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Do you ever use Gypsies in your games? Or any generic traveling performer race?
I realized earlier today that in my years of gaming, the only Gypsies I've ever encountered where ones that were monsters pretending to be Gypsies.

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I use gypsies on occasion.

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Personally, I stay away from gypsies since most games don't treat them in any more depth than regurgitating massive racial stereotypes.

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Running Pathfinder, Carrion Crown. the Varisian Human Ethnicity which is the primary ethnic population is primarily based off of the Romani. One player is actually a member of the Scarzni which is the Gypsy mob.

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Some kind of pun intended?

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I actually played a straight-up Gypsy game once. The GM's grandmother was a gypsy, and used to tell her all kinds of stories, so alot of what we did was based on what she knew.
The system was completely houseruled, and actually used Tarot cards as a basis. So. Fucking. Cool.

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I have them in more or less every setting I use, fantasy ones anyways. Them or some similar traveling people, at any rate. They rarely take center-stage but I find they make a great bit of background to flesh out the world and make the players feel that there's more to it than just what they're doing.

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...I have the horror of being in an oWoD game where one of the STs used World of Darkness: Gypsy. Her character appears now-and-then, and...does stuff, then disappears.


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You know, I was just about to say this.

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And hillbillies want to be called "sons of the soil."

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>monsters pretending to be Gypsies.
Are you talking about the Bacchae? Because I've always wanted to use them.

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So, I've used Gypsies twice.

First was this thing called the Tribe of Force. They were a recurring force that appeared when the world's governments grew too evil, and they would wipe the slates clean.

Every few hundred years, people would feel called to start the process back up again.
(this was in a d&d campaign)

Then, I had a gypsy 40k faction I houseruled, wrote, and tried to model. They were called the Immigranta, they were hated by imperial governments everywhere, and almost everything about them was based off Gogol Bordello songs.

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Well, I suppose most adventurers sort of fit the stereotype already, being wandering, homeless vagrants who cause trouble and steal everything not nailed down wherever they go.

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Aye. Carnival people, pickpocketting children, gibberish-babbling rednecks from the backwoods, and ugly fortune tellers.
They're all staple enemies, and they're all based on the Romani people.

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I don't want to start a firestorm here, but this is kind of racist

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1: that joke was funnier when the simpsons set it up properly
2: "hillbilly" is a situational, not ethnic marker. If a hillbilly moves to the city and civilizes himself, he isn't a hillbilly. Romani are a distinct ethnic group that even still face pretty monstrous discrimination in Europe. like "within the last 12 months, the President of France went on record as wanting to commit ethnic cleansing against them"

So perhaps, just perhaps, we should make a point of being inclusive and using polite terminology, considering that refusing to do so is less about just using a modern term and more about making clear you aren't on the same side as a guy who wants to deport hundreds of thousands of people from the nation they were born in.

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>The Romani are an ethnic group living mostly in Europe, who trace their origins to the Indian Subcontinent.

Wow. They really get around.

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Once played in campaign where gypsies were the main theme. PCs were members of SS death squad.

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I've played Varisians in Pathfinder's campaign setting before. They're basically fantasy gypsies.

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Dude. Indo-Europeans.

Hell, fucking Aryans were an Asian ethnicity.

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Remember how the gag ended, though? Hibbert's line?

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Hell, I'll be honest. Everything I know about Europe comes from Medieval 2 Total War. So little shit like that can be quite enlightening.

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Gypsies have featured fairly prominently into our game. In fact, the probable BBEG is herself a gypsy.

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Just used a single gypsy girl so far. She refers to herself as well as her native language as, "Romani" and originally appeared living in an old abandoned church in Belarus. Then one of my players burned her church down and looted most of her stuff.

At the time she was a level 1 rogue. She'll probably reappear soon as a rogue/wizard/arcane trickster and she won't be happy to see that PC.

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I use them as enemies for low level parties. Once the Count of Rentonshire had Halfling Gypsies set up a large camp near his town and there was a noticeable increase of crime in the city and on the roads soon after. He hired the PCs to deal with them the way D&D cities deal with all small sized pest race threats. I treated the forest and campsite the way I would any other adventure site. The PCs went in and killed them all, children, non-combatants, everyone.

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>He hired the PCs to deal with them the way D&D cities deal with all small sized pest race threats.

I gotta say, that's pretty pro.

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I really hope there aren't /tg/ posters who are actually running racial extermination games

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Define "Racial extermination".
My group once rendered the devil race nonexistent.
We were that thorough.

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That poster. No I was actually drawing attention to the face that its the kind of things PCs always do, just not with races that look like them. Also I was trying to make the point that halflings as written (in 3.5) would be exterminated like goblins or kobolds for the same reasons those two groups are.

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Racial purity is a running theme in my games, though it's less skin color or nation affiliations and more humans vs elves vs orcs.

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>implication of exterminated elves

Why would you exterminate a perfectly good slave race?

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I use gypsies, but not GYPSY gypsies. I just have some Jews wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland because they take that whole Exile thing seriously, so they never stay in one place.

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Well in that case its pretty cool then.

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Oh hey, I'm playing Order of Ecclesia RIGHT NOW.

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Why do gypsies have suge huge breasts?

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From stealing the cup sizes from good white women. Fucking gypsy magic.

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They STOLE the-

Dammit I NEVER get to say the obligatory racist comment!

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Romani here. We usually call ourselves Gypsy.

Any other questions?

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>implying the players never play as elves

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..You have players that like playing sex slaves?

Well, if that's what they want.

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One of my players supports Ross County F.C. (rival teams refer to Ross County fans/players as being tinks and gippos because there's a lot of them up in Dingwall), so yes.

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In our case is was a group of Lamias. The "swarm of beetles" kind, not the snake kind.
After we killed them we took the wagon and armored it up, but magic in it, made it a small mobile base.
Called it the Dragon Wagon on account of the fire spout.

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How many of the stereotypes are true?
I mean the theft, vandalism, vagrancy ones.

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Whose internet are you currently stealing?

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Yeah, I have one.
Why the FUCK would you guys help Dracula?

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>Tribe of Force
You played a gypsy version of Van Canto?

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I've used similar. My last halfling rogue learned his trade from a traveling band of gnomic gypsies. That's where he learned his acrobatics anyway.

And I ran a game where Halflings were the gypsies. They were very nomadic, superstitious folk. They would occasionally settle down by building a Twiceling-sized Inn, notable by the shelf-like walkways, chutes, and tiny secret passages the employees used to run about the place (mostly so they could do their jobs and stay out of sight of guests, but also so they could rob you blind if you treated them badly). Such establishments were known as Halfway Houses.

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Like any race, some of us live up to the stereotypes and some of us are going to school, learning skills and making something of our lives.

No ones right now, but if I could I would.

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Fair enough, but again, WHAT ABOUT DRACULA? What's with that shit?

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real life gypies are scum that steal and sell useless bracelets though

fantasy gypsies are completely something else and interesting.

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Why the fuck do you never clean up after yourselves when you move on?
Do you know where the pipes from my house and the lead from my roof are?
Is it true that you believe all non Gypsy are somehow unclean and therefore they are not worth keeping deals with.

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there were gypsies in a game I was playing in. They didn't do anything wrong but we treated them like shit anyway. Surprised we walked away with our wallets still in our possession. Then again, we were playing a group of mafia heavies, maybe those fucks just had their heads screwed on right.

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Are you actually one of the wandering gypsies, or are you just of gypsy descent?

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What you would expect for people who have lived in a culture of poverty and defiance for generations, move around a lot and have no social insurance to track them with. Any time they work its breaking the law whether the job itself is criminal or legal.

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No.. They aren't.

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Gypsy curses, tell me everything about them, how to identify them and break them.

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your fantasy gypsies are a bunch of annoying goblins then?

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gypsy culture is based around stealing and being a parasite on the society you are currently squatting in.

Once you become a decent human, you stop being a gypsy.

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Man, can Gypsies break OTHER racial curses? I have an Indian Medicine Man curse over my family's head that I want to get rid of. My Great Grandpa and all his male descendants were cursed. I want it over.

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None of the one's I've met can prove you otherwise.

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>Do you ever use Gypsies in your games?
Yes. Played a campaign as them (WoD), also have a presence in my fantasy campaign, and they are in the WFRP campaign we're playing.

>Or any generic traveling performer race?

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>>15987439None of the one's I've met can prove you otherwise.

because a 'good Gypsy' isn't a gypsy any more, he's a tan white guy.

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Oh god you've actually played the oWoD gypsy game?

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Not the gypsy guy but, Have try to say that you are sorry for whatever your Great Grandpa did to the Medicine Man descendants?

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My friends rarely use them when running games I'm in, because I have a faux-hatred of them IRL.

(I live on the West Coast of the USA, I've barely seen any circuses, let alone Gypsies, so they make an easy target for false racism.)

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No, no, and not unclean, just different.
Descent, but the traditions are still going strong. There really aren't any wandering ones anymore. Unless you mean from really poor shitty countries.

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I've been to Romania. I have seen the gypsies, both in their homeland and in the Czech Republic. My favorite campaign setting is Ravenloft,

What would you like to know?

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If he bothered keeping record of the Indians he screwed out of land, then I'd go do that.
ALL I know was my he was an oil man who fucked a tribe in Oklahoma.

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I hate gypsies. I work at a hotel, doing the front desk, and I can tell you that every single negative gypsie stereotype exists for a reason. Not every caravan (and they do move in caravans still, old minivans and campers and winnebagoes) may be the same trash, but all trash stinks.

They steal towels, they steal furniture, they empty out the breakfast bar and take everything from the food to the plasticware. They pack a dozen people in a room sized for five and use it like a latrine.Their dirty children use the pool in lieu of taking a bath because the dozen people in the room have already taken all the hot water for an entire floor.

No fucking joke, our lobby guest computer was stolen by gypsies. They just got up from using it, detached the tower and walked out the door.

Of course they did this after paying cash, so couldn't even track their credit card information.

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> he was an oil man who fucked a tribe in Oklahoma.
sounds like you might have some relatives you don't know about in Oklahoma

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well it's a source book and yes, we played it (with a heavy ravnos/vampire presence but much more creepy horror suspence where i played up vampires abilities alot to emphasize differences). main plot was the winter growing unnaturaly cold. same region a sthey where playing their vampires in, at the same time (having to deal with the problems of winter fucking their undead boodies up) to break off of playing vampires all the time.

it all turned very unkown armies (befor that game existed).

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They aren't really curses. Just wishing people ill, but since you're scared of our "curses" you see them when they aren't really there.
No it's not.
I don't think there's any such thing as a curse. But I'm sure some fortune teller would gladly ask for some money to remove the curse.

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Gypsies are sweet for going undercover or acting as a hideout in the open or observation post.

I love doing intrigue campaigns and city campaigns so gypsies are just awesome

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Go seek one of their shamans and say that you want to make peace with their ancestors over all grievances tell him you belive your family is haunted by the actions of your great grandfather see what he tells you.

>> No.15987519


so the way to break the curse is to have every tribal elder plow your white pink butthole, in order of age.

>> No.15987520

Maybe I should have said "Fucked OVER a tribe on Oklahoma."
I'd LOVE to go apologize to them, but I have no idea what tribe or went his happened. My Grandpa was a small child when this happened. If anyone would know it was him, but he passed away a few years ago.
There isn't even a paper trail I can follow. My Great Grandpa sold his half of the company for $100 cash and a used pick up truck. I have no idea if the company even exists. Or what my great grandpa's first name was.

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>>15987517Go seek one of their shamans and say that you want to make peace with their ancestors over all grievances tell him you belive your family is haunted by the actions of your great grandfather see what he tells you.

"here white man, go to slot machine"

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See, this shit is true. It's like.. there are black people, and then there are ignorant niggers. There are Romani and then there are ignorant gypsies.

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>native americans

..on that they have to get SCALPED a TV-show.

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Again, I would if I knew the tribe. I didn't believe in curses, but when I looked at my family history...
And there's a Palm Reader in my town. I think that's the closest to fortune teller we have in Almost Mexico New Mexico.

If only this was like an RPG, then every town would have someone who can remove curses.

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and you damn right go there if you lose some money then you pay for their shit and they can no longer legally(spiritual mobo jombo laws) haunted you, and if you win then you are bros now so its cool.

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Dated a romani. as >>15987539 said, it's really just like that. there's the group of people that influence all the bad stereotypes, and then there are the normal people. But then again, anyone who isnt racist and over the age of 12 already knows that.

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a month in Europe showed me a whole lot more GYPSIES WHAT THE FUCK than 20 years in America with black people.

They're really not comparable, nothing is on GYPSY TIER than gypsies

>> No.15987572

Also, just to add, The Riches was an awesome show. Eddie Izzard being awesome

>> No.15987574

>but when I looked at my family history...
Do tell.

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Whatever man, we don't rape or kill people. I'm sure there were some cases.. but still.

>> No.15987636


I only base my opinions on what I've experienced

by the way are there any hot gypsy chicks?

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>>15987512They aren't really curses.

See I know you are lying because you are a Gypsy, and now know that curses are real because you say they weren't. You can fool me.

>> No.15987661

Oh boy... alright.
My Great Grandpa, the oil man? Well he owned some land in the Texas Panhandle before everyone and their dog was oiling there. He and his partner split everything 50/50. Well their land wasn't getting much oil. So he sold his half for $100 cash and a used pickup.
2 weeks after he sold his share, they torpedoed the wells. HUNDREDS of barrels PER WELL a day. I would have been a millionaire if he had have kept his half.
My Grandpa, served special forces in Vietnam. In Korea he sat in the same room with the button that would have ended the world.
When he was 36 he was driving through a spaghetti bowl on his Harley. His hat blows off. His CO had given it to him and jokingly ordered him not to lose it. He stops to go get it, it's the middle of the night. An 18 wheeler comes outta no where and runs him over. (I have the hat, you can still make out the tire marks)
3 days later, in the hospital, he gets a letter asking him to come train with Delta. Granted, less than 1 in 100 people who go to the training get in, but to even be asked was an honor. That he had to turn down because his body was mangled, and would be until he died.

>> No.15987678


Cry into this bottle gypsy, I need your tears to protect me from AIDS.

>> No.15987687

cant* damn it.

>> No.15987690

Gypsies are a terrible community. Their families are a mess and wifebeating is common practice.

>> No.15987697

Fuck yes there are.
The one I dated was a nutter, but i think that was just the usual "lady" thing, not Romani thing.

Looks like you got the gypsy curse now, boy.

>> No.15987699


Depends what you like really. There's blondes, brunettes, dark and light skinned, etc etc..

Like any race we have average and ugly ones, and a few are working as models.

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Oh, forgot to mention, he had a steel rod in his left leg until the day he died. We turned it into a shifter for the bike we're building in his honor.
Now my dad, when he was 35, was a long haul trucker. One day while securing a payload, a safety strap snapped, he fell and hurt his back. After a year of therapy he could walk again with a cane. Then in 2000 he gets t-boned in an intersection. His seat belt snaps, his airbags don't go off. Due to an incompetent lawyer the lawsuit against Dodge never even goes through. He was in a wheelchair for 8 more years. He STILL can;t feel his right leg, though he has enough muscle control to walk.
MY fate is that when I'm 34 I'll go OVER an 18 wheeler (we've already gone under and off) and lose one of my legs entirely.

>> No.15987721

I've never understood how a car "Came out of nowhere", especially in a scenario where you could see its lights coming, as well as hear it.

>> No.15987727

Well shit... Go around to all the Oklahoma Indian tribes near the Panhandle and apologize to each one you find?

>> No.15987731

My RIFTS character is a gypsy.

I think I might try using some in my campaign, now that you bring it up.

>> No.15987743

When it's like this, with all the roads over and under each other.

>> No.15987746

i used gypsies in irl random encounters before...
they pretty good xp if you don't have goblins.

>> No.15987767

All those demihumans like tieflings and the elemental derived folk are gypsies in my world.

>> No.15987769

> Lost his hat in that mess
Okay, at little more understandable
> Actually stopped to get his hat in that death trap.
But it's still stupid.

>> No.15987776

You never know.. ;) but no really, curses and superstition in general are bullshit.

I fuckin' loved Borat.

Again, there are some bad apples.. and women aren't exactly equals in our culture. I know lots of gypsies who've never laid a hand on their wives. And I've heard of lots of men beating their wives like they were taught from their redneck fathers, niggra fathers, etc etc.

>> No.15987790

His CO gave him a direct order. Sure it was a joke, but they were good friends.

>> No.15987796


*is bullshit.

FUUUU so close to quads.

>> No.15987801

In my Spirit of the Century game (that light-hearted pulp game), the group went to meet a band of gypsies, and with itchy trigger fingers (and a drunk player) suddenly commited fucking genocide; men, women, and children.

Never played the game again.

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You still haven't answered my Dracula question.

>> No.15987815

Can someone explain why the Gypsies never settled down? Wouldn't having transitioned from a nomadic society to an agricultural model have solved most of their problems in the long term?

>> No.15987833

She was a Ravnos that gave my V:tM Coterie a home-made deck of many things in return for her hide after they found her in the charred rubble of a college campus building they were trying to get an artifact from on orders from the Prince.

Shortly after that one of the characters (an extremely narcissistic gay ventrue) drew a card, became mortal again, and spent an entire combat huddled in a corner crying like a sissy bitch. It was hilarious to all involved.

>> No.15987855


Sorry I missed that one. I don't know? What is with Dracula? Fuckin' vampires man. Always confusing mortals.

>> No.15987870

I dunno, in the books they seem awful willing to transport his coffins. And when Jonathan tries to send the letter through them, WITH PAYMENT, they turn it in to Dracula. And keep the money,

>> No.15987897

>And when Jonathan tries to send the letter through them, WITH PAYMENT, they turn it in to Dracula.

Shit, that was the problem. He paid them before they'd actually done any work.

>> No.15987898


Just my opinion on a fictional story, but maybe he would protect them in exchange for acting this way.

>> No.15987902

HAHA! you're fucked! Best thing to do is just not have kids, so the curse ends with you.
The Indians won!

>> No.15987910

Knowing Dracula it was probably more along the lines of "I won't eat you." rather then protecting them.

>> No.15987957

that's a KIND of protection.
Fuck. I should just go to a casino.

>> No.15988010

I love Gypsies. Then again, never met a real one.

>> No.15988646


Romani again.

I'd call that protection. "These people are getting eaten, and you, you're not getting eaten."

>> No.15990325

That's more of a threat then protection.
Blackmail? It's like the mob coming in, asking for protection money, and 'casually' commenting "That's a nice everything you have there, be a shame if anything happened to it."

>> No.15990476

IMC, the Sintierra (spanish for "landless") are fantasy gypsies. Their mystics created horrible games and artifacts because their gods enjoy ludic havoc (XOM THINKS THIS IS HILARIOUS! style).

The Tarocco deck, the settings tarot-deck of many things; Mulrah, Jumanji-like boardgame of spiritual development; and the Enigmateria, complex spherical Rubrik cubes that work as spellbooks and cursed magical objects of random results, made them infamous.

Also, they are gifted Enchanters and Psychics.

People distrust and fear them, but they are usually quite laid back and passionate. Nevertheless, their wizards are usually creepy as fuck.

>> No.15990583

I dislike any culture that is not helping the space program get its ass in gear.

This includes crocodiles, fundamentalist religious organisations that do not pay tax to governments with space programs, and emo kids.

I am however OK with chimpanzees, dogs, and everyone from Utah.

The Nazi rocket science bit I admit to feeling conflicted as fuck over, truthfully.

Seriously romani: help with space programs already.

>> No.15990647

4E's planes-trippin' gypsies-likes know what fucking happened between Kas and Vecna.

>> No.15990673

I play a lot of superhero games so, taking inspiration from Marvel like 60% of the big supervillains are all of gypsy decent. (30% Nazi, 10% other)

>> No.15990717


>> No.15994381

Sure, i have a whole race of wood elves that steal copper, wear a knife everywere, deal with drugs, live in the middle of shitholes full of scrap, syringes with AIDS and ratshit, Commit any crime and beat anyone just for the lolz, sing flamenco everywere, interbreed, demand a clean house like that payo human but without a rent because his husband doesn't work and if you call them out for any missbehavior they will call you payo human racist and call their cousins to beat you up.

The women are hairy, ugly and smelling hambeasts and the men are fucking teethless crackheads.

Don't know somewere else, but those are the kind of gipsies i find in my country.

>> No.15994397

The space program is an enormous waste of money. People are starving to death, asshole.

>> No.15995374

Without the space program we are going to run out of room for those starving lowlifes. Let the contribute to the expansion of the human empire or let them die.

>> No.15995816


I'm pretty sure that exploring the buttom of the ocean and sending people there would make more sense.

>> No.15995840

Wait what? I thought he was a Jew.

>> No.15995849


Magneto is a German Jew, so really it's just Doom.

>> No.15995882

No because the people I play contain people from Eastern Europe, Italy and France.
Their views on travelling Gypsies are, in the mildest terms, not very pleasant.

>> No.15995914

>Can someone explain why the Gypsies never settled down?
The majority of their culture involves distancing themselves from society and exploiting it at their leisure. Romanians (which is not the same as Romani) have huge issues with their crime families.
Also they were arguably more hurt by the Holocaust than the Jews. (see: The Porajmos for reference)

>> No.15995952

Magneto was a Jew, his children were raised by Gypsies.

That's like the worst of both worlds. Jew genes and Gypsy manners.

>> No.15996111

Side note:

My dad is from Spain, and our founding religious principle is to accept and love everyone, because we are all children of god. He has worked with all kinds of people: Korean, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian, Austrian, Irish, Guatamalen and Guyanese. The only time I saw him upset with someone is for something they did wrong.

The first time we go visit family in Spain, we browse some of the street vendors and my dad pulls my sister away from one in particular. when asked why, his response was susinct, "She's a gypsy."

Another one is a bit of a joke, but weirded me out nevertheless. "man, what is the deal with americans and black people? it's not like they're gypsies or anything"

>> No.15996248

Our views on settled gypsies are even worse. At least the ones in eatern europe.
Seriously, any culture that breaks their children's legs so they beg more effectively needs some serious renovation.

>> No.15996270

An RPG using massive racial stereotypes?


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