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I don't care if your gaze does turn people to stone, going into battle blind-folded is STUPID

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Wait, is that supposed to be Medusa?

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Yup, this is Medusa

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This is terribly sexy.

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It's even worse. Her blindfold pretty much shunts her eyes into an alternate dimension because the blindfold would be turned to stone otherwise.

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Well, it's Nasuverse. It ain't gonna explain shit

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Dude, this is the same setting that had rule 63 King Arthur sucking a teenage Japanese boy's penis

This is one of the least of their transgressions

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I hate the whole thing, though.

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Maybe it's pre-rape-by-Poseidon Medusa? I mean she was human before the transformation and also rather beautiful.

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>rule 63 King Arthur sucking a teenage Japanese boy's penis

I... what?

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If you want to think about it in positive ways, she wasnt a virgin at the start of FSN.

SO, it's quite likely she either got fucked by Lancelot, or thanks to Merlin, got herself a dick and fucked Guinevere.

I really should play the FSN vn.
Maybe she WAS a virgin.

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Prolly should tell you that this stopped being about outfits and became FS/N general about two threads ago. I'm sure you have better things to do than bitch about people liking what you don't.

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You know? Somehow F/SN managed to still be awesome.

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I'd post the screencap, but
>blue board

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Nah, she already has the stone stare thing, so it's Gorgon Medusa, or post-rape Poseidon Medusa, or whatever.

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If that were the case then she wouldn't have the stone-gaze

They basically just stuck the stone gaze on some random chick and said, "Yup this is totally Medusa."

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Yes. Also, Gilgamesh wants to bone King Arthur.

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Well does she ever actually turn anyone to stone by looking at them?

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She never takes the mystical blindfold off

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No, but she does summon Pegasus, and tries to ram someone with it.

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No....buuuut...she does make a japanese boy's penis stone hard in the third route.She does other things to it to.

Unmentionable things.

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Nah, they explained that one.

> Her enemies spread lies about an illegitimate son, but Mordred (created by blood magic) was raised fully believing he was Arturia's son. Cruel twist.

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She ALMOST does, but it takes entirely too long and her master calls the entire thing off.
Unless you bad end.
Then you're a statue.

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Mordred was a chick, too, broski

And Gawain

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Alternate Universe Medusa

Also, Rider With Eyes Open!!! No one actually gets turned to stone, but not for lack of trying.

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This is Medusa pre-monster form. She always had the stone gaze, but she wasn't a 20-30 foot tall monster made of snakes until she went crazy trying to protect her sisters.

One of her special abilities is to boost her strength up a level. However, if she sustains the ability for too long, she turns into her monster form.

She did in Heaven's Feel, and started turning Archer into stone.

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...you're talking about sex, aren't you?

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Essentially, her Mystic Eyes of Petrification can only work with Rank C's, but slow as fuck on higher Ranks. She has little Prana allowance from her Master so she cant use it as efficiently

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Not Lancelot.

But then he attacks with a fighter jet.

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>Mordred a chick

Well that's a load of s-

>Gawain a chick



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FSN's whole premise is that Mythical Creatures and Legendary Heroes are actually real, and that they can be summoned by the World/Holy Grail in certain events in the universe. These heroes are partnered with Wizards in occasional tournament-like event in where people attempt to win the Holy Grail.

It used to only allow honorable heroes, but after getting somewhat corrupted, now it allows nastier mythical creatures or heroes.

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Mordred is a chick. Gawain is not


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No he wasn't.
Stop talking out of your ass.

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He's trolling. Mordred and Gawain are guys.

Unfortunately, Bedivere is a girl.

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Isn't Jack the Ripper summonable as a loli or something?

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What does this all have to do with everyone boning each other?

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>Gender: Male
Might wanna read that one more closely...

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It very clearly says "He there"
And Mordered is constantly referred to as Male every time he's appeared.
Because he's a he.
He has a penis.
Only Arthur is genderflipped.

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... Servants are powered by mana.

Spellcaster's bodily fluids can be infused with mana with little effort.

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wrong target, I meant

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Hey if you were hanging around in Limbo or whatever for decades at a time you'd be horny as fuck when you got called up to

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Lancelot beats your ass with whatever is at hand. That's why he's awesome.

The spoon you just enjoyed your soup with? Rank B Noble Phantasm.
Toothpick? Rank B Noble Phantasm.
That woman's baby? Rank B Noble Phantasm.

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>SIR Bedivere

Wrong again. Only Arthur is flipped in this legend.

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Why don't they just put a stone blindfold on her? What, will she turn it into double stone? What's so bad about that?
And again, why doesn't sht turn AIR into stone with her gaze? It's matter too, you know.
In theory, the moment she opens her eyes the whole atmosphere should become stone.

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The guy who wrote Baccano had a scenario that used Jack the Ripper. He was summoned as Berserker, and because he was already insane, the madnesses canceled each other out and he was a Moriarty level genius.


I remember distinctly in the Fate route them showing Saber and Morded fighting, and Mordred was a chick. They still referred to her as a he, but they were also "quoting" legend and referring to Saber as a he, too.

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as well as Jackie Chan

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>Chain Gun
Rank B Noble Phantasm

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Say what you will about her, at least King Arthur is going to battle in armor instead of a chainmail bikini

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>Stone Blindfold
do you know how uncomfortable that sounds?

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I'm seeing a skirt

Why am I seeing a skirt?

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"Aw, I dropped my sword. Gotta pick it up. I'll... just.. bend... ovvverrrrrr.."

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Or something, I dunno.

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>I don't care if your gaze does turn people to stone, going into battle blind-folded is STUPID
Actually, the use of her eyes makes use of magical power and drains her supply.

If she weren't blind, she wouldn't last half a day under normal circuimstances without dissappearing into nothingness.

And all while she lacks one of the normal 5 senses, she still have additional magical senses to compensate, and all her senses are superhuman to begin with.
But yeah, being blind isn't without drawback, so tough luck.

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Manly Skirts

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it's a very long skirt

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Magicians can imbue their bodily juices like semen with prana (mana)....

This leads to less 'experienced' magicians to...er...share special times with their servants...if the servant allows it....OR if the magician uses one of his 3 command spells.

This is not optimal depending on the circumstances.

Hercules really cant fuck Ilya.

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She's a king

She has people to pick up her sword for her

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If you're a knight, you don't have to bend down to pick it up, you get someone to do it for you.

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So, wait.
She uncontrollably turns everything into stone. AND kills herself while doing so.
Whose fucking idea was to create this miserable crueature and how did it survive untill someone figured to put a cross-dimensional-portal-blindfold on her?

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Pretty much. Lancelot and Jackie Chan in a Ladder Factory would be the most glorious fight ever.

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It's a ball gown with a chest plate and gauntlets

Is she going to waltz her enemies to death?

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Nasu, I guess

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Whoops. It's a D Ranks Noble Phantasm, not B.

If he does get a hold of another person's though it remains just as potent a weapon for him.

And every single round fired is fully capable of harming a Servant.

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Well, Jackie Chan has a Rank Up whenever he wants no trouble AND holding a baby

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When she existed in the world normally, she didn't need mana to exist. Her special ability was just tiring.

But in order to continue existing in the world during the Holy Grail War, she needs Mana to exist.

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>Hercules really cant fuck Ilya.


Look it up

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Because anyone who doesn't think a wide skirt is useless in combat has never worn a skirt or has ever been in combat. Arthur's skirt is a little too long, but it is in no way a limiting factor in battle. Regardless of what the neckbeards cry.

Now, Pic Related, that would be stupid to wear into battle.

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The Greek Gods. Because they are complete asses.

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By the way, everyone- remember that the Characters in this setting have limitations.

Say, let's say and pretend the average Servant has 1000 Mana.Every action, phantasm, or defensive skill or surviving attacks they do, costs them mana. A lot of mana. Plus, they only get back like 10 mana with a good night's sleep.

It's why sharing mana in this setting was so important.

And why the anime sucks.It totally ignores that King Arthur needed a good dicking from a nubile japanese boy to function properly.

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And drunks

Don't forget drunks

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and her master sucked

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Fuck you, that doesn't make any sense.

>> No.16124293


I thought she needed a three-way to function properly

>> No.16124299


Their Mana really depends on their Master's. If they have a pre-determined Mana pool, they can use it up until their Master can provide them with more.

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Never heard of crouching, have you?

>> No.16124320

as he was an asshole of the highest orders

>> No.16124322


The way he acts, you would assume so. But from how traumatized his adopted sister is? Nope.

>> No.16124329


Crouching is essentially kneeling down. A King who kneels down? I dunno if that works during their time.

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The three way was to teach the nubile boy how to hot dicking his mana into her.

>> No.16124333


What happened to his sister?

>> No.16124341

Would love to see some other famous people turn up in the Grail War.

Something like Ned Kelly with his armour and legendary toughness as an unconventional archer.

>> No.16124346

The three way was a tutorial.
It's all very wizardly and scholarly, you see.
All proper.

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Raped by magical worms. I shit you not.

>> No.16124360


Abused to hell and back. Which when your Sister is more or less the avatar of the closest the setting has to a dark god? Wasn't a good plan.

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>No one actually gets turned to stone, but not for lack of trying.
The Saber class is the most resistant to magic around.
Archer, who also happens to be part of the three knight classes (with highest magical resistance), made sure to have his Kanshou&Bakuya on hand which bolsters his magical resistance while both are equipped.
And Rin is a great magi, and Shirou is still a magi, and has Avalon.

But you know, that was only how they managed to resist the eyes, while, not looking. Were they to actually look at her it would be close to an immediate effect.

Then, there is also how they get turned to stone in the bad ends, and a whole bunch of people get turned to stone in Hollow Ataraxia, even people highly resistant to it.

Otherwise, RIder is one of the stronger Servants around given one have at least a slightly above average magical ability to sustain her powers and maintain her vessel.
In F/SN the main thing was basically that Zouken, was a shmuck who knew about the true nature of the ritual and had no desire to execute it normally, instead having different goals altogether for it. Sakura never wanted in, and Shinji was incompetent, but no matter the case both of them was played by Zouken who had no desire for the ritual to go on normally.

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Jack the Ripper says hi.

>> No.16124365

he abused her

>> No.16124366

>Crouching is essentially kneeling down
No, it is not.

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I would totally watch a fight with Servant Ned Kelly. One handing a repeater rifle and shrugging off anything that can be tossed at him.

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After reading this thread, I'm tempted to get into the setting and have a good fap.

>> No.16124389

That's taking a LOT of liberties.
Wow, Nasu.
Couldnt you have another badass male like Gilgamesh or Lancer?

If you need female servants, there's tons of mythical women you could use.

>> No.16124409

>F/SN thread on /tg/
>supposed to be battle outfit discussion

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The Servants are mythical figures that have died and had their souls stored in an alternate dimensional construct called the Throne of Heroes. When they are summoned, a copy of their soul is made and anchored to our world by a link to a Master. This link is powered by mana, and is absolutely necessary if the Servant doesn't have Indepedent Action (only Archer, Gilgamesh, and Rider have that).

Those three can stay in this world without a Master, although only Gilgamesh can persist indefinitely. The other two will have to establish contracts eventually.

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Not Nasu.

Apocrypha servants was a collaberation with a bunch of artists and writers. Nasu only did Joan and Karna.

>> No.16124436


That's horrible!

Why did he do that?

>> No.16124440

>implying Nasu wrote that one

Nasu wrote Fate/Stay Night.
Someone else wrote Fate/Zero.
Someone else again wrote the one where Jack appeared.

>> No.16124443

Nasu didn't design that one, actually.
He did Seigfried and someone else.
Even took the time to do his weakness where the leaf stuck.

When Nasu does a hero, he typically keeps it mostly historically accurate, Female Saber aside.

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Like you're any better, Gil. Next time you fight a normal human mage, put on some armor, maybe you won't lose.

>> No.16124457

Nasu had nothing to do with Jack the Ripper.
>designed by Yuichiro Higashide

And here's larger version.

>> No.16124464


I think Urobochi Gen wrote Zero.

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>She uncontrollably turns everything into stone. AND kills herself while doing so.
Yeah, that's pretty much it dead on.
>Whose fucking idea was to create this miserable crueature and how did it survive untill someone figured to put a cross-dimensional-portal-blindfold on her?
Well, Poseidon raped her in the Temple of Athens, so Athene threw a fit and became both full of envy for Medusa supposedly being either as beautiful as her or even more beautiful, and for having fully captivated Poseidon. And how it all desecrated her temple was also something she had problems with, so she cursed her, and well, that's it.

It's worth noting though that the Servants in F/SN are all spirits, even though they at one point in time weren't.
When Medusa wasn't a spirit, she could siphon and regain mana by herself, from the air and everywhere, not to be speaking of how tehre was an abundunce of the stuff given how she lived in the age of gods in the nasuverse.
It's just that Nasuverse spirits can't (through normal means) regain magical energy themselves.
Think of it as a radio who used to have the capability to be plugged into the wall, but is now reduced to using batteries.

>> No.16124468

Nah, Just some headgear next time

>> No.16124469

in no particular order: being a dick, inferiority complex, magical worm dicks would feed him all her mana, being a dick, and probably got off on it.

>> No.16124471

Put enough ranks in ride, and you don't need any other skill

>> No.16124473


Actually, he wanted to do Male Saber but the people bankrolling him made him change it because they didn't want a female main character.

The man actually knows his mythology and puts some effort in.

>> No.16124484


You forgot being a dick.

>> No.16124488

>>16124473 people bankrolling
Nasu is the owner and founder of his own private company, so no.

>> No.16124493



What happened to him?

>> No.16124494


Well, Gil knows he's fighting with a low ranked Mage. He's just a douche as he is. No blame.

>> No.16124511

I thought the blindfold was a Noble Phantasm and thus had the "IT'S MAGIC, I AIN'T GOTTA EXPLAIN SHIT" special quality

Rider is superior with glasses, anyhow

>> No.16124513

The Magic Worm Rape was Zoken though. That's how she learned to use Matou family magic.

>> No.16124516


It isn't too much of spoiler filling isn't it? Just download the VN if you want to.

>> No.16124523


I believe at the time he was being paid to make it. Or was it the marketing department...

Dammit, sorry, been a while. I know that it was changed because people didn't like his idea of 'Female Main Character, Male Saber'

>> No.16124534

But no one knows who Jack the Ripper was

He could have been a woman for all we know

>> No.16124539


Depends on the path. All of them end badly for him though. Some just...more badly.

>> No.16124547

It is a Noble Phantasm. It's called Gorgon Breaker.
So, of course, that automatically means he can shit out money as needed.

>> No.16124549


That's what Apocrypha tried to explain. The mystery behind Jack The Ripper can sprout out a lot of assumptions, even a loli is viable possibility.

>> No.16124557

Nasu himself was worried about having a female main character, Takeuchi, his childhood friend and business partner suggested gender swapping.

Nasu was all, "No way that's never work.... Well maybe." and the rest is history.

Archer and Rin are actually the proto main characters of Fate. Which is why Archer's parting with Rin is pretty much exactly like Saber's parting with Shirou.

>> No.16124560

In the three routes, he dies in two of them, and gets M-preg'd with the holy grail in one. survives that though.

>> No.16124569

The fact of the matter is that it wouldn't have sold as well as a game played by males if he'd stuck with a female lead.

>> No.16124572

In the first route he gets killed by berserker.

In the second route he gets used as a vessel for the holy grail, which results in him turning into a giant mass of screaming flesh akira style. He gets rescued and then actually becomes a good person afterwards.

In the third route his sister kills him.

>> No.16124576

This site might be interesting to you too.


>Sometime later, Nasu and Takeuchi decided to turn the old Fate story into a Gal Game. In the beginning, Nasu was worried that because the main character was a girl, the story might not work as a Gal Game. Takeuchi switching the genders of the protagonist and the hero, Saber. Takeuchi describes Nasu's response to the suggestion as being: "as if I suggested Berserk's main character, Guts, should be a woman."

>> No.16124583


It's actually horribly inefficient too. It worked for Saber/Shirou because Shirou summoned Saber wrong, and also didn't really have enough to sustain a servant of her power in the first place.

Still better than nothing though.

>> No.16124585

That's the original legend.

In the Nasuverse, Athena got jealous of her and her sisters' beauty. As a result, she got the followers of the Gorgons to turn on them. The three sisters had to take refuge on an island, and were pretty much trapped by their former followers. Despite the fact that her sisters were abusive, Medusa continued to protect them, killing the men who entered their domain to try and defile her siblings. Over years, she became more hateful towards humans until she finally turned into a giant monster. Her sisters loved her very much, and upon realizing they were responsible for her degradation, let her eat them.

Eventually, she was killed by Perseus, who had 5 Noble Phantasms. As she died, she reflected on her life and found that despite their abuse, the time she spent with her sisters was considered to be her fondest memories.

>> No.16124614

to be fair, the less moral but more efficient way to do it is killing random people and sucking the prana out of them

>> No.16124647

>That's horrible!
Yes it is.
>Why did he do that?
That sexual states have effects on magical properties is far from a new concept (in fact stemming from large real life followings who believed in that stuff), hence why you can easily find references to that kind of stuff in all kinds of fiction.

WIth that said though.
She was as stated, adopted. A mage girl from another prestieged mage family, given how the Matous themselves have detoriated to the point where none but the family head himself has any actual magical power left (cause he happens to be a few hundered years old and belongs to the generation before things started to go down hill gene-wise.)

This old man, Zouken, basically survives by being a cluster fuck of insects and worms and other small disgusting familiar critters like that, having shared his being into all of these rendering himself essentially immortal unless all of him were to be killed. But he can with a single bug eat and take over other bodies and make thousands upon thousand new ones of these little buggers. But enough about him.

The core point is basically how the whole lineage is based around "Water"(Absorbtion/manipulation of energies) magic, wheras Sakura, the sister, stems from a long line of "Fire"(Storage/Empowerment through magical energies) magic, and can't make use of the Matou lineage magic due to having no "water genes". So, due to how the child holds great potential either way, Zouken thought he might as well forcefully change her "element" through water by raping her with his worms engraved with his magical crest etc etc for a decade or two. That's basically it.

>> No.16124692

Forgot the Avenger Class guys?

Well, it can't be helped. There's only one guy so far, and he's the weakest. He only reflects back the pain he feels on his own damage as a Noble Phantasm

>> No.16124698

>This old man, Zouken, basically survives by being a cluster fuck of insects and worms and other small disgusting familiar critters like that, having shared his being into all of these rendering himself essentially immortal unless all of him were to be killed. But he can with a single bug eat and take over other bodies and make thousands upon thousand new ones of these little buggers. But enough about him.
he sounds like a worm that walks

>> No.16124704

Shirou didn't summon saber wrong, she just works differently to other servants because she is still human.

>> No.16124728

Yes, exactly like that.

>> No.16124729


Who's that asshole supposed to be?

>> No.16124738


Pretty much.

>> No.16124742

All the Evil in the World. That's who he's supposed to be. hoho.

>> No.16124743

I consider Kotomine to be one of the more fleshed out villains (if you take Heaven's Feel into account).

What an awesome evil priest.

>> No.16124757

No. It is stated pretty plainly that the summoning was improper.

>> No.16124762

Angra Mainyu

>> No.16124768

>What does this all have to do with everyone boning each other?
Fate/Stay Night isn't really about that stuff, at all. Even though the elements are present, though only slightly.

For a blatant example.
Unlimited Blade Works, the second scenario of three, all of which together are directly comparable to the LotR trilogy in terms of text content.
This scenario only has about 3‰ erotic content that's only 0.3%. And that's you know, for story the size of any of the individual LotR books.
I mean, porn is really, really, bad porn if it requests you to read through non-porn stuff for about 10-20+ hours only to stumble upon a couple of still images and about 2 pages of erotic content.

It is not about people boning eachother.

>> No.16124774


Angra Mainyu. He's not truly a hero. But he sacrificed himself because the village people chose him randomly as a "source of all evil". And over the years of torture, he accepted the fact to himself, although he hate the fuck out of all humanity.


>> No.16124786

The porn was added so the game would sell.

>> No.16124789

>porn is really, really, bad porn if it requests you to read through non-porn stuff for about 10-20+ hours only to stumble upon a couple of still images and about 2 pages of erotic content.

>Not mentioning how bad the porn is in it's own right.

>> No.16124803

They are my my spine
They are what fills my body
and flows through me as if they were my blood

I have over a thousand bodies
I could be seen as "immortal"
Yet I am slowly dying

Have dedicated many lifetimes in order to fullfill my goal
Yet I somehow cannot remember what that goal was
Because now, my whole body is made out of an infinite number of worms

>> No.16124804


Or that's what they thought at first.

>> No.16124812

The porn is awesome because it's so bad

No one's going to get aroused by it, but everyone should get a good laugh out of it

>> No.16124814

And they released the non-ero version a few years later and everything became a lot more awkward.

>> No.16124821

>>Not mentioning how bad the porn is in it's own right.
Oh, that's right. The porn is laughable, like literally laughable.

>> No.16124833

At least there's no mention of molluscs

>> No.16124836


>> No.16124837 [DELETED] 

>mfw 0 sages
>mfw no spammers
>mfw no "my opinions>yours"
>mfw no topic derailment
>mfw no dubs/trips wars

>mfw /tg/ board


>> No.16124849


Seriously dude.


>> No.16124851

Welcome to the board that is not /a/ or /jp/
We hope you enjoy your stay

>> No.16124852

He was literally a kung fu priest. He fought in the Holy Grail War that took place in Fate/Zero, trolled the crap out of everyone, and ultimately got killed by having his heart shot out by Shirou's adoptive father.

Then his corpse got soaked in Angra Mainyu's mud and grew a heart literally made of evil, resurrecting him. His personality wasn't changed by the revival.

>> No.16124855

Dude, this entire thread is topic derailment.
Everything else stands though.

>> No.16124857



>> No.16124865

Someone please post the screencap of the mollusk discussion

>> No.16124873

Yes, mollusks.

Nasu's porn writing really isn't anything out of the ordinary for the industry, though.

>> No.16124885


Well at least, I could get off with the topic derailment with a good topic discussion which derailed the same thread.

Now my mind is full of fuck.

>> No.16124892

Fate/Stay Night always seemed cool for a game. It's a repeatable premise where you can have pretty much anyone you ever wanted fighting and being awesome.

Unfortunetly I've no idea how I would do the Mage/Servant Split as anyone who is a Mage is worse in every single way, including casting.

>> No.16124903

Every player plays as both a master and a servant.

>> No.16124906

Why I have this funny feeling that most of us here are from /a/?

>> No.16124920


First one with it I came across.

>> No.16124921

Impossible there is no
>babby's first vn
and whatnot.

>> No.16124930


The issue I really had there was that the Master/Servant interaction always seemed like a key part for characterization and it would be one person talking to themself. The other option I can sorta think of is to make up some bullshit reason why mages are getting more powerful or servants losing power like a second age of the gods arriving but a lot of players wouldn't like that.

>> No.16124948

Neckbeards are neckbeards are neckbeards.

Doesn't matter where our personal interests lie, at the end of the day we are all pretty similar.

>> No.16124957




>> No.16124968


Actually, the arrival of a Second Age of the Gods seems like a really cool idea to me. All of a sudden mage families find their children are spiking in power and have no idea why but it's raised tensions through the roof even within clan as the older generations begin to hate the newer ones who seem to have just been 'given' all this power without earning it.

>> No.16124977


It's more "shit's got real" part of the Nasuverse.

>> No.16125005


I'd play that. New mages wielding apocalyptic powers not seen since the age of the gods but not with the skill to master it yet and servants dueling over the grail in perhaps one of the most key moments in a long time.

>> No.16125019

How does a second age of gods happen? you'd have to have a great decline in science so people have to believe in gods of earthquakes and lightning and not have science explain them away.

>> No.16125063


No clue. There would need to be a great rise in superstition somehow. Perhaps a public reveal of magecraft or such but that doesn't seem big enough.

>> No.16125076

Technically in the Nasuverse magecraft becomes weaker the more widespread it is, but that could just be arrogant magi wanting to keep it to themselves and making shit up to justify it.

>> No.16125088


Oh, I didn't mean spreading, I meant people going 'Holy shit, what was THAT?' and Science going 'We have no fucking clue'

>> No.16125094

Perhaps it is the other way around: Science starts to get so alienated from the reality that it starts its own "magic creed". As if scientists start doing certain actions or protocols just because they know it works, even if they don't understand completely.

Like they do it right now with the placebo effect.

>> No.16125102

The magical energies of the world would have to rise. And the poeple would have to become aware of it.

So, with the energies on the uprising, mages would simply fail to conceal themselves somehow and with mages being common knowledge and being in every odd place or so, I bet people would blame all kinds of stuff on magic, because you know, that very well could be it.

>> No.16125108

A rise in the amount of True Magics would actually be perfect and not impossible according to Nasu.

>> No.16125125

A /tg/ Fate would logically be a team sport. You would have two-man teams each consisting of a master and servant. The servant does the heavy hitting while the master sits back and buffs/distracts/uses ranged attacks.
Sure, the master has cut down instances where they're completely awesome, but gear them towards non-combat abilities and they more than pull their weight

>> No.16125132


The reemergence of some of the Phantasm Races perhaps. On a scale where it can't be kept quiet.

>> No.16125145


That would work well. True magic is huge and impressive, more than enough to get attention and have people start thinking there is stuff out there science can't explain.

>> No.16125146

King Arthur returns from Avalon and a horde of dragons emerge from her vagOOO. BRILLIANT.

>> No.16125155


I think Masters would more like can only use "buffs" for their Servants to augment their Rankings. But in the case of Shirou, he also somehow fights, so you could put like a "Fight Capability" perk.

>> No.16125177

There's also the whole of Fate/Zero, where the masters usually had their own small scale personal wars while the Servants were a-killin' each other.

Kiritsugu had the genius idea of sniping master with anti-magic rounds while Saber was distracting them, for example, but he was also an unconventional mage and a big fat cheater.

>> No.16125198

it's because he somehow figured out how to copy noble phantasms

>> No.16125199

Kiritsugu was an idealist with pragmatic methods.

>> No.16125212


I think Kiritsugu never mentioned himself as a mage. The Church considered him as a mere mercenary rather than a magus himself. But he did study Magecraft, only to devise a weapon against it.

>> No.16125251

>and a big fat cheater

Cheating is the most effective way to deal with people who don't expect it.

His fight with kayneth was pretty awesome.

>> No.16125258

Something happens and the Holy Grail Wars end, forever.
All the Servants, though somewhat depowered, are now free in our world.
How does Hercules deal with working at a Drive Through? Can Medusa find a seeing eye dog that won't freak out around her? Will Nero try to burn Rome again?

>> No.16125263

this thread made me think.They could make a pretty cool board game based on FSN or that already exists?

>> No.16125275


You know Kiritsugu was? He was a Vindicare killing a bunch of master Psykers who knew every little psychic trick there was and could kill a man with a thought but never accounted for the possibility of a rifle round from outside their psy range.

>> No.16125291


Case in point: >>16125251 the magical fortress and the C4.

>> No.16125308

It's not cheating, it's pragmatism. Sniping the mages was one of the smartest things he could have done, as he didn't really stand a chance against them without his special anti-mage bullets.

There's no place for honor in a battlefield. Not anymore.

>> No.16125319

Gilgamesh would still be a douche, and would require other Servants, a LOT of them even if he was depowered, to keep him in line.

>> No.16125340


Gilgamesh will still call people mongrels.

>> No.16125342

Exactly, attacks that you can never even imagine are the ones most likely to kill you.

In the nasuverse mages consider non mages to be subhuman wastes of oxygen, which is precisely why a non magical weapon is effective against them.

One of the major points of his strategy is that from the perspective of a nasuverse mage it's not just cheating, it's unthinkable.

>> No.16125375

Bet he becomes a Fashion Model.

>> No.16125381

My god, and I thought I had seen shitty fan fiction.

This is just a whole new level.


>> No.16125405

I don't really see how this is fanfiction.
I mean, I agree that some things in the Nasuverse are rather silly.
I'm looking at you Arthur and Nero, yes I see you back there, don't make me come back there.

>> No.16125437

It's because the potential of magic is balanced by God/TheWorld/Fate/Whatever to be equal to that power wielded by ordinary men. Than age of sword a man like Ghengis Khan could put a continent to the torch over decades, so the greatest of wizards could do about the same. In present day the two greatest nations can kill everyone on the planet 12 times over in a day, but no mage has mastered that level of power yet. Still more tech=more better raw magic power even as divine miracles that are beyond human understanding like gods and heros withdraw from the world.

Nasu can world build like a mother fucker. To bad is writing is soap opera level.

Also elf eared Medea ties up gender bender Arthur in a position that implies vicious lesbo rape and strokes her back. Hilarious, Nasu, class act there.

>> No.16125441

A few general FS/N things.

The whole concept of Arthur in this setting is actually pretty interesting. its your basic Arthurian myth, only Uther Pendragon only had a daughter. As she couldnt become king she was pretty much exiled to being raised elsewhere. She eventually draws the Sword from the Stone, which by the strict letter of the law makes her the KING. The whole Guinevere/Lancelot thing comes in as Guinevere is purely a political marriage, to keep the fact that Arthur is actually a woman secret from the populace and she and Lancelot fall in love, which Lancelot feels shames the King etc.

The Servants are basically summoned creatures, souls of heroes, which become bound to the Throne of Heroes which are summoned into the real world. The Holy Grail does the actual summoning as the amount of magic needed to create something as powerful as a servant is beyond any mage. As the servants are summoned beings they need a supply of mana. This is normally supplied by thier Master. Some Servants have an ability called Independant Action that lets them survive longer without a master (this is generally, but not exclusively a feature of the Archer Class), but this doesnt last forever and they can suppliment thier mana by absorbing souls of living beings.

The reason Rider blindfolds herself is because, as a Servant with a weak master she doesn have the mana supply to constantly use her stone gaze. Another major reason is that revealing the identity of your servant is in most cases a horrendous idea, as it will clue your foe into any weakness they have and what their capabilities are (and Medusa's stone gaze is a really obvious sign). If, for example you knew your opponent was Achilles or Cu Chulain you'd know you should aim for the heel, or make him consume a dogfish etc. Gilgamesh tells everyone who he is because he is a cocky asshat.

>> No.16125480

The guize was that his power was negated if he refused food from a woman or the meat of a dog. This actually makes things worse because that is a paladin falls kind of situation.

>> No.16125481

Getting back to the ORIGINAL topic for a few seconds...

>> No.16125495

>Gilgamesh tells everyone who he is because he is a cocky asshat.

who really doesn't have any weaknesses

>> No.16125496

Working as a geologist, findin deposits of Marcellus Shale. Saber shows up with the boys to clear off a well site.


>> No.16125503

>or make him consume a dogfish etc.

>> No.16125522

Shirou and 4th berserker disagree.

>> No.16125531

"You can't kill me, Cuchulainn. Not until you eat this swimming pool full of dog stew. Have some."

>> No.16125544

To be fair, something might have been lost in the translation. For all we know, Nasu's writing is actually decent instead of outright horrible.

>> No.16125545

You know... I don't really see Saber as digging wells for a living.
I don't really see her doing ANYTHING really.

>> No.16125553

Is still a clear signal of his power, and it makes sure people don't really fight him straight up.

Kind of like, with the knowledge of Berserker being Hercules, you can already give up on melee fights.

>> No.16125555

That doesn't apply. Her armor serves as a magical restrictor plate.

>> No.16125556

Who the fuck are you?

Also evil for chicks means -2 practically, +1 underboob.

>> No.16125582


Aside from, obviously, the Caster class (who, if the game's caster is anything to go by when setting a standard, are near-sorcerous levels) I'd probably make masters more about versatility.

Gah, I've had to really reword this and spilt it up, since apparently part of my comment couldnt be posted or some shit. cont'd

>> No.16125585

Shes a Necromancer from Kora No Wa Zombie Desu.
Her magic is so powerful her very words can alter reality. So she wears armor to restrict her magic, and communicates vie pad of paper and a pen.

>> No.16125596


I mean, yeah a physical servant is far far more powerful than any old mage but they cant do all the cool background stuff.

>> No.16125605


Fate's own story is a bit odd in that regard though since they only real standard mage who is a Master is Rin, and she's still some kinda prodigy. All the others have some unique thing. I guess you could try working that in somehow?

>> No.16125610

Why not?

She is a NEET in F/ha, of course, but I think she's a part time waitress at Type-Moon's mobile site/Ahnenerbe thing recently.

>> No.16125621

>> No.16125623


Shirou's way to fight him is so unique that no one else could really even hope to exploit that.

And just being more powerful than him isnt really a weakness of his... he's still a huge badass

>> No.16125653

To beat Gilgamesh, you have to be specc'd out to do it, and that leaves you crippled against other classes.

Can Gilgamesh be summoned as a class other than archer?

>> No.16125670

Probably not, as his primary move in combat is using projectiles.

>> No.16125671


There was a part of his legend where one of his enemies forced him into that kind of situation, where a woman asked him to eat a dog. if he refused, power gone. if he ate the dog, power gone.

Cu Chulain had so many fucking geas its a miracle he could get through the day


I love how Meta the status screens are. They imply in game that the way viewing the stats works exactly is perceived different for every person looking at them. So what does the player see, someone who is playing a computer game? Why, stat blocks as though all the servant's capabilities are stats and powers in a game of course!

>> No.16125679

he could fill saber since he has a shit ton of swords

>> No.16125697

Dammit Mogudan, I love your stuff. But not every girl has to have tremendous tatas.

>> No.16125698

I dunno, shes just so consumed with MUST HELP EEEEEEEENGLAND! That I just can't see her as a civilian.

>> No.16125719


Yes, probably. A lot of the heroes can be summoned as other classes, as the classes themselves are special niches created by the Grail to make summoning easier, and to accommodate the Heroic Spirit's powers, they often have different unique powers from the class they are summoned as (independent action for archers, powerful noble phantasms for rider etc). The game explicitly says that Heracles can be summoned as any class except Caster and his most powerful Noble Phantasm is a bow.

Depends on the hero though. I think Circe is always a caster

>> No.16125731

Well, she gets over that in her route, though. Learns to move on, have no regrets, whatever.

But there is that thing in her legend about being the king that will return during Britain's time of greatest need. She'd probably take up the mantle of kingship again...

>> No.16125750

>she gets over that in her route, though
Barely, at the end. She still would have refused is Shirou SOMEHOW found a way for her to stay with him.
And as to that second point, Camelot 3000 comes to mind...

>> No.16125759

Fate zero berserker was all around pretty good though.

It was the master's lack of power that defeated him rather than any disadvantage on a servant to servant basis

>> No.16125772


His primary move is projectiles, when he is an archer.

I think perhaps if he was summoned as, say, a Sabre maybe his Gate of babylon would change so he couldnt fire his projectiles, but would maybe show up more generally physically stronger, as a tradeoff.

>> No.16125781

However good your points are, I think it can be agreed Hercules would look funny in a polyester uniform and paper hat.

>> No.16125784

Yeah, Mogudan's been getting even more size focused lately. It's actually a turn-off now.

>> No.16125792

Thing is, Berserker class routinely kill their own master before the end of the war. You have to be a monster like Ilya or Black Sakura to support a strong Berserker like Lancelot.

>> No.16125793


>master's lack of power

Berserker is kinda a broken class though. The amount of mana it consumes is WAY beyond any normal mage

That character is another good example of one that wouldve worked as a different class. He would've been a great Saber for example

>> No.16125810

Lancelot does lose his super effectiveness against GoB without the Mad Enhancement buff, though. Still be an absolute monster with his luck of the faeries though.

>> No.16125839

You're looking at this the wrong way round.

Gil doesn't use projectiles just because he was summoned as archer, he is able to be summoned as archer because he can use projectiles.

If he was summoned as another class he would have the same non class abilities as before, but he would probably favour different ones.

>> No.16125858

2 all but Fate/Stay threads and this hasn't been posted yet?

>> No.16125929

Was Arthur even a christian?

>> No.16125940


Maybe. Myths are muddled. By the time you reach the Holy Grail stories though, yes.

>> No.16125946

actually it's his Eternal combat mastery that allowed him to go against Gil.

Ability that quite frankly amazing to retain as a berserker since martial discipline isn't it's strong suit

>> No.16125948

In myth he was. In reality, likely not.

>> No.16125970

SO would PROBABLY celebrate Christmas, Easter and so on.

>> No.16125978


The very first myth fragment that mentions a "King Arthur" specifically points out his christianity. If a real-world Arthur ever existed, he may have been anything from a welsh pagan chieftain to a roman nobleman.

>> No.16125979

I don't think it was ever mentioned in the visual novel either through narrative or Arturia herself.

Now if you're speaking of KING Author of the original legend, then I think he was.

What I find interesting are the facial expressions in your image. Rin's all "Here's a hot present for you, Shirou!" and Saber's trying to project a message to the ever dense Shirou. Like "This is a present. You will open it." Then again her eyebrows are driving me crazy over here, so I could be off mark.

>> No.16125988

Depends on what Roman family he was descended from, and if his Roman heritage was dominant in his upbringing.

>> No.16125995

Something I've never understood about Rider is, was the historical Arthur in that universe "always" a girl pretending to be a man? Or was he at some point changed into a female, perhaps after dying and becoming a spirit? Or is the whole myth cycle in the FS universe different, and Arthur was just a female heroine, not a male one?

>> No.16125996

I want to know the symbolism of the cat ornament. And the Women's and Men's room signs on the tree.

>> No.16126009


>"This is a present. You will open it."

I don't get it.

>> No.16126014

cat is probably a nod to Len in Tsukihime.

the bathrooms... I have no fucking clue

>> No.16126026


Reality was different. The mythos in Fate Stay Night is generally close to our own but with some odd twists.

>> No.16126027

Same Arthur myths as our world.
She was a she the whole time. (though Merlin used trickery sometimes to make others THINK she was a boy. Her knights knew the truth.)

>> No.16126046

Her eyebrows?

>> No.16126048


it also depends when he lived, as much of Rome may or may not have been christianized by the time.

>> No.16126064

...You lost me.

>> No.16126116

Yeah. Usually they're neutral, showing no emotion. Here, they're leveled, as if concentrating lightly, and they're thick enough to catch my eye.

The man and woman bathroom signs could be implying a certain encounter between the three of them in the forest. You know the one. Maybe Shirou will remember it.

>> No.16126128


>> No.16126137

Turning king Arthur into what is essentially a pokemon that needs sex to survive is... yeah. It's so fucked up I want to kick the balls of the fuckers who created this so hard they fly out through their nostrils.

>> No.16126138


>> No.16126144

In the FSN reality she was ALWAYS a woman, it was just hidden. IIRC Legendary heroes always appear as they actually were, not as they were perceived, though their power depends on how well known thier legends are. (Heroes who were entirely mythical are far weaker, for example because they exist purely on their fame I think) Arturia, Hercules and Gilgamesh are all very well known legends. Cu Chulain less so, though he'd be stronger if the grail war was in ireland. Miyamoto Mushai would be a godly Saber since the War is in Japan


Oh i know. i'm just unsure on how far the Classes emulate the hero's abilities. For example, the blurb about Herecles in different classes kinda implied he may not have his twelve Labours NP as a different class. And maybe Rider wouldnt have been able to use her pegasus as another class, so I was wondering if Gate of babylon would maybe work slightly differently if Gil wasn't an Archer.

I know that his GoB's firing ability makes him eligible for archer, but perhaps if he wasnt summoned as an archer he wouldnt be able to access the full capabilities of his Noble Phantasm

>> No.16126155

>that needs sex to survive
She doesn't TECHNICALLY. They just did that because she needed a mana boost. ANY OTHER mage could have just given her one, but Shirou is a piss poor mage. But since the bodily fluids of a mage have mana, even a bad mage's...
They COULD have gotten the same result by Saber drinking some of Sherou's blood.

>> No.16126158


>a pokemon that needs sex to survive

Wait...what? I can see the latter but...the former?

And really, the sex is because Emiya is a huge derp who doesn't know how to do any better version

>> No.16126174

"Saber, Saber!"

Come on man. You had to know you were walking right into that one, even if you are a troll.

>> No.16126185


>that needs sex to survive

Honestly, the sex part of FSN is so minor, its pretty obvious he basically only included the bare minimum he could get away with so he'd get the contract/budget to do his story as a VN. You can, basically, totally ignore it. As many of the re-releases, lets play's etc do and the game doesnt suffer for it at all.

>> No.16126188

Gilgamesh power... but with GUNS

>> No.16126204


Saber Used Hyper Beam. Rider fainted.

>> No.16126217


While Guns are fine against modern mages, i think against someone from the Age of Gods and Heroes, not to mention a servant, they would achieve jack all. I never saw Fate Zero or whatever the prequel was, how did Kitsurugi do his gun action? Did he just take out the Masters?

>> No.16126226

I thought later versions of FS did away with the "fuck for mana" element entirely?

>> No.16126235

Saber distracted the other Servants while Kirit's Uguu sniped the Masters to death with his anti-mage bullets.

>> No.16126236

This is the stupidest thing.

>> No.16126244


I thought it'd be something like that. thats the smart way to play it.

>> No.16126253


Bascially if you wanted to do it without a sex scene a blooding ritual like palm cutting would work just as well. The mana's in the wizard's vital fluids, but since this is a VN vital fluids means let the fucking commence.

Also you can't drink fluoridated water for 12 hours beforehand it or won't work.

>> No.16126258

Ditto used Transform...
But fucks it up.

>> No.16126268


Depends on the gun. Some of the more recent heroes and counter heroes (I think that's the term) might have guns that are part of their legend and thus powerful.

>> No.16126294

he just took out masters. Human doesn't have the power to aim a gun well enough and shoot powerful enough to make a difference.

>> No.16126306

Heroes etc. exist outside of time. Archer is from the future for example. You could end up with a Hero that has laser guns if you used something he would eventually own for the summon.

>> No.16126307

Oda Nobunaga would probably be of the archer class and use guns

>> No.16126321


Or the aforementioned Ned Kelly.

It's perfectly possible for a hero to have servant killing guns.

>> No.16126324


I'm kinda surprised no one has summoned Genghis Khan.

But that would mean summoning Doombreed...

Only the Emprah can help us now.

"I care not for your petty squabbles or trinkets! Worlds must burn!"

>> No.16126337


What class would Ned Kelly be? I could sorta see beserker and he'd just go terminator on anything that got in his way. Most other classes don't really fit as even though he uses ranged weapons, the armour thing would make him a bit to slow for archer, right?

>> No.16126355

Lancer is the class about speed. Archer can be as slow as you want.

I was at one point thinking of joining a play by post FS/N game. With Servant Caster (Tesla)

>> No.16126357


I dunno. He was a very skilled horsemen, though his story doesn't really touch it much. I think he'd fall into the same 'Heavy but a LOT faster than he looks' category that Herc fell into and Herc could have been an archer.

>> No.16126359

An Archer doesn't need to be Fast, just shooty. Look at Gil's armour.

He could do as a Rider, too, since he did the whole Outback Bushranger thing.

>> No.16126375

Here's a question.

David Crockett. What class would he be?

>> No.16126378

Doesn't work so well if he can't catch the weapons in mid flight, the ME boost gave him the fine control to pull such a feat off.

Without it he's stuck dodging them like anyone else, except the Faerie Luck is gonna make it so much easier for him.

>> No.16126396


Beserker Kelly would be pretty cool, if a bit of a rehash of Hercules. "Oh god why won't it die"

>> No.16126397


no doubt

>> No.16126404


Has some shooting.

Rides well of course.

Phantasm: Summon Bear.

>> No.16126484


Considering how his armour looked it would be the Black Knight from Monty python all over again. Except this time he's wielding a repeater rifle like most people do a pistol.

>> No.16126497

Ned used pistols.

>> No.16126501

a lot of the modern heroic spirits could fill the archer or rider class

>> No.16126527


Final showdown has reports of him striding towards the police lines wielding a repeating rifle one handed because the other one was too full of bullets.

I'd say non-Beserker Kelly would be pistols, Beserker Kelly would be a lot more that final stand with the rifle.

>> No.16126551

"Babyface" Nelson, Berserker

>> No.16126558

Or Berserker

Like, for instance, "Fightin' Mad" Jack Churchill.

>> No.16126570

is there a non spear or sword using person that might qualify as a lancer or saber? Archer classes have demonstrated that you don't need a projectile weapon per say to become an archer.

>> No.16126579

One of my friends likes Son Goku (Journey to the West not Dragonball) for the position.

>> No.16126583

Yes you do.

Both Archer and Gilgamesh had projectile weapons.
It's just that the projectiles were swords

>> No.16126584

>stupidest thing
>in the board /40k/


>> No.16126598

I've always wondered what class Axes or Hammers would fall under.

>> No.16126599

I thought it was more of the case of weapons becoming projectiles rather than projectile weapons

>> No.16126605

Berserkers probably

>> No.16126610

archer is more of a rogue than an archer

they focus on versatility of weapons, not just pure range

>> No.16126616

I could see Jeanne Hatchette as a Saber class.

>> No.16126629

I guess it would be possible for a lancer or saber class to use a different weapon but they'd have to use the weapon like a lance or sword respectively.

I could see a lancer who uses a scythe or staff, or a saber who uses a battleaxe, so I guess you have a point.

>> No.16126631


Depends how they were used. Despite the names, I could see an axe wielding saber or archer as long as they fit the rest of the class.

>> No.16126635

I can see a Berserker USING them, sure. But would John Henry or Paul Bunyan really be a berserker?
Also, someone start a new thread.

>> No.16126636

Sorry, forgot a link.


>> No.16126662

Man, if I had to summon a Servant, you bet your ass it would be one from Badass of the week.

>> No.16126672

That place is a goldmine of ideas for Servants.

>> No.16126685

Batman's one of them.

Batman: Rider Class Batmobile as rank SS noble phantasm

>> No.16126717

Someone make a new thread. I don't have any 'Impractical Armor' of the Fate/stay variety.
He have to make it at least LOOK like a /tg/ related thread

>> No.16126768

Oh, and link when you do.

>> No.16127102

Some very belated points as I read through the thread:

Someone mentioned that Saber couldn't go insubstantial because her summoning was improper.

They THOUGHT this was the case, but it actually wasn't.

Saber is a very special case as a Heroic Spirit. With most Heroic Spirits, they are summoned from the Throne of Heroes, already having been killed. They're basically a blank slate every time they're summoned.

Saber, however, is still actually alive. She made a pact with the world to not die until she found the Holy Grail, and afterwards she would become a proper Heroic Spirit. So it pitched her spirit forward in time as what amounted to a Heroic Spirit, but while she gets most of the benefits of being one, she a.) cannot go intangible, and thus must wear disguises, and b.) Can retain memories of her battles in previous Holy Grail Wars.

Also, Matou Zoken isn't *every* worm in his body - he still has one single central worm in which his soul resides, and if that worm is crushed he's dead. He does make a body out of infesting girls with worms and eating them alive, though.

Finally, a minor point that bears reiterating - Rider DOES petrify people in F/SN, in a Bad End at least, and in the proper story it only doesn't work because everyone there had strong magic resistance. This was already said in the thread, but it seems like people missed it somehow.

Lot of people in this thread who either didn't play or don't remember F/SN, seems like.

>> No.16127221

Similarly, Gilgamesh can't go into spirit form because he has a physical body.

His circumstances are a little different to saber's though.

>> No.16128367

>All the others have some unique thing
Well, that's mostly because of how renowed mage families tend to really push the limites and end up really far out there as far as their niche goes at least.

The Matous have the worms.
The Tohsakas have the energy storage thing.
The Einzberns have the homunculi thing (and they used to have full blown wish granting)
The Fragas are, although only slightly, are from a direct lineage with relations to old Irish deities, and they have an actual physical form, functional, noble phantasm.
The Edelfelts have the twin duality thing.
Kiritsugu was extremely odd, and handpicked by the Einzberns, and he later messed up Shirou and was chosen to participate in turn.
And Kayneth Archibald still have an extraordinarily powrful Mystic Code around.
The Tohsakas have generations worth of power stored up in batteries, and have functional although insufficient theory of the second sorcery (Time/Space manipulation)

The "normal" mage, would be something like Weaver who was a student of the acedemy and from a promising although young and in no way particular lineage, who practically forced his way into the ritual even though he wouldn't have been chosen by default.
Rider, his Servant still straightens him up to be a major player in the future, but that's some decade later, he just to be a pretty average mage.

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