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With Daemon Magnus done, I decided to go back to the old Primarchs and fix them up a bit before they get painted.
All of them (Save for Fulgrim, Dorn and Emperor, who are already (being) painted) will get touchups or outright rebuilds, and I figured since /tg/ was involved with the originals I'd do another round of gathering thoughts and lore nitpicks.

Today's main focus is on Russ.
I gave him braids (which didn't really look good any other way than this), a pair of skulls on the axe, a wolf tail talisman, a few trinkets and soon some extra GS touchups. That is just about everything I was able to think of and/or reasonably fit on him, but if any of you lore buffs / wolf fans can point me to something I missed, I'll put it in there.

Wave 1 also inclues Lorgar, Perturabo and Mortarion, so any ideas for those three will also be appreciated.
Right now I mostly intend to make their backpacks more unique (save for Perturabo, unless I end up giving him a pack) and include some more legion-relevant decor like gar orbs for Mortarion and scrolls for Lorgar. I'll also build a better Lantern.

TL;DR: What should I add to my Russ / Lorgar / Mortarion / Perturabo.

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sorry scripty, just requesting magnus pic, as i've missed it, and am a big fan of 1ksons

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Sure thing.
I posted him in a thread earlier, but here's a link to that and a pic of him next to the others. >>16013585

I'm not 100% satisfied with how he turned out, but I still feel it's good enough to call done.

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scripty why are you using those ugly heads? try a chaos grillface head for perturabo, they look really nice if you have one...
I love lorgar and mortarion how they are though!
Also will you be basing they badasses?

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I wanted to avoid helmets as much as possible (and I sadly don't have any grill helms on hand). Whenever I gave someone a helmet, people complained that it took away from the character.

As for basing, That Paint Guy is handling that along with the paintjobs. Rocks are snow are the chosen theme.

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Even if the thread has been inactive, I haven't.
I put some extra shit on both Mortarion and Lorgar, as well as converted their backpacks a little.

Right now I'm a bit stuck with Perturabo. A backpack ruins his silhouette, so all I can really do is tweak the hammer and maybe add something to his hips or pauldrons, like those little terminator shields.

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I will also do GS fixes on all of them, so don't worry about the =][= on Lorgar.

And to finish off, here's Paint Guy's take on Fulgrim.

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Personal touches I'd recommend would be:
Mortarion needs some cloth to him. Something covering a bit of the shoulders. He needs that mysterious/solitary feel a cape might provide.

Next, Russ needs runes on the empty shoulder pad, empty leg, that armor bit covering his hips. Any and all empty spaces should get at least a little bit of runes. Sagas Sagas everywhere type of thing

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I was thinking about giving Mortarion a cape, but I felt it changed his look too much. Your shoulder cloth idea on the other hand might work damn well.
As for Russ, I'll probably leave those runes down to the paintjob rather than carving them into the plates themselves.
Thanks for the ideas mate.

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Find a chaos player! They almost always only use the helm heads so they might have a spare bit.
But yeah helm doesn't seem "primarchy" but I mean mortarion looks great, and he only has an eye visible!

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Mortarion came off well, true. I attribute a lot of that to the hood, since it looks really characterful.
Lion and Vulkan also have helmets, and Guilliman has one in his hand.
After the rebuilds I hope to get rid of Vulkan's helmet as well. Adding a helmet really can be the difference between a Primarch and an abnormaly tall Captain. Lion's helmet being a special case as it is one of his signature items.

Perturabo's head in any case is a bit of a special oddity, since I took the idea mostly from the Perturabo from this lineup, rather than any piece of art.

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