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I think it needs more cultist in here. Post up some. Here's the progress on what i am working on.


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oh my fuck this is horrifying

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plum sized tits..... hmmmm

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>i'm on the left, OP is on the right

OP, why are you doing this to us?

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Drawn faces translated literally into 3D usually ARE horrifying. Stuff like that is called cartooning the face for a reason; it's simplified.

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>face inspires rage and horror in all who see it,

Perferct! A+ work on a filthy heretic Anon!

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Terribad. Tits are too small. As in, deformed small. They look like big tits that have been shrunk. and the face is just disturbing. It is in fact possible to make cultist snaggletoothed and pinched and otherwise not-super-pretty, and not have her look freaking deformed. I thought your goal was to be realistic, not cartoonish.

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I am disgusted, but curious.

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Cultist requires some blessings from Slaanesh.

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her head is too big, scale the body up a bit more.

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We hated it the first time, just as bad now. 0/10, good sir.

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Those tits are just... wrong. They're like you took a pair of tennis balls and slapped them on some poor chick's chest. Real flat chests are just that, flat. Meld them into the surrounding chest area more. And for God's sake, space them out better, it's like her chest is cross-eyed.

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Breasts need to be a bit larger.

Face is okay, but the eyes are odd.

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Not this

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she's got no lower eyelids

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wow... just wow OP

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Why don't you just ask /g/ to do it for you?
They're better with all computer stuff.

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THIS. I'm normally a Cultist-Chan fan, but that...dear GOD it is hideous! But she worships Chaos Undivided...so it makes perfect sense that FFFFUUUUU-

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Tits should be a tad bit larger, face is a bit derpy but then it is cultist chan so it kinda works in her favor.

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the goal was to have a good semblance to the drawn picture. Roger on the bigger tits tho. Time to look at some references.


As in looks nothing like the picture or you just hate subject matter?

Ah. Space them out as in laterally on the body?

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Hope I don't get banned, but goddamn OP needs to know what tits actually look like.

See how they actually meld into the chest instead of sticking out like a pair of baseballs or something? See how they're spaced out to the sides of her chest and aren't smacked on dead center? This is exactly what your pic doesn't look like.


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god why

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Her eyeballs shouldn't be popping out of her fucking face.

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I'm not reporting you, just reminding you: if you gotta post porn, try to make sure it at least looks like a human adult female. I'm not sure which category that image is implied to be part of.

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Never animate this.
Just... don't.

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>Ah. Space them out as in laterally on the body?

Yes, see >>16110715

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thread went better than expected

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Thanks Anon. Fixing.
In all honesty it's been so long since any real tits i do start to forget what they look like.

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Make the tits larger in diameter, but smaller in...bulbosity, or whatever the proper term is.

Arms are a little stick-like. Give them some countouring. she's scrawny, but her wiry muscles should add a little curve.

Start with a real-life face as a model, or a video-game-character face, then modify to be sharp and snaggletoothed.

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There is a /3/ board. As in 3D/CG artists board.

But I am also a 3D/CG artists, so maybe I could give it a shot too. Unfortunately I am not experienced in animating, otherwise I'd like to try animating her face. I can make a static face though.

Hrrrm. This one doesn't look so bad though, perhaps it's just been posted at a bad part of the sculpt. I'm sure the upper torse is going to get fixed, and the only huge problem I can see with the face is the hair, and the fact it looks more derpy than strangely sexy (i.e. the illustrations)

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Pretty sure the title refers to her being 18-19. Typed small tits in google and grabbed first image.

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pelvic bones should protrude more. Make the arms a little thicker, more ribs, slimmer waist, add some clothing.

make her look...bigger. I always got the impression that cultist, while thin, isn't exactly a tiny little summer-glau-esque waif.

Go by the culexus drawings

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What's this picture from?

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here's the definitive drawing.

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Worked on the breasts as advised by anon. Is this better?

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Increase size by three magnitudes.

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My horror has decreased by about ninety two percent. Much better.

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Exactly the opposite. Cultist-Chan rocks. The sheer Uncanny Valley-ness of your original fits her perfectly. Ugly as sin...but then again, she's as close to sin incarnate as a human can be.

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because /g or /3 won't get me moar cultist pictures. As much as i like to make new content i also enjoy getting more inspo/cultist pics from made by fellow anon.

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You want more Cultist?
Here, have some Cultist. About 413 more.

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I thought she a culmination of /tg/'s sin of lust

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Make her hair a bit longer.

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More like the sin of "ignorant trolling while wishing they were the little girl".

I never liked her to be honest.

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Now first off, I am terrible at anatomy and should never, ever be giving advice on it. That being said, I think the big issue here is that you didn't think three dimensionally when you were working on the model. As far as I can tell, you seem to only be using the one reference image included with the model shot. Generally you need at least 3 different angles to make something "look" right. Otherwise you get strange things happening. It would probably help if you did some sketches at different angles to get a better feel for what you are sculpting. Just my two cents.

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yeah, scale down the head a bit, it's at pseudo-loli proportions atm even though our girl is technically a little on the young side

also, whatever incidental texturing is going on with her skin is absolutely horrifyingly mummified in appearance

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Actually basemesh was posed just right from all 3 views but somehow in the process of sculpting is straightened out more and more. I will repose by the next update together with adding clothes. I also lost most of the twist in the torso too, even though i posted it twisted at first. Go figure.

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make her tits bigger and human shaped

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O!!! thanks Anon!

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Tweaked body some more. I think it's good time to start on some clothes(yeah i know face could use some tweaks but i want to get the whole thing block in first). Is body decent?


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Anon? I'm tripfaggin. Also there's a few cultist cosplays in there.

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The anatomy is really wrong and the pose is soo so static. It's nothing like your reference.

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Ow wow... she even has Trollface Chin.

>> No.16114596

Is it just me, or should the actual size of her jagged teeth be scaled down a bit... you know, to make her look less like a fucking great white shark?

>> No.16114651

thin her cheeks

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>Hope I don't get banned, but goddamn OP needs to know what tits actually look like.

I've just recently seen tiny tits on women that look almost like those in OP. Reality beats your normative fapping images, man.

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pix or you're a fucking liar

>> No.16114960

no, he's pretty much right, anon.

>> No.16114962

Needs just a pinch more balance on whichever is her primary leg OP.


Not trying to offend, demean, or sound pretentious.

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Good job making her face look like a child's. That's not creepy at all.

>> No.16114979

if it's true then pics would not be difficult to get.

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The reason it's so horrifying is that the face is rather detailed whilst the rest of the body is a rather undefined blob (although the lines on the upper torso aren't helping).

I hope you're going to make those breasts larger, they don't match her proportionally and will make the end product look fucked up.

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This is actually rather interesting. I'm intrigued.
Do keep going OP.

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/tg/ is awesome for giving good criticism and not pulling punches.

OP is boss for both this project and for having the chops to deal with /tg/'s criticism properly.

>> No.16115020

Feel like uploading your wires, good sir?

>> No.16115026

>Copy picture with appealing pose
>Ignore angles of pose
>Body like a lanky eight year old with plums taped on to chest
Jesus christ.

>> No.16115036

Wait, what just happened and why?

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Chaos is a terrifying thing. Also, godspeed OP.

>> No.16115040

>>Ignore angles of pose

The beauty of 3d is you can manipulate the model of as you wish - it's generally a bad idea to try making the pose as you build, instead you get the character and then pose it, unless you're only going for a still render from a single direction that you'll work on.

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OP, you need to decide which age Cultist-chan you're gonna make.

child, teen or adult, cause she's appeared as all 3

>> No.16115045

And not necessarily in any given order either.

>> No.16115050

Maybe /3/ would be better for this. Here's the hint: Your reference material has no place on /tg/, or any worksafe board, for that matter. Dear OP, if you need references, go to /s/, or any free porn pic site. Please remember to render clothes too.

>> No.16115052

Wish I knew what OP was warned for and what everybody is spazzing out about. Any alternate sauce?

>> No.16115063

adult, teen, adult, kid, teen if I know my history.
I wonder what the warning was for...

>> No.16115066


I disagree heartily with this for several reasons but whatever, you're the mod, and I'm sure pointing them out would only lead to me recieving a warning.

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Wish I had saved it for you anon.
He's making a 3d model of cultist-chan. Said model was naked. That is all. Also, her tits were too small.

>> No.16115068


Not to nitpick, but if I remember correctly he was only given reference material by other posters.

He came in asking for advice/a cultist-chan general thread. He didn't ask for porn to be posted in the thread.

Unless I missed something, and if I did, I apologize.

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She wasn't naked, since she had no defined features other than the face and a rough humanoid shape.

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Hey mod, I wonder, is non-sexual nudity considered pornographic and NSFW?

I know next to nothing about culture of USA. Not even trolling.


>> No.16115078

This is/was debatably not porn. Just like posting a Ken/Barbie doll without clothes would not count as porn either. I agree that the OP went with making the thread in the wrong way though and should just have made a thread about the character itself and not his model. But I do think that deleting the images is a bit excessive.

Anyway thanks for removing that other elf princess thread. That was an awful thing.

>> No.16115083

I'm very curious what these images looked like.

>> No.16115084

Wow, just wow mod. He was making a 3d model of a /tg/ related character and you ban him because the model was unclothed despite having no genetalia actually rendered.

I don't know what's more sad, that you actually try to justify your bullshit or that you pretend that a "worksafe" board can't have any nudity even for anatomy reference despite that 4chan is entirely 18+.

>> No.16115090

They were rather awful. Just like most other "Cultist-chan" artwork.

The character should just have stayed as a random rule 63 drawfag request.

>> No.16115093

Could someone with a dynamic IP repost them?

>> No.16115095


Actually you know what, I'll do it anyway.

1) OPs model wasn't naked, it wasn't even sexual. It was a humanoid body with a defined face and no-other defined features other than you'd expect from general anatomy.

2) He did not ask for reference images, he simply said it was 'Cultist tiem' and then showed what he was working on.

3) Why is it that a thread like this is deemed unacceptable whilst a drawfag thread is allowed to thrive? There is no difference.

>Maybe /3/ would be better for this. Here's the hint: Your reference material has no place on /tg/, or any worksafe board, for that matter.

Why are you referring him to a work safe board in the first sentence and then warning him off it in the next? Last time I checked part of work for artists is actually looking at reference images - not that this was one of those, but it's a vital and accepted part of work and would certainly not lead to an issue in related industries.

>Dear OP, if you need references, go to /s/, or any free porn pic site.
Again, he did not ask for these.

>Please remember to render clothes too.
Why should he when he's 1) Not finished and 2) it doesn't need clothes since it's not actually naked.

tl;dr Your 'ruling' is crap, warning was unjustified.

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>this thread

>> No.16115098

Calm down. I agree there was no reason for deletion but its not the end of the world.

And for the record the mod has removed troll threads next to this one. He is doing a good job even if he slipped up on this one.

>> No.16115107


This, a thousand times over. I wish I could have put it as well thought out and as eloquently as you did.

>> No.16115108

He didn't delete the "I Dated a guy who played magic" thread even though it got posted multiple times and is just people getting mad.
Mod seems like little more than a child for this, nothing else to say.

>> No.16115110


Well, that's how mods on /tg/ work. Much like the Departmento Munitorum, they ignore problems for days or even weeks and then carpet bomb whole planets instead of just shooting the one or two heretics.

>> No.16115112

I just noticed OP has been banned. The mod is clearly out of line here.

Removing troll threads and nudity is fine. OP went the wrong way with making the thread, but that shouldn't be grounds for any of this. But I don't see anything that deserves any kind of ban here.

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>mfw I see ponyfaggotry but this gets deleted
I don't want to live on this board anymore.

>> No.16115120

Yeah just noticed. This is a pretty bad mod.

>> No.16115122

The elf thread dude is already back with a non-offensive image. So glad our mod is working hard on the problem!

>> No.16115124

Beetter get an innoncent man imprisoned that to allow a single criminal roam free.

Is this the enviroment we want for our children and tweens? Is this the lesson we want them to learn?

>> No.16115126

I've been here longer than you have, I know very well how the board works. Your exaggerations are retarded.

>> No.16115134

Calm the fuck down. When that was posted OP wasn't banned.

At least I don't think he was.

>> No.16115135

while im not defending anyone you need to really learn the difference between 18+, pornographic, and worksafe content. just cause a site is 18+ doesnt mean you can just post porn all over it. worksafe means its safe for you to log onto the site at work and not get fired for looking at porn on the job.
stop being a child.

>> No.16115140


I miss when /tg/ was allowed to be more erratic, with the sprinkling of fantasy and sci fi erotica. It was a more renaissance style time for the board. Mixed with repugnant trolls, and heartfelt misadventures in art, ideas, and humor.

I wonder if the board has new "guests" whom only the Mods are knowledgeable of their identities. And because of their particular workplace and relation to our board, they are doing their most to keep this board a work safe board.

We already know the guys over at Fantasy Flight lift ideas from us (a good thing too, as I believe I was one of the first to make utterance of a Black Crusade style Rogue Trader book, then months later, Black Crusade book announced)

It would make sense. The guys working at their computers don't want to get into some sort of spat over porn on their computer, female coworker comes over and gets offended. He gets fired, I get that.

I can only hope the trade off for the attention is worth it.

>> No.16115145

>Topless chicks all up in the barbarian image thread.
>Dismount your high horse fool.

>> No.16115146


>Veterancy claims

Ok, chief.


It's an unfinished render with no defining characteristics but a face. It's work safe.

>> No.16115159

>while im not defending anyone you need to really learn the difference between 18+, pornographic, and worksafe content. just cause a site is 18+ doesnt mean you can just post porn all over it. worksafe means its safe for you to log onto the site at work and not get fired for looking at porn on the job.
stop being a child.

What is this, where are you getting this from.

Is it here?
>Wow, just wow mod. He was making a 3d model of a /tg/ related character and you ban him because the model was unclothed despite having no genetalia actually rendered.

No, no I don't think so

How about here?
>I don't know what's more sad, that you actually try to justify your bullshit or that you pretend that a "worksafe" board can't have any nudity even for anatomy reference despite that 4chan is entirely 18+
Nope, not there either

How about the actual OP post?

>Rough render with a sketch reference, no nudity, only a generic humanoid shape with a somewhat detailed face.

Do you think that's porn?
Do you think reference images are porn?
Are you over-reacting or something - guys not defending porn, he's defending the OPs validity to post here.

Unfinished render with (here's the important bit) NO NUDITY =/= porn all over the place and being a child.

>> No.16115165


>log onto 4chan at work
>get fired for NOT WORKING AT WORK

Get the fuck back to work, kid.

>> No.16115174

The biggest problem right now isn't that the mod made a bad decision. Its that he doesn't admit that he may have slipped up after he already posted once in this thread.

This only garners greater animosity. The only thing the mod could do to create greater dissatisfaction at this point is:

1) Stay silent
2) Delete the thread

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File: 17 KB, 220x432, 6618a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I understand you attempt at a rebuke but there is a difference between the examples you gave.
But where was the child porn you are mentioning.
if you are talking about breast size.
Well here's a small breasted statue which is obviously
a mature female.
As well, a statue of Aphrodite should be considered worksafe unless you are jerking to it in your cubical.
I seriously doubt anyone would be fired for looking at the previously posted image as well...


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File: 34 KB, 320x624, barbie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: Disgusting pornography in a worksafe board

>> No.16115182


Some people's jobs are now to sift through our board for ideas.

Example: Black Crusade.

But that is a good thing, in my opinion.

>> No.16115186


You know it will come.

>> No.16115187

again showing that your a child by making a counter argument to a point im not even making, did i say all the content is worksafe on /tg/? did i even say it should be? no. i pointed out a fallcy in your argument. saying 4chan is 18+ DOES NOT mean its ok for everyone to post porn everywhere. i never said i back this up or think people adhere to it. id actually pretty much say the opposite, i dont care and people do it all the time.
read above and also know i didn't actually see the image, i wish i had cause im intrigued by all the trollin. i dont care if it was or wasnt worksafe and i wasnt arguing either way, it just angers me when people say things like he did

>> No.16115190

Guys, how about you just turn around and walk away? Nothing to see here.

>> No.16115191 [DELETED] 

hey guys, remember a few days ago when we had a thread and people defended the mod and said people don't get banned unless they seriously break the rules and called all the whiners a bunch of overreacting crybabies?

>> No.16115194


Which is why you save the thread as html.

>> No.16115197

One of the images (the one where he fixed her boobs) had his reference picture in it. It was a topless woman with fairly small breasts' torso. That's what the mod meant by "Your reference material has no place on /tg/, or any worksafe board".
While I disagree with the banning on principle, it was a pretty black-and-white rule that was broken.

>> No.16115198

Could OP please link us to his work in another thread, on another board?

I'd like to see what the fuss was all about.

>> No.16115199


>company pays people to farm other people for ideas
>company makes profit off of other people's ideas
>company does not seek to give credit or payment for ideas it uses
>good thing

You're a fucking idiot. Enjoy paying for your own ideas.

>> No.16115209

Yeah I don't mind the mod deleting the images either (even though the ones with barbie syndrome dont really count as nudity) but the banis unjustified.

>> No.16115210


>Get paid to go to a website
>Get fired for content on website

does not compute

>> No.16115214

Which is exactly the point of this outrage.

>> No.16115218
File: 24 KB, 450x396, 1279639511425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn... I want that job...

>Ideas given freely
>no credit given to anon
>credit ;; anon

>company listening to the fans
>implied bad thing

>> No.16115219

Does anybody else remember when OP's post could have been considered the most SFW thing on the front page?

>> No.16115220

Nice one, shitting the thread up beyond redemption. Closed.

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File: 90 KB, 504x290, fuklaw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I for one support the Mod's glorious battle against chaos and all things not safe for work in the /tg/ universe.

Do not listen to the usurpers who wish to undermine the Lord Mod Emperor! With his hammer he shall smite the heretics and purge this place of the unclean.

>> No.16115222

>read above and also know i didn't actually see the image, i wish i had cause im intrigued by all the trollin.

>i dont care if it was or wasnt worksafe and i wasnt arguing either way, it just angers me when people say things like he did

So what youre saying is you're an idiot, because that's all that reads as.
You tried weighing in your 'opinion' and got angry at someone with a perfectly valid point which you completely missed because, stay with me here, you didn't know what he was talking about.

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