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So this is where I play dungeons and dragons now. Took about 5 hours and around $40 to do. includes lights under the the top table and built in cup holders.

What else could I add to this beast?

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More dakka!

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I don't really see the point in the elevated platform. Granted it can keep certain things off the map such as spills, but you'll have to stand up every time you want to look at it.

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Sliding drawers under the table to hold dice. A plug for recharging laptops/electronics. Maybe some clips on the edge of the playing surface to hold props in place?

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Well, I guess its nice. I actually kinda like it, especial-
>Sees miniatures
... GTFO

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Subwoofers at the bottom tier to simulate earthquakes or storms or stampedes in your games because why the fuck not.

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The top table isn't connected to the bottom. We can take it off so we can also use it for Warhammer 40k. Also we can see it perfectly while sitting down. We made sure of that.

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Instead of the elevated platform, I would have done a removable lazy susan. Other than that, fucking gj anon.

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Stop muckin about you git. Needs more red to make it go fastah.

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We also use the built in cup holders for dice.

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More, BIGGER cupholders.

If it can't fit a Double Gulp, it's worthless.

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OP, install one of those wine rack style things that hang from the ceiling and fill it with beer and shit.

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Thats a great idea.

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yeah if you like warm beer

he could just get a mini fridge

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also lol that plywood is shit and is gonna sag like shit. next time cop some of that baltic birch plywood yo, that shit is strong and will have no blemishes so you could just hit it was the sander real quick and lacquer it and then you wont have to worry about cheeto stains and pen marks lasting forever on your table top. You could even rent/buy a router from home depot and rout the edge of it with a decorative ogee detail, pic related, gamers love decorative details

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Is it just me, or do the bottom braces appear to not be level?

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Dat price

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>Crappy makeshift table
Why wouldn't you make something better for your gam-
Oh, okay.

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You restock it with cold drinks before the session.

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Add a dice bed for rolling. 1 at each end and 2 on each of the sides

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We know. Like I said this only cost us $40. We're going to do it right next time.

They aren't exactly level. Like I said, read above.

We don't play 4e anymore. We play Pathfinder and Star Wars. I just had that there so I could show off the lights on the underside of the top table.

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What I want to know is what exactly cost $40? You could walk around some back alleys collecting shit and come up with a table that's 10x better...FOR FREE.

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i would fuck this table sideways it is awesome!!!

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With some things, you don't pay for the materials as much as the leisure of not having to scrounge through alleys to pick up piss-stained wood.

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Uh. What are the lights for, exactly? Other than sub-par illumination?

I'm not knocking it too much, my first 40K table wasn't great, but I'm actually a carpenter by trade. If I had to make a deluxe gaming table, I'd at least build it out of oak and have either a projector set-up for maps/grids or an inset with a piece of glass or clear plexi set into it. Or, just buy a deluxe card table.

Still, it's a nice first attempt.

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Really they're just there for show. It lights it up a bit.

On the next table we'll use better lights. It'll be a much better table overall. This is just a prototype.

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Shit tier scavenger/macguyver detected.
Son if all you find is piss stained wood you're doing it wrong. I got a laquer oak desk (no legs but I improvised) a god tier couch that I resurfaced and is completely badass (helped the guy move it to the curb since he was getting a new one, being a courteous person is fucking awesome). A second couch that a guy actually drove to my house (was throwing it out for a replacement as I spotted them and asked if I could take it).
So now I have the most badass roleplaying set up out of my group and all my friends play here.
End cost? Zero dollars.
Learn the art of being awesome son, it's the cats pajamas.

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Some tips
>Paint it
Make it look nice so its worth keeping and not a wooden eye sore
>Put a nice frame around
Will make it look nicer and if someone spills, will keep it from going onto the floor
Sand down/Get rid of the edges. Splinters hurt
Make some drawers for better storage

Other than that I love it and want one myself.

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Why do you gotta do this to me? I can't afford any of this, but my GOD I want them. :(

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