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Eldar and Dark Eldar military doctrines confuse me.

Explain them to me, and I don't mean tabletop.

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Might as well start by what you think Eldar and DEldar military doctrines are.

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Strike fast, kill lots of enemy dudes, retreat back to the Webway with as few casualties as possible.

Dark Eldar only change that up by also taking prisoners.

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One is short range. The other is exposed warfare.

I confuse.

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They are all supreme dicks, that is all you have to know.

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Everything they use is pistol range or they're flying around on exposed vehicles.

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>and I don't mean tabletop
You lost me.

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Well, for the Eldar at least, it's all about mobility and force. Each squad in an Eldar force is a specialized, highly trained unit. If a commander can place each unit where their specialties will serve best, then they will be the most effective.

To allow for this, Eldar (generally) use lighter armor and rely on fast-moving vehicles and infantry that can redeploy to where they're needed as fast as possible.

Once you have all of your units in the positions where they will serve best, you immediately engage into action, dealing as much damage as possible, before either crushing your foes or falling back to reposition and reassess the field.

And of course, can't forget the heavy emphasis on scouting and sabotage. Because if you know your enemy, you can plan how to counter them. If you can sabotage your enemy, countering them will be that much easier.

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