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I need more warhammer wallpapers. Can any kind /tg/ players oblige with some nice ones? Preferable Space Marines?

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Bumping. I only have a few.

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Nice, guys.

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Hey are you the same dude that was flooding /soc/?

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>Using this on laptop at Uni
>Friend sees it, asks if Emps is some kind of evil wizard-king
>He has no idea why this pleases me so much

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On occasion. There are 2 of us. But our supply is limited.

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Yeah i was that other guy, just go to wallbase. TONS OF TONS of fucking wallpapers. Im still posting in that skype thread with the ones i saved.

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Don't mention it.

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I'm now imagining them all getting drafted into the Imperial Guard or pressganged onto a Rogue Trader ship...

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Fucking dark eldar. Flesh sculptures would be better.

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Who do you think made them in the first place?

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I meant they would make better flesh sculptures than slaves.

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