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oka teeg, here's something i'm mucking about in Zbrush. WIP obv. Now post me some cultist chan pictors!

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get out, cancer

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teeth not pointy enough

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Let us bury this thread, forget this picture, and never speak of this event again. Please, for the sake of everyone involved

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why boner


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Continue, it like all things cultist is already producing rage.

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doesn't look like complete shit

but yeah, hair looks iffy, teeth not pointy, eyes are filled with milk, skin is too plastic-y

general shape of the head isn't bad

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Well, it obviously needs work, but for a WIP it looks like a good start.

I'd love to see this finished.

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Anything but the head is stand in stuff to just give me an idea. Once i am happy enough with the head(or enough people think that it's good enough/has likeness) i will proceed with the rest(teeth/hair/skin/eyes).

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Chin a bit pointier?

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>does look like complete shit



>kill it with fire

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>OP posts original content
>mentions how it's obviously a work in progress

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Out of all the characters you could have chosen, out of all the favorites /tg/ has, I ask why? Why cultist chan? Why would you choose that? Why?

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Some people (fags) don't like cultist.

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That's odd, cultist is like the mascot of teegee

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Her hair looks like a bunch of worms.

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She's cute and chaos(i play chaos). What's wrong with Cultist?
B.T.W. I am working on body(boobs) now so hopefully Teeg won't be as mad with next update. I still don't get whymad but meh.

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Because Mr. Culexus/Colossal Faggot is pretty iconic amongst the /tg/ old guard. And happens to still be drawing shit, if not drawfagging on /tg/ no mo. And Cultist-Chan is one of his more iconic creations. For producing extreme amounts of rage in-universe and out. Hence, why NOT Cultist-Chan?

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Looks good, OP, I like her childlike cheeks, they do help to evoke an image of harmles mischief. It';s coming along well.

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Face is nice, though you do need to file the teeth down to points.

Come to think of it, having the hair look slightly wormy is a rather nice nod to Grandfather Nurgle. She IS Chaos Undivided, after all.

And I <3's Nurgle. People will dump Cultist pics, but have some Nurgle love for your work.

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Judging by the lolmad in this thread Cultist serves Khorne this week, doesn't she?

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I think it's a shared week with Tzeench, I'm seeing a bit of Just As Planned at play.

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Keep at it.

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take this OP.

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>Hwaat, me wowwy?

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rather well done, but extremely unattractive

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I think the roundness of the facial features, while more realistic, sort of doesn't match Cultistchan's design. The expression on the face looks about right, though.

My god that's a creepy picture...

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But that's orianna from league of legends, OP


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theupper lip is far too low
when you smile, your upper lip lift up a lot; she looks like a monkey because of this. It makes me want to slap her across the face to keep her chimp gob shut.

This is un-cute

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Is it wrong that i find this kinda cute?

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needs to be more moe, amiright?

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I'd say it is wrong, because it means that you're just like those rage-inducing parents who think that their ugly simian little brat is the most precious thing in the world, since it's just what she looks like.

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yes. Two people fell in love with her, remember?

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more human, first

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Have a realistic cultist that doesn't bring too much nightmares

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I think I remember a similar project...

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Cultist's look is a bit variable.

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Cultist is hardly cancer.

OP's picture falls into the uncanny valley, but that's somewhat appropriate given that it's Cultist, and it's actually pretty good. I think the hair needs work badly.

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I'm actually kind of impressed. I mean, 3DCG seems to have waned in terms of popularity as of late.

Still, I hope her hair doesn't look like earthworms by the time this project is done.

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it still haunts me in my dreams

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Oh god boner what?

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This thread? Xenos and heretics.

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cultist doesnt have dreadlocks, what the fuck are you doing.

>> No.16074203

if anything it should be dirty semi-dreads, like in-between scraggly hair and unintentional dreads

but no hair-worms, please

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Two words:


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The Dark Gods approve of your work. Continue with what you are doing, we expect to see some results soon.

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Looks creepy as shit.

You've done well, OP.

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bump for the bump god

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> Post Cultist-chan
> Grognards start foaming at the mouth
> Heretics rush to defend their waifu
> Just as planned.

Well played, OP. Well played.

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not cultist, but close enough

>> No.16074446

but the model DID get better

>> No.16074460

Needs more fucked up teeth.
Like 'mouthful of broken glass' teeth.

>> No.16074544

...and less...whatever that face was

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>Icons disappeared

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Did some more work. What do you think teeg?

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lookin good

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Still a bit creepy but waaaaay better than the OP pic

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Make the eyes alittle smaller. Also, the nostrils are far too visible.

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the eyeballs are still huge, like, ready to pop the fuck out of the sockets
the cheeks might need to fold over the corners of the mouth, because like this , it's like you pushed them inside the flesh (which is probably what you did,but it shouldn't be visible)

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she lacks lower eyelids

>> No.16076035

Cultist-chan is smalltime.

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diggin it, but the hair looks like it has tons of gel in it
or blood...
least it's better than the poopworms you had in the first pic.

Keep working on it fa/tg/uy!

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Good work so far, man. Approved.
All I'd change would be to make her teeth more snaggle and less fang.

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Wonderfully creepy.

>> No.16076265

Cheekbones, They are horrible. Needs a less munchkin face.

Other than that, great

>> No.16076292

Remember, the more realistic something is, the less extreme its facial expression has to be.

>> No.16076386

Could you make the overall shape a bit thinner?

>> No.16076402


it reminds me of reboot

>> No.16076413

Could you make the overall shape a bit thinner?
Apart from that, looking nice.
Love dat Cultist-Chan.

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Here's the thing about eyeballs - they should be more like icebergs. the problem isn't necessarily the size of them, but that they're not mostly covered by the lids. I expect actually increasing the size of the spheres while leaving everything else more or less the same would result in something more similar to the image.

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Here's body so far. Obv no breasts sorry /tg it's just for anatomy boobs are probably the last thing to tackle.

>> No.16076951

I think Cultist is meant to be thinner than that.

Not "attractive thin" but "she doesn't get enough meals thin".

>> No.16076973

i am going for something along these lines in terms of body

>> No.16076977

mm hmm. It's not as though Chaos takes care of their disciples. Blatant hunger and/or illness is par for the course.

>> No.16076986

you could start by making the ribcage less large

>> No.16077034

There is nothing wrong with her ribcage size.
How many eclipse ago was the last time were able to see yours?

>> No.16077046

Cultist has a body type bordering on "starving ethiopian child," though.

>> No.16077051

compared to the hips, it is too large

and I'm slim enough to see my ribcage, thanks. It's less wide than this (again, proportionately) and I'm male.

>> No.16077058

That's by the "My Lonesome Cowboy" sculptor, isn't it?

>> No.16077085

The torso is a bit mannish, that, or the hips aren't wide enough. And the concave belly is freaky.

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>> No.16077111

Need moar anatomy lessons....

>> No.16077170

Aiya...... that body proportion seems to be what GW base their sculpts on....


>> No.16077179

Thanks Anon. Fixing the ribcage. Any moar references you got?


>> No.16077211


general anatomy references?

image folder not organized, pic both relevant and unlikely to draw unwanted attation= female black lotus necron lord

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>> No.16077235

well, I prefer my blatantly anatomically-inaccurate version of her.

But still, that one is a bit on the chubby side, not a very good example for her, Trench.

>> No.16077261

Keep in mind that a chaos infused cultist isn't going to have ideal symmetry, and may have bones where there were none before.

>> No.16077265

anyway you can bring the hair out a bit more?
Maybe just make the back longer?

>> No.16077290

That pic needs moar hips.

>> No.16077300

Sure, but Cultist-chan isn't a very curvy person.

That's why I prefer someone else over her

>> No.16077308

Listen... while you still have a opportunity to make Chaos Chan look appealing, take the chance.
Hiding behind the excuse of "shes ugly and ugly proportioned because shes chaos" will have ugly results.

What she needs :
Petite upper torso ratio and longer legs.

>> No.16077323

This is supposed to be without body fat, even if the muscles insertions and shit are all wrong.

>> No.16077336

It's Cultist-Chan

same way there's no "Necron-chan", only Lolicron
no "Dark eldar-chan", only Ronery Wych
no "Taucron-chan", only Xeno
no "Tau-chan", but Schlicktau and a bunch of others

1d4chan is your friend, pay him a visit from time to time.

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Ok !

Back to the picture / miniature sculpts.
You know, every sculptor tries to follow those stupid anatomy scale, IT DOESNT WORK.

Its same reason why models needs to be in high heels, it shapes their legs. But leave it to wargammers to know about fashion and what looks good.

Dear God D:
Again, longer legs, smaller torso :D

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Why does she talk like that?

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>> No.16077395

That chainsword is the wrong way up.

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>> No.16077401

Oh. That's not how I was reading her voice. Is that fucking N. Gine?

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>> No.16077439

Since inquiring minds need to know:
Is cultist-chan a banana, apple, pear, or hourglass?

>> No.16077456

a banana

if you really want to make it sexier, it can border on the pear. But she's supposed to be rather skinny

>> No.16077457

Has to be banana.

Partly because that's what it looks like to me with drawings of her, partly because she's fucking bananas.

>> No.16077484

Wait a second, an hourglass isn't a fruit.

>> No.16077507

...oh my god, I didn't even question it!

>> No.16077598


>that filename

>> No.16077632

I think i know what's up. All my anatomy references/tutorials etc are predominatnly male. Blaaargh. Time to dig through 3dsk folder.

Here's something, but i think it's a bit much for cultist

>>>wonmary and
whatever you say captcha

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>> No.16077955

So i decided to utilise Laura Dore references. She has quite the body and forms are nicely defined. Here's what i got. Improved or not /tg?

>> No.16078002

Improved in that she looks more human, I suppose. But her ass and hips and upper legs are all far too large. Cultist-chan is very slim.

>> No.16078016

Look at >>16071396 and tell me if that looks like her body at all.

>> No.16078026

the ass is okay, the hips too

the thighs might be a bit too wide, though

what really bothers me is the fact that the back of the legs looks extremely incurved

>> No.16078036

not really anon but i figure it would be easier to slim it down/make her more starved looking from the good image. Like they sculpt zombies...healthy base that gets creatively destroyed after

>> No.16078043

maybe the ass could be a bit higher
it looks a bit limp, there

>> No.16078050

she has thighs that imply she's either an olympic squat lifter, or been eating far too many carbs. Thinner thighs, smoosh the whole torso together so the legs get longer

>> No.16078075

Cultish should be banana.

Also my predisposition towards banana shaped women is starting to worry me. WHY YOU NO FANCY WOMAN WITH CHILD BEARING HIPS AND BELOW AVERAGE MAMMERIES, YOU CLOSET MAN FANCIER

>> No.16078115

maybe you're merely a closet pedophile, you know.

>> No.16078159

It was basically the consensus that cultist should be banana-shaped, and yet here you are with pear. What happened?

>> No.16078192

I don't know much about Chaos stuff, but since her being Chaos Undivided, wouldn't she be relatively "gift" free from not being dedicated to any one Chaos God? Despite her obvious speech impediment.

>> No.16078202

As far as I know, the only "gift" she has is unlimited respawn.

>> No.16078214

well, she has STDs but whether that's a gift of Nurgle or a natural result of worshiping him and Slaanesh is unclear.

>> No.16078272

Her hips need to be way higher/she needs longer legs. She's more on the skinny side, at least around the abdomen.

What you've got seems to be a body a bit older/more aged than what people typically give cultist chan.

>> No.16078319

yep, higher
women have their hips reaching the same level as the navel
those hips are as low as a man's.

lift it all up, with some chance, it might even make the thighs seem okay

and slim off the torso

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If any of you are familiar with an ARPG called Divinity II, there's this undead Frankenstein-like character named Sassan who sounds EXACTLY how I imagine Cultist-chan to sound, but I can't for the life of me find any dialogue with her on youtube or anywhere else.

>> No.16078634


But as someone who lifts, no. That's just a pearshape. You'd see a lot more development on the lower heads of the quads. Unless she's been squatting with 1/16th rom.

>> No.16078888

Actually it was always just "Cultist" but hey, the masses determine this sorta thing to a degree. If /tg/ wanted to put a chan on the end, who am I to stop them.
Mein apologies for that. The rare moments of time and good internet I get these days tend to go on the quest I'm working on. I'm trying to get a different second job that'll allow me more time to drawfag when more people are on as well.

>> No.16078931

Just the author thought it was Cultist. But as we all know that authors don't really know what they're doing, we call her Cultist-chan.

>> No.16078965

Yeah. I just figured she was weeaboo enough without it.

>> No.16079927

op, her hair need to be a bit more "wild" its hanging very close to her head

>> No.16081693

Getting better, and removing the earthworm dreads helps a lot for the model.

>> No.16083144

Bump for uncanny cultist.

>> No.16085588

Whatever happened to Wickedstar anyway? Did he just disappear off of the internet?

>> No.16085599

Oh good christ, that actually made me a little nauseous.

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