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/r/ing some 40k art dump

I'm trying to find some good images, minimum 840x840, to use for my credit/debit cards. hoping for some larger size chaos insignias that might look nice but can't find much I want via google.

As this isn't /r/, though, i'll just make this a 40k art general, and start a dump.

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Man, I think the 'Let the Galaxy Burn!' Abaddon quote where he's holding a burning world in his hands is probably the best credit card image. Fear the destructive power of money!

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I need it

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Does this suffice? I have plenty of 40k art if you want more.

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I believe you are looking for this OP

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both of those are great, actually.

I had one similar, but it was plain white in background and still had the WAR game logo on it that I would have needed to remove. I'll definitely be using one of those for sure now

Any chance anyone has something similar for Nurgle/Khorne/Tzeench?

also, general art is always welcome. I'm saving that too, regardless

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some Adeptus Mechanicus

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more chaos for you

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actually, are those same images separate wallpapers?

as it is, I would have to stretch them to make them big enough for the card, not sure how that would turn out, but having two of those might be nice.

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more motivationals would be awesome

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Horus Heresy anyone?

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Are there any good stories about the Sisters of Battle? I'd be interesting to learn about the Imperium's only female fighting force.

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Words cannot describe how awesome this picture is.

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There are a couple of Black Library books centered around them, though I've not read them so can't comment on their quality. Apparently they also make an appearance in one of the Enforcer books and are written very well there.

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OP here. Have to afk a bit.

If the thread is still around when I'm back I'll keep dumping.

Otherwise, thanks

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I'm not too knowledgeable about 40k lore, but I'm guessing that's Doombreed fighting a primarch, though I don't know which one it is if that's the case.

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that's an avatar of khaine fighting sanguinious (blood angels primarch)

I dont believe this ever actually happened in the fluff, not sure though.

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Thanks, I'm new to 40K so I'm picking up just about anything that seems cool. I recently read a very cool comic about the Black Templars.

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Not Sanguinius but Dante, current Chapter Master of the Blood Angels.
Sanguinius had wings.

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can't be Sanguinious, he had wings not a jump pack, not to mention different armor as a whole. this is The Sanguinor.

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my bad, you are right it's Dante not Sanguinor

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can dante take an avatar of khaine in a one on one fight? It doesn't seem that likely to me although I do understand that he is the oldest living space marine (apart from the man who trained him) and the chapter master of the blood angels. It just seems far fetched.

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Here it is Sanguinius.

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you seem to be under the impression that the Avatar is worth a goddamn in a fight

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Might as well just say it in here.
I've posted before, but nobody really obliged. I'm planning on making an Airsoft Bolter of some sort (will post when finished), What do you guys Think I should do? I was sort of liking the idea of a Storm bolter, but I don't know what the size of those are, really. I'm putting in a request for some pictures of the different patterns and older models of Bolters, Storm Bolters, Heavy Bolters, and Bolt Pistols.

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Sadly, it happened. Killing an Avatar each morning is a requirement for any SC nowadays.

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the avatar is worth a lot in the fluff. The only person that I can think of that destroyed one is Calgar and everyone knows that his fluff is pretty far-fetched, if not out-right stupid.

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>can dante take an avatar of khaine in a one on one fight?

I would dearly like to say no, as I'm firmly of the belief that things like Greater Daemons, Avatars, Hive Tyrants, and other huge creatures should be able to make a mockery of any Space Marine no matter how shiny their armour is. The fluff, unfortunately, dictates that whoever has the thickest plot armour wins. And named characters have the thickest plot armour of all.

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A large chunk of the Imperial Guard wants to have words with you out back.

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Tell that to Vt. Sgt. Namaan.

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ALL female then

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Derp. Then don't make it sound like they're the only females the Imperium has fighting for them.

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I should probably say, is there any race/faction in particular people want to see dumped?

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Yeah sorry about that.

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Oh, since someone asked for Motivationals, there's this.

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I realised there are little to no Alpha Legion pre heresy or chaos imagery for that matter.

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Eldar. Dat armor. Dem helmets.

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Oh, good. Eldar are cool, it's always nice to have an excuse to post them.

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Shoot, Alpha Legion can wait, commencing new folder stuffing.

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Dlfg, question...

Alexander Skarsgard as Sanguinius?

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Hmm. I can see the basic structure of the face working, certainly.

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don't have much but here we go

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good ol' captain/ chapter master gabriel angelos

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dark angels ezekial (if i'm not mistaken)

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pre matt ward grey knights

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Oh, I did love Veldoran's line when Gabriel got smooshed in the Eldar campaign.

"Still. He was, after all, only a human."

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Hey DLFG, mind dumping some of your Dark Eldar? My folders pretty tiny.

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sicarius of the ultrasmurfs on the planet of i forgot

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captain titus from the upcoming warhammer 40K space marine game

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Sure. I've already posted some regular Eldar, and with other people contributing, the thread'll max out fairly quickly. Might as well get a good spread in.

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more of captain titus. (not a wallpaper i know but will come in handy when dealing with trolls)

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a pimped out ultramarines captain. available as a dlc for dow2 retribution

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colonel iron hand straken

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ultramarines defending their chapter banner.

request: does anyone have anything similar?

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last one

epic battle between the imperial fists and the forces of chaos.

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Eugh. Flood detected, flood detected everywhere.

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So, anyone else psyched for Path of the Renegade?

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To be entirely honest, I'm more interested in IA11 due to the Corsair list.

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Too much xeno here.

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Is it related to "Path of the seer" by Thorpe?

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yeah, a little too xenosy around here

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I wonder if I can write a script that would make imagedumping easier.
It would, like, show you the captcha every posting period and would pick images to post on its own.

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It's not part of the "Path of the..." novels written by Thorpe. It's a Dark Eldar novel (possibly, hopefully, also a trilogy) written by Andy Chambers coming out next year some time.

IA11 worries me. Given the name of the book is "The Doom of Mymeara", I've got a horrible feeling the fiction is just going to be a hundred or so glossy pages of Space Wolves stomping all over the Eldar.

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can we have less xenos more imperial guard?

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Ehn, go on then. I suppose it's good to get a variety of stuff in.

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Say what you want about the Imperial Gaurd, how they're canon fodder, how they're only purpose is to delay the enemy, but it takes a lot of balls to face a whole army of Orks with nothing but some light armour and a gun that's basically a flashlight

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I would debate how much of that is actual honest bravery, as opposed to blind confidence drilled into them by their Commanders, mindless devotion instilled by the Ecclesiarchy, or fear of the Commissar's gun.

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Well, since there are so fucking many of them, there must be at least one or two who have some good, honest bravery and loyalty to their Emperor in their hearts

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Oh, certainly. But probably a minority. The'll be the ones likely to actually live long enough to be thought of as Veterans.

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lol. this one reminded me of DRIVE ME CLOSER I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD

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HA, I love seeing my friends art on 4chan.

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whats with the ching chong writing?

Tanith 4life

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Not as great as seeing a friend's dick on 4chan.

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Sadly my all my friends art I've seen are females.

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Well, it's a very nice bit of work.

The artist, I believe, is in fact Asian.

Also, that's the image limit. Enjoy, everyone!

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if you are looking for dick, ill show you mine

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Nope. You've been foiled by the image limit.

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*sigh* i left /b to exactly escape from this kind of shit

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Holy shit, that's the first black person i've ever seen in 40k

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The salamanders are all black

>> No.16007128


until matt ward made them into coal black creatures with red glowing eyes

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That was how the Salamanders looked back in RT era days. They were only painted with brown skin when the 'Eavy Metal team confused the meaning of "Black skin" during 3rd edition. As odd a concept as it may be, not everything is Ward's fault.

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Dont think that was mat

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Better when they were Africans and not monsters.

>> No.16007253

>implying there's a difference

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