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i dont see any thread about this. 30 minutes of 'space marine' gameplay:


>of course the ultramarines are the worst chapter, bunch of ponces...
>if anyone calls it a ripoff of gears of war, i will literally beat you to death with a copy of the 4th edition rules
>the bolter actually sounds like a bolter, wtf

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It's a knockoff of GoW, cutscenes are like it's from 300 the movie and helmetless nocamo everywhere.

Rare rarity rareness of raremen fighting rarebattles being rareawesome and carrying the world like atlas. Mary sue everywhere.

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>>of course the ultramarines are the worst chapter, bunch of ponces
Ha ha. He actually says that. He can't be from /tg/ because he says 'warhammer forty-thousand' rather than 'forty kay', yet even he knows that the ultras are just the worst.

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youre crusin for a purgin

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He seems to play and review so many video games I don't think he has enough time in the day to visit 4chan.

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Well, Mr Biscuit does like him some 40k. Time to watch this.

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Just a note.


Sign up to forums necessary, but that link will give you a code that unlocks the demo on Steam right now.

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>Spess marines!
Okay, now I really think he is a fatguy.

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Dawn of Awesome is all over youtube. He likely saw it on there.

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If he knows a badmoon ork just by looking at it then he is most definetly fat

also, guns that shoot pure vengance

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>To be honest, right now I'm more of an Angry Marine than an Ultramarine

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I kinda like that the orcs can finishing move you

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I wish I had as much fun when my ass was getting kicked.

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those orks dont sound very orky....

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>implying hating ultramarines is a /tg/ specific thing and not something spread to all over various 40k fan communities
>implying that if someone knows a meme or two originating from one site he must also visit that site as well and not just know it because it memetically spreads all over the internet

you have much to learn about the ways of the internet, young ones

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>Right now, I'm more of an Angry Marine than an Ultramarine.

It's official, he's a fa/tg/uy.

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There are pictures and videos of TB everywhere on the internet. He isn't the skinniest guy on the planet but he is hardly "fat"

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>i will literally beat you to death with a copy of the 4th edition rules
that's worse than an insult. 4th edition is pretty awful.

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...His voice.

It's...it's like...the most stereotypical British person to ever exist.

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The first top comment is the most accurate. He is having a 35 minute orgasm.

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Righteous Fury; #1 export of Ultramar.

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What is this? A new Halo game?

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When you can actually see a guy knowledgeable in WH40K play, it's really good.

It would really anally pain me to hear a reviewer compare this to Call of Duty or something stupid like that.

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>"Hello guys, its out today. For the PC only! Enjoy!"

I have a shittier pc and I cannot afford to upgrade or get a new one.

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Suck it you poorfag peasant.

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Expect a Video Games Awesome! or Angry Joe play-through coming soon. Strangely enough, AJ wouldn't be too bad, he knows more about 40k than I do. But VGA... the horror.

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I respect Mr. Biscuit's opinion highly. Not to mention his voice is the only thing that makes pro-SC2 worth watching.

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Not even close.

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It sucks you can't play it, but it's about time PC gets some things before xbox. We've been screwed out of just about every demo lately.

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Console kids finally getting what they deserve.

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It'll be there, oh believe me the retards will come crawling out of the woodwork, like they always do.

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>Preorder collector's edition for PS3 before I hear about the PC version

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I've been following TotalBiscuit ever since he did his WTF is video of Retribution.

He was basically Fluffy chaos, showed a good hour or more in total of the Multiplayer 1on1.

And today, when I see WTF is Space Marine, I knew in my gut he would be super excited.

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>Stuck with the spess mehreens for the time being


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ive played through the demo about 4 times now. the game does a really good job of making you feel like you're in the thick of it. really great atmosphere. a little repetitive but im ok with it cause its fun.

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But....Im not a console kiddie....I am an idort.. Its just, my pc totally fucking crapped out on me.

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I fucking love his fangasm when he starts his first combat.


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im using a 9600gt and the game runs flawlessly. it doesnt take much to run.

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>if anyone calls it a ripoff of gears of war, i will literally beat you to death with a copy of the 4th edition rules

But it is like Gears of War, but in 40k setting.
If you ever played both games you would know.

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It doesn't play like Gears.

At all.

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>if the game is 3rd person its a Gears of War ripoff

/v/ what are you doing on /tg/ today? you should go back home

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I just played through the demo. It was fucking glorious. Nobs are bullshit though.

>> No.16028606

i just saved Fury for the Nobs. kills them in like 3 hits.

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But Anon!
This IS a ripoff of GoW, but without a cover system because "durr spess marine".

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This video is extremely aggravating to watch. The mother fucker doesn't seem to realize when you can do executions.

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True... it plays worse.

With a plugged in 'hurpa-durr mehreen-wank' story.

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So you've only seen the first 5 minutes?

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Hey does, he just enjoys using the botler.

/spoilers I did too /endspoilers

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That's not what he said.
Cover your fanboyism, it's showing.

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If there's no convenient waist-high walls everywhere then it's not a GOW clone.

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I see the trolls are out in full force today.

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>more of an angry marine than an ultramarine


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How much is the PC Collector's edition anyway?

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It's kind of retarded to call one a rip off of the other. Especially given that just about every shooter and plot convention that Gears of War has is in some way derived from stuff in 40k.

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I want his virile voice and upper british accent.
But yes, he is one of us.

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>Every third person shooter is a GoW rip off.

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15min and it's hell for me...

But don't get me wrong, the game looks awesome.

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MAN is he shilling for this game.
It can't be THAT good, it doesn't LOOK that good.

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Oni wasn't.

>> No.16028684

$100 which is a bit of a ripoff.

Dat purity seal fridge magnet...

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>im a huge Gears Fan and have the CE edition of 3 on pre order
>huge fan of warhams have space marine on pre order
>played the Gears3 beta
>played the Space Marine demo on steam
>they have literally no similarities other then its third person, gameplay is tons different. I really cannot stress enough that they play nothing like each other

Im sure you'll call me a fanboy or something, but truth is truth.

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Oni was mostly kung fu fightan to be honest.

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What? It is basically gears of war, enhanced melee edition. Why are you pissed?

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No it fucking isn't.


It's $80 you mongoloid.

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I've always liked the ultra's.... They used to have some decent fluff back in 3rd edition (I missed 4th ed. due to college). But I can never hate them as a chapter, only what Ward has done to them fluff wise.

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He SQUEED over a charge attack.
I cannot take anything he says seriously.

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>angry marine reference


He's a fan of the universe. Hell I felt the same way when I played the demo at my bros house.

>> No.16028733

He plays the Ultrasmurfs like they're Black Templar. I like this.

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The ultras were just as fucking lame, back during 3rd ed. The only difference between them now and how they were then, is in 3rd ed all the rules for other chapters was 'Ultras +super-powers', and in 5th their already obnoxious poster-boy fluff was turned up from 11 to 12.

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>so much negativity and trolling

Its like im on /v/!

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Whoops, $100 is for the Xbox version. My bad, bro.

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>Xbox collector edition costs $20 more than PC collector edition


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This game looks so fucking awesome.

>> No.16028770

I was wondering which I'd buy first. Dead Island, or Spess Mahreen. Yup, this is fantastic.

>> No.16028771

How so?
He favors ranged weapons, though he keeps it balanced.
He charges right the fuck into things, then pulls out and starts shooting.
Which part of this is black templar?

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>so much negativity
>in a spess mehreen thread

it's bad enough this poor forum gets spammed with spess-mehreen love-fest posts all day. Adding this shitty game to that needless dribble doesn't help.

>> No.16028782

>Mfw the jet pack ground pound

I'm going to yell SURPRISE MUTHAFUCKA every time I use it and no one's going to stop me

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That's pretty much how all spess mehreens are described, though... really, the only difference is color scheme and that Black Templars are Fearless++

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Gears is a ripoff of Kill Switch.

>> No.16028806

>For those comparing this to Gears of War, Warhammer 40k has been around like he said since the 80's it is more than 20 years old. The gameplay may well be like GoW but the universe it is set in is vastly different. This game is for more mature fuckers like me´╗┐ that grew up with this game and it's lore. So all you children stick with your girls in armour. We'll stick to real men and in real armour with real mean's guns! Bolters all round!!

>for more mature fuckers like me
>we'll stick to real men and in real armour with real mean's guns
>mean's guns
>real men
>real armour

Seriously, this guy is either such a closeted homo that he'll bring the house down once he comes out of it or he's just trolling. But that's youtube. So there's not much hope for the latter.

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theres no cover system in this game

marines are walking cover

>> No.16028820

If this game is going to be compared to anything, its gonna be Dynasty Warriors.

>> No.16028821

Any clue on if there will be more DLC armor? DLC Night Lords armor would be awesome.

>> No.16028828


my god
Mark Strong voice is beaultiful.

>> No.16028829

Power-Armor's for pussies.

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>He charges right the fuck into things

Black Templar. If he does this whilst crying tears of blood and repressed homosexuality it's a Blood Angel. If he's telling you about how he was doing it in a gigantic fight you yourself would never have won on the complete opposite side of the galaxy to where you happened to be fighting, it's an Ultra. If it does it while screaming about wolves and waving an axe, it's a Space Wolf.

Now you know.

>> No.16028846

Or you know, it could just be, and Im going out on a limb here.

For comedic value. I know I know, crazy. But just think about it.

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This shit needs to stop, this game plays NOTHING like 40k. There is no cover, there is no regenerating health, the only real simulations are that both have guns and are third person shooters.

>> No.16028868

please tell me more Mark Strong

>> No.16028882

Vid is awesome, but the comments, the comments they...

It hurts to live.

>> No.16028888

So uh.

Where are the exeuction moves in Gears of War?
Where's the Righteous Fury is Gears of War?
Where's the jump pack mechanics in Gears of War?
Where's the regenerating healthbar in Space Marine?

In the end, yes, it does play like a completely different game. No, you cannot hide behind cover and wait for your health to regenerate. You need to actually play quite carefully from the looks of things, grab any Execution you can find and save up that Righteous Fury for when you're sure you'll need it.

Also, stalker pattern is boss.

>> No.16028896

only similarity is the dudes are big and its third person. Gears most likely borrowed more from 40k then SM did from Gears. game plays more like a better version of Dynasty Warriors cause you are just kicking the shit out of alot of Orkz (and chaos)

>> No.16028905

>>16028837 If he does this whilst crying tears of blood and repressed homosexuality it's a Blood Angel.

You're projecting your own homosexuality so hard it hurts.

>> No.16028906

Hey, thanks for your personal opinions brah.

>> No.16028907

It saddened me to see that he missed the power axe at the end of the first mission.

>> No.16028912

But... you can HEAR how little of a shit he gives about this.

>> No.16028914

>This shit needs to stop, this game plays NOTHING like 40k. There is no cover, there is no regenerating health, the only real simulations are that both have guns and are third person shooters.
>This game plays nothing like 40k

I think you done goofed

>> No.16028925

I really hope there's a hidden mode where you play as an IG. Same levels, just as a regular guardsman. Beat the game and you receive a high five from the god emperor of mankind.

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>> No.16028927

I did done goofed

>> No.16028928


>40k plays nothing like 40k

Wait, what?

I can't tell if that was a really badly executed joke or if you're just retarded.

>> No.16028938

It'd be the hardest fucking gamemode ever.
You deal about a third of the damage pr. attack, and you can only take about 2 hits.

>> No.16028940

I can't stop playing this demo.

>> No.16028943

Don't think so, I'm fairly comfortable with my homosexuality.

I'd say you are the one, in fact, projecting, but I'd take a wild guess and say you're quite partial to the BA and hence a raging faggot by default.

>> No.16028946


The armor regenerates.

Health does not, you only have a fraction as much armor as you have health, if it didn't work that way the game would be fucking impossible unless they radically changed the design.

>> No.16028949

That shit is nothing, its a recharging shield that is gone in one or two attacks from the lowest boyz. The rest health, which you can only get back by being awesome.

>> No.16028954

No, I can't.
I can see a regenerating shield that is as fragile as fuck.
I cannot see a regenerating health bar. In order to regenerate that health bar, you-need-to-kill-shit.

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>> No.16028965

>IG expansion where you play as Iron Hand Straken, interspersed with token Sly Marbo stealth levels and a bonus mini-campaign where you play as Commissar Yarrick and plow through the Orks faster than the Ultramarine can

>> No.16028969

Truly, only the manliest of men should attempt this feat

>> No.16028971

>this game

I hate Space Marines, and I'm buying it.

>> No.16028981

I imagine much of the game would be "hide behind your squad, pray you get reinforcements after each battle."

>> No.16028982

game needs a co-op Last Stand mode. which i think is being added after release.

>> No.16028986

So, who here's buying the Angry Marines Expansion pack?

>> No.16028990

Why did they make this game with Marines?

It'd bee much betta to play as the big an' tuff green boyz than dem stinky Oomins.

>> No.16028994

You mean the armor? Because thats all that normally regens. Which from a lore standpoint is fine. SM have ceramite resin injectors that auto seal breaches in their armor.

If you want to be really gay and imply the execution kills on the orks is like regen health then you are a faggot. Those orks are delicious health packs.

>> No.16028997

Psychological projection is a mental defence mechanism which generally involves applying whatever faults and insecurites you cannot come to terms with onto another person or group of people. So if he's a raging faggot he wouldn't be projecting his homosexual insecurites as he's already come to terms with them and played Blood Angels. It's quite simple.

>> No.16029005


Yeah, he's one of us.

>> No.16029007

Because suffer not the xeno to live

>> No.16029012

Maybe as a reward you unlock skins for the campaign, a lot like Star Wars the Force Unleashed did. Where you can go back and play as like a fucking Imperial trooper, or like Han solo and shit.


>> No.16029013

I admit, TB has a bit too much of a fangasm for this game. I expect he might be paid. I saw several bugs he apparently ignored.

I'm looking forward to it but he's a bit too happy about it.

>> No.16029014

This game would indeed be fuck-awesome and full of win, if there was an unlockable game-mode where you could play as a nob and kill millions of space marines.

GW suffers too much of cranal-rectal-inversion to do allow something like that, though.

>> No.16029023

GW let fire warrior be made, didn't they? An ork game may not be impossible.

>> No.16029024

suffer not the jackasses to live

Not marines mind you, just the self-entitled fucktards who fanboy about them.

>> No.16029026

>Bonus campaign where you are reskinned as Grey Knight and the Orks reskinned as Sisters of Battle

>> No.16029027

Pre-ordered today. Couldn't resist the Space Wolves and Iron Warrior armour.

>> No.16029036

> I saw several bugs he apparently ignored.

Like what? I be curious.

>> No.16029039

>Skin self as Reasonable Marine
>Try and get Orks to resolve their anger issues

>> No.16029041


>not picking the Emperor's Children.


>> No.16029042

>implying GW would actually release a game where you play Orks outside of a an RTS

You are aware, aren't you, that not even black library produces anything for the Orks now... the only thing they've ever done, was a decade ago and it was called 'Deff Skwadrun. What makes you think there's a remote possibility of GW signing their IP over for an Ork game?

>> No.16029052

Just because he ignored bugs doesn't mean he is paid. Hell Stalker had a shit ton of bugs but gets rave reviews, not because of payment. But from how great it is.

Besides its fairly obvious he is a long time 40k fan who is really excited to finally have a nonshit game thats not an RTS. Im pretty excited myself

>> No.16029053


I kinda like the smurfs if they get the romanesque shit beefed up.

>> No.16029058


>> No.16029065

>Brutal FOR THE EMPRA MODE you play as Commisar Fuklaw.

>> No.16029066

where Orks are involved? No. You can't. GW doesn't license out their IP for dreams of that nature.

>> No.16029073

In all fairness, you can't exactly make an emotional book out of a race who's life consists of WAAAGH, stompin', making things that by the normal laws of physics should not work and dying,

>> No.16029079

if he's killing everything he deems heretical (including other loyalist marine chapters), I'm down.

>> No.16029081

>new game+ where you play as a terminator

>> No.16029085


No, men cannot dream.

But da boyz can.

>> No.16029088

like fuck you can't. you ever read Deff-Skwadrun?

>> No.16029090

Now you're just projecting your own raging faggotry.

>> No.16029097

One thing that bugged me was lack of an intuitive set of controls. In a way, you can tell it's a console port. A lot of useful keys for aiming, executing and throwing grenades are out of the way in awkward places. Not a bug but a flaw he didn't bring up.

There were quite few bugs when it came to executions. They're very poorly animated. As soon as you toggle one, the victim immediately stands up straight as he's executed then when he topples backwards from getting his face kicked in he suddenly... topples forward, into a preset death pose.

Some of the weapons seem poor (vengeance launcher, looking at you) and function very poorly, perhaps without much playtesting.

There's also a bit of a noclipping issue with throwback, with orcs being thrown into unreachable locations by explosions and abilities.

None of these are major gamebreakers but I did see these scattered throughout the game. I hope they're ironed out soon. It doesn't break the game or reduce the quality of it much but it prevents it from being GOTY.

>> No.16029100

>implying this is not already a game where you're playing as a 12-wound terminator with Ward plot armor, in the disguise of a tac marine...

>> No.16029105

>romanesque shit beefed up.

Do fucking want man. I remember this guy at my FLGS had a Ultra army but he played the Greco Roman shit to 11. made them not only look great but the fluff he made for them was pretty good to. They basically saw pretty much everyone, even other space marines as filthy profligates, anyone not from the realm of Ultramar was a profligate. The orks and aliens were barbari and such.

Once again, his models looked cool as fuck.

>> No.16029109


>> No.16029111


>> No.16029125

>Open video
>Total Biscuit


>> No.16029127


Id say thats not a big problem, considering fully customizable keys with no locked keys.

>weapons/vengeance launcher

Thats because he was retarded and didn't know how to use it. its a sticky grenade launcher you can sow an area with and detonate all at once to destroy hordes of orks. Or put them all over a boss, roll away and detonate.

>orks being thrown to unreachable areas and poor execution animation

you have a point and I agree.

>> No.16029130

>in the disguise of a tac marine...

You play as a Captain, not a Tactical Marine.

Also, day one purchase for sure. Ultramarines or no, this looks great fun.

>> No.16029132


>> No.16029154


>> No.16029156

>He kills EVERYTHING. even the player.

>> No.16029165

Had no idea about that regarding the vengeance launcher. As for controls, I can understand that. Hopefully there will be different setups you can save. I know if I play, I'll want one set of controls as RIP AND TEAR ASSAULT MAHREEN and another for STALKER PATTERN TACTICOOL MAHREEN.

But yes, the animating for the executions does seem to be poor for such a major part of the game. The noclipping is surprising too.

>> No.16029177


>> No.16029199

Yes it does, however much like with stalker. Im willing to overlook things like that if its a solid and fun gameplay and experience. Which it seems to be. Ill find out tomorrow. "poor xbro faggot here"

I have it pre ordered at best buy for some delicious EMPERORS CHILDREN and IRON WITHIN IRON WITHOUT!

>> No.16029201


And I'm done with capslock now.

So, who's pumped for co-op mode?

>> No.16029217

sounds awesome!

>> No.16029257

>MFW the fucking ground pound.

God. Damn.

>> No.16029286

Am I the only one that mostly enjoy his childlike glee as he plays?

>> No.16029302


No. I laughed at his fanboyism too. I wish I could have that much fun playing video games.

I mean I had fun playing the demo but he was like a freaking child at disney

>> No.16029303

I experienced similar joy when I played the demo the first time too, so I can appreciate it. Still, I was hoping he would have found the power axe just to see his reaction.

>> No.16029304

Yes, he's an awesome person to listen to. He's just that damn enthusiastic.

>> No.16029307

Nope. That said, I was laughing out loud when I first played. And then again when I found the power axe.

>> No.16029309


Where is it? Guess I'm doing the demo again!

>> No.16029325


I played the demo at the Fantasy Flight booth at GenCon this year and watched a few other people play it. Even those who didn't know anything about the universe looked very happy about what was going on on screen, and the people who knew 40k LOVED it.

>> No.16029329

Does anyone have a list of weapons in the game?

Stalker Bolter
Bolt Pistol
Power Axe
Thunder Hammer

What about flamers? Shotguns? Missile Launchers? Plasma guns of some type? Heavy weaponry?

>> No.16029336


In the room at the end of The Inquisitor when you battle the horde. After you fall to the ground at the break in the walkway go to the opposite end near the edge and there's a big vertical canister. Press E and you can swap your chainsword for the poweraxe...and it's awesome.

>> No.16029348

>pre-heresy world eater colours
>jump pack, chainsword, bolt pistol only

My body was never more ready.

>> No.16029349

A video game as a medium is much more likely for an orky project than a book. it allows for the particulars of ork culture to be used as features of the game.

ridiculously over aggressive attitude? a plus for an action video game.

a one liner delivery system? Great! its Duke Nukem Forever: ork (good) edition.

Ork size growth? A sense of progression through out the game.

TL:DR An ork as a protagonist would make a great video game.

GW of course will not be convinced by such arguments as "fun" and "profitable."

>> No.16029359

Its not that hard, you just have to let go and enjoy things. Unless you murdered your inner child or something, then you're fucked.

>> No.16029364

Melta Gun
Plasma Gun
Heavy Bolter (specific bits)
Vengeance Launcher (remote trigger grenade launcher).

>> No.16029383 [DELETED] 

I could have sworn I saw the guy hauling around a lascannon in one trailer.

>> No.16029461

I wonder what he would have done if he actually found the power ax, better, if he found it after the battle was over.

>> No.16029503

So I just played the demo. How the hell does the grenade launcher work?

>> No.16029510

Tap the reload key

>> No.16029516

Thanks breh. Off to try it out.

>> No.16029532

Does anyone else love this guy's voice? He would be perfect for radio. If radio weren't an obsolete medium.

>> No.16029534

Autocannons are usable too.

>> No.16029570

Plasma gun
Heavy bolter
Heavy plasma
Melta gun
Power sword (might be pre-order only)

I believe there is a missile launcher too, but I am not completely sure.

>> No.16029571

>angry marine

oh yes

>> No.16029588

He actually was doing internet radio shows for at least five years prior the Youtube career.

>> No.16029592


I could see that.

Something kinda Alpha Protocoly combat wise. Mostly player-skill based, but if you raise, like, your Choppas skill to x level you get extra killyness.

So it starts out, you pick a clan, which determines the WAAAAAGH Point costs of your skillz. So, like, if you're a Blood Axe, you get cheap Kunnin' and Sneaky-Git skill. If you're a Snakebite you get cheap Choppa and 'Ardness skills and such. After five/ten levels, you then get to pick a specialisation, like Burna Boy or Mek or something, which puts you onto a different of skill costs, and so on up. As the level goes up, you get bigger.

>> No.16029736

I thought GoW was set on a Factory World that got cut off by a warpstorm?

>> No.16029832


Kinda tempted to write something up for this now.

Any Ork Experts on? Could do with skill weightings for the different clans, but fucked if I can remember what their individual schticks are beyond the Blood Axes.

Skill list currently looking something like this:
Choppa (Melee)
Shoota (Small/Medium non-exotic weapons)
Burna (Flamethrowers)
'Eavy Weapon (Bigger guns. Beamy Deffguns/Heavy Shootas etc.)
Big Boom (Explosives/Grenades etc.)
'Kunnin (Sneaky tricks/traps etc.)
'Ardness (Toughness)
Sneaky Git (Stealth)
Tinkerin' (Mek skills)
Warp 'Ed (Warp Powers)
Medik (Mad Dok skills)
Waaaaagh (Leadership/benefits for other orks who follow you around)
Drill(?) (Probably replace this name with something else. Jumppack/Stormboy related stuff. Suggestions?)

Think I'mma leave the Kult of Speed out of it, as vehicles would be a whoooole other ballgame.

>> No.16029875


Was the only one raging by the fact that he didn't Execute a Nob Boy? It has a different execution animation, and the fact the missed the Power Axe, which he would cream himself.

>> No.16029891

send him an email, he might just make an addition for that. . .
ask him if he's a fa/tg/uy while you're at it...

>> No.16030029

Goffs are serious, hardcore warriors, who tend towards close combat.

Evil Sunz are all about vehicles, and speed. They like going fast.

Bad Moonz are rich bastards. They tend to be fat, and rich. Because they spend all the excess teef they produce on bling, and tasty food.

Death Skullz are sneaky, dogrobbing bastards that incessantly steal everything that isn't nailed down. They are also perhaps, lucky for game play purposes, as they favor blue, a lucky color. They would also have looted weapons, and a certain tendency towards having things like Deffguns and fancy toys from Mek Boyz, as they have a working relationship with them in terms of bringing in material, or for stealing it, and making stuff.

Snakebites are very traditional, and dislike using modern technology, like vehicles, and forcefields. (most of your mek shit, basically.) They are often Feral Ork.

>> No.16030060

You forgot Blood Axes, who use unorky tactics like stealth and planning

>> No.16030270

The guy knew about those. I didn't feel it necessary to lecture him about them.

But as you say, they are sneaky, and unconventional.

And looking at the skill list, I think it would be good to emphasize that Evil Sunz, and to a lesser extent Deff Skullz and Bad Moonz are probably going to have a fair amount of Mek skills, as they all have a lot to do with mek kinds of things.

Goffs are going to be the best at the Drill thing, although if you interpret it as "skill in conventional military stuff" Blood axes are likely too.

On further reflection, the Snake Bitez might also perhaps specifically have your meaty close combat stuff, kunnin'. and then perhaps the warp stuff, and the doctor stuff. You wouldn't think the doctor stuff, but Ferals and such have a reputation for having lots of squigs and boars. The y have dok's just for dealing with those critters.

The warp mostly comes from the tendency of feral orks and related bodies to have lots of fucking orks

Snake Bitez would also be either very very bad at the tech related skills, or not have them. They specialize in hitting you over the head, and using time honored tactics like hordes of gretchin, and squigs. Some high faluting ones use shootas.

If anyone got a "pet" or minion thing, they would, or they would be the best. This could readily encompass both "shit load of gretchin" and "squiiiiigs" or maybe a bit of both.

>> No.16030274

Wow, that was glorious...

I want this game so bad now.

>> No.16030357


Okay you got me, I got mad.

>> No.16030366

Wait, I thought Blood Axes tried to mimic human warefare and would wear military uniforms and such.

>> No.16030462

Who are the orks who sometimes fight for the Imperium and use like tactics "well as much as orks can" If I recall they have loadsa Stormboys and Kommandos

>> No.16030470

Yeah. .. but they also ue stealth, actually obey commands to lay ambushes etc.

Also, this game looks amazing.
I didn't dare to think it would be good, but it looks like loads of fun.

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