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Posting routine 71 intiated.

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I exist to serve.

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Initialising dump protocol.

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That looks horrible.

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Sure, let's see what I've got.

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Same artist than >>16080812 and >>16080850, it'd appear. He's a great artist.

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If he ever drew Guilliman, though, I missed it. I'd like to see that one.

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No, he's not.

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Does anyone have this pic in higher resolution?
Посоны, поделитесь хайрезом :3

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Dorn always looks off without a handlebar moustache.

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Really? Because damn it looks similar.

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What I meant is that Aerion, that's his DA username, isn't a great artist. Not concerning 40k, too much glossiness and bling.

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I think the 'no he's not' was directed to the 'great artist' part.

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That face is eeirily reminiscent of Lex Luthor.

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Oh. Well, I think he's pretty good. Can we settle this on a good note and agree to disagree?

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Vin Diesel as Horus?

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Dump concluded.
Powering down.

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Oh sure, I don't mean to impose my opinion as fact, I just don't like his style. His and whoever drew >>16080804.

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Also, in 40k, bling is good. It is what makes the difference between a low-level mook and a powerful general or a Chapter Master. Orks get to define it by size, but bling is all humans have.

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I agree with >>16080804, but Aerion's style reminds me of Samurai Jack, which, in my book, isn't a bad thing.

That said, yeah, different strokes.

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Has anyone ever drawn a rendition of the fight between Leman Russ and Lion El Johnson?

Because someone needs to really get on that.

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Dunno, but I agree. It should be done.

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Last one.

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Its odd that I've never seen anyone draw it. It seems like the kind of thing that would have a lot of art, but it has none, not even officially.

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Something looks off about this one, but I can't put my finger on it.

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i dont really like the faces but his armors are fantastic

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But who was primarch?


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You know all those missing Primarchs?
Stolen by Blood Raven.

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The lack of watermelon?

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The Unknown Primarch. Duuuuh!

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Was Magnus.... a Navigator?

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I've a couple.

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I have sources that tell me that the magpies belong to the Black Legion.

That narrows down who was their true primarch.

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please share, that one looks awesome

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As you wish.
Sangy first.

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I am in love with this particular picture. If I could impregnate a picture, this would be it.

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"Er, Sanguinius, this is kind of awkward."

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I never see this one on /tg/, oddly enough.

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Sanguinius was the little love starved kid who craved his father's attention, right?

Too bad the Emperor had love only for Horus.

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Abaddon is their primarch?

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Emperor loved Sanguinius. Sanguinius was a genuinely nice guy when he wasn't being a mighty warrior and pretty much the best primarch out of the lot. Seriously, even Horus said so.

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It's from the ending of Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising. Abandon said that the Blood Raven belong to him. It might mean that he want to destroy them personally or it might really mean that they used to belong to him before he turn Chaos.
Which lead to the question of why would Abandon care about the Blood Raven so much. Most of /tg/ answer because they stole his arms.

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No, no, it's from Retribution.

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>Horus kills Sanguinius

Dude not cool.

>Horus kills (terminator/guardsman/ etc whatever he was)


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Oh right. I mixed up the ending. Sorry.

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One of chaos rising missions had the Black Legion assaulting Caldaris to steal the Blood Ravens scouts and recruits.

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If I recall, it was because he saw Horus swatting Pius like a gnat, even though he posed no threat.
Sanguinius was the reason he attacked him to begin with, but his heart wasn't in it.

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I always thought it was less: "YOU KILLED THAT GUY! PREPARE FOR *MAXIMUM FUCK*" and more of a distraction- I mean, these are demigods we're talking about...And quite suddenly, Horus's attention was somewhere else.

I'm hoping that the Siege of Terra novel is from Pius's perspective- And by Dan Abnett. Failing that, the guy on the bridge should be Loken, or that Custodes Amon, who's been name-dropped everywhere.

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Probably answers
-Abaddon is a douche and thinks all Chaos marines belong to him by right as Warmaster
-Blood Ravens are close enough to being Rebegade that he thinks they should join the Black Legion
-Magnus gave them to him/Horus long ago

I still think more factors point to them being 1kSons than Black Legion. Relic and info hoarding, their warcry gets mentioned in A Thousand Sons (or one of the other HH books, I forget), absurd amounts of Librarians, pre-heresy 1kSons colours, Psyker Chapter Masters...

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I think the custodes, if it's going to be one, will be Constatine Valdor.

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Valdor has fluff after the Heresy. Nein.

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What fluff?

The Captain-General who led Sisters around during Age of Apostasy was named Excelsor, so Valdor is not in charge anymore in that time.

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This book was immensely disappointing. I like Vulkan and the Salamanders a little less than I used to.

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No. 1 reason for liking Aerion: his Leman Russ has a beard.

GW's decision to have the Head Honcho of the VikingWolves be beardless still boggles me.

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Guilliman reportin in

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Here's a Ferrus

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details please...

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>no Konrad Curze in this thread

Yeah well, fuck you too.


Why don't you find out for yourself?


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I hope it will be explained soon.

Anyways isn't captain Aramus and Thaddeus cruising the eye of terror now right in Abaddon's backyard?

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Oh for fucks sake, read some books god damn you. First off, there's this from "A Thousand Sons":

>“It’s too late… the Wolf is at the door and it hungers for blood. Oh, Throne… no, the blood! The Ravens, I see them too. The lost sons and a Raven of blood. They cry out for salvation and knowledge, but it is denied! A brother betrayed, a brother murdered. The worst mistake for the noblest reason! It cannot happen, but it must!”

Then you have that short story in the "Age of Darkness" which shows one of the TS cults/sects who were sent away from Prospero before the Space Yiffs arrived have the insignia of a black raven with spread wings and a drop of blood on it.

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File: 193 KB, 803x996, primarch_leman_russ_by_calavera666-d34l0xn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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More Perturabo.

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If they were 1Ksons then why didn't the flesh change affect them?

Their geneseed is pure save for one flaw. Until there is some solid evidence of the blood raven origin there will be still debate.

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I have a theory.

If your legion/chapter has the word "Iron" in it, GW will go out of their way to ignore you.

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Nathan Explosion is God emperor of Mankind.
Pic related.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it was because they weren't dabbing chaos runes all over themselves.

>> No.16081888


S'up Boss

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"My brain is full of fuck"

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Was going to rebuild Night Haunter, maybe Corax and Khan too.

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Thanks for the hammer, dude.

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>> No.16081947

Not the guy you're addressing but let me explain.

In the end bits of A Thousand Sons, Magnus is crying his eye out while overlooking the city from the top of his Pyramid. Tzeentch appears to him and long story short it tells him the pact they made together to stop the flesh-change is now broken and Tzeentch will do whatever the fuck he wants with the Thousand Sons willy-nilly. Originally, Magnus had given his eye to make a pact with Tzeentch to stop it, saving the legion.

Now then. The reason the Blood Ravens aren't affected by the flesh-change is simple: The Fleshchange is 100% manually controlled by Tzeentch. The reason they don't turn into spawn at random is because he has a plan (considering all the shit they go through in the games it's not hard to believe they're moving towards something).

Plain and simple. Everything about the backstory is there being spoon-fed to you if you care to look into it. Just because GW hasn't given an official stance doesn't negate the overwhelming proof. It's like asking your friend if the duck in front of you really is a duck but he's going "well... maybe, maybe not!". they're just being coy about it.

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How the fuck do individual ALpha legionnaires know who is who?

>> No.16081979


It shouldn't be difficult. Only humans find it hard to tell Astartes apart. I'm pretty sure Alpharius and Omegon are like the hive king, versus the drones. They can *just tell*...Like the Blood Angels, when Sanginus died.

>> No.16081989


They mostly don't according to Legion by Dan Abnett, I just gave Omegon that fancy armor to distinguish them from one another and not make them look like silly copy pasted oafs. Much like Aerion did.

And lo and behold people posted my works in progress!

>> No.16081998


Tzeentch is using them to steal from fucking everyone, thus winning small battles. For want of a nail, for want of a tank, for want of a relic.

>> No.16082010

I think you're forgetting the Rubric, the entire fleshchange thing seems only to have happened to force Ahriman to cast the Rubric. Otherwise why would Tzeentch tell Magnus it was just as planned when Magnus went to smash Ahriman? You're making Tzeentch more labrynthine than he is

>> No.16082034 [DELETED] 


What is this Rubric you speak of?

>> No.16082044


I think he means the Rubric of Ahriman- The reason why most of the Thousand Sons are just suits of armor.

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I figured it out as soon as I clicked submit. Sorry.

>> No.16082050

Well, let's see then.

Magnus realizes during the Battle of Prospero that the fate of the Thousand Sons and himself has been apparently orchestrated since before even the Thousand Sons were created (or Ahriman and Ohrmuzd chosen by the Emperor). He realizes his folly and arrogance at trying to go against such destiny as the TS have a motto of sorts "There is no such thing as coincidences".

Proof to back this up:

- Magnus had to sacrifice his eye to stop the fleshchange. This missing eye is what allowed Leman Russ to blindside him during their duel right before the fall of Prospero.
- At some point, the 10 Fellowships of the Thousand Sons were reduced to 9. 1 fellowship got ibliterated utterly but Magnus decided against reforming it, taking a liking to the number 9 for some reason. Guess what Tzeentch's sacred number is?

You'd think with this kind of foresight, Tzeentch didn't know about the fleet Magnus sent out to the edges of Prospero space which will eventually turn into the Blood Ravens? Compared to the rest of the shit he's pulled, this would be child's play. It's not making him out to be labyrinthine, it's simply not expecting him to be that dense and oblivious to obvious shit.

Tzeentch merely manipulated the core body of the TS so he could have the Rubrics and left the fleet alone so they can turn into the Blood Ravens and so Tzeentch has now a battleforce on both sides of the conflict. He is essentially playing a chess game against himself. For what reason we cannot comprehend but it's known that Tzeentch will often undermine himself for giggles.

>> No.16082059

The Rubric of Ahriman. It was a cube, see. And Tzeentch was all like "BITCHES CAN'T SOLVE MY GOD DAMNED CUBE! SO I AM FUCKIN ALL YALL UP!" and Ahriman was like "BITCH I SOLVE THAT CUBE! I SOLVED THAT CUBE LAST NIGHT AFTER FUCKIN YO MAMA!" to which Magnus said "OH SNAP TZEENTCH YOU GOT SERVED!" At this point, Tzeentch was having none of it "BITCHES I AM TURNING ALL YO ASSES TO DUST, HOW YOU LIKE THAT SHIT?! WHAT? WHAT? NOW YOU FUCKED UP!" This caused magnus to cry as he already gave up his eye so this wouldn't happen, and then said "BITCH! WHY YOU TAKE MAH EYE HUH? HUH? THAT IS FUCKED UP TZEENTCH!" To which Ahriman said "IMA CAST MAH RUBRIC! RAAAWR!" So now there are rubric marines which are dust, and psyker thousand sons, which are not dust.

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File: 39 KB, 300x307, yuno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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>> No.16082091

If Tzeentch has put the flesh change switch on off for the blood ravens, can the blood ravens save themselves if he decides to turn it back on.

>> No.16082094


I dont think they have a choice. I mean, take a look at the Soul Drinkers.

>> No.16082108

What the Emprah said. If the entire Horus Heresy is any indication, no, it's pretty much mortals going up against gods. Can't do shit.

>> No.16082124

No offense but so much for the whole ''Emperor protects'' thing.

>> No.16082130


They could, technically ward off their bodies. But they would need shitloads of prep, and foreknowledge of the coming change.

In Madness Within, an audio book. A crimson fist librarian, wards himself off using purity seals and chants against demons and the warp in general.

Note, he was NOT wearing a psychic hood or power armor.

>> No.16082132
File: 20 KB, 201x311, 1313761640930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha. Well, serves you dirty loyalists for worshipping a corpse than actual gods ey?

>> No.16082145
File: 39 KB, 510x546, BloodRavenTzeentch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure they have something they could use.

>> No.16082148

Gotta catch em all eh?

>> No.16082149


Direct your attentions to "Madness Within".

The Emperor Protects.

>> No.16082172

Against daemons. Not against the Gods Themselves.

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File: 235 KB, 900x1171, 1297214093322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oi! Don't make me come down there.

>> No.16082187
File: 550 KB, 1014x665, Primarchs_as_teen_girlsGODDAMNIT INTERNET.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 24 KB, 510x546, BloodRavenTzeentch2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's really not necessary, you've given us enough fine gifts today, you don't need to offer more.

>> No.16082275


These things always make me laugh.

>> No.16082320

That's good, I was afraid I'd been overdoing it lately.

>> No.16082330


What is your favorite Primarch?

>> No.16082366

Favorites are for people who can't fully appreciate the whole.

So, naturally, the Emprah.

>> No.16082375

>70+ images
>Not one of Horo

I thought I was in /tg/

>> No.16082384


I did not expect that answer.

>> No.16082438

Tusknipples is a pretty cool guy, though.

>> No.16082453



Oh dude. I fuckin nearly choked on soda when I read that.

After I finish up Sanguinius , I will start drawing Magn- I mean Tusknipples.

>> No.16082494

Can somebody explain to me what's the deal with the Blood Ravens and stealing shit?

Is it because the loot in DoW2 Campaign?

>> No.16082531

I demand drawfags to draw me a picture of Golden Throne "gifted" to Bloody magpies.

Can be similar to that Looted Throne pic.

>> No.16082556

They were in the same conflict as Vance "I apparently misplaced 100 Baneblades" Stubbs too, if I recall.

>> No.16082876


yeah, so?

>> No.16082961

The shit they own includes really shady crap like Perturabo's (formerly Ferrus') hammer Forgebreaker, a suit of Adeptus Custodes armour, a copy of Lorgar's book, Marneus Calgar's old bolter, suits of "gifted" armour from captains and heroes of other chapters, and a blessed armour from Mars, which is strange mostly because several OTHER bits of wargear suggest the AdMech hates the shit out of the Ravens. As does everyone else.

>> No.16083635

It's a joke that implies the Blood Ravens are so good at stealing that they were "gifted" Vance's 100 tanks.

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