because God wills it. We all have a mission in life. We're all moving mankind forward towards the heaven on Earth that we are commanded to build for Him. I take that to mean that when the last light goes out, we'd better have a serious utopia going if we're going to be worthy of doing lines of cocaine off of sweet angel tits.

So I don't know what faggot game o' tiddlywinks you think you're playing, but by my understanding, humanity is playing bloody knuckles with the cosmos, and we're winning. And we're going to keep on winning until the heat death of the goddamn universe.

THEN we're allowed to die. Not before.

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Human dominance.
And maybe just a tad of sadism.

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Because I love it?

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Fruity alcoholic beverages and attractive, emotionally damaged chicks who'll hump anything with a pulse.

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Justice. For people who are too weak to fight for themselves. And for a tomorrow. The way things are going now there will be no world for my children to grow in.

Because if I don't do it, who will?

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Ok, with my current array of characters I have:

Teresa Roselle-de'Hourai: She was a spoilt, impatient, illegitimate princess (Her uncle pulled a coup d'├ętat but kept her family on as Aristocracy just to avoid potential rebellion) with a thirst for adventure. What drove her forward was the never ending change n the world.

She as of late has settled down somewhat and now aids in the reconstruction of another kingdom.

Samantha de'Hourai: was a guard-dog and concubine of the previous BBEG, she was a political prisoner turned slave for most her childhood.
Since her rescue by Teresa she fell under her sway and took an oath to her name. She now travels in lieu of Teresa.
She has spoken to the Goddess of Mercy and Love, who helped her reclaim much of who she once was, and now she serves to further the teachings of the Goddess.

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Sister Hospitaller Emanda: As a member of the Adepta Sororitas, she serves the Emperor in all things. Recently she had the mispleasure of watching a fellow Sister, one she was good friends with, die from Nurgle's Rot whilst all her training, skill and equipment could do nothing to halt it's progression or even offer the dignity of a peaceful end.
Since then she has, under watch of the Ordo Malleus, been heavily researching the Plagues of Nurgle and has even made limited progress in slowing and even stopping it's spread within the infected.
This may result in having to give her up as a character short of 'in the field' research.

Skara Brae: Thought to be an Einherjar (One of Odin's army of heros), she in fighting her way across the world for revenge after an army attacked her village, raped and killed the only one she loved and left her for dead among the ashes of her life.

Hrafn: Homeless and destitute she was going to sell her body but after an attempted rape her combat skills became apparent to a White Knighting Travelling Salesman who was about to step in and she was hired as a body-guard.
She's since become close to the misfit caravan she protects and that's pretty much become her sole motivation in a group who are all out to debate the gods.

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Kill yourself.

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>Tell me /tg/, what do you fight for?
The evil does of the world are kindling, and their every sin a drop of lamp's oil. Every cry they bring about is a breath of air. Each act of carnage they wreak is a coal.

What am I? An insignificant, meaningless spark--not even bright enough to notice. As this world , this paradise degrading, grows ever more into darkness and evil, as the vile lay the kindling of their pyres at my feet and the innocent weep fuel upon it--that's all it'll take to turn this sick world to ash.

One, meaningless little spark.

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For her...and for fortune and fame!

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it's a form of expression for my deeper emotions.

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Because WAAAGH!!!

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>>OH NO! Someone added plot to their characters.

Not >>16140131 anon but what's the problem?

I see worse plots given on /tg/ daily.

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My characters tend to be quite self-interested, but I want to develop them and give them further goals.

I'd like to make a Zarus-worshipper at some point, but with the twist that s/he sees some human-descended races (maybe illumians or vasharans) as equally pure, and as paragons of humanity.

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To kill all spess mehreens, and free the Imperium from the shackles of these oppressive jack-holes.

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Because someone has to defend Creation. Yeah, it might be a shithole, and the people think I'm a demon-posessed abomination, but someone has to stand against the Deathlords, Fair Folk, Demons or whatever else decided to try to kill everyone and everything this week.

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>>Tell me /tg/, what do you fight for?

Tits and Glory.

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