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I've recently become interested in Mutants and Masterminds, but I was wondering if it was possible to create tokusatsu-esque superheroes in such a system. What can you really tell me about this game /tg/?

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There's a supplement for it called Mecha and Manga. That's your ticket for toku.

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Oh shit, really? AWESOME!

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Really, M&M is one of the more versatile systems around, and if you're willing to invest a little time reading up on customizing powers and devices, you'll be well on your way to making whatever you want.

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M&M is a good system. It's only real flaw is that you have to keep an eye on guys who REALLY know the system well. Powergaming is highly effective in it.

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whatever happened to the game /tg/ was making?

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Did some beta-testing of M&M2e for Rider games. The way Device rules are set up, Heiseis can wind up either gimped as hell or broken as hell, depending on how far you need/are willing to stretch their litany of toyetic gadgets.

Also make sure your group is scrubbed clean of That Guys, lest you or anyone else suffer the Curse of the Unterhipstermensch as I have.

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I did just this, actually, in my last game. I didn't use the Mecha and Manga book at all. I took the Normal Identity 3 point drawback (making it a full round action to access your powers a la HENSHIN) and then used DEVICE to give myself Strength, Hella Rider Kicks, and Speed.

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It's dead.

Kivala, get the hell off of that. You don't get a bike.

If I didn't already have so many games going, I'd definitely run a Kamen Rider Double alternate universe game in Strands of Fate.

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Mutants and Masterminds works for everything really, I mean most of the stuff added in expansion books is nice, but nothing that was impossible in the base book.

That all having been said, I like the third edition more than the second as far as the crunch goes, but at the same time, know the people you play with, and take a look at their character sheet before you start. These being rules I have for pretty much any game I Run ANYWAY.

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WHY IS IT DEAD!? people were working so damn hard on it

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Would Kamen Riders be Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good?

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LG 100%

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Some of the modern ones are LN but in the Showa days they fucking embodied all the Good alignments to the bitter end.

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Yeah that's exactly what i was thinking, Decade and Fangjoker and some others aren't exactly LG.

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It would all depend on the rider

OOO would be lawful good (unless in Putotera form) and Birth (Date) would pretty much be neutral good

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You do bring up a good point. What about as 4 point Devices?

Otherwise, just take the Normal ID Drawback and spend PP regularly?

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>Otherwise, just take the Normal ID Drawback and spend PP regularly?


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Kuuga was the embodiment of LG.
He actually won in the end BECAUSE he was LG.

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Faiz and maybe Double are the only ones coming to me right now

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Double's a bit of a stretch, but your quads tell the truth about Faiz. The Faiz Rider Gears got passed around more times than a blunt in Amsterdam.

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ZaBee, also, got passed around like a bong.

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IXA was also used by basically half the cast, including two Fangires.

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The big ones that come to mind that aren't outright LG are Zolda (Lawful Neutral), the first Delta (Chaotic Evil), Ouja (Chaotic Evil), most of the Den-O forms (varying degrees of Good barring Wing, who is more Lawful Neutral) and Kaixa (Chaotic Neutral. Good might be pushing it a bit given half the shit he pulls.)

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...OhwaitSHIT, the second Delta. Pardon my derp.

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Sure, I bet you could.
You got rules for being mechanical, and for having a damn suit and etc as a power source.


Well you could have them, but simply have many villains elect not to exploit that, or be too stupid or bestial to do it.

You could also have your Riders spend points on a security feature that rudely surprises people who try to take the belt, or simply prevents it from happening.

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I always thought of him more as neutral good. He doesn't really give a shit about laws, not even some personal code, he's just a nice guy who likes to help people.

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Don't a lot of riders belts just pop up out of no where though? Den - O and Kuuga come to mind.


Hell no, dude was full on evil.

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Not to mention Decade's (for all practical matters) near-instant transformation mid-roundhouse-kick (without belt too IIRC) towards the end of the series

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For Showa Riders, Kuuga and Agito, the belts are part of their body. For Ryuki Riders and Kiva, the belt is summoned from nowhere when they transform.

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Bumping because Rider thread, damnit.

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Hey guys, Im playing in a M&M game, Power level? 90 PP startin off as humans gaining powers.

I took animate objects/create objects
Animate objects round PL 5 with 5 progression
Also paying to animate everything

This broken?

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there's something a bit unsettling about /tg/ having such a hardon for these bugmen

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Think of them as being like Blue Beetle if that helps,

It's ok though. We have minor disagreements about them in /m/ relatively often too. It is a unique genre, and not one that appeals to everyone.

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I've heard a lot about Kamen Riders, and it's always sounded pretty legit--where do I start in the series if I wanna start watching it?

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Google TV nihon, go to the torrents section and pick a series. I personally recommend W.

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it's moreso that they don't particularly embody any traits typically enjoyed by /tg/

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They embody JUSTICE!

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They used to at least.

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that's kinda my point

not very 40K-esque at all

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OH! I get it. You're trolling. Okay.

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if you say so

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You still all pouty this hipster beat your favorite rider in a fight?

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Decade never beat Double Riders.
In fact in the Decade movie somebody pointed out that if he tried to take the both of them he'd get his shit wrecked.

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I know, it made me giddy.

Did they every show him beating/using Black though?
Seems like he'd be up their on the list of "don't show him fighting,' list.

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I mean, I remember the Black episodes (they where two of the 4 I bothered watching), and they seemed to have a lot of respect for'm.

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Well its implied in the movie Decade defeats everyone. But remember Decade never fought any of the ACTUAL riders,

Just his universe's alternate versions...if that makes any sense.

Compare the actual Kuuga and Yuuseless.

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Didn't Decade fight Black RX? Or was that the alternate version?

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It's true though, Kamen Rider's basically the antithesis of 40K so I don't really understand what /tg/ is gonna find so likable about it.

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/tg/ is not a hivemind
Most boards aren't.

Anytime you see 9X% of people agreeing in a thread is because that thread's subject was of interest to them, and probably in favor of their bias. Those whom disagree stay out or get trolled.

Why is this such a hard thing for people?

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Have we ever actually given stats to any Riders?

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I made a Strands of Fate sheet for that one campaign idea, Dopants of Fuuto. I'll post it if anyone's interested.

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All right, here it is. In this so-far imaginary campaign, Dopants would get additional Ability points and extra room for Powers for their Dopant forms..


Jacob Conroy (Fang Dopant)

EXPERT (Human) / SUPER HERO (Dopant)
Refresh: 10 / 10
Abilities: 24 (3) / 27 (5)
Advantages: 20 (10)
All, Metro Class Super Power Only


-DEFINING: Unexpected Superhero of Destiny
-I Am The Hero Fuuto Deserves
-Grade School and Business School
-Justice Isn't The Right Thing, It's The Only Thing
-Judgmental Jackass

-Passionate Chef of American Cuisine (Craft)
-I Won't Let You Make This City Cry (Persuasion)
-An Eye For An Eye (Persuasion)
-Dad The Wily Confidante (Persuasion)
-Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Tiger (Strength)

Agility 3 / 4
Endurance 2
Perception 1 / 3
Strength 3

Craft 2
Knowledge 2
Reasoning 2
Willpower 2

Deception 1
Empathy 2
Persuasion 2
Resources 2

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I didn't give him any Expert/Heroic Advantages yet, but he's got 7 points left over for those.


[Razor Claws: 3 AP]
Fang Dopant has incredibly sharp claws that can cut through nearly anything. He can "turn off" this sharpness if he likes. It costs 1 FP to activate.
-6 WR (4 Base + 2 Improved Weapon Rating]
Improved Weapon Rating: +2 WR (+1)
Armor Penetrating: Has Armor Penetrating Aspect (+1)

[Arm Fang: 5 AP]
Fang Dopant can manifest a curved blade from his arm. It costs 1 FP to activate.
-9 WR [7 Base + 2 Improved Weapon Rating]
Effortless: Spend 1 FP to use (+0)
Improved Weapon Rating: +2 WR (+1)
Repetitive: Lasts for whole scene (+2)

[Shoulder Fang: 5 AP]
By breaking off a blade extending from his shoulder, Fang Dopant can throw it as a damaging projectile. The blade grows back once removed. It costs 1 FP to activate.
-7 WR [5 Base + 2 Improved Weapon Rating]
Effortless: Spend 1 FP to use (+0)
Improved Weapon Rating: +2 WR (+1)
Repetitive: Lasts for whole scene (+2)

-T2 Fang Gaia Memory
[Must use to transform into Fang Dopant by connecting the tip of the Gaia Memory to the body. Fang Dopant has access to Dopant Abilities and Powers.]

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Why was this not posted yet.

Also I am now required to genuinely consider running a Rider-esque campaign at some point, although how I'll end up doing so is beyond me at the present.

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it wasn't posted because it's fucking retarded that the artist used the Ultras out of all chapters

the only thing that could've been more retarded was if it was a Salamander

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And finally, some notes I've been compiling for how I'd run Dopants of Fuuto:

-Phillip is more colder and distant without anyone to teach him about caring for others. He also serves as the Cyclone Dopant.

-Shotarou takes Kirihito's place in this universe and serves as Museum's Nazca. However, he still maintains his sense of right and wrong, and is morally ambiguous from the start. He's in a relationship with Reika Hanehara from NEVER, who is still the Heat Dopant.

-Terui Ryu is still a Kamen Rider, but this time he's Kamen Rider Trigger. Ironically, his martial arts ability suffers in comparison with his normal universe counterpart.

-Kamen Rider FangTrigger?

-Ryubee Sonozaki wields the Weather Gaia Memory. Later he switches to Utopia.

-The Xtreme Gaia Memory can be used by any Dopant, and will evolve that Dopant into an Xtreme variant. It doesn't actually allow anyone to become a basic Xtreme Dopant. For example, Jacob could use the Xtreme Gaia Memory to become Fang Dopant Xtreme.

-Shotarou is actually Sokichi Narumi's adopted son. Akiko has never existed in this universe AND NEVER WILL.

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>Akiko has never existed in this universe AND NEVER WILL.

(Also an excuse to post this image in context!)

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Titanium you're my new favorite. If you run this away from us, let us know how it goes.

If you run this close to us ALL OF MY MONEY.

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If I didn't have three games a week already I would run this shit in a heartbeat.

Thank God. Fuck Akiko. And Terui's girlfriend is the chick from Accel Returns. Someone that makes SENSE.

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Well, keep us posted. There's an audience for the Riders on /tg/.

And you would be forever a favorite.

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When I eventually run it, I'll definitely recruit here.

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GM Quantum, I know you're watching this thread, get your butt in the channel so we can play at least once this week.

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