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Okay /tg/,

Need help with Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader.

Need to know ship prices in Throne Gelt. Or at least homebrew some sensible prices. One of the PC's just came into a lot of money (1.2mil - it's a long story) and he wants to know whether he can buy a ship/several. Just wondering what the teegee consensus on what kind of ship should be worth what. So I know what it's reasonable for him to acquire.

Bumping with pics of spaceships.

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That's not going to be enough to get a ship, as I understand it. Prices are more in the 100s.

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I'd roll more with how much money I wanted him to have/how much I wanted him to be able to do with the ship. There are a billion and one reasons for prices to jump around based off of location and events. I'd look through the options and find the best one that you'd be comfortable with him owning, price it close to the upper limit of his money, and then go down the line from there, using the total amount of money to set the number of lesser ships he could own.

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sauce on that? I do wanna be fair to the guy.

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I don't think a mil of gelt is enough to buy you a proper ship. A small in-system gun-cutter maybe, but not a proper ship. I mean, modern day fighter planes are more than that, how much you think a modern day warship costs? It's well into the billions. Basically, work out the cost of a ship in SP then add 6 noughts to the end of it.

That's it's price in Throne Geld.

Seriously, Rogue Traders are the some of the richest motherfuckers in the imperium, able to trade with nations, buy and outfit whole armies and find the rarest of weaponry and armour simply by snapping their fingers and getting a new ship is something that not even THEY can take lightly.

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I know, but 1.2 mil is an exceptional amount. A noble only earns between 500-900 a month, to put it into context.

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Oops. 6/??


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Not him, but I'd be inclined to say a ship is still out of that range.
If you want to throw him a bone, I say let him get a cheap transport, probably without anything on it and only just warp capable.

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for 1.2 mil your player might be able to buy a rickety old hauler shuttle capable of lifting a single container into orbit? It would likely be held together by prayers and lots of 40k duct tape, though.

Some sort of civilian thunderhawk-esque Serenity, maybe? He best love that bird or it will fall from the sky.

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A good chance for role playing: he gets a good ship at a steal, because it's stolen (from some faction far away from where he's at). That'll give you a chance at some point to go down the "YOU BASTARD YOU STOLE MY SHIP" story line...

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Kay, getting the general idea that this is gonna be something he's gonna have to try a little harder for. Good to know. Is there any where in the rules of either set of books that backs any of this up? I just want to avoid looking like I'm pooping his parade; but I really don't want to give him anything beyond what he actually has.

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Heh. Reminds me of that history perk you can pick in rogue trader that makes your ship stolen from the Imperial Navy.

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Another potential idea is that he could buy into a "corporate owned" ship where a bunch of people got together and bought the ship and ownership (e.g. control) is determined by who owns the most stock. Each significant owner is expected to sniff out money making leads when they're not on the ship, and part of being allowed to purchase shares is to come with a decent money-making idea. When share-holders get killed, their shares are divided evenly among the surviving owners...etc.

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I don't recall reading anything that gave real prices on the ships. But ships in 40k are rare and usually ancient, you usually need to be an organization (/part of one) or a powerful individual to acquire one. At that much thrones I'd let him buy a bottom of the line ship or 100,000 autoguns.

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>>16040628 here.

If you REALLY want to give your player a true warp-capable ship, you could make a plot arc of it.

Let them buy some rust bucket of a cargo shuttle or something else not even warp capable, but on some trade run or visit to planet X in system...

A [fairly intact] space hulk of [barely-warp-capable-ship-z] tears back into reality nearby, venting atmosphere as she begins to slowly tumble out of control. Will your players be the first to explore the hulk and find danger, loot, and salvage rights?

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>When share-holders get killed, their shares are divided evenly among the surviving owners...etc.

>"So gentlemen. I've devised an excellent plot for making more money. Why don't you all go down there and check it out while the macrocannons heat up?"

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It is a massive amount for an Acolyte, but not for a rogue trader. 1 million is roughly one profit factor, which might get you one cheap component for a starship

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Personally i'd say a mill is about enough to land you between one and three profit factor depending on how good at commerce he is.

RT stopped using individual thrones for a reason. But if i had to put a price on it i'd put a ship i'd take into account a few things.

A: Construction, a destroyer sized vessel, amongst the smallest standard classes, is around 1.5km long and of varying height and width. Just outputting the mass to build one of these things takes a FUCKING lot of work. Probably several millions worth of throne gelt are put into mining and refining the base materials.

Then you have the tech which has to be comissioned from the mechanicus, not only is alot of this tech hard and takes a lot of time to produce, perhaps being imported even from other sectors, but in the end the Admech are also in monopoly of this tech, and that hikes up the price a few further millions.

B: Crew, and other costs. Not only is this not a one time cost, a ship needs alot of maintenance, it needs a crew, the crew needs food. You also have to keep paing the mechanicus so they just dont shut you down for using their tech, and you have to pay for shit like fuel, and navigators if its warp capable.

Then there are docking fees, repair costs, tolls and traifs etc.

C: Supply and demand, how many ships are around in... say the subsector. How many more are wanted. How often do ships enter the market and how often do they leave. In other words, how many buyers are competeing to bid on ships and how many ships are they bidding on.

In conclusion, i have no idea, but nothing short of 10 million for a shitty small ship in a place with low demand relative to supply i'd say. And a reserve for handling further costs.

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No, not really. You have to remember, a true intersolar ship is a thing beyond real price. It is not someone that can be bought like a car, it is a nation. It is a flying city that can devastate continents with basic ship-to-ship weapons, it can supply an entire world with decades of supplies. A ship is, in addition, the work of tens of thousands if no millions of workers, which can take decades to centuries to create, and each ship is a work of love and art. A ship in 40k is so beyond mere price that a planetary governor cannot usually afford one and must instead seek the use of others. An entire family could work for generations, earning excellent pay and living frugally, and likely they would wiped out before they could purchase the meanest ship available.

To put it another way, no, your player is never ever going to be able to by a ship capable of FTLS.

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>Need to know ship prices in Throne Gelt. Or at least homebrew some sensible prices. One of the PC's just came into a lot of money (1.2mil - it's a long story) and he wants to know whether he can buy a ship/several.
Eeeeeeeeeh this is almost certainly not an appropriate purchase. Bear in mind the Imperium is very feudal and the control of spaceships is very much a part of the feudal structure. A private citizen with no noble pedigree purchasing a warp-capable spaceship out of hand is pretty much a VERY VERY NO. A system vessel, maybe, but warp-capable ships are not really for sale like that. The vast majority aren't even for sale- they're technically owned by the Imperial Navy and leased to noble families who take out a trade charter.

Whilst a noble earning 500-odd Gelt a month may make 1.2 million seem like a lot, bear in mind that's 500-odd of completely disposable income; the sort of stipend a noble scion might have gotten from their family in Ye Middle Ages, kind of thing. The noble house as an entiry will be earning vastly more money.

Basically 40k isn't Serenity; you can't head down the docks and buy a warp-capable ship and set out into the yonder. It's a complex process involving administratum and nay licensing, contracts with Navigator Houses, compacts with the Adeptus Mechanicus (both are needed to run a ship), and ungodly huge expenditures to sustain it (if that 1.2 is a one-off lump sum the odds of the PC being able to feed+fuel 50000 crew indefinitely are low).

At best, he may be able to buy a ship off some pirates; a salvaged hulk or boarded destroyer/trader that's warp-capable, but then he'd still need to find and contract with Hereteks, either rogue navigators or sorcerors, and the ship would be subject to challenge by the navy if it came far into a habitable system.

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The best usage I can think of for 1.2 million would be to buy status in a noble house. It's very, very rare to have the opportunity to get an instant pedigree but that much money invested in the house's coffers and a persuasive speech may very well earn membership of a powerful and important noble house, which may itself have warp-capable vessels the PCs can borrow, would have private militia and spy networks and all kinds of resources.

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The only time I can remember actual amount of thrones being mentioned in relation to warp vessells is in the write up for one of the Rogue Trader veselles in Lure of the Abyss; she has a sweet cruiser she's spent Trillions in rebuilding from scratch and customising.

So that gives you an idea of the kind of money your talking about, obviously thats at the high end.

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You also might consider, Rogue Traders don't just get super powerful and buy a ship, it's all family owned, passed down the line for generations etc with their Writ. You're not really pooping on his parade.

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The PC in question is co-incidentally already a noble born. How much would you say this'd help? Or would the kind of nobility covered in the rules be of a less influential breed?

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>A ship in 40k is so beyond mere price that a planetary governor cannot usually afford one and must instead seek the use of others.
Importantly, planetary governors are explicitly banned from owning warp-capable ships. The ownership and use of interstellar craft isn't just a matter of economics, its regulation is a cornerstone of Imperial order.

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Well, there's stuff in the Rogue Trader book to suggest that the value of a cruiser or well equipped frigate would equal or exceed the total wealth of the average noble house.

So unless the PC inherits the family fortune, it's unlikely to be that big of a help.

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"Starting Profit Factor"
A new Rogue Trader group begins play with a Profit Factor equal to the amount generated using Table 1-5: Starting Profit Factor and Ship Points (see page 33) plus any additional modifiers obtained during character creation. This amount generally places the group on a level with a planetary noble house, a free trader cartel, or a minor multi-world ministorum sect.

That's straight out of the Rogue Trader Core book. Let's look at the amount of money a noble makes according to the Dark Heresy book. 500 per month plus 50 per rank increase (I think so, anyway, don't want to bother looking). Nobles live for several hundred years in general due to rejuvinat treatments, so let's go with 200 years to make things easy. So, a rank 1 noble who lived a reletively uneventful life would have made 1,200,000 Throne in his life. Now, the very few nobles are only rank one. Most actually DO things. And the Rogue Trader book puts them on par with an entire planetary noble HOUSE. So, let's say there's 100 of them (which to me, is a VERY, VERY low number considering 40k), and let's say they're all rank one. That's 120,000,000 Throne. I'd easily say much, much more since most noble houses have their own small armies and the like, can fund them, and huge families (I'd say more around 500-1,000 than 100).

But just going with the smallest amount possible, that's 120,000,000 Throne, for just a SINGLE generation. That's no accumulation of wealth, no investing, no nothing. Just a single generation, but we'll still go with that. In the Rogue Trader Core book your ship during generation costs anywhere from 50% to 350% of your starting profit, not counting any extra gained from character generation. So, using the noble example (which is still, imo, WAY too small a number by a factor of, say 100 minimum), then the cheapest ship you could possibly get that's capable of warp transportation would be 60,000,000 Throne.

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It depends, really. As a noble-born PC he's probably just a dissolute minor scion of an subsector noble house or a mid-level noble of a planetary one, valued by his family but hardly a cornerstone- there's no reason the noble-born rules couldn't be used to cover more important nobility, but they rarely have the opportunity to engage in the kind of shenanigans that Acolytes do.

With that much money he could barter a political marriage with a major house, jockey his way into a stronger position in his family by being declared a higher-ranking noble's heir, or similar. If he's a noble of the system the PCs are in you could always let him buy a new couple of system ships that vastly increase his house's ability to profit from asteroid mining or trade or whatnot. Then they could lend him an intra-system luxury shuttle which he can bring with him when he travels (as most starships have storage space for dozens of shuttles).

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And so a Rogue Trader is born!

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Thanks, that's a lot of help.

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>>16040927 Continued
Going off of that, like I mentioned, I'd increase the numbers bu a factor of 100 due to the incredible amount of other factors you have to consider. So more like 6,000,000,000 Throne for the smallest FTL ship you can manage to find.

And THEN comes the hard part. You have to BUY the ship. The money isn't what counts. It's finding somebody to sell it to you. Unless you're going outside Imperial Space into Xenos, Unaligned Humans or Traitors (ALL HERESY!) you need to go THROUGH the Imperial systems to get it. With how the ministorum handles things, IF everything goes your way, in about a hundred years worth of paperwork, you'll have a ship! Huzzah!

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One more thing, what ranks are your players? They ARE part of the Inquisition?

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Help him getting more status? Yeah, sure.

Help him getting a ship? Lolno.

The least affluent rogue trader ships have a profit factor of twenty. Profit factor is roughly one million throne gelt each time you come in port. This means that every time they're in port, they can buy twenty times what your player can afford in total, and it doesn't even dent their profits enough to be noticeable.

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They're relatively high-ranking (6) working for the Ordo Xenos. The player in question just wanted to know whether it was in the realms of possibility that he could obtain a ship - which; I think I'd say 'yes' to; but with a huge BUT.

My current feelings lean heavily towards: You'd be using the money to either get a highly illegal, pretty shitty ship directly, or setting things in motion to get one legitimately far, far, faaar later on. Perhaps when they move to Ascension (he's planning on becoming an Inquisitor - so perhaps as part of his Interrogator/Inquisitor transition, he could get one. Hmmmm....

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MFW this thread is full of motherfucking idiots who talk about Rogue Trader in terms of Throne Gelt instead of Profit Factor.

It's right there in the setting, dumbasses: Nobody knows or cares how much gelt you have. It's all about how much action you can bring, right here, right now, to this deal.

1.2m gelt is a lot of action, maybe +10 Profit Factor.

ACQUISITION TESTS (RT p.271): "To succeed at an acquisition test, the Explorer must roll equal to or less than his Profit Factor on 1d100."

ACQUIRING A STARSHIP (RT p.274): "A ship's Hull Modifier is equal to the hull's worth in Ship Points... Because starships are extremely rare and powerful, only one warp-capable vessel may be acquired at a time.

An example of acquiring a starship is given on the same fucking page.

OP, you and your player should both be punched in the dick with the RT rulebook until you turn into cuntboys.

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Not to be an ass, but you mean the Administratum, not the ministorum. Dont think the church will sell you alot of ships, and even if they did, you'd still have to go through the Administratum.

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Just a note, the noble-born incomes are probably classical family stipends, rather than 'pure income'. I've tried to find a modern-day value and got the stipends for the Netherlands Royal Family on Wikipedia, which are 1/4 million Euros for the Princes. They'd be comparatively highly-ranked nobles, so that's a lot higher than most noble-born PCs would be getting. Something in the ballpark of 50-100 Euros seems like a better estimate.

It doesn't actually seem that much- although it being a stipend it's almost entirely discretionary, the nobility/monarchy have vastly more wealth but it's all tied up in assets and in upkeeping their estates, and those recieving the stipend would be benefiting from that, not having to pay for housing and so on.

So the 100 Throne income for Noble Born is going to be pretty much the same. Not actually that much considering the glamourous lives they lead, because the bulk of their sustenance is paid for by their house. It certainly isn't a CEO-style income.

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OP here; I don't own the RT book (yet) It's a Dark Heresy campaign that could possibly now involve ships - hence I'm asking people that know about RT to help. But.. er - thanks for the... help?

You also didn't explain how 1.2 million is 10 profit factor. Where did those numbers come from?

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>Something in the ballpark of 50-100 Euros seems like a better estimate.
I meant 50-100 THOUSAND Euros per year. Not that Barons and Dukes in the Netherlands live in cardboard boxes.

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That could work with the transitioning idea.

Or you could just GIVE them a small (I'm talking incredibly small 50ish crew total - though in 40k it it would still be about 500 meters long) warp capable ship. They exist, at least in Dan Abnett's works. It wouldn't be able to stand a chance against any ship really prepared for space combat, but it would give them the freedom to come and go at will. It all depends on how much their Inquisitor appreciates them.

The small ship could have, say, a hanger that could fit, say a guncutter or other small transport ship with guns. He could buy one of those (I'd suggest around 1 million throne for that ship) and then they'd be completely self-sufficient.

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"But I NEED a ship to fight the HERETICS!..."
"I don't care how many heretics you plan on killing in the glorious name of the God-Emperor..., This is a CHURCH, We don't have any ships here. Go talk to the Administratum, They're the ones who deal with that sort of thing."
"But the HERETICS..."
"Do you think they'd sell me a ship?"
"I swear, one more chance, so just get out now..."
"Come on Ternius, we're leaving, *whispers* I'm sorry about that he's got the brains of an Ogryn..."
"But we still don't have a ship..."
"I said we're leaving. NOW."

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Yes I did mean that. Whoops.

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>You also didn't explain how 1.2 million is 10 profit factor. Where did those numbers come from?
None of the quoted profit factor:gelt amounts have any basis. There is no direct means to convert between profit factor and gold, by design, and no real hints at it. This is basically because RT makes it clear that in the higher reaches of the Imperium, money itself is not important; its your holdings, pedigree, contracts and such that are. For example, you can't just go out and buy a planet; if you have the means to colonise and support one, however, you may be able to negotiate yourself one.

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Profit factor is a representation of all kinds of wealth, an Acquisition roll is more than just coughing up cash (though in some cases it may well be just that), it is about arranging business deals, bargaining with or liquidating assets, arranging funds for continuous payments, or taking loans and subsequently paying those off.

Sure, today we may say a millionaire makes X every year. We may even say he's worth Y total using an estimate of all his assets. But if we were to measure his total long and short term financial influence we'd need a new number, Z.

Z wont be a set number in a currency because it aint that easy. Z is profit factor, and neither X or Y play in the same league, or compare.

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Get the Inquisitor he's working under to tell someone, "You, give dude your ship".


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The tinier ships probably have to be more advanced, and i reckon the cheapest you could get would be a run down second hand outdated freighter.

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Well, that's why I was saying have their Inquisitor GIVE them the Warp Capable ship if they've been good girls and boys. They can then buy their inter-system ship, which are much cheaper.

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Okay then /tg/

Assuming ships are off the agenda - other plans of spending 1.2 mil as an acolyte?

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Oh. My bad. I'm very sorry.

Um. Gelt-to-Profit Factor is not well defined. That's by design. The RT rulebook stresses that raw gelt numbers are irrelevant in the context of RT. So there's no real conversion factor; gelt-as-money is flatly ignored throughout RT. Everything is expressed in terms of Profit Factor, which is a measure of your dynasty's overall buying power in the region.

The more powerful your Profit Factor, the more powerful stuff you can buy. Everything is rated more or less on a scale of buying power.

Most Traders can expect to increase their Profit Factor by +2 to +5 over the course of a campaign (Endeavor). If a band of Traders has recently completed two Grand Endeavors, their Profit Factor may have increased by as much as +10. If your PCs have accomplished something similar, then +10 Profit Factor is probably reasonable.

I guess the real question is, what is your PCs' starting Profit Factor, and how much ship do they want?

>> No.16041228

Another thought:

The Viper class scout ship is the smallest Rogue Trader ship, and it has a crew of 7500.

I don't have my DH book to hand, but even if the average monthly income for them was 13 thrones, that'd be 100k a month in wages alone.

>> No.16041260

The best sex-servitor money can buy.

But seriously, besides equipping the entire party with the sickest lewt imaginable. I'm really not sure. Investing in planetary defenses for the obligatory xenos/daemonic incursion?

>> No.16041267

Hepaestus Ore Hauler. Into the Storm.


>> No.16041270

Bribing high-level Administratum functionaries/Arbites officers/whatever to set up a spy network. The ability to get info on a given name or pretty much any official paperwork you want on demand is /incredibly/ useful.
Buying a Gun-Cutter, although getting a license to use one/shift it between systems might be a bit difficult. A void- (but not warp-) capable helecopter gunship++/transport is very, very useful.
Hiring mercenaries/spies to help on missions.
Acquiring underworld contacts.

>> No.16041272

The Inquisitor has given them a warp capable ship. However, because he's a dick he's not given you any form of shuttles with it.

The player can now spend his 1.2mil buying an Aquilla so that the players are able to use the ship they have been given.

(instead of the =][= being a dick you could have them get grounded and lose all their shuttles due to some other action - pirates maybe.)

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I dont play but I would say hire 3 interplanetary traders to trade under your name. Take a cut of their profit, so that the player could be more stable... or something.

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I think this is how I'll explain to him that it can't be done quickly and simply with the money he's got - it just wouldn't make sense to me otherwise.

I want to facilitate for my players if possible - but I'm definitely not the sort to let 'em have whatever just 'cause it's cool.


No worries, and I kinda knew that, but I simply wondered if a rough fan approximation attempt had been made before, but judging by the previous posts this now seems pretty impossible.

I would like to come up with some cool alternative suggestions though. Like 'but have you thought about buying X, Y or Z?'

So, ideas anyone?

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Also, profit factor is just that--PROFIT. It represents investments, property, revenue-generating businesses or scams or whatever the fuck else. It's not a fixed amount of money, it's an ongoing body of self-perpetuating wealth. That's probably the biggest reason that Warrants of Trade are handed out to rich-ass fuckers from rich-ass noble houses--they're the only ones with enough credit to swing it.

Owning a ship isn't like buying a TV or even a car, where you pay a sticker price and walk away with your new shiny. It is an ongoing financial enterprise requiring a constant influx of money. You need to pay your crew--including some incredibly expensive individuals of rare talent--you need fuel and spare parts, you need bribes and permits and docking fees and I-don't-know-fuck-else. And once you have all that, the ship MIGHT start making money...if you have a way to use it to make money. Starting up a business enterprise is a bit harder than "I start buying and selling stuff." And your character probably doesn't want to turn his game time into 40k: Space Truckers.

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Why did you give your player money?
RT has a great system called profit factor.
They are above money in most cases. If they wana ship they better have a planet to trade for one.

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>implying that Space Truckers wouldn't be awesome in a DH setting

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Rosarius for every party member - along with best quality storm trooper carapace and weapons to match.

See if you can spend the rest on contacts, have the GM make an exchange rate for money/XP for contacts. maybe like 100 x the ex cost = cost in Thrones. So 100XP contact = 10,000?

After that... Hookers 'n' booze?

>> No.16041555
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In-character, the best use for that sort of money would be buying into a noble House, or part of some kind of corporate enterprise, or the like. Which could then lead into all sorts of sandboxy type campaigns or further complications in their Inquisitorial duties.

Another idea would be for their superiors to give them the "opportunity" to put their newfound wealth to the service of the Emprah. You could maybe set it up as a sort of heist campaign. The acolytes are basically given a privateer charter: go forth and reclaim one (1) ship from filthy heretic pirates for the glory of the Emprah, hallelujah.

So rather than buying a ship, what they're doing is trying to put together a large operation that will involve liberating/stealing a ship from its current undeserving owners. Hiring a large body of mercenaries, bribing the ship's Navigator, information gathering, all that stuff. All concluding (hopefully) with them riding into port with a literal prize for their superiors. This would end up giving them a "ship-owning" campaign for a limited period of time, without making the ludicrous jump to them owning the ship outright. (Of course, being in possession of a ship might be a huge temptation...)

> You're standing in the smoky ruins of the raider ship's bridge, scraps of its captain's flesh still oozing from your chainsword. You're three months' travel into uncharted space, the engines are still sabotaged, thirty percent of the hull has been breached to atmo, the Navigator is unconscious and murder servitors are rampaging uncontrolled through the gunnery decks.

>What now, acolytes?

>> No.16041607

Lots of different means.


>System they're on has a problem with disease.
>Players notice black market "cures" are getting sold for a lot.
>Party follows some leads, kills daemons in the underhive.
>Uses daemonslaying clout to requisition some official uniforms and security clearance from the planetary Government.
>Give uniforms to loyal minions acquired earlier.
>Uses remaining wealth to get a load of vials - fill 'em with placebos.
>sells as official cure.

>Purging a banquet filled with a lot of corrupt nobles.
>Know a lot of them are innocent.
>Talk to one such innocent before they start killing.
>Promise to take out one of his major competitors for a significant stake in his business.
>Kill his competitors in the ensuing purge.

>Find valuable paintings in the house where the noble purge went down.
>Stage a fire; so they were 'lost'
>Set up a black market auction for the paintings.
>Forge each painting multiple times, sell one to every bidder.


>Using previous money-making endeavors to finance some of the more stable crimebosses and merchant magnetes, getting a share of their profits in return for making their lives infinitely easier.

The backlashes for all of these things has been played through, and has been pretty severe every time - but they've managed to pull through.

>> No.16041660


Man, these guys DESERVE to be rogue traders. Or Tzeentchian champions. Or both.

>> No.16041739

The week on Warp Space Truckers John runs into difficulty when the Geller field on his ship fails and the shipment of grox he was transporting is exposed to the warp.

It would be awesome, and all the players could split up into teams or pairs, and then try and get more runs in than the others, to win a big bonus, oh and randomly generated missions/cargo etc.

maybe random warp dickery that allows for time travel, but it can go wrong.

>> No.16041755

Heh, and these fuckers work for the Inquisition?

>> No.16041774

There really isn't a lot besides gear to buy whilst being an acolyte.
Even gear is pushing it, as you don't wanna be seen as special in any way.
Just build a church with it like a good Emprah fearin' citizen.

>> No.16041812

Dirty Job of Deadliest Catch of the Ice Road Truckers IN SPACE!

>> No.16041864

Isn't that kinda what Rogue Trader is anyway though?
Admittedly rich truckers, but... y'know...

>> No.16041905

I said that jokingly...but maybe if you throw in a Pawn Stars, Flip This House, Repo Men, and probably Hookers on the Point -- yeah...but with those first three that's enough for GW to sue Mike Rowe and finally lower some prices in this bitch.

>> No.16042650


Not really. Rogue Trader is about exploration and conquest. It's like being Magellan, or a conquistador, or Blackbeard. Usually, one-off expeditions that get you huge piles of profit, or allow you to set up ongoing business that work behind the scenes.

By "space truckers" I mean, running cargo back and forth over and over for small profit margins. Which is what you would likely be stuck doing if you bought a small, junky, cheapest-you-can-get freighter and had barely any money to operate it afterward.

>> No.16042681

Just by the rights to as many local space hulks as you can, and adventure your ass off until you find some crazy ancient arcaeo-tech. Then either use that, or sell it.

>> No.16045444

i would suggest having your player overhear a current ship owner with cash issues while he is inquireing about a ship for himself. after finding out how riduculasly short he is to buy a whole ship he can infact buy the part for existing ship (a shiny cannon perhaps) and use this as a way to get abord a ship and begin to learn about it (begining with the piece he bought) then working his way up.
to me this would be more realistic than
pc :i have monies!
dm: you have less monies but you have a ship now

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