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Could I get a sisters of battle image dump?

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yes plz

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Is it heresy for wanting to be dominated by a SoB?

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It would be heresy if you didn't.

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Keep dumping.

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It is not heresy. A lack of manliness, sure, but that's another problem that the Imperial Creed does not deal directly with.

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I now have a mental image of a Guardsman looking at a naked SoB and he is nervous but there is a Commissar standing behind him pointing his las gun at him telling him to get in there and fuck her.

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>I'll show you hot

Please do.

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So what's been going on with the sisters lately? Were they getting a new codex or something?

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let's not start it again

new codex in a white dwarf, making them basically unplayable, with an underdeveloped fluff and no new minis

everyone has been raging over it for the last two months

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I'd rather fuck that gun barrel.

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To which the Commisar replies "I CAN ARRANGE THAT TOO!"

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Seriously this a really nice artwork
if i would have any kinda of waifu this would probally be mine

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i can imagine that pic turning in to a "What the fuck am i reading" at any second

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This is by the same person who did the Black Templar with Kid pic?

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stupid women wasting boltgun rounds like Somalian niggers with AK47s.

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not what I'd call unplayable, though not really great either

fluff is basically unchanged

expecting new models with a WD dex is laughable

it's par for the course with other WD books (warriors of chaos, blood angels), and the people who are 'raging' about it are being silly

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>Crusader artwork
I fucking love Crusaders.
Is there more of this?

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lets see what i've got

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So many hats.....

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Hey DLF: >>16072895
Do you have any Crusader Artwork?

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The guys with the big shields? I took a look, but couldn't find anything, I'm afraid. They're rather under-represented.

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Aww, too bad.

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Wait, actually, there is this one.

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okay, for her legs to be attached like this on her hips, her crotch must be about... say... three inches wide?

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okay, for her legs to be attached like this on her hips, her crotch must be about... say... six inches wide?

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Easy access.

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whoa, that sister must be a cyborg skeleton, or an anorexyc supermodel, why the hell do people always draw sisters as they didnt have flesh and muscle at all?

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fairly certain there's one or two in the DH books.. but I don't know which and can't be arsed to download them and find out

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Because it makes them look less feminine.

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>cyborg skeleton sista
Like... Cibo?

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what's happening here?

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Sister of Battle stripping :3

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Angry Sororitas

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Sisters of Battle have very extreme "monthly visits"

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this fucking comic.

what is the joke behind this or is it just one of those 'lolpedophilarundum'

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I always tought that a naked sister of battle would be strong as fuck, like a professional athlete

also covered with grotesque scars

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Obligatory rage image

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She read the WDex.

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Captcha: System orknown

Uh oh...

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Old /tg/ joke from way back in the day, that Sororitas were all into straight shota.

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Chances are your average SOB could snap your average guardsman in half

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>I can choke you with power armor, therefore I am right

Yup, sure is rage alright.

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Please tell me you actually read the comic and you if even vaguely, understand who the Sisters of Battle are.

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That psyker sure does look frustrated

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>mfw Ben Counter's Grey Knights has a Cannoness slapping around two or three Grey Knights in full Power Armour.

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or more like some kind of stocky and scarred woman that expends 16 hours at day praying and training

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Damn, why it's so hard to find Sisters art that isn't too cartoonized.

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>Say women are useless
>Be mere child's play to the woman you are talking to

How do you not get this joke? It is one of the the most basic punchlines of jokes.

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What do they tell boys who want to join the Sistahhood?

If you know you're gonna be pressed into the emperor's service may as well join the wing passing out free power armor

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>the message can't be stupid and immature, you just didn't understand it

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because you don't have internet?

I don't know, man, just look at this fucking thread

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Sisters are women only. And they're all orphans.

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well, one key of the guys argument was that she was weak, but the situation wasn't exactly proving one point or another, it was more "why don't you shut up"

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so kill your parents and cut off your balls


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but why would they bring this situation out in the first place? he didn't just say something stupid, he said something sexist, the author is assuming that many 40k players think the same thing, otherwise there would be no joke (or attempt at joking)

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Sorry, I did not think any guy was pathetic enough to get offended by such a lighthearted joke.

Clearly I was wrong, and I apologize for hurting your delicate feelings.

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Completely side note, but every time I see one of these Sisters threads I always have Aretha Franklin singing "Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves" in my head....that is all

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Not the guy you're answering to, but for his defense, it doesn't sound lighthearted, it sounds like it's meant to be offensive. (or, actually, counter-offensive)

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they send them to the Crusaders

which are in every way cooler than the Sororitas

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That isn't funny.

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well, their recruitment process is a lot more selective

and their outfit looks cooler, I'd say.

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Blood Angels actually got a better treatment in terms of models and rules...which is pretty sad

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I've got to bail, but I've been getting lots of duplicate image messages anyway for the past 15 minutes, so most of my stuff's up here already. Hope it's useful.

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I would be very ok with being molested by a SoB.

Having her laugh at my small manhood, emasculating me in front of the whole schola progenium.


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Never heard of them. I thought it was either astartes or cannon fodder IG for the men of the Imperium

Tell me more.

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Does somebody have a colored version of that one?

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These guys.

>Never heard of them.
It's okay, they're pretty obscure.

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I have a question

what the fuck are the living saints? They are like powerfull psykers with wings and fire controled by their minds?

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Imperial Daemon Princes(ses)

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Not with the WD dex. They had zero updated models, the rules were a patch-job and when compared to the space marine book extremely lackluster

The Warriors of Chaos WD book had probably twice as much content cut from it, with no new models and undeniably -worse- rules

The Sister WD book ain't great, but that's just how they make WD codices rather than some inherent (or malicious) bias against Sister players

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Saints. They perform miracles.

Now, HOW that works is 'lol idunno' as it works in ways that are odd for basically everything else it could be. It's not Psyker powers but it's not warp gifts and I doubt it's Necron tech as it requires you have a soul...so yeah...

Faith Powers are 'lol idduno' in nutshell.

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Anyone have the pic of the SoB holding a sign that reads " will give life for food" and it has a servo skull with a change jar? I seem to have lost it.

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isn't that heresy?

>> No.16073458


If it were a joke it would have been funny.

Good artist, shitty comedian.

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No it's irony

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Living Saints are notable for the fact that they have come back from death (at least once). The exact methodology behind this is rather grey area'd. Faith can do a fuck ton in 40k and, in a sense, think of it like a "positive mutation" caused through extreme devotion of the Star Child.

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well no more bias than usual.

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>be female
>free power armour and bolter

>be male
>free power armour, stormshield and power weapon!

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No. You just need to perform a great enough deed to be called a Living Saint. The whole point of them is that they are alive. Celestine is Unique in her factor of 'Why won't she die?' Not all saints come back from the dead.

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>Faith Powers are 'lol idduno' in nutshell.

oh... okay


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manifestation of the Emperor's will

normally declared a saint post-mortem

Sebastian Thor was the first "living saint". He's the guy who saved the Imperium during the Age of Apostasy

Not all saints are flamey-winged sisters of battle, that's just the popular image of them.

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Yeah, that sounds awesome. Honestly didn't know about those guys.

>> No.16073505


It could be a latent psychic effect like WAAAGH!, Shadow In The Warp, daemonic invulnerable saves and gifts etc. None of these can be stopped by psychic hoods or invoke perils of the warp.

And since the Emperor is a psyker, I don't see what else it could be. Some faith abilities can be explained as mundane fanaticism-inspired feats, the living saints really can't.


Too holy for her bodyglove, that's how living saints are born.

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Crusaders are not exclusively male. In fact there have been sororitas noted to be wearing such gear...which is strange. Crusaders, themselves, are more selective in a process of picking new members.
Realistically, though, they are not a formal "organization" as such and more just specifically trained members of the general Schola.
Most men would become stormtroopers, commissars, or priests. Also to be trained at the Schola implies your family has a fuck ton of money and, most likely therefore, from a noble house. Sisters are mostly taken in from families of houses whose parents died servicing the emperor. Also, almost all women (non-orphans) who train at the Schola become Sororitas. This mostly explains the lack of females in other categories.

Oh and Inquisitors come from the Schola as well, so when it comes to women who happen to be psykers...its Inquisitor or sanctioned psyker.

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pretty sure crusaders only get carapace armor

stormshield makes up for that, though

>> No.16073529

It helps to think of the warp as like the river of slime from Ghostbusters 2, the Celestin level living saints are the positivly charged version of that kind of like when they turned lady liberty into a mecha.

>> No.16073532


Yeah, it's just when you get to the RPG, the powers work in an area the warp does not exist, or works on nulls or works through hexorgrammic wards.

They just work too oddly to fall under any classification than 'They are faith powers'

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Actually faith is both fanatical feats and generally magical shit. Although, obviously, they vary in different situations.
Dark Heresy explains it fairly well. inb4 lolnotcanon

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Crusaders only have Carapace Armour.
Also becoming a Crusader is probably alot harder than becoming a Sister.

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So how come most Sisters have white hair? Genetic manipulation?

>> No.16073556

well its effects can really only be justified through some minor devotion-based effect from the star child. Could merely be an extension of the emperors gifts and thus might bypass the common "corrupt" energies of the warp? Really its not spoken about in detail enough.

>> No.16073562


If you're playing an Ork, your orky abilities and WAAGH work just fine in such circumstances too, and they're definitely said to be psychic.

Tyranids don't lose synapse because of blanks either.

>> No.16073564

I'd say premature aging from having seen some pretty fucked up shit.

>> No.16073565

it's a shame that the SoB miniatures are so lame

>> No.16073572

I think they just dye it.

>> No.16073573

don't look at it TOO closely

>> No.16073575

they don't undergo biological alteration
they dye it, IIRC, it's to commemorate a saint who had her hair miraculously turned white

and it's not true for every order. Some don't dye their hair

>> No.16073584

It is dyed to celebrate the act Alicia Dominica did when she, and her troop, personally saw the Emperor. After she left his throne room her hair, and all theirs, had turned white. Sisters, since then, reflect that by dying their hair.

>> No.16073585

>>This mostly explains the lack of females in other categories.

in all sources i have read that to be a sob they have to be female and STRONG OF FAITH, they dont become sisters automatically just because they are women, they need to be faithfull, the lack of females in other categories has only one reson - the game is made by males and for males,
and this is the same reason why you dont see blacks or asians that much, the guys that make this are white and they sell it to white guys, stop trying to justify this bullshit fluffwise

>> No.16073595

Hair dyes are not unheard of in the 41st millennium.
As for why?
Maybe they see white as a pure color, which is funny because white is a combination of all of the rainbow colors.

>> No.16073598

pretty sure she didn't bring her troop with her, bro

it was just her and the custode leader in the throne room

>> No.16073599

to correct myself: Mostly it is only the orders who follow Alicia that did and not all followed her. The major starting sisters all made the separate orders themselves.

>> No.16073609

Nope, it was Dominica and 5 others. All of which established an order afterwards.

>> No.16073616

No, you only see white guys because players, for some reason, don't paint their models black.
I have a black friend who plays 40k, and he paints all of his guardsmen as white guys. I don't know why.

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You see all these pics and you call the tau weeboo's.
i am disappoint.

>> No.16073635

nope. Codex Imperialis (which is one of the few major sources to talk significantly about the schola itself) is pretty clear that most of all women join the sororitas. I don't have to "try" to explain it since its already been "fluff-justified". However, the fluff still stands that there should be female guardsmen. Not trying to "lolbullshitjustified" but to summarize:

>> No.16073652


I'm white. I have a black Techmarine.

>> No.16073661

Yep, them asians love sisters.

>> No.16073665

you mean the caucasian space marines with oxidian black sking and red eyes?

dude,having a couple of black guys or asian when 3 quarters of this world population are not white is pretty much retarded, and 50% of the population is female, so having 1 or 2 female comissars, guardsmen or stormtroopers is quite ridiculous too in a galaxy of hundreds of trillions of humans
have anyone here read 13 black crusade? each time that creed talks to the regiments he says "men and women of the imperium", that means there are more than a bunch of women in the imperial guard and other institutions.

>> No.16073667

because they remind them of mahou shoujos

>> No.16073682

obsidian, sorry

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>> No.16073708

Nah, you got it backwards. The 40k units that appeal to japs are those which are least duplicated in Japan. Hence why the whole TAU DURRRRRRRRRRRRRR thing failed in Japan, it just looked like shittier versions of what is already ubiquitous.

>> No.16073749

Indeed. I remember some one asking a Japanese 40k player what they thought of Tau and if they were a popular army. He was told that over there, Tau are called "Dumbdams" because they just look bad.

I thought that was a real interesting.

Most popular armies in Japan?
Imperial Guard
Space Marines

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>> No.16073780

>Most popular armies everywhere?
>Imperial Guard
>Space Marines

>> No.16073789

You mean this one?

>> No.16073793


GW don't really understand how to appeal east asian market. They made this vaguely collectivist and somewhat stereotypical race and expected to break the bank with it. Of course it didn't work, even a printed Sonichu series would probably be more appealing since at least it has an "unique" touch.

>> No.16073799

Sister? Why are you wearing your panties on your head?

>> No.16073804

Imperial Guard are popular in Japan because of the whole Nazi uniform fetish they have.

Marines because Marines.

>> No.16073819

That's the one!!

Thank You, May the Emperor smile upon you.

>> No.16073821

Tau sell pretty well in other places though. I mean, not space marine level, but up there

having a mostly-plastic line does wonders

>> No.16073829

Looks like she got her hands on some Slaanesh pussy, amirite?

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>> No.16073849

What's interesting, is that a very large reason the marines sell so much (not individual chapters, but as a whole), is because they've been in every starter set and are used in every intro table at every GW store (mandatory).

In the GW store I once worked at, we switched up the intro table and rotated a wide variety of armies. The result was newcomers picking a very diverse range of armies to start off with. We had to stop though, because of a head manager from HQ coming down and noticing.

>> No.16073876

>In the GW store I once worked at, we switched up the intro table and rotated a wide variety of armies.

That sounds awesome, gives newbies a flavor of each army.

>We had to stop though, because of a head manager from HQ coming down and noticing.

Executives ruin everything.

>> No.16073879

pretty much

our head of retail was normally pretty bro about us bending company policy a little. It's all how you advertise the shit

most stores only point to marines (or the employees only really "get" space marines), so marines sell

store demographics are bizarre

>> No.16073881

Space marines sell because they're the only truly unique thing to the setting.

You can play elves in every fantasy thing ever.
You can be orks in every fantasy thing ever.
You can be humans in everything ever, period.
Undead are boring, even when robots.

So on.

But if you want to be a space marine, you have to play 40k.

It's this lack of something unique that keeps warmahordes from becoming truly popular.

>> No.16073893


>> No.16073896

> We had to stop though, because of a head manager from HQ coming down and noticing.

Wow, that is fucking bullshit. I can't believe they would get on your case for giving new players a choice in what army they want to play.

It's like they actually don't want to make money.

>> No.16073899

Tough armored beefcakes? How is this unique?

>> No.16073901

As for sales, tau easily outsells most other factions in all their systems. Why? They're plastic, have mechs, and shoot a lot.

Space marines account for at least 50% of all the company's sale. You can pick any random line of marines, and it's likely to outsell all of fantasy on its own.

>> No.16073906


>> No.16073918


Unless the money comes from Spase Marens, it is not real money.

Although money made off Hobbit minis is fine too. I heavily doubt it's going to get them an influx of new players and cash though, it's just a LotR expansion and that ship has passed.

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>> No.16073921


Look at them, and read their background.
Marines combine all the things people love about manly protagonists, without swearing.

There's great appeal to being 'the ultimate elite army.'
Unfortunately, they sucked before 5th edition.
A bit like warjacks in old warmachine, only PP still hasn't figured out how to make them truly useful.

>> No.16073945

Mutated freaks, utterly isolated from women, existing only to kill, fart a lot, religious fanatics... hm, maybe they're more unique than I thought.

>> No.16073974

>> No.16073986

So if Space Marines aren't unique, tell me what is. Tau? As if. Necrons were covered, as were Orks and Eldar. Chaos Rines are the same as Space Marines. Fanatics who kill.

Tyranids? Almost every alien to ever exist ever.

>> No.16074000

>> No.16074006


Who said *any* of it's unique?

>> No.16074028

I'm surprised no one has posted this yet.

>> No.16074034

The only thing unique about the setting is that magic exists solely to make sure that anyone with morals can never accomplish anything ever.

>> No.16074045

Then why bitch about the Astartes NOT being unique? Honestly, they fall under the category. Sure, they're hulking beefcakes who pray to a 10,000 year old dead guy. But you know what, its how they act and the lore behind what they do that makes them unique.

inb4, Starcraft vs WH40k. That make them unique enough for you? Considering Blizzard copy pasted "designs", its proven. But its the lore and how they act.

Raynor vs Calgar. What've you got? Two beefcakes in power armor. Oh, but wait...lets think about Calgar....and then the drunk, depressed southern accented Raynor. See the difference? Raynor is like most movie heroes and other game heroes, Calgar isn't.

>> No.16074058


I disagree, Imperium are clearly the good guys, and win most of their battles.

See Battle for Orar's Sepulchre, Stern and Creed defeating Abaddon in the aftermath of 13th Black Crusade in Apocalypse rulebook, Invaders destroying Idrahae Craftworld, Ultramarines beating Kraken in Ichar IV, Space Wolves winning almost all their battles...

>> No.16074074

pick one

>> No.16074091


Imperium is the only hope for Humanity's ultimate victory, the other factions are all worse. That is "good" enough.

>> No.16074097

>Invaders destroying Idrahae Craftworld
isn't the aftermath of that the Invaders homeworld being exterminated by another craftworld?

And wasn't Idrahae dangerously understrength at the time, yet still resulting in a phyrric victory for the invaders?

>Ultramarines beating Kraken in Ichar IV
>but that's wrong.jpg
Ichar IV was the -instigator- for Kraken's arrival. Yeah, they did stop the infestation on the planet, but Kraken didn't arrive until a few (dozen?) years later

not to mention several space marine chapters (scythes, lamenters) as well as major worlds such as Gryphonne being basically annihilated once it did arrive

I mean, yeah, the Imperium gets the spotlight, but don't twist the facts

>> No.16074100

>Not siding with the imperium
Get purged faster, xeno hugging heretic

>> No.16074103

Imperium IS Humanity. So obviously they're the only hope for their own victory. Doesn't mean humanity is the good guy.
Personally I see [spoilerson/tg/lol]Farsight Tau[/spoilerson/tg/lol] as the good guys.

>> No.16074106

The Imperium consists of horribly oppressive villain protagonists with a few anomalies, and all I can think of for the latter are Space Marines, so they can't do much in the way of administrating the common folk well.

>> No.16074112

whoops, derp on the quote

well, the intent is pretty clear

>> No.16074113


Ichar IV defeated the other major tendril of the Kraken according to the current Tyranid codex, the other hit Iyanden. The Ultramarines are given equal credit for defeating the hive fleet.

And the Alatoic Eldar failed in their attempt to avenge Idrahae, the Invaders survived their homeworld as a fleet-bound chapter. So I'd say the Imperium win this one.

>> No.16074114


You generally don't want boring, invincible heroes, so marines have to lose a lot, too.
Pic very much related.

If there are no challenges, and you always win by virtue of 'high ground,' you're not gonna draw anyone in.

>> No.16074118

They are, for humans anyway, the least of the galaxies evils
That does not make them good or even 'good enough'
it only makes them the best choice.

>> No.16074121

That's an arbites chick, not a SoB

>> No.16074128


>> No.16074157


There's really no difference though. It is possible to insert a more "good" faction into the setting, but same holds for something like Dark Sun or WoD as well and since it is not going to happen we'll just label the best faction "good" and be done with it.

>> No.16074163

Well, there's the Tau. Though I suppose they're widely and unfairly hated for that reason...

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>> No.16074194


What? I wasn't doing. That was my first post this thread. I don't think any of it has to be unique to be good.

>> No.16074207

>implying Nurgle isn't better than IoM
>implying Tau Empire isn't better than IoM
>implying IoM is any better than the Eldar
>implying IoM is any better than Orks

>> No.16075299


Berserk does that better.

>> No.16075320

A sincere question, why do the Sisters have boobplates on their power armor?

>> No.16075370


>> No.16075379

Why not? I don't see you complaining about spess mahrens having large enough crotch pieces for THEIR needs, so why question why women may need a bit of space for their breasts?

>> No.16075387

novice sororitas.

I like the hospitaller's diesenchanted expression. "Is the rest of my youth going to rubbing down the bruises of these flailing morons? I could have been a Famulan and be doing an oenology course right now."

>> No.16075395

>implying Tzeentch isn't the coolest thing in the entire Warhammer universe

>> No.16075405

Well I'm not complaining, but looking for an answer to a question. Second, this is a thread about Sisters of Battle.

>> No.16075419

I've got a few images saved from that SoB-out-of-power-armour thread a few weeks back.

>> No.16075427


It's power armour - they're walking tanks already, so they can afford to be superfluous and decorative in the design.

>> No.16075438


>> No.16075441

Because they have boobs which need protecting?

I am seriously trying understand what you want from this answer? Would you want them to be fully armored except for their breasts? Just leave the entire chest vacant and let the girls out for fresh air while they burn and purge?

...actually it WOULD distract heretics. Perhaps it should be standard issue to confuse and entrance the Imperium enemies while the Sister's do their holy work. If they should happen to find a bolter round in their heart, then it was the Emperor's will that led it there.

>> No.16075446

Pudding is delicious.

>> No.16075451

>implying Nurgle isn't better than IoM
>implying Tau Empire isn't better than IoM
the implication is that the Imperium is better for HUMANITY

which it is.

Being subservient to aliens and thirsting gods? Yeah, that sure is great for the survival of the species

>> No.16075452


Indeed it is.

>> No.16075479


because it's fucking 40k you asshole

this isn't eclipse phase

this isn't even star wars

it's over the top, gothic as fuck, feudalism-in-space 40k, and every fucking thing is silly, especially when it comes to the imperium's superhero contingents

so shut your fucking mouth lardass, the boobplate's there for the same reason the massive pauldrons, chainswords and fucking naval broadsides in space are, because it's all style and fuck the hard sci-fi bullcrap

>> No.16075487


>> No.16075490

Or instead of individual cups being visible, why not just make it one solid piece? That seems like it protects better. As for the answer I'm looking for is likely non-existent, as I'd like some in-universe explanation, reasoning or fan reasoning for it.

>> No.16075510


>> No.16075529


The outer side of the cup deflects incoming fire; while the inner side might seem to channel it towards the centre, it's like Captain America's shield - it's tough enough to take the punishment and focus on it prevents attacks on more vulnerable extremities. In close combat it's something for enemy weapons to snag on, making them easier to counterattack and disarm.

>> No.16075541

>Nurgle end
Free, living, loved
Free, living until dead, deemed a vital part

Oppressed as fuck, high probability of being killed by the government, deemed less important than the scraps of the High Lords of Terra's lunch snack

>> No.16075559

Because it would look less feminine, that's why not. Their power armor is impractical and unrealistic enough without the boobplate, and only a few sistas even wear helmets. Why are you so fixated on tits?

I don't see the problem with 40k having a bit of fanservice, instead of either cockblocking "reasonable" aesthetics or meticulous explanations for each vaguely sexy thing.

The fluff may be nearly as absurd as the minis, but what were you expecting? A Paragraph in a codex explaining the in-universe origins of the boobplate? Why not a detailed guide of sexual practices authorized in the Tau Empire, while you're at it?

>> No.16075576

The same kind of freedom a little kid with an overprotective mother has. But Nurglites wouldn't like it any other way...
stop trolling, would you?

>> No.16075579

Umm, having your brain rewritten to find the incredible agony of thousand diseases as pleasurable, and have the uncontrollable desire to spread them is not what I would call "free".

Yeah, because the ethereals are awesome. You don't think so, just meet one, you'll think they are awesome as soon as you here one talk.

>> No.16075583

the best explenation I heard was one of the simplest, they need to emphasis they're femininity to some extent to show that they aren't "Men under Arms" which was one of the resons they exist to begin with.

>> No.16075601

Freer than under the Imperium, at any rate.

>> No.16075603

So... I can justify this kind of attire fluff-wise?


>> No.16075609

that doesn't even make sense...
why are humanity by default the protagonist when they have no redeeming features?

>> No.16075616

Because everyone else is by and large worse people?

>> No.16075620

This is an answer I find acceptable, and well thought out pretty much what I was looking for.

I asked why, I did not say I hated them or they needed to be gone. Why am I fixated on tits? I'm not, just fixated on answers and perceptions others might have regarding small, and seemingly irrelevant things. I had asked sometime ago why all Sisters have white hair, and got a reasonable answer and there was fluff for it. Asking more and gaining knowledge isn't bad.

>> No.16075623

Why would any other faction be?

>> No.16075629

>Nurgle end
>Free, living, loved
how about slaved to the desire of your god, trapped in an eternal entophy, sacrificing both your human form and soul for power?

under the thumb of your ethereal masters, second class citizens to aliens? How about no.

And that's if you don't include all the "non-canon" (hurr) FFG/DoW/Black Library information

>Oppressed as fuck, high probability of being killed by the government, deemed less important than the scraps of the High Lords of Terra's lunch snack
But undeniably human, and a cog in it's (continued) survival

You live human, and die human. Which actually matters in 40k. Bow to aliens and daemons, and you're (literally) damned or eternity

>> No.16075643

Because we are human, yes its stupid but, thats the basic idea

>> No.16075644

Oh this is an answer more in line what I was looking for, that is a logical explanation for what I asked.

>> No.16075649

That goes a bit far.

The only fluff explanation I can think of for wearing that little protection in battle is that it's a faith thing. She leaves her survival in the Emperor's hands to demonstrate the extent of her piety.

>> No.16075651

because they have redeeming features?
Tau are the new and technologically advancing race that humans usually takes in fiction.
IoM is the scary dogmatic aliens

>> No.16075654


>> No.16075677

>how about slaved to the desire of your god, trapped in an eternal entophy, sacrificing both your human form and soul for power?
unlike IoM where- oh, wait...

>under the thumb of your ethereal masters, second class citizens to aliens? How about no.
unlike IoM where-oh, wait...

>Life under Nurgle
You will be happy, forever

>Life under Tau
You will be useful

>Life under IoM
You will be used and then tossed aside

>> No.16075748

>how about slaved to the desire of your god, trapped in an eternal entophy, sacrificing both your human form and soul for power?
>unlike IoM where- oh, wait...
Unlike the Imperium where you retain your human soul and form in a fight for the survival of your race? Bear in mind that the "God" Emperor is at the end of the day, merely a man, rather than a sentient ball of emotion from hell itself.

>under the thumb of your ethereal masters, second class citizens to aliens? How about no.
>unlike IoM where-oh, wait...
Unlike the Imperium where you are ruled by men, and second class to men?

>Life under Nurgle
>You will be happy, forever
until you die and have your soul thrown to the warp and devoured by daemons, or slip up and become a mindless spawn, or melded into some insane creation for nurgle to revel in your suffering. Not to mention that the "happiness" Nuglites show is only a result of incredible amounts of despair breaking their minds

>Life under Tau
>You will be useful
To the tau, maybe.

>Life under IoM
>You will be used and then tossed aside
derp, just like Chaos? Just like the Tau? Except here you're useful to human dominance, rather than actively working against it.

>> No.16075755

>how about slaved to the desire of your god, trapped in an eternal entophy, sacrificing both your human form and soul for power?
unlike IoM where you keep both
>under the thumb of your ethereal masters, second class citizens to aliens? How about no.
unlike IoM where you're the same to HUMANS.

Yes, I do in fact see the difference.

>> No.16075794

so by 'good' you mean 'prohuman'?
that is not good.

>> No.16075809

yes, by "good for humanity" I mean prohuman

>> No.16075828

a lot of humans do live a very fulfilling life under Imperial rule. Nearly no human lives a fulfilling life under Chaos or Tau authority. The Imperial system may be bad concerning individual life, but it's the least bad on that aspect. You were trying to prove the opposite, we proved you wrong.

>> No.16075830

then they are not good
the argument was about the IoM being the closest the setting had to a good faction.

>> No.16075844



I forgot we had switched topic...

>> No.16075859

>the argument was about the IoM being the closest the setting had to a good faction.

you can even follow the posts up to see for yourself!

(But I'm nice, here you go;>>16075451)

>> No.16075860

I think most humans live fairly fulfilled under Tau rule, and I don't know if those loyal to Chaos suffer a lot more than those loyal to the Imperium.

>> No.16075919

Imperial Nobility

That's all.

They are more numerous than all rebellious humans who live an equally happy life.

Some men may be satisfied to be second-class citizens without expectations, some men may be "satisfied" to make their whole life a struggle to prove they are the best to gods who barely even care. But they will never be as numerous as that bunch of spoiled kids who get all they want without having to lift a finger.

Very few benefit of the Imperial system, but that's still a lot more than in any other system.

>> No.16076022

That's because the Imperium is gigantic, far bigger than fully Chaos-owned territories or the Tau Empire. You're focusing on gross numbers and totally ignoring proportion. Proportion is what matters.
>Some men may be satisfied to be second-class citizens without expectations, some men may be "satisfied" to make their whole life a struggle to prove they are the best to gods who barely even care.\
Is the vast majority of the Imperium without the satisfaction.

>> No.16076084

Is it just me or is she doing the "mega milk" face?

>> No.16076125

Moe version

>> No.16076142

>> No.16076152

Looks like we hit the image limit...

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