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service wants about $80 to make a 10 man squad look like this.

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Damn Secret service, why do you overcharge?

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rolled 20 = 20

Waste of money.

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OP I'll do it for half that. AND BETTER. The wash on his white cloth looks like chaos black threw up on it.

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and what the fuck, the highlighting looks like it was fingerpainted... I am now a worse painter simply for having looked at this.

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so thats exactly $8 each

i charged $4.00 for each for these

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Behold: The gallery of derpage...


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Holy shit I would not pay $8/model to anyone who doesn't know how to thin their fucking paint haha

Id do em for 35 and they'd look a lot better than that

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Any chance of a better picture? That looks sweet from what I can see.

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The salamanders looks like they are trying to be whats his fuckets art (the guy who drew shit pics of all the primarchs and the emps) I mean really they look worse than my marines and I suck at painting.

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John Blanche right?
Seems like they gouged their own eyes out

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Bro, instead of undercutting them by less than half, bump it up to 60 (still cheaper) and go into buidness...hell, I *have* to get someone else to paint mine because while in the military, rpg went off too close to me and gave me nerve damage, so I shake like I've got some sort of palsey...

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That guy looks like his eyeball's falling out.

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yeah no shit, that avatar is pretty much tits...

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Fuck man, I would take that $80, spend it all on weed for myself, and paint myself an entire army while high.

It would look about 4x better if not more.

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Haha thanks, he took a couple weeks to do

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33rd Target Practice battalion here!

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55th Meat Shield Regiment is here to serve the Emprah!

>Tumor tutienile
I know, captcha.

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Forgot the pic.

Damn verification.

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Im actually fond of these compared to OP's sample.

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That one on the far right is really trying his hardest to not be associated with the rest of them. Just look at his face.

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Prepare to cry then.

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What would a fair price to charge for this, for just painting , basing , varnish. But not assembling?

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They seriously had the balls to charge for that?

I mean, I'm not good, but fuck, at least make it look like you're trying...

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Just showering the thread in terribad models.

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What the market will bear. See if you can find people offering those services and set your price accordingly.

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And of course, the classic chapter we've all played before: "The badly painted marines".

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Heh, I kinda like that one. Especially the use of the galvanized screw...really brings out the pony's eyes.

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Not a fantastic painter, but here's a quick n dirty conversion my broke ass did for an AOBR dread to Space Wolves...

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>two completely different greens



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why can't you just buy huge Gundam toys with eighty bucks like normal people

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What kind of sick bastard takes people's money for this? At least I clean up the eyes; this dumbass just doesn't give a shit.

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This is the absolute apex of my painting skill.

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Thats hard, its why im asking in this thread.
Customer is worried about me over charging,
and im worried about them underpaying.

So its back and forth between me asking them what they could offer, and them asking what i would accept.

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Holy fuck, the cybernetics on the left guy's head are painted a skin tone.

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its funny how his sad attempt at wet-blending made the whole thing look like someone went apeshit with the blur tool in photoshop...

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The wings give him strength of a thousand men.

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Look closely.

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is.... is that a Necron Lord?

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what is this i dont even

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i am paid in cider for my painting

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Well, what did you initially agree on? How much were you looking to charge?

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When I blow my horn, you'll all look like me.

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good god

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>breast portion of the armor painted in skin tones

I have the feeling that the person who painted/kitbashed this is no older than 13.

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Maybe they're underneath his skin?

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I actually like his salamanders
>but that's probably because I'm a bad painter

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get some Necromunda up in this :3

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Is that one of your own minis? If so, would you happen to be named Dorian?

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Shit man, the Miniature of Dorian Gray would be awesome. FUND IT.

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Are you fucking kidding me, I can speed paint better than that.

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Damn, Bart started hanging out with the wrong crowd.

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That doesn't fit in this thread, it actually looks good, and slightly unique.

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How can you hope to defeat me?

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it is my mini, but i am not Dorian

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I wasn't asking if the miniature was named Dorian, god dammit. I was asking if the owner/painter was named Dorian, as I knew a person by that name who had been working on a clown-faced ork army awhile back.

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hang the fuck on, isnt that Kreoss's mace from warmahordes?

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I was referring to the classic novel "The Portrait of Dorian Grey".

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Heroquest derp

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Indeed it is. I think it adds to the charm.

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Yes, yes it is.

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i am the owner of that miniature, but i am not Dorian. i too have a clown ork army.

why did i think painting a horde army in stripes would be a good idea

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Advanced Heroquest, mah boy

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>honk honk.jpg

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No agreement were made, i cant come up with a price and they insist i do.

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either that or Rob Liefeld got tired of sucking in 2D.

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I'm confused, isn't painting the miniatures half of the fun of this hobby?

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yes. the other half is taking the piss out of said paint jobs

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Who's up for some Bloodbowl?

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>I'm confused, isn't painting the miniatures half of the fun of this hobby?

Everyone have different tastes. I have learned this to be true :3

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Needs more layers.

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Even in death I'm still fabulous

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>I'm confused, isn't painting the miniatures half of the fun of this hobby?

Yes, but when you look at Golden Daemon winners or the "What's New Today?" section on GW's site (when it's featuring paintjobs from their inbox rather than hyping an upcoming release), and then your own, you need a thread like this to feel better about yourself.

Although sometimes GW features some horrendous bullshit in their "What's New Today?" section.

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No John, you are the demons

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....What....No..I mean seriously...WHAT!?

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He's the desk chair of mercenaries.

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there's a dude at the GW I go to who has a... fuck, I can't remember if it's a Space Marine or a Guardsman, but the guy has a bipod for a lower torso/legs.

A bipod.

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Gretchins gonna gretch

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from the thumbnail I thought that was a Battletech miniature.

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All he needs now is an Ukelele
Hawaiii time

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Angry barbarian from Legend of Zagor be stylin on you

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some of these dont look that bad. Its almost like looking at shrunken version of toys in walmart

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Beware, the Werebeard.

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Yeah it's pretty easy to make old miniatures look bad. But apart from the entry level paint job on this one- D&D board game sculptors, are you even trying?

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That base structure would could look good on some other miniatures, looks out of place there.
Also that reminds me how there was some 'semi-official' fluff by some redshirts regarding Thousand Squats. I'll try to find it

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I actually have the Heroquest style Parker Games board game version sitting on my bed right now.

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Meh, 'twas just a counts-as Grand Tournament list, but funny nonetheless
More Heroquest? More Heroquest!

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comparison time

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Bases look like delicious coconut.

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From an old The Dark Eye-themed german board game

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...Why does he have anime-eyes?

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It looks like it's fucking laquered.

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Brotip: Stick to the "80 bucks is too much for mould lines" OP, and you won't seem like gradeschool bullies in anonymous armour. If you think $20/hr for 4hrs work is too much, just go elsewhere. But you "lol thin ur paints" autists without painted armies - or armies of any kind, for that matter - who constantly disparage TT-quality efforts aren't nearly as clever as you think you are - not by half.
It's not funny any more. Knock it off.

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Advanced Hero Quest makes me want to cry

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Some of these are actually better than some of the shit Games Workshop staff are putting out:


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I know why they've posted that. It's a very achievable example of highlights and moving away from metallic paints in favor of just being a good at highlights.

In a slightly unrelated topic... Anyone have one of these? I'm thinking of using it as an Airbrush substitute until I save up for a real one. Can it be used on minis effectively? I've only seen people use it on vehicles, are they just idiots? Anyone know if the spray size is adjustable? I'm planning on using it on Spacemarines to get easy highlights, and on their Shoulder pads. How achievable is this?

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I've seen some pretty good tutorials on the GW site which seem to suggest you can get an army getting painted quite quickly by undercoating with a spray can and then base coating with a spray gun.

Example here:


There's some more in here, as well:


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My contribution to this thread.

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With three washes that would look fine.

>> No.16036986

Those Salamanders are Tabletop quality. Maybe not 8$ a model quality, but they're by no means bad. Keep on being special, /tg/.

>> No.16036995


Biggest problem with them is the face, honestly. The rest isn't terrible, and the freehand work on the Terminator is of a high standard.

>> No.16037023

That's really just because they tried too hard on the face. A simple flesh-tone, with an ogryn wash would be enough. There wouldn't be fine detail like eyes, but it'd be more than adequate for tabletop quality.

Some of the best armies I've seen just had flesh-tone and wash for the faces of all but their HQs and sergeants.

>> No.16037046


That's pretty much what the tutorials I've read suggest as well, since face details are pretty much indistinguishable past an inch - it's only if you're intending to paint competitively that the face needs a huge amount of attention, since even with more important models you only need to add a few more details to make them stand out.

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Why is no-one raging at the caucasian Salamanders?

>> No.16037828

because we're not Autistic manchildren

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...What do you mean 'we'?

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