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I'd pay good money for Codex Skitarii. Would anybody else?

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Hell Fuckin YES!

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Yes. Especially if Knight Titans and Robots were available. I'm thinking of a SC who has implanted a cogitator in his head that is especially designed to calculate the best strategy.

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>Codex Skitarii

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Knights on the tabletop? Not outside of Apocalypse. The only comparable things to that would be...a pack of Trygons, maybe?

Otherwise the Skitarii are just AdMech guardsmen with better equipment and some useful combat mods, no?

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Would skitarri be just MEQs on the TT or what?

What would be their basic statline?

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Probably like Scouts and Stormtroopers I guess. Praetorians are the MEQs.

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go read Titanicus by Dan Abnett and then talk to us about what Skitarii are.

He describes them as jacked to the size of Adeptus Astartes, Vat grown to perfection, designed around the judicious use of mechanical and genetic modification, a full arm given to a weapon of some form (energy and power field based) and then also having crazy individual modifications; fangs, buzz saw mechadendrites, feet that have spikes, and wearing animal skins and trophies of their kills

oh, and they're so off-fucking-kilter that they're more than willing to fight amongst battling titans, from class warhound up to class emperor.

ridiculous is what they are.

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Fuck, really? Another Imperial codex?

Cut down the Imperial codexes that are already out there. (I'm looking at you SoB and obscure Marine chapters.)

More xenos plz and no fucking Skittari.

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Since Helsreach has some Skitarii with a mind link thing, I'd imagine that would be an avaliable upgrade.

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I'd sign that petition, friend.

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>More xenos plz and no fucking Skittari.

Name a xenos faction that would be cooler than a fucking awesome mechanicus army

Dont even say Hrud, unless they go back to 'space skaven' then they'll probably just be horribly generic aliens

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Rumours abound over the last 2 years that Forgeworld is working on a Skitarii army, and will have a full rulebook in an upcoming Imperial Armour instalment.

Don't quote me on that, though. It's just a long-running rumour.

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...But it's Abnett. He can't even keep straight the difference between a heavy bolter and an autocannon.

Ben Counter described them much differently in Dark Adeptus. Nothing like what you said.

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There's heaps of canon conflicts about that. Are Praetorians hyper-cyborgs or Servitors? Are Skitarii ordinary guardsmen with extra special equipment or supersoldiers second only to the astartes themselves?

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>Name a xenos faction that would be cooler than a fucking awesome mechanicus army


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I know you're trolling but... no

They're not even a faction anyway

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The inclusion of the Discworld Librarian in one 40k Codex is abomination enough. They don't need a whole goddamn book.

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Thexian Trade Empire is the only one that could have the potential to be cooler IMO. Mainly because they can put in all sorts of awesome Xenos mercs.

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you must be jokareo-ing

they're orangutans in SPESS

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Guard veterans with 6+ invun save for Skitarii. Legio Cybernetica, Secutors and bizzare stuff is what would have to set it apart, otherwise most of their stuff is just guard all over again, its like Iron Hands having their own codex, there isnt enough of a difference to warent a book. Stick with your favorite fandex and ask your opponent to use it. Also Knights can be converted from Dreadknights, simply remove psykiedeamon crap and insert techno camalot crap. with a little rules and model modifying you can do it justice.

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here's four

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Oh hells yes. Lizardmen in Space would probably be sufficient to get me to play this stupid game again.

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I... I hope that was deliberate...

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uh what do you think a dreadknight is? it's a GK specific night titan.

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They had them in Rogue Trader.

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I'd play the mechanicum in a heartbeat. But i do agree that there are already a lot of Imperium Codices. You know it's a bit ridiculous when half of the available armies are part of one faction.

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Personally, I'd rather see Chaos redone properly, especially for Lost and the Damned (*ahem*). Besides, it's fairly easy to do an Admech list with Grey Knights/Coteaz/Lots of mechs anyway...

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Demiurg done right.

The Cabal done like the Inquisition books.

Hrud with Umbra backing them too. Space Skaven deserve some representation.

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Codex: Admech you mean?
Skiitari are the main expendable troops, Penal legion stats.
The problem is though, what ELSE do they have apart from tech priests and Skiitari?

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Also, anything made on Mars or other major forgeworlds

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Knight Titans. Legio Cybernetica robots. Combat Servitors. Special tanks and shit.

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Demirug to hell and back again. Would follow all the way.
Triple AAA credit rating, would Bro-Pound again.

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No, Exodites should not be a faction.

They're not a space-faring race, all of them are isolated to an individual world.. meaning you'd have to bullshit a way for their units to somehow magically represent the uniform flora of thousands of unique worlds.

They dont seek out conflicts with other races, they dont conquer anything, they dont DO anything other than just live out their lives in harmony with nature.

You might as well have 'codex: imperial citizens"

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Zoats? solo Kroot? Iron Men?

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That'd overlap like fuck though.

Knight titans are too hueg for a normal game. Servitors and robots I'll be ok with.
But what tanks? What tanks have we ever heard of the Admech using?

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Well, it would be obvious they have some vehicles. At least a transport.

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All forgeworld vehicles are codex vehicles for skitarii

Heck yeah

I never liked my wallet anyway

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dude, knight titans are dreadknights with a battlecannon and ccw that's not too big for normal games

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Exactly, who needs a saving account?

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>uniform flora

Meant fauna. I suppose they could bullshit something about the eldar xenoforming worlds but the point still stands that having them as some kind of war-waging race makes no sense

As to your other suggestions, while I think that they are Good factions and some of them would be worthwhile the thing is I dont see any of them as being 'better' than the mechanicus

Just because you hate spess mehreens or something shouldnt detract from how integral the mechanicus are to the setting.. and how incredibly entertaining they are.

I think the mechanicus would be more fun than ALL of the other imperium factions, they're eccentric treasure hunting cyborgs on a religious hunt for technology

Lets face it, most of the other factions will be just bland mirrors of the Tau (ie: hyper generic space aliens that are small in number and achieve little of consequence in the galactic arena)

While I do think that the Inquisition is over-reflected, I dont think you should skimp out on the most fun thing they have to offer solely because they have loads and loads of generic lookalike factions (spess marines)

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God damn, they are my fetish in a non-sexual way!
(And in a sexual way...)

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Lost and The Damned need to be the next codex.

After that, decent Tau and then something new, for the love of God.

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>While I do think that the Inquisition is over-reflected

Meant to say Imperium, FUCK

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Where did you hear these things? My boner is curious...

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I have no problems with any imperial faction, the SoB are actualy my fav human force, I just woul like to see some aliens get the kind of exposer the Imperium gets, (I know, its a pipe dream)

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I'd get Skitarii. But it better be the last Imperial Faction added to the game.

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Merge all the marine dexes into one and there, problem solved.
You have now cut down on Imperial dexes by 4 and have sacrificed nothing to do so.

No point axing the Sisters, they need one first to be axed.

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Indeed, but a problem most of the minor xenos races suffer is their inherent.. minorness.

Take the Kroot, who have even had the fortune of getting a WD dex.

Sure, it had a couple of fun things.. but on the whole, you were still stuck with a sea of models that practically all just look exactly the same, with the only real divergences being hounds, oxes and knarlocs. And the faction itself? They're... mercenaries.

That right there is what dooms them, there's little you can really do for an army list without completely upheaving the character of the Kroot, and without doing that they have no real major presence in the 40k galaxy

This is why I think the tarellians are something nobody should hope on, they're just a scattered race of mercenaries. And the Slann? They dont want to actually conquer anything.

I think my main gripe with the expanding of more xenos factions is that none of them will ever really sit at the 'core' of the setting. Tau exemplify this, you could practically reach out and pluck their civilization from the stars and it would barely affect the setting at all. Say what you will about the poor delivery of the Necron fluff, I at least appreciate the fact that they FIT in it in some way.

The way I see it, the only really viable window for a new xenos faction as the galaxy currently stands would be to elaborate on whatever is supposedly chasing the nids

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As much as I'd like to see the Mechanical Legions of Mars, maybe we should at least update that other Imperial faction who never got a proper update since 2nd ed.

>> No.16020988

Or just combine various Xeno factions and some humans into Codex: Mercs.

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You're an idiot if you think this will ever happen

and axing things does not progress the setting in any way. You just have a chip on your shoulder about marines

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Fuck fucking yes PLEASE.

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ain't gonna happen.

The SPIRITUAL LEIGE has spoke, and matt ward resounds in his glory by being deviant with the sisters

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Skitarii would be fine if they made each squad supra customizable

like being able to turn them awesome for CC but shit for shooting

or make them awesome shooting but Shit for CC

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I don't have a chip on my shoulder, I was simply replying to an earlier post who seems to have it in for the Sisters.

And lets be honest here, you could easily combine all the marine Chapters into one book and lose nothing in the process.

It'd be a hell of a book to balance but when the biggest difference between armies is Wolves, Fast Tanks, Terminator Troops, Bike Troops and mixed Scout-Marine Troops then it isn't an impossible task.

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>super customizable
>two loadouts

>> No.16021068

Hell that could be their gimmick, like how Tau are shooty and Eldar are extreme specialists, Skitarii can be hyper-customizable.

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I think in the past it could have been possible.. but not anymore

GW has put so much time into trying to individualise their little pet space marines that they are endemic to the game itself.

Removing them would do nothing more other than alienate your players and cause profits to plummet even further

And when you come along later smiling and pushing your own dream idea for a xenos faction to all the marine playing sheep angry that you compressed all their favourite factions, they will look at you in the same way that /tg/ sees Matt Ward

An over-influential ascended fangeek who is obsessed with not making the setting work but turning it into what you Think it Should Be

Yes anon, you are the matt ward

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What are these Knight Titans? Where can I read about them?

Are you guys talking about Dread Knights?

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No, Knight titans are actual titans

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How big?

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It's only for my own personal fluff, in tabletop and rpg, but can are there orders specifically of these Knights, or are they the smallest, probably scout-like troops of an ordinary Legio?

Also, which codex are they mentioned in?

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Smaller than warhounds

Think of them as super dreadnoughts only not retarded like dreadknights

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Knights have like noble families. They were originally the nobility of Knight Worlds, which are sorta between a Feudal World and a Forge World. They come from Epic I believe.

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So if the Mechanicum had its own codex there would obviously be a lot of vehicles in the codex.

How could we balance that around the other races? With all those armor values I could see things getting pretty out of control with either armies stacked with AV weapons or armies without enough AV weapons getting smashed.

Your thoughts?

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Okay, alright. Sweet. Rolling for Rites of Battle to develop some fluff for my tabletop Space Marines gave me a friend amongst the Titans. Randomly rolling for a specific Legio gave me the Abnett's Sabbat Crusade Legio. Which is awesome, since I'm a huge Tanith First and Only fan, but because of that it seemed far too fanboy-y of me to take that. Plus, seemed to Mary Sue to have my Chapter be best friends with a fucking Titan Legion.

But, if I became friends with the AdMech due to saving a Knight World, and from that receive regular military aid in the form of Knight Titans . . . Less Mary Sue and less fanboy-y. Fucking awesome.

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IIRC, Knight Worlds are basically mine-worlds where they get all the resources that are shipped to the Forge Worlds.

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Give them a few kinds of super expensive things like cataphracti termites and land raiders that own fucking everything but eat up colossal amounts of points... give them lots of cheap, shitty other vechicles that you can flood the board with

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I think your taking my blasé comments a wee bit to seriously here.

One, I never said that this was my idealised or dream scenario, I personally couldn't give a shit.
And two, nice ad hominem there, really improves your argument over all doesn't it? Enforcing your point with name-calling always shows off great maturity.

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Do you know which Epic? There were four editions and some odd expansions I believe.

>> No.16021405

Dunno, might've been a White Dwarf expansion.

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Not Epic: Armageddon. But there's also Knight Titans for Apocalypse on Forge World.

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Oh and as another idea, Dont give them much in the way of artillery.

The admech may wage war but they do not purposely go out and engage in huge open conflicts for the sake of... huge open conflicts.

Dont turn them into techguard, but rather emphasize that their vehicles serve multiple roles in both a combat and exploration sense.

Give them lots of funky, special abilities but most of which only work up close, like something akin to that wrecking ball thing that Orks get that allows them to dismantle other vehicles up close, or tunneling vehicles.

Make them wacky... but make it so that they have to get up close and personal (and hence vulnerable) to make that whackiness work

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But the Admech control Ordinatus, the greatest artillery in the entirety of the Imperium!

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Yes. And those are XBAWX HUEG and not suitable for anything other than a giant Apocalypse game with a GIANT board, or Epic.

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People in this thread forgot Chrono-Gladiators.

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