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Hey /tg/ i'm working on a Halloween costume, can i get sisters of battle image dump?

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From the thumbnail, I thought that Sister was really big.

I'm kinda disappointed that she isn't

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No, but have Inquisitor Cirno instead.

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She's too stupid to be an Inquisitor

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Here is a vidya example.

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>Hey /tg/ i'm working on a Halloween costume
>sisters of battle
I sure hope you're female
but then again ... this is 4chan =/

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And /tg/ at that. 80% chance it's a trap.

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>DLFG delivers yet again

Rapidly becoming my favourite tripfag.

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>hersrae receiv
>heresy receive
>Post Sororitas, receive heresy?

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Gotta purge something.

>mfw captcha is mathematical symbols

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You must be new.

In other news must resist posting SoB/Tyranid rape fapfic.

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How many pictures do you have Deathleap?

You must have TB's of pictures.

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11,653. About 4.65 GB's worth.

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Will you be my internet waifu?

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Holy crap.

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Does she have a Pipboy?

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Well, I can't unsee that now.

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You should torrent that shit.

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You're welcome

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>Doz manfaces

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This is what SoB really look like.

captcha: text-based nutther (more like nutt her)

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OP here,
DLF you are my hero, ive stolen all of these,

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Glad I could help. I'm just over halfway through my folder, so there'll be more to come.

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Did you manually accumulate all these pics, or did you just torrent three big folders and made them into one?

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Manually. Most of them come from /tg/, just stuff I've picked up in random threads or harvested from other image dumps. Some are from Deviantart or other sites, but they're by far the minority.

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Can I see you disrobed, DLFG?

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Dunno why but reminded me of this

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Isn't our codex coming out today?

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The other half of the Sisters of Battle codex is out in this months White Dwarf. In the UK, it's normally released on the last Saturday of each month, IIRC, so won't be out for another week or so. Can't say if it's the same overseas though.

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Dat tiny hand.

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somehow in my wh40k dreams i always end up porking sisters of battle... it's like that is their sole purpose in that universe.
i also had an eldar bitch once but it was disturbing cause i have no idea how they look like so in my dream she kept that weird helmet on... was glad when i woke up.

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At least it wasn't a fiend of Slaanesh. Most disturbing dream ever.

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>At least it wasn't a fiend of Slaanesh.

What, seriously?

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yeah i could deal with pretty much everything except the single titty. that would freak me out.

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You're all lucky, at least half of my dreams since age 3 have had to do with John Carpenter's The Thing.

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Seriously. It was a very fucked up dream and not one that I like to remember very much.

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>It was a very fucked up dream

Yea, it certainly must have been.

Also, that's the last of my folder. Hope it's useful.

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Last one was on /rs/ on the 24th of July, the second to last Sunday of the month. Today is the second to last Sunday of August.

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Goddamn OPs pic gave me an instant boner. I will proceed by masturbating furiously.

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>purity seals in her hair
Aint that, you know, put there with hot wax? Seems like there are so many better places for them.

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Guess how hair extensions stay there

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SoBs are trained in ridiculously over the top "danger rooms" where the walls are made of fire and laser and the floors are made of spikey death. I doubt any of them they can feel pain anymore.

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I... I don't know, they just look so stupid. It doesn't fit the idea of the w40k universe I have at all.

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Not realistic enough for 40k?

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If you put Inuyasha in a SoB armor and set him loose on a battlefield, how long before anyone notices?

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Leapy, I swear to god if you made a torrent of all your 40k images, you would become the best person on the face of the Earth.

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ops pic gave me a boner

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Finally, something I can fap to.

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Have some Anarchy Sisters of Battle

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Chinese chicks as sisters of battle = hot
Chinese dudes as blood angels = sorry, the emperor's finest aren't 5'3" and 130lbs.

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I support this idea. Torrents are wonderful

Hummm I got half that amount, and most of the time when I dump I get bored half the way.

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>the emperor's finest

the FUCK did you just say?

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You have a problem with 5'3" people?

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Not an SOB but still. Pretty awesome picture. Found it here. I wonder if they ever completed it

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I don't think he meant that. I think his meaning was that Space Marines are between seven and eight feet tall outside their armor and built like a brick shithouse.

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I know, let me molest him a little bit jeez.

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they're elfs, basically

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