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I'm bored, so I'll be dumping art for a while.
I will be taking requests to attempt to find something specific in my behemoth of an art folder, and that's actually what this thread is primarily for.
So, I'll start, and you guys can ask away. Others can feel free to contribute.

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old dudes please

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Grizzled warrior type, or wizard type?

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I now want to play this guy.

As a muscle wizard who punches fire using his bald of awesome.

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This one is my favorite. An old monk.

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Hi, monk.

Could you please illustrate this character?

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just old is good

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I'm not a drawfag, and I don't know if you're mistaking me for such, but I'll try to help you nonetheless.

Something like this? Unfortunately, he has a bow.

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Woops, misread thread. Cannot delete posts apparently (can only thread creators delete threads, not post by post? It's starting to seem so. )

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Or perhaps this.

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Mixing it up with an old orc.

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This also seemed relevant to that other anons request.

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More old dudes.

>> No.16122575

Vampires or other undead?
Or maybe planeswalkers and other assorted MtG people... Like your favorite or what not

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I'm on it.

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Undead and vampires I can do. Unfortunately I don't play MtG, and as such, I wouldn't recognize a planeswalker if I had one.

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More undead.

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God damn flood detection.

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Looks vampire-y enough.

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And so does this.

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I'm looking for halfling or gnomish females...rogue type preferred. thanks.

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I find the halfling requests amusing, because almost all the time you can find a picture with only the one person in it, and pass that off as a halfling.

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Not to belittle your request, I just find them easier to fulfill.
For example.

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True. there was one in particular I was looking for. It was a chick hanging upside-down from a rope in a black bodysuit. I saw it SEVERAL years ago.

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my wife seems to ALWAYS play a female halfling rouge-ish type, so always looking for different portraits.

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Awesome dump, thankyou OP.

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Any wild/barbarian elves would be kick-ass too. I will dump what I have.

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Phew. This even took me a while to find, and it's the closest thing I have to that description. That said, I don't think it's the same one, considering there is a distinct lack of rope. Sorry I couldn't be of help.

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Not super wild, but she appears to spend some time in the woods.

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I'm having a hard time finding barbarian looking elf *dudes* unfortunately.

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Any female space captains?

>> No.16123245

What do you have in the way of Kobolds?

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And done. Thanks for the exercise!

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this is about the closest thing can find, and he's not that wild looking.

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Pick one

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Heh, funny, I wrote that comment before finding that picture, and forgot to delete it.

Not much, unfortunately. And I love kobolds.
This is the one picture I have, and I'm surprised I found it. And I like the scaley kobolds, too.

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Request: Kobold druid.

>> No.16123346

You rang?

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Hey Monk, got anything in the manner of norse-inspired warriors, heavily armored ones in particular?

>> No.16123359

Hooray kobolds!

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Lessee... Something like this?
I've got a few more that might work, gonna upload them as well.

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Here, have another wild elf looking chick.

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And that's all I got in the way of bolds that are all sagey/naturey. Still got a ton, though. You kids want 'em?

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Do I?

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Good lord, I love you.

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I love you too.

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Because I stumbled across it.


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Jelly of our platonic homolust?

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Got any warforged, op?
In return, picture

>> No.16123656


I'll post a few females I have saved as potential Rogue Trader RPG characters.

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>> No.16123668

Female space captain 2

>> No.16123674

Oh I feel bad for completely missing this.
I only have two pictures even close to this, however, but I know exactly where there are, and I'll post them.

>> No.16123676


Hey! Cool. Am I hallucinating or did you (it might of been another drawfriend) draw an unanticipated second version of the Razor Girl I requested Scratch to draw? I think this is his version...I think..

I just remember a "hey, remember when you drew my fighting game quest characters" conversation with you recently JS, so I'm thinking there's a pic you did that I have missing from my Drawfriends Versions of My Requests Fulfilled type folder.

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And the second.

>> No.16123691

Didn't draw Razor Girl, nope. Glad you like the pic though.

>> No.16123702

You better believe I do.

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Female space captain 3 (duplicate file entry...)


>> No.16123732

Female space captain 4

>> No.16123739

Female space captain 5

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Female space captain 6of6

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Unfortunately, this is the last of my warforged collection. I must remedy this someday.

>> No.16123807

This just in: OP is a bro

>> No.16123868

Well actually, I'm pretty sure this might be a warforged. Regardless, it can still pass as one.

>> No.16123892

Chaos Warrior of Tzeentch concept art from Mark of Chaos. Not a Warforged.

>> No.16123906

No, not Mark of Chaos, Warhammer Online. Sorry.

>> No.16123918

Ah, okay.

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I don't suppose you've got gnome pictures. I'm looking for a male Alchemist. Preferably with all kinds of potions and shit strapped to him. I cant even find anything good on google.

>> No.16123961

Got anything of fantasy warriors in dynamic action-type scenes rather than the typical "stand around and pose" character portrait?

>> No.16123977

I'm looking for pictures of scantily clad, rogue-ish, scoundrel-type men. Halp?

>> No.16124019

I've got gnomes, but nothing particularly alcehmist-ey.

>> No.16124045

Oh, and I found another warforged.

>> No.16124065

another gnome.

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>> No.16124085


Kind of fitting. Not really adventuring though.

>> No.16124089

I've got those, I'm pretty sure.

>> No.16124100


Oh for fucks sake. Had some problems with the captcha and it removed the file. This was meant to be attached there.

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>> No.16124132

Not exactly was I was hoping for with the gnomes, but at least I'm getting some new character art. I can help dump I suppose. One of my favorite gnome pictures. I just wish I had a male version.

>> No.16124134

I'll do one last battle scene after this before trying to find some stuff for the guy who asked for the rogues.

>> No.16124152

hm. This seems somewhat similar.

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>> No.16124187

Lookin for kind of a wild gnome feel

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I just want to let you know, I have never in my life described another man as "scantily clad".

>> No.16124249

That always makes me laugh.

Shirtless rogue?

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>> No.16124280

I love this picture. These two are recurring NPCs in a game I'm GMing.

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>> No.16124321

I request lizardfolk. Preferably male, but anything will do.

>> No.16124342

I have a few of those.

>> No.16124351

White normal bald guy with overcoat?

>> No.16124354

>> No.16124369

Also, I have some giant monster I got from anon in /x/, if anyone wants something.

>> No.16124379

poasting more lizardfolk and removing my trip so I don't look like a douche

>> No.16124382

If you're looking for modern pics, I'm afraid I don't have any.

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>> No.16124399

Another for the guy who requested action scenes. This one made laugh.

>> No.16124415

Yeah, I was thinking on something more modern... It's for a Shadowrun character, if anyone have something that could help.

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>> No.16124429

>> No.16124435

how about more orcs and/or more knights?

>> No.16124445

how bout an orc knight

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>> No.16124466

Anything in the vein of female dragonborn? I tried /tg/booru but the amount of pictures that aren't fap-bait can be counted with the fingers of a quadruple amputee

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>> No.16124495

Orc knight swear fealty to this thread.

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>> No.16124554

Can't find any Dragonborn females but, have this.

>> No.16124602

More action scenes.

>> No.16124616

looking for an elderly woman in full plate.

>> No.16124631

Small contribution in appreciation of a character art thread that didn't immediately devolve into, "omg more attractive female pics"
Proud of you, /tg/.

>> No.16124655


White normal (?) bald guy with overcoat for Shadowrun game.

>> No.16124663

I'm gonna let you know right now, I don't have anything close to that. I have women in full plate, but none of them are even close to middle aged. Fantasy artists, it seems, don't like grandmas in armor.

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>> No.16124801

I think I finally found the elusive scantily clad rogue.

>> No.16125453

Let me help you with that problem

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>> No.16125475


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>> No.16126620

Swamp/marshland warriors/barbarians, if possibru?

>> No.16126648

Gentlemen Explorers
no pith helmet=need not apply

>> No.16126659

I'll see what I've got.

>> No.16126671

>> No.16126694

Swamp warrior of the female variety.

>> No.16126728

I have no idea what a pith helmet is.

>> No.16126758


You know...instead of posting that, you could have just tabbed over to Google and searched it.
You'd have known exactly what it was in probably 1/8th the time it took you to state that you didn't know what it was.

>> No.16126789

Unfortunately for me, Google is acting up, and it is not loading anything when I attempt to search. I think this is a problem with my internet connection, however.

I probably should have stated this in the previous post.

>> No.16126803


In that case: Pith Helmet

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>> No.16126835


This is all I've got that's even close to that.

>> No.16126885

No idea what Alaghi is, and once again, I don't have google atm.

Is this close?

>> No.16126982

This is an Alaghi, anything arctic or druidic would amazingly appreciated.

>> No.16127012

This is the closest thing I can find. Unfortunately, it's not arctic.

>> No.16127018

There was a card for the Warlord CCG that had art like that. The gist of her was she had her husband, sons and grandsons had all been drafted for war and died, and she was the last member of her family left who had the stomach to fight. She went to war to avenge them all. Great little story summed up in the flavor text. If I can remember her name I will try and find the card art.

>> No.16127020

Maybe this? They look more like owlbears to be honest.

>> No.16127032

I thank thee for thy worthy attempt, and know that I have saved and greatly appreciated what was supplied instead.

>> No.16127045

You're very welcome, and I apologize for not being able to help you further.

>> No.16127167


Even though the request was in the wrong place .. Glorious Op. Glorious.

With an Anon like you still around, I feel that the spirit of /tg/ has never truly died.

Thank you.

>> No.16127319

awesome and many cheers good sir

>> No.16127469

Do you have some sort of Clint Eastwoody pistolero?

I'm playing a revolver-using Gunslinger in a Pathfinder game, and I'd love to have a decent portrait.

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>> No.16127508

>> No.16127509

Why thank you kind sir!

>> No.16127539


Gentleman explorer with approved helmet.

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