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All right, I'm running a weird west campaign. I require art assets for this kind of thing, and musical inspiration. Right now, I have the basics of the setting, but I'm gonna need some new stuff to help flesh out the setting and bring my storytelling to life.
So if you have pictures displaying scenes, character art, and landscapes, please share them in this thread. And in case someone else is running a similar game, I shall be sharing these kinds of things too. Musical and literature inspiration would be awesome too.

If you want, you can ask me anything as well. My basic general plan is for the PCs to start off with some typical old west issues. Race wars, lynching, bringing in ne'er do-wells. Then I'll move them to some different supernatural stuff, starting with basic hauntings and zombies. Eventually we're going to move into a recreation of Innsmouth in a California port town that doesn't actually exist.

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Have you read Deadlands?

Because you really should read Deadlands.

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I don't have Deadlands books. I'll look on /rs/ for them. I've already decided the system, and I'm not really here to discuss mechanics, since the system will do its job.
That said, I'm also looking to involve a bit of my inspiration from Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane works. Are his stories about Cowboys and Boxers as good as his Conan and Kane works?

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Most of the Deadlands books you can rip the setting right out of.

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Just dumping my character assets before I move on to anything else I might have that's related.

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all right, I'm downloading a big rar of 59 books from /rs/, thanks for reminding me about DL.

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could this be considered a part of a western asset if you have an eastern rich person, or a european try to make their luck in the western USA?

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Moving on to my guns collection.

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Though it's a modern design, 4 gauges were in fact used in this time. Fun fact: Cowboy action shooters use 12 gauges for all shotguns, when the most common gauge of that time was 10 gauge.

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I just love sawed off shotguns. I've got a few other pics of them, but I'm moving in alphabetical order in my pictures now.

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It's not an old model, but a sxs hunting shotgun is in fact appropriate.

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Ahem. That was an over/under. Sorry. Here it is in a sawed off version.

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Thank you, sirs.

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I've got a few old-timey weapons.

Didn't say they were practical, though.

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I'm posting this as a jab, to see if this is western in its style.

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Maybe not Wild West in the strictest of senses, but the Punt Gun is worthy of any projectile weapons thread.

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That's it for me as far as wacky weapons go.

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this probably isn't what you're looking for but I hope it helps

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In the first session I actually gave the PCs one of these. a .410 derringer, a bit oversized, but it might or might not be magical.
So how appropriate would it be to have a boxing event, or a horse race, or some kind of state fair? Did that stuff really only get popular in the 20th century?

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Weird West Weapons needed? I have a couple things I can post, if you want me to.
I'd say ask some of the guys over at /k/.
/k/ommandos love fa/tg/uys.

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Rodeo type events definitely happened...mostly as a result of "I'm better than you" "nuh-uhs" that didn't end in fights and the like. Not full on in the modern sense, but cutting, barrel races, calf roping, and other skill exhibition type things. Also, remember a lot of cowboys used the same cartridge in their pistol as they did their rifle to keep from having to carry more than one kind of ammo.

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I actually had a rather intimate thread with /k/ about what weapons, and calibers/gauges to allow in this game. It was successful.

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I'm going to look that kind of stuff up. I'm sure my PCs wouldn't be interested in participating, as none of them are true cowboys. I've got a formerly rich, now gambling gunslinger, a gun-toting nun who preaches hellfire and brimstone and alot of hatred with her big-game rifle, and a person who totally hasn't made their backstory, but they're focusing on summoning outsiders and looking for forbidden, old magics.
To be fair, man number three's roleplaying ability has atrophied because of his old group.

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and this is the last of my appropriate western guns. I'll be looking for landscapes and scenes, but I don't know if I've got many.

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You know, I've got a Frank Frazetta gallery. Excuse the slow posting as I post relevant things in this thread. I've dumped the entire thing on /tg/ before.

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Frazetta did covers for Robert E. Howard's work.
Anyhow, anyone else have any ideas for inspiration? Any picture, music or literary works?

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Oh, Yeah. I saw that thread.
I've a couple of things, should I post them?

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I remember you from that thread!
Yeah, go on ahead and post stuff.

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Replace black people with native americans and you have a totally awesome setup for a scene such as this. I used to know the name of the hero in this too, it's biting at me now.

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Should have the last one be an Indian shaman or something, just to mix it up.

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Once I heard a tale of a man who could play his guitar so fast he could kill a man with it. That kind of story is so far-fetched, you'd never believe it though.
*says a man, strumming a guitar, sitting in a relaxed position while chewing dip*

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I'm going to offer him that idea, and see if he wants to run with it. I really want to get him into this character because I've been told he was a great roleplayer before.

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And I totally forgot my image.

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Jonah Hex is relevant to this thread.
This pleases me.

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You know, maybe I could work in an interesting encounter with the Headless Horseman, as a supernatural spook for them to encounter? Maybe they're ambushed at night by it?
His pumpkin head could totally explode.

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I shall take a look at that before I continue posting.

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This pleases me.

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Music to listen to while browsing this thread.

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Right, how could I forget about the RDR soundtrack and the Undead Nightmare one?

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And this is a totally appropriate image.

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Gosh dern injuns and their saggy pants and their rap music.

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I know, and they don't know a thing about morals. But we're doing their people a service by giving them the power of our lord.

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Welp, that's the last of Frazetta. Now on to something else.

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watch this show

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Is it that good?
Also, how about this for a train robbery objective?

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In a setting with magic in the wild west, could automated horses be around? Maybe on a one-in-a-million chance? It doesn't fit the setting on the western side, but it could be a part of the weird west or fantasy part.

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literal mechanical horses, sure. don't know about motorcycles though

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1885 is the year the first motorcycle was made.
Here's a bit of the summary on the development of internal combustion engines.
Of course, electric and steam engines came out at this time.
But I tend to agree with you that such contraptions don't really fit a western, since such technology was not THERE at that time, or this stuff was so bleeding edge that it never saw the light of day.

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