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Overall, taking into account setting, mechanics, fanbase and everything, what is the single most horrible tabletop RPG/game out there?

(Pic notwithstanding, FATAL, Synibbar and Racial Holy War don't count. These are just way too obvious to be a fun discussion. Consider them on to exist on a completely different plane of suckiness which we mere mortals must not approach)

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>What's the least effort I can put into a 'your game is bad' trollpost?
But Anima.

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Dungeons and Dragons

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>setting, mechanics, fanbase and everything
...overall? It's a strong contender.

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HYBRID isn't a game, it's TimeCube pretending to be one.

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In that case Wraethuthu.

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Worst setting: Forgotten Realms
Worst mechanics: D&D
Worst fanbase: White Wolf

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Would you care to elaborate? This is bound to be enlightening.

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>Worst fanbase: White Wolf
Fucking agreed. Probably qualifies for Worst Writers too.

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Oh shit. I had forgotten about that trash.

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It makes me sad because I like White Wolf games (nWoD anyway) but it's hard to find games that are not full of horrible attempted gothic fatchicks or skinny long haired greasy guys who think metal is the best genre of music.

It took long a time for me to gather a group of quality people to play with then I had to move, sigh, oh well, we rebuild.

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...what's wrong about metal?

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Or elitistic artsy-fartsy douchebags who will not stop talking about how their characters are fucking deep works of literature and a game is a "collective narrative improvised theater experience" bullshit and anybody who doesn't think like them is a childish narrow-minded retard.

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Nothing wrong with it if you don't continually defend it as the only good kind of music worth listening to and only listen to it because you want to be SO EDGY XDD

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The best part is that each WW splat attracts a different brand of crazy fuck.

Vampire: The emogoth insufferable Anne Rice types that need no introduction
Werewolf: Hippies, furries
Mage: Actually relatively normal gamers because you don't need to be crazy to be a wizard (though it helps)
Hunter: Again actually normal gamers because killing supernatural shit is awesome
Changeling: Furries, otherkin, Indigo Children, hippies, basically the worst of the lot. (Old Changeling only, those types have a hard time playing New Changeling abuse victims)

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>New Changeling abuse victims
That brings in its own dysfunctional crowd, though.

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Uh, you screwed up second one.
Whitewolf has by far the worse mechanics.

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Eioris

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Oh... oh god, I've met metalheads like that. Objection withdrawn.

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Yes but at least that's to be expected.

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But TimeCube has an RPG.


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Setting: Freemarket
Mechanics: Exalted (We were all baited by the setting); D&D (unremarkable core and splatbook clusterfuck)
Fanbase: Dungeons&Dragons (munchkins&minmaxers unwilling to try any other system); Eclipse Phase (MY SYSTEM IS A GIFT FROM GOD AND YOU SHALL NOT SPEAK BADLY OF IT)

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Fuck you for reminding me of that.

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What about Geist and Promethean?

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>Bad mechanics
Eh. Exalted is flawed and oWoD is borked, but nWoD is fine.

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Elaborate on Freemarket. Never heard of it before.

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The new changeling players are all hardcore Neil Gaiman fanboys who will snark like fuckers whenever someone, even their seven years old little sister, implies that fairies can be anything except SUPER SERIOUS SCARY GRIMM MADNESS ELDRITCH GODS. Of edginess and beauty.

And I don't know about the new mage, but the old mage fans tended to be smug sunglasses-trenchcoat wearing Neo wannabes who are totally not mindless mechanical sheeple like you because they are awesome anarchistic geniuses.

From my humble experiance.

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No idea about Giest, but Promethean doesn't attract anyone. It's by far the least often played game.

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The fuck are you on about? Every EPfag I saw on /tg/ admitted that the system is mediocore. Fuck you, bitchtits.

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Any of the Thomas Covenant books by Stephen R. Donaldson, never have I read a book with a more annoying unlikable whining "hero". I would almost recomend steering away from the Gap series as well but that isn't too bad once you get past the raperaperaperaperaperape of the first book.

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Worst Setting: The one with the motherfucking kenders.
Worst Mechanics: Exalted 2nd edition
Worst Fanbase: Reddit's 4rries. Not by their viciousness, but those actually raised by 4e. Watching them try to understand basic roleplaying concepts because the book didn't tell them you could do not-a-skill-challenge is like watching forest gump shit himself.

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>Neo wannabes
To be fair, Mage's aesthetic of super-powered trenchcoated hackers fighting over reality with guys in black suits predated The Matrix.

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Man, there are so many deeply flawed RPGs I can't take a suggestion that D&D has the worst mechanics too seriously. I mean, it's not really all that good, but it doesn't plumb the depths of sheer awfulness that other RPGs achieve. I think it's just average and popular, which I suppose could be a problem in and of itself, but it's still serviceable rather than eye-clawingly bad.

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They are still wannabes and they are still insufferable about it.

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Geist is a boring game that no one plays for a good reason.

Promethean is an awesome game that no one plays because the WW fanbase is terrible.

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Is Geist the nWoD equivalent of Wraith? Cause I was in a Wraith game once. It went like this.

"You're dead. You're dead, and there's nothing you can do about it."
It lasted for two sessions, which was about a session and a half longer than I expected.

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Burning Wheel

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What's this?

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WW has never had great mechanics but saying it has the worst is pushing it a bit. Exalted and oWoD are pretty bad mechanically (though still no absolutely terrible) but nWoD is okay for the most part. It's easy to pick up, can create a good amount of 'modern' character concepts and is fairly fluid as a system (add 2 dice pools and maybe subtract some) which is what nWoD set itself out to be. I'm still not a huge fan of the game itself but it's a bit of a stretch to say it has the worst mechanics.

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a game from maybe 15-20 years ago called Aria.... the rulebook is like reading a textbook on the rectal disorders of migratory birds. It's boring as hell. I actually used it to cure insomnia once. And it's like a thousand pages.

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A wild troll.

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I agree but without the fuck you bitchtits.

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The fanbase of Changeling The Dreaming. Holy shit, were they bad. It's a game where you play a sad, misunderstood teenager who is actually a magical elf princess in a world of boring and evil adults. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG WITH THE FANBASE

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That's a lie, Changeling: the Dreaming didn't have a fanbase.

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This game was basically an official permit for sad sexually confused otherkins to play out their pathetic power/character fantasies, all the while insisting that it was a deep tragic literary masterpiece.

Also, everybody who doesn't draw fairies in their maths textbook is an evil drone of the man who is literally supernaturally boring.

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This is why I love /tg/.

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Best F.A.T.A.L. screenshot is best.

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Mechanics: Neotech
Setting-wise it's shadowrun without magic and with more psychosis, which is kind of nice.
The mechanics are a sad clusterfuck where it takes ten minutes to work out what the fuck happened when you opened up with that assault rifle.

D&D nowadays seems more like playing heroquest than actually playing an rpg.

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Isn't Shadowrun without magic just cyberpunk?

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In terms of fanbase, 40K.

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You cannot beat KatharSys when it comes to bad systems.

I can hardly describe it, but even the developers declared it unsalvagable after years of development and started over from scratch.

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More or less, i may have spaced when writing that.

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who cares about the system?
degenesis is about the setting and art
if you don't like it just use something else
there haven't been that many rules to begin with

it's not a good system, yes
but that is bound to happen when people with no real sense for rules and mechanics start making a system from scratch while trying to do something new instead of just copying a system that works

also my vote for worst rpg goes to dungeons and dragons
because it's an unflexible pile of crap but still the system that's beeing played most
fatal may be worse rulewise but I can't imagine it beeing played by more than a handful silly people

worst fanbase goes to wod and dnd
most annoying fanbase to warhammer 40k

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I wonder how many people here actually know what they're talking about, instead of parroting stuff they've heard here on /tg/ with absolutely no experience of their own?

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I've played all systems I talked about
except for fatal which I opened at random to read the description of the urinate skill
I don't feel bad for calling it silly

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The FATAL challenge:
1. Download FATAL pdf.
2. Roll 6d900 on /tg/.
3. Read those pages.
4. If there was absolutely nothing sexual in there, you win.

It is said that winning this challenge will make your wishes come true, but there is no record of anyone succeeding.

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I never even mentioned the setting. I like the setting, but that's not the point of this thread.
Jesus fuck, goddamnit.

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Being FATAL is suffering.

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This thread needs more White Wolf bashing. I am enjoying this greatly.

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CthulhuTech. Bad system is bad.
Bad setting is... less bad. Not good though.

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As much as I hate to say it, Scion takes the cake for worst mechanics. Setting is awesome. It's not good enough to have very many fans.

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When I first heard about it I thought it sounded like everything I'd want in a game.

I was... sorely disappointed.

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crap fail roll

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>mfw I always play dumb fighters in WoD games and interrupt the 2deep4u Toreador's attempt to empathise with the baddies

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>You cannot beat KatharSys when it comes to bad systems.

Fully agree. Doesn't get worse than that outside of FATAL, and even that would be a close call if DeGenesis would be equally rules-heavy.
I guess the rest of the game is kinda ok if you don't mind the angst oozing out of every page and enjoy the fetish artwork.

Worst fanbase goes to 40K (i would have nominated WW, but /tg/ convinced me otherwise), worst setting goes to Freemarket.

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One of the worst I've seen (thankfully unpublished) is DeadEarth. d1000 random mutation table. I think there's a review of it on RPG.net.

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