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How much realism do you like to instill into your fantasy games, /tg/? Do you require weapons and armor to be authentic and for combat to be historically accurate or does it not really matter to you since it is fantasy? Do you play within the span of a certain century or is it always just general medieval?

I ask this because I'm thinking of instilling certain nuances of realism (like weapons, clothing, and armor) in my next game and I wanted to see it worked for the rest of you.

Also, if anyone happens to know the actual source for my picture (I have other by the same artist and will post them), it'd be greatly appreciated. The link at the bottom doesn't really take me anywhere and I've tried other combinations.

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Those other pictures I spoke of.

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I like dual wielding as a trope far too much to enforce any level of realism in the systems I run.

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Last one I have.

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It has been my experience that GMs big on "realism" are generally the kind of dickfarts that will impose a penalty for wearing a cloak. So I'll just say that I'm incredibly leery of attempts towards it.

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It really just depends on the system, the style of game and the level of power invested in the player. The games of say, Riddle of Steel, Reign and Dungeons & Dragons have totally different design paradigms and any campaign I run will reflect that.

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I like realism to the extent that low-magic campaigns with few fantasy concepts generally instill, but I'm too rules-light to fuck around with mechanics for shifting backpack weight or mucking up combat. so I guess you could say I'm torn on it.

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It depends on what game are you playing and what your group wants to play.

If you are playing WFRP or RoS then chances are that you want it as realistic as possible.
If you are playing D&D or Exalted, the polar opposite.

Realism is great for immersion and role-play, but you have to seriously research your shit.

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Well, of course but I hadn't planned on being severely realistic, just enough to ground the setting a bit.


Thank you.

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The game is Castles & Crusades which is a AD&D 2e upgraded clone that, as I believe, is a little more down-to-earth than standard D&D. But I understand what you mean. I just want to promote more imagery like this >>16097675 in the game than something like my picture to the left. While it is badass, it's not really the tone I'm looking for.

I don't know. I want to cover this with the players first and see how into it they are. That'll be the make-or-break point for the idea.

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D&D 3.5 is surprisingly realistic when you stop the ridiculous Forgotten Realms level inflation. 11th level bartenders with iron golem bouncers? Fuck no.
A badass veteran soldier is level 3. The best swordsman in the kingdom is level 6, 8 max. Centuries-old army-wrecking archmagi? They're level 15, not epic.

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More realistic route means more work for the GM, but it is in my opinion worthy of investment. But this also means more involvement by the players

In my group we usually choose some kind of timeline boundary. It helps. For example, our last campaign (that is still going) is set in Renaissance period. A lot of details were put on social structure, descriptions of environment (playing in Mediterranean climate).

Also it helps if you won't play straight forward hack-n-slash. A lot of social interaction, circles of contacts, allies, rivals etc. will help your campaign more realistic. People with their dreams and goals.

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I prefer light hearted realism. I like armor and warfare to at least make sense, but given what inhabits the worlds, leeway must be given.

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Realism for me as a DM is complex...

It's like, I have a problem with Superman catching Lois Lane in the first movie. I'm all for there being a man with crazy abilities, but not with the physics of him catching her without it breaking her in half.

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It's retarded to make it balls to the walls "realistic".

Because you can't. It's impossible. even when you have a magical empiric knowledge and a time machine, you wouldn't know what would be possible or not. Only that a lot is possible.

I am more concerned about the atmosphere for my players. THen i try to make some authentic stuff mixed with the usual fantasy. All mixed with a grain of salt, humor and "STOP TAKING IT SO SERIOUS".

Nobody wants to sit down and calculate everything with a calculator and spreadsheets or history books. I know my fair share of medieval history all over europe in all kinds of subjects. It's interesting for the players when you explain something to them through the game when it happens casually, but its nothing more. They want to experience awesome stuff, so i mix hollywood clichees and some "realism" in there. They like it. And thats all what matters.

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By the way, i used to visit forums and play the game "The Dark Eye" ( Das Schwarze Auge ) a long running german tabletop game.

The tabletop has a over 25 years long running steady developing timeline with a newspaper you can subscribe to and background and lore that is so big and thightly knit you need several huge ass books if you REALLY want to get into the game. It has a lot of rules, some are good, most are retarded or just too slow or outdated.

The majority of the playerbase are entitled little bitches ( just like /v/ "Ooooh they want money! curse them! They do this and everybody plays different and they can ignore it when they like but nooo they are doing it WRONG!") and claimed REALISM to such a high degree, its ridicilous. In a game where you can prove anything to counter any argument, because the makers and authors of the gamebooks don't believe in conservative, stagnant and overly realistic. The whole game is like "Yes, we have backgrounds that try to be authentic and with a grain of reality. AND VIKINGS THAT WEAR WINGED HELMETS, HELLS YEAH". Its always mixed with a smirk. Don't take it too serious, because it was never intented to. (cont.)

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have some misc artwork, since I cant sleep.

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Mainly, I hate shit with spikes sticking out all over the place. Or the desire to make something look cool leading to something that looks cluttered, cumbersome, and downright useless. Simplicity of design is elegant and functional.

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I think some spikes can be okay in the context of "It's magic I don't gotta explain shit."

Some sort of evil-wizard-guy can wear spiky armor.
Your party's Fighter probably prefers something less showcasey.

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As far as armor and stuff goes, if you're looking for plausibly "realistic" takes on it, you could try something like the layers system in WHFRP2.

The maximum amount of armor someone can have is 5 points, but armor is divided into 3 rough types and worn in layers.

Cloth/Padded & Leather armors provide 1 point of armor.
Mail provides 2 points of armor
Plate provides 2 points of armor

Each of these armor types have associated penalties for wearing them on certain locations, download the book from /rs/ for more details.

As far as other systems, I'm a fan of some of the things Burning Wheel does, though the whole Fight! mechanic is a bit odd for some.

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thinking about OP's question, as a historical researcher, maker of replica arms, and all that sort of histocial fascism, I think my honest answer of how much is:

Make the game fun. then make it as realistic as the players find fun.

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>I think some spikes can be okay in the context of "It's magic I don't gotta explain shit."
I don't buy it. It looks stupid and just makes shit unwieldy. I'm more comfortable with chainmail bikinis than I am with huge spikes all over the place.

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personally, spikes are the very nadir of impractical nonsense. (well, that and 40k pauldrons) armour can look fucking evil, without having daft spikes on it. all they do is mean that blows fail to slide off it, and instead land harder. Evil does'nt mean stupid, after all.

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The community wants you to play a realistic hero that has realistic arguments and reasons to go on adventures. Altough "Hero" is portrayed on the offical player-sheet, mature hardcore players such as themselves don't use this word. The hero has to be mundane and normal. And when you just invent some shit why he has to go on adventures, even when its just "I have no money/ Because i want to be a hero/ Adventurerer!" they will find 100 arguments why this should not and is simply not possible.

The irony is as bad as the nerdfactor: altough they frown upon such things as special snowflake syndrome, they majority has it. And embraces it. Same with the guys who make the game. ( most of them were ex-players after all )The offical NPCs are much more worse, or in some instances much LESS worse than player-characters.

I wanted to play an untalented dwarven candy-baker making mushroom cakes. Because he is so bad at his job, he burned down his bakery AND half the village he lived in. So he had to go, with nothing to lose. When they asked me why i would play this shit, i said "Because i thought its funny." the reaction was somehow like something you would expect on /v/.

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So take this story as a warning, OP.

Never take this shit as far as these guys. And this is big in Germany.

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armour can be incredibly ornate, but its (almost) always practical, in that whatever it is, the underlying form works.

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And god forbid you have to make your way through a tangled forest or something. Hell, half the time I'm impressed that anybody can wear spiky armor without putting their own eyes out. They are not typically well-coordinated affairs.

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Perhaps we differ on the liking of practical appearance and practical capability.
Yeah, spikes wouldn't work in combat.
But impractically they have a presence of a twisted being.
It's not practical, it's just meant to LOOK a cetain way. To give a certain presence.
I'm fine with practical, but I don't get the attitude that if it wouldn't work in real life, then you shouldn't play it. Some realism is good, but a staunch attitude like that gets a bit annoying.

If I wanted that, I wouldn't be roleplaying with dice, I'd be collecting historical pieces and going to renaissance fairs to show people how to blacksmith.

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if I were to run a parody game someday, I'd love to create the Cursed Plate Armour of Degerate evil.

a black, spiked harness of plate armour that offers half-decent protection. but also lowers the wearer's intelligence by 5 points, makes them believe that the armour looks brilliant, and that it makes them a more dangerous warror. Infact, it emanates an aura that makes everyone else worse, by the fact they cant help start laughing at the wearer.

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The only realism that really maters in a tabletop game is Gygaxian Realism.

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...so i have to roll for rape-awarness?

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If Gary read that he'd be rolling in his grave

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I'll readily admit that spikes are a pet peeve of mine. I can't divorce their aesthetic from their functionality, so they end up looking as ugly to me as stupidly impractical. Plus, spikes are incredibly overdone. It's like repeatedly hearing the same type of music until your initial dislike turns into sheer hatred.

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>But impractically they have a presence of a twisted being.

but that's a wholly subjective view.
I look at the same armour, and dont see a "twisted being", but a bi of a wally.

does'nt make my opinion any more valid than yours, of course, but I cant help feel its a bit daft.

on the other hand, if I saw the BBEG step off his throne wearing something like this pic, I'd shit myself, as to my mind it says "this fucker is clever enough not to have superflous un-nessecary shit all over his stuff. They mean business. And I'm probably fucked."

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Did he fail it?

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