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Just finished my foray into Richard William's 2nd 40k novel.

My review can best be summed up with "And Manly Tears were shed"
What's your's?

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>Manly Tears
There's nothing manly about weeping bitchtears over your warhams book.

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And if, on the off-chance that Rob Sanders is listening in on this conversation, THIS is how you write an Imperial guard novel you fucking retard!

>> No.16002567

Nothing wrong with tears as long as they're manly.
Besides you gotta admit this novel had those moments that made you want to tear up a bit.

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I saw this at a store the other day.

I'm not buying it if they get screwed over, killed off, or lose the planet in the end. So sick of bad ends lately.

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Ok well technically it ends on a bittersweet note, like because NOT EVERYONE bites it in the end.

It's a story that can be seen as having a possible sequel, for both armies.

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But i would nevertheless recommend it if you're a fan of such things as "Glory" and the Orks

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It's not even a little manly. You're literally a little girl. Every morning you get up, write your dream journal and hitch up your frilly pink dress.

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So what did you think of the book?

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Not very much.

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Nice to see a semi-review of it, was wondering whether or not to buy it as IG have very few bad books despite them being in a large quantity of Black Library novels. Did anyone here read Cadian Blood/Gunheads/Ice Guard? I'm curious about them

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Haven't read them myself, incidentally does anyone know of a book that has Orks as the main characters? i ask this because in this book, Richard Williams actually manages to paint a compelling picture of the Ork life.

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Well what then is your favourite IG novel?

>> No.16002634


Aside from Deff Squadron, the comic?

>> No.16002648

never heard of it, what's it about?

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And i'd like to Add that Henry Zou could stand to take lessons from this book as well.

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Ork Mercs in planes fighting in a inter-ork conflict. Pic related, main characters.

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The travails of an ork Fighta-Bomma squadron, recounted by the squadron's resident smartboy. It's also a slight parody of the Biggles books and Commando comics (drawn in a similar style, albeit with greater detail).

Very good indeed and well worth a read.

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Sounds Like fun

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