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U mad, Nurgle?

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this is what you get for trying to combo, fag

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Just trying to start a nurgle thread.
But whatever man.

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Starting a nurgle CSM army, is the forgeworld greater deamon truly worth the $200? TRULY?

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you could have just said "HAI GAISE LETS TALK BOUT NURGS OKAE?"
but noooooo, you had to try and make some homosex combo out of it.
let this one 404 and try the fuck again

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Or you could stop being a fag.
I still think it's a very badass model, but weither or not it's worth 200$ depends on the person.

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nurgle is a fat faggot

deal w it

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I just wish the antlers were bigger.

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Can you do it justice with paint?

If not, you've just wasted all that cash.

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They're already PRETTY big

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Heh... when I got mine I gave it to a friend who enjoys (and is quite good at) painting and had him paint it for me, since I knew I couldn't do it justice.

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I've been painting these things for like 15 years, I would make it look like the most foul, rancid abomination to ever touch my LGS tables.

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Well, longer, more along the lines of this Unclean One: >>16054104
The antlers really just seem to give the model the extra... something it needs, though the detail already great.

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I agree with you, the smaller horns kind of make the model look bottom heavy. Those giant horns would be awesome, maybe there are replacements somewhere?

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I have that fucking link favorited for whenever I need inspiration.

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Let us play hide and slay!

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There, feel the glory of necrosis, and rejoice! Nurgle loves you, little one!

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There there, so much better than living, is it not?

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I love this one.

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"Drink what this body gives you!"

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In the embrace of the great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once most feared: Death.

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Is it true that followers of Nurgle feel no pain from the disease and shit that he gives them?

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I liked the lines and the comaradary, just not the voices.

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As do I. All are equal beneath Grandfather Nurgle.

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Only his chosen servents, most commonly the Plague Marines.
Many who turn to Nurgle regret doing so, crying out in pain and cursing Nurgle for his blessings that they so ignorantly asked for, but Nurgle cares not, for such cries of anguish are like the laughter of loving children to him.
The zealots and the useful, however, are often given extended lives to spread the contangion farther, and arch heretics and great champions have can immortality without deamonhood.
But if you are merely rabble you will die with the rest of the plagues victums, for that is why it was sent.
To kill.

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As always, the followers of Nurgle are just too slow.

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>implying you'll stop us before we can spread His pestilent gifts
>implying your bolt shells are not as the bursting of boils to me

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What I like about Plague Marines (other than being the toughest base infintry in the game) is that they simply want death.
They don't care whose.
Their own.
They don't care.
There are more than a few stories of Plague Marines going on suicide missions, a mere two squads against multiple imperial detachments, and while they always die themselves, in the true spirit of the Astartes, a hundred men may die to every marine.
And that's when the infection begins, and the true bodycount rises.

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There was a very old story from Warhammer Fantasy that told of a young child who turned to Nurgle.
She was alone, for all the other children called her ugly, and abandoned her.
And she wept.
In her despair, she prayed to Grandfather Nurgle, and three days later she found particular maggots underneath her house.
She hid these maggots within the pillowcases of the children who had made fun of her, and the next day she laughed as their faces rotted off, for she was now more beautiful than they would ever be.
Nurgle loves you, little one.

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Nurgle cannot be denied.
He was the first Chaos God to be born within the warp, and he will be the last.
Nothing can stop the march of entropy.

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I want to start a Nurgle-themed CSM army using Typhus, Termies, and Plague Marines.

Ideally, 1000 points. Any ideas?

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Don't play competitively.
This editions CSM codex makes the Death Guard weak, much weaker than it was last edition. Have faith, and wait until the new release.

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