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Hey /tg/ forever DM here with a few questions,

Could you /tg/entlemen possibly suggest alternatives to using D&D minis?

Currently in my group we make use of Dungeon Tiles, a dry-erase battlemat, and the miniatures from the board game Descent.

As a DM part of the fun and fulfillment I have in providing my players with a campaign is giving them some nice visuals.I tend to have hand-drawn maps, dungeon tiles for a large amount of locations, and even If I don't have the tiles for the location or if the players are there briefly, I'll very quickly draw out important details on the battlemat.

However I feel like perhaps there is something else I can do to provide them with more visual aids when it comes to monsters and NPCS (the amount of minis that Descent brings are a little limited).

What are some reasonable alternatives to dishing out hundreds of dollars on minis? In addition, are there other visual aids your GM employs in your group?


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shameless bump

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Tokens! Duh. Little round or square chips or pieces of paper with a little picture on them. I remember I once saved a big collection of D&D ones specifically, but I may not have it. I'll look.

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1 word - Legos.

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Try to score some of 4th edition's monster tokens that have the little pictures on them. Just make sure the players have their own mini's; imo, PCs need minis.

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Risk pieces, scrabble tiles, dice, rocks, coins, salt/pepper shakers.

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The funny part? Manny is canonically gay for Boone.

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The only decent tokens I have found come in the Monster Vault, unfortunately half of the stuff there would be useless to the group since we play 3.5/Pathfinder.

Merely printing them out also seems like they'd be extremely flimsy and hard to keep in place, any creative methods on printing and then reinforcing them?

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3/4'' washers with character art pasted on the front. Boom. Instant 1'' tokens.

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There's that, and you could glue the piece of paper to a button, a penny, a tiny cap to a stick of chapstick, or even just square cuts of cardboard.

I can't find the D&D tokens, but I can give you some icons from an old-as-dust collection of Shadowbane guild silhouette symbols.


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I suppose my best option would be to buy the monster vault, I hate to overpay, but It'd provide me with a ton of the tokens I'd need. Even if my group doesn't even touch 4th ed.

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It's not a bad purchase, I got it and I've found it pretty useful.

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Or you could go to Demonoid and say D&D Tokens.

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>What are some reasonable alternatives to dishing out hundreds of dollars on minis?

Buy cheaper lots of minis on ebay.

No, I'm not being snarky. You can get a shitload of minis for really cheap if you just look carefully.

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I've got some tokens.
You'd have to print them and base them yourself, of course, but they're about the right size to cover a 5ft. square.
It's just a random combination of a number of commonly used races/classes.

I hope you find it useful.

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This is actually a great solution for now, many thanks.

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