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If not for the skirt she's actually pretty good to go

>> No.16130445

> breastplate that directs all force into the sternum
I have bad news for ya...

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Ye got somethin' against kilts, laddie?

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Every female anime character ever

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Battle dresses?

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No, these threads are more retarded than edition wars. It essentially devolves into faggots like you going "hurf durf wear platemails" without taking the context of the setting into consideration. Not to mention 90% of the settings you "discuss" contain magic which instantly destroys any credibility to your arguments since any fucker caught wearing thick armor can just get fireballs chucked at their feet till they pass out from heat exhaustion.

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Nobody beats elves in silly battle clothing

>> No.16130495

This dude's wearing a skirt into battle

Why aren't you mocking him?

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man in a fight i'd just grab him by his big dumb broom on his head and chop the retard's neck off.

and lol tassles? is he batlefield cheerleader? just grab that and toss him to the ground.

>> No.16130514

the last 2 thread that happened last night didn't do that

>> No.16130519


oh and that cape, in the thick of battle? I'd just throw a shuriken and nail him tot he ground, then decapitate him as he trips over.

>> No.16130521

Everything > Battle G-strings

>> No.16130525

Dude, lookup previous threads, topic is just am excuse to have F/SN discussion without attracting raging anti-jap grognards, replacing them with raging "hurf durf platemail" grognards.

>> No.16130527

Too bad you have to fight his cohort first.

>> No.16130529

All female animu warriors must wear short skirts/hotpants and thighhighs. Because in bug eye land the femoral artery is immune to all damage.

>> No.16130538

Canute rocks his chainmail skirt

>> No.16130545


No, it's because exploiting your enemy's obvious weak point would make for a SHAMEFUL DISPLAY

>> No.16130553

Hattori. I approve.

>> No.16130559

"Mine is more ridiculous."

"No, mine!"

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>posts a girl

I wonder how long these threads would be if anime wasn't posted.

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Awww shit, inb4 this turns into a colour war thread.

>> No.16130585

Since women didn't actually fight in wars, there would be nothing to talk about.

>> No.16130587


I can't decide whether those ridged shoulder-plates make it better or worse

>> No.16130597

What's wrong with this?
Looks like your normal run of the mil suit of armor to me, excluding the decorative bits.

>> No.16130601

"To act like a total ponce, such is a kings duty."

Really animu style artwork is so androgynous for anyone under 30 that I cannot tell who the damn girls are.

Also detached sleeves are a bad idea for combat.

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Hattori at least keeps herself covered

Check out this battle gear the dark green chick dons

>> No.16130610

why would historical facts matter in a thread about fantasy?

>> No.16130614


Canute is supposse to be girly you 'tard.

>> No.16130627


> hattori at least keeps herself covered.


>> No.16130629

>[citation needed]

>> No.16130630

Why is it that the evil ones always dress more practically?

>> No.16130644

They're usually more intelligent. Also, they lack copious amounts of plot armor.

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We already talked about your Saber, in the last thread, for 8 hours.

Go home, go.

>> No.16130675

I think we got a winner here

>> No.16130676

Well we always have Sonia.

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Still no match for the battle bikini

>> No.16130692


looking pretty tacticool there, Wonder Woman

>> No.16130693


>Hattori at least keeps herself covered

>> No.16130697

Except that is historically accurate and perfectly practical (and being that a king it could have been a silly parade hauberk full of jewels, cuts and shit).

>> No.16130703


What the Hell is wrong with her breastplate?

They managed to make it ill-fitting and form-fitting all at once

>> No.16130714


Isn't it supposed to cut off at the knees or something?

He looks like he's going to trip over himself there

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>> No.16130723


Is he joking?

I think he's joking.

Also light-blue > blue. Heh.

>> No.16130733

I disagree, some of them are dressed practically. she doesn't wear armor, because she's ridiculously fast, and armor technology isn't very good where she lives.

>> No.16130750

Standar female drow armor.

>> No.16130754

>armor technology

>> No.16130761

When you are large enough to cup a planet in your hand, you don't need to worry about practical clothing.
Any weapon wouldn't cut through a cell.

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You know, while Ichiban Ushiro Daimaou was a clusterfuck of a series, I liked the hero, and Hattori was a good choice for a love interest. Much better than the slightly retarded redhead.

I mean, you sort of expect Hattori to be the bro-tier girl who never gets anywhere with the main character. Also, while her rival with DEM LEGS is rather attractive, she's probably one of the top girls in the series.

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I see she has armored her shoulder and her forearm... and only one of them

Any reason or could she just not afford to coordinate?

>> No.16130774

I present to you Magical Girl Obama

>> No.16130776

That doesn't seem all that unpractical, considering that Drows usually tend to dodge rather than take a blow and consider clothing only as a mean to hide weapons.

>> No.16130784


Good enough to get queen's blade gaming cards, even.

>> No.16130789

Here's a lady that looks like she's ready for a fight

>> No.16130794

She's a spear fighter, she's in bad shape if she's turned the other way.

>> No.16130798

For Lolth followers maybe.
For Eilistraee's drow they typically shed clothes entirely, and grow out their hair long enough to reach their ankles.

>> No.16130799


The only thing that I felt was out of place was the twisted-rope underwear. She really should've just worn panties instead.

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Because that is her advanced arm, the most probable target, also most enemies are right handed and will hit from right to left, thus the left side is more armoured (this is actually true for jousting harnesses irl) but most of all is the contemporary aesthetic that asks for leather bracelets and asymmetry.

Still the least stupid thing you could whine about in all this threads.

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Just felt I should once again point out, for all the herpa derpa praktikool posters in this thread, not all cultures (current, historical or indeed fictional) see practicality as the most important thing during battle.

The fact of the matter is that we are more likely to accept two men deliberately disrobing to fight in bare feet than a woman fighting in steel high heels.

Practicality is very rarely a concern outside of first and developing world military structures. In fact, historically, MORALE and DISCIPLINE was more important BY FAR than practicality in garb, for a great many hundreds of years.

>>16130475 without taking the context of the setting into consideration.

This poster has the right idea, but even if the setting doesn't explain away silly costumes - the CULTURE most certainly does, and always will.

And you know what, if a culture features beautiful teenage girls inhibiting their combat prowess with outlandish sexy outfits, I honestly don't mind.

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Look at the name again - the "hattori" bit should tell you everything you need to know.

>> No.16130832

You know, the technology behind your armor.

It makes sense to just say screw it when you're going to war against the magical antichrist and his missile breathing German dragon.

It's a traditional Japanese thing, from back before panties were invented. It shows that her character is froma super traditional family. Except when it's not.

>> No.16130844


A super traditional formal family that was once connected to the ninja clans that appeared in Iga and Koga provinces during the warring states period.

Oh god... my learning is showing...

>> No.16130886

Because silly costumes left them tell each other apart. And unless you were raiding being visible was not bad. So those outfits actually were sort of practical.

>> No.16130891


bearskin helmets are supposed to be intimidating, fyi.

>> No.16130904

Oh and her sister is a pop idol.

Like I said, traditional. Except when they just aren't. Doesn't change the fact that the dragon shoots missiles.

>> No.16131180


Do they intimidate you?

They just make me want to rub their hats until I can discharge static electricity from my fingertips

>> No.16131189


They look kinda funny.

Maybe it's not so much intimidation as the shock of disbelief.

>> No.16132040

Rule 63 Gilgamesh anyone?

>> No.16132059 [DELETED] 

Stop posting mai waifu.

She is mine and mine alone.

>> No.16132088 [DELETED] 


>you are now aware that 'waifu' is equivalent to 'spiritual liege'

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Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose "wins" all impractical battlewear competitions.

This is probably the only Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose image that wouldn't incur the wrath of the mods.

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>> No.16132447

You know it

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>> No.16132508


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Here's some reasonable battle garb

>> No.16133170


That isn't a woman, though.

>> No.16133200

>Olivier Armstrong
>Not a woman
....I suppose badass is more accurate, but I'm not sure badass can be a gender.

>> No.16133222

Yes it is I can see her breasts

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>> No.16133256


That horror does not count as a woman!

>> No.16133285

She totally counts.

>> No.16133315

Tripes say other wise....

>> No.16133324

If she doesn't count as a lady, then what does she count as, in your book?

>> No.16133345

A soldier.

>> No.16133356

There are female soldiers, just ask the medics, they will be the first ones that will get in your face about it.

>> No.16133367


Who is this hot lady?

And can she be romanced?

>> No.16133381

Not likely, the best you could probably hope for is a bromance. She's married to her work and her work is being awesome, which generally means she doesn't have time for romance. Read Full Metal Alchemist, she's in the later parts of it.

>> No.16133405

>The point

>your head

The joke is that she always gets pissy anytime someone insinuates she's feminine and considers herself a soldier first before a woman.

>> No.16133417


Anything's possible, I suppose

Just be prepared for her to challenge you to a swordfight to the death

>> No.16133421

Got some bad news for you.

>> No.16133428


Let'S list some actual reasons for her not to own armour:

- Price. Armour is fucking expensive
- Practicallity. She's usually a bodyguard to people who are moving around a lot. Do you really want to carry those extra five or six kilogramms for no apparent gain?
- Legality. She's operating in a pseudo-japanese/chinese realm. It could very well be that various peacekeeping laws make it plain illegal for her to own armour.

>> No.16133432



Is this one of those things where if you fight her you can have sex with her afterwards?

>> No.16133437

Last time I read a scene involving her getting pissed about that is well over a year ago, considering everyone figured out what the fuck was up by then, so forgive me if I've forgotten a minor, one-note joke, about a character introduced just slightly past the half-way point of the series.

>> No.16133447



It's one of those things where she stabs you and you die

>> No.16133473

Maybe, if it's a challenge to the death, you aren't getting any. Either she kills you, nearly kills you, or she dies.
Let's see:
She kills you: obviously impossible to get it up, when you have no pulse.
Nearly kills you: you aren't manly enough
She dies: I suppose you could fuck her....but ew.

Now if it isn't to the death, you perform well, earn her respect, and manage to genuinely impress her without making her look bad. You might get a shot at a date.

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>> No.16133497

Or she takes you to meet her family

>> No.16133516

Supposedly there is something special about her suit, but damn if it isn't easily teared by every orc and rapist thug out there.

>> No.16133538

The rest of her family is kinda goofy, once you get past the fact that they are fucking intimidating. Then again, if you are trying to seduce Olivier Armstrong, you probably have enough spine to stand under the scrutiny of her parents.

>> No.16133612



>> No.16134551

the youngest sister isn't that intimidating and she looks normal

>> No.16136624

Didn't the little girl build a tank on her own in the basement?

>> No.16136632

Die? This thread? Pfft.

>> No.16136672

She lifted pianos for amusement.

>> No.16136694

This thread needs more asian women. Cause I'm lookin for asiany outfits. What which may be extremely impractical.

But not like pic related, there's just no design to that at all...but it IS horribly impractical, so it's related.

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>> No.16136819

This might be a wardrobe malfunction... but, then again, maybe not.

>> No.16136839

Nah dude, that's just loose silk robes.

>> No.16136841

>> No.16136865

Why is it these threads never seem to discuss fighters who are impractically OVERdressed? Seems to me Neo from Matrix was every bit as ill-suited to a fight. Full-length trenchcoats and leather pants are not suitable for moving around quickly.

>> No.16136895

>look at thread
>Confused as shit
>Realize I missed the 'least' part of the title

Also, contributing

>> No.16136916

Needs more thigh protection.

>> No.16136920

Asian-y? Lemme look.

>> No.16136938


Ah. Delicious Mithra.

>> No.16136945

Yeah, like something kimono-y. See I'm trying to think up a demon with a thing for flowers. I want it to be vicious looking, but wearing soft, gentle clothing.

>> No.16136953


This is the last one. Apparently I have very few that look like they're wearing some kind of Asian clothes.

>> No.16136965

I'm out but try looking here. It's /tg/'s own 'booru.

>> No.16137010

Blade and Soul might have what you are looking for.

>> No.16137251

if this is recolored to be yellow, black, and green, with a Sunflower motif, then this would DEFINITELY work. I can use this...

>> No.16137266

Always kinda liked this one of Not-Saber.

>> No.16137698

This is pretty impractical.

>> No.16137708

Women wear that type of outfit as casual wear these days... I doubt they would if it was that impractical

>> No.16137721

Oh fuck off with that

Most artists don't have fucking PhDs in medieval plate armor design. That chestplate is better than 90% of the ones you see women get in this kind of art.

>> No.16137761


>> No.16137791

>> No.16137809

if ONLY. I fucking hate Ivy for wearing the same god damn clothes for the past 12 years of the Soul Calibur series

>> No.16137838

Glorious Hilde master race

>> No.16137845

Hey. that's not impractical female armor though.

I mean, the guys have basically the same problem.

Yea, maybe no skin, but it's still a big open chunk.

And really, XI armor is actually pretty good most of the time. And it's almost always equal on how much it shows on males and females.

>> No.16137947

>wearing the same god damn clothes for the past 12 years


You no what makes it really weird, she had a kid in there somewhere. She will in no way be able to lay down the law for her daughter on prom night.

>> No.16138032


>> No.16138034


She barely looks like she's 20, how the fuck is she old enough to have a kid? And not just that, making her outfit SMALLER as she gets older? Japaaaaaaaaaaan!

>> No.16138116

My mom had ME at 20. And her mom had her at 18.
Neither of us were born out of wedlock either.

>> No.16138118

she's older than she looks

>> No.16138133


I mean in the most recent game. Her kid is like six, so that would make her a mom at 14?

>> No.16138136

There's Sophitia too. Her tits keep getting bigger & her outfit keeps covering less.

>> No.16138177

Modesty don't sell to the guys who jack of to Sailor Moon.

Then again we're in a "post your sexy armor" thread.

>> No.16138201

Least Practical Battle Outfits.
Not all the dumb combat gear is sexy.

>> No.16138245


>> No.16138258

Thread needs more shiny tats.

>> No.16138297

Ah, yes. Thank you for saving me the trouble of dredging it up.

>> No.16138344

>> No.16138368

I just keep thinking of Conan drunkenly staggering into any modern fantasy setting.

"You're all sluts!"

>> No.16138386

she had a kickass SC3 alt though. That and her SC2 outfit are probably the top of her designs

>> No.16138411

why would he say that, most women went around topless in his setting

>> No.16138435

>> No.16138450

You know, the last girl at least has an excuse. Looking like a whore is basically part of her fighting style. And her job.

>> No.16138452

I was quoting the Arine movie. When he gets high and calls a pair of charm sellers sluts.

>> No.16138468

Hows that impractical? I mean, sure, not the best outfit in the world, but when you have tits THAT small...

>> No.16138487

around that time frame she should be naked

>> No.16138493

She wears it into battle. Impracticality confirmed.

>> No.16138495

>>16138468 but when you have tits THAT small...
...Photoshop comes to the rescue.

>> No.16138527


Well, I guess for the movie poster...mainstream America just doesn't share 4chan's appreciation of DFC.



>> No.16138543

Just because it restricts breathing.

"You forget, than an Astartes' secondary heart can provide adequate circulation should the primary heart fail."

"But, but chicks can't be Space Marines!"

"Oh...shit, blargh."

>> No.16138544

>> No.16138548


but britain is cold

>> No.16138554


Celts went into battle near or entirely naked, it was a religious thing. However, it is when you consider that that is supposed to be QUEEN GUENIVERE of Arthurian lore that it becomes really fucked up.

>> No.16138575


doesn't look that tight

>> No.16138596 [DELETED] 

>mfw teegee talks about that shitty movie
/tg/ really will talk about anything

>> No.16138598

the pants look fairly tight

>> No.16138607

it was a good popcorn flick

>> No.16138614


She was also barefoot in the movie

>> No.16138642

Lilith Studios, your go to smut provider for impractical military garb.

>> No.16138666

>> No.16138686

When going into battle with demon rapists always make your female agents' uniforms as reveling as possible.

Though that may be intentional baiting, since rape demons would fuck a girl now matter what she was wearing, they just might need an can opener.

>> No.16138725

No rage? I'm shocked.

>> No.16138739

High heels are a worse idea for combat than just going barefoot.

Just saying.

>> No.16138753

Just because someone's wearing regular clothing, it doesn't mean they aren't wearing armor. In Europe, once armor started to be unfashionable, it was reasonably common to wear jack-of-plates, plate-sleeves, hidden cuirasses (see pic), capelines and other sorts of concealed armor under your uniform or regular clothing.

This had the added benefit of tricking your enemy into making useless attacks that, if your armor was visible, he might not have made.

>> No.16138775

>Dat Filename
>Oboro a heroine
Uh... not quite.

>> No.16138797

Just because she's a lying, betraying cunt that rapes, tortures, mutilates, and sells girls to bloodport and prostitution rings doesn't...oh...oohhh.

>> No.16138810

Wasn't the black girl also working for some high ranking demon.

Er I mean that's that's what I heard from a friend.

I don't watch cartoon rapist snuff porn or anything.

>> No.16138839

Kagami is snuff porn? I haven't seen any guro in it.....suddenly it's not as hot.

>> No.16138849

>I don't watch cartoon rapist snuff porn or anything.
Fuck all of you guys! You've been enjoying cartoon rapist snuff porn and nobody invited me? This is bullshit.

>> No.16138891

I haven't seen any subbed version of that ova, so I wouldn't know.

Also how is it that the earlier version of this thread got derailed into Nasuverse chat, and this incarnation is getting derailed into ... whatever this is.

>> No.16138933

To be fair, half of #2 and ALL of #3 were just flimsy excuses to talk about the Nasuverse.

>> No.16138946

He's exaggerating. The torture in Hell Knight Ingrid is just a little more over the top and cinematography is good enough that you can actually see what is happening without lens flair and fake loss of focus every three seconds that the previous show had. None of the girls die.

That said if you thought the previous series was over the top, then stay the fuck away from the Ingrid one.

>> No.16139107

>> No.16139229

Elaborate a little. I'm morbidly curious.

>> No.16139479


The sleeves are the only thing armoured in that piece. And the provenance is doubtful too, I think.

Plus the time of Prince Eugene was the short periode when everyone and his mother had armour.

>> No.16140128

>>16139479 The sleeves are the only thing armoured in that piece.

No, it's an actual plate cuirass. It's designed to look like ordinary clothes - the mail sleeves would be concealed by a dress uniform.

>> No.16140815

>> No.16141343

Please do

>> No.16142102

>> No.16142365

>> No.16142610

>> No.16142634

>> No.16142636

>> No.16142641

>> No.16142649

>> No.16142659

Feel free to write a background story for these scantly clad men, what their profession are and how they became adventurers

>> No.16142681

>> No.16142720

The same is happening to Cassandra.

She was awesome in SCIII and nothing but a useless whore in SCIV.

Same is happening to Hilde for SCV

>> No.16142752


post pics please?

>> No.16142770

Whore + Warrior = WHORRIOR!

And what whorrior isn't complete without her Stripper Ninja couture??

>> No.16142780



Does not compute.

>> No.16142826

Pic related, it's Cassie laying down the law.

Also wearing impractical battle outfits.

>> No.16142845

>using this thread as my only opportunity to post Aria in /tg/
>President Aria's outfit only covers his head
>Alice is using an oar to fight.

>> No.16142879

Everyone loves a good Battle Oar.

>> No.16143241

>> No.16143281

Seems practical enough for a post apocalyptic setting.

>> No.16143422


>> No.16143466

Is that a Musashi Miyamoto reference? It's hard to tell with Japan.

>> No.16143480

you do know that you don't aim by putting the gun directly in front of your nose right?

also gas masks have surprisingly good visibility

>> No.16143765

I doubt it. That's probably actually a huge spear she's holding and the tip is just out of frame.

>> No.16143985

It's very much just an oar.

Dat gondolieran animes.

>> No.16144787

>Seems practical enough for a post apocalyptic setting.

How about this?

>> No.16144848


>> No.16144866

she's obviously a terminator so yes

>> No.16144889


Or a Terminat-whore.

>> No.16145212


Look man, I'm a regular at the Heeresgeschichtlichen Museeum. I've read the description under the physical item at least three times already. It's a normal coat with mail arms. I think they even add that the mail arms could've been added at a later date (aka after Eugen was already ded.)

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