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for the IronHearts Universe. And while we're at it concepts and shit.

This is a non mainline thread so dont try to do canon stuff like story. Though Game discussion and upgrades are fine since it isn't mainstory. Ironically your upgrades would require fluffing so I'll probably allow it for that. LETS REV THESE ENGINES ! I GOT A CRAVING FOR MECHANICAL PARTS SO HOW ABOUT SOME IDEAS !

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I like this...

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sorry to derail this thread a bit
but i miss Zombie Quest
now please go on with the rest of the thread

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I want to see a group of two to three striders harassing a Griffon

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So i would like to request the ani air octoped configuration bitank

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Im getting heavy writers' block but Im glad there are those who are still awaiting the next installment.

For the time being im between surviving a shit job and getting a lot of drawing in through comissions

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humm action scenes are a little out of my speed setting right now but I think I'll do some mech designs for the strider : D

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Oh hai thar. Mech designs?
I'm down.
Wacom powerss! ACTIVATE!!
>will post soooooon

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I have some questions about IronHearts
how do you enter in this game?
can give me some of the fluff?
i know you can choose squads to play
but these vehicles are like playable squads that you choose at the beginning of the game?

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You I see on the Gryffin? I see lots of EMPTY SPACE.

Seriously, we could like, weld even MORE weapons onto than it already has. Why? Because it's COOL and BECAUSE WE CAN.

I want to see an artillery version of the Gryffin, with the MG and troop space on the back replaced with rows of rocket tubes, like a Katyusha on steroids. Barring that, I would like to see what the octoped would have looked like if we had selected it.

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Joining is simple. Pick your class and make a trip. When a game starts, you can join in during roll call or any time a slot opens, though IC has made an exception so that new players can join any time regardless of whether the roster is full or not.

As for vehicles, with the exception of striders, a single vehicle counts as a "squad". Theoretically you can pilot them with any class (except the Gryffin) but using the Pilot class gives you vehicle-specific benefits.

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Let's go a bit old-school.

How about something with DRILL FISTS.

Or barring that, a strider variant with one big tank-busting gun on it.

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>how do you enter in this game?
Simply be there when there is a roll call, or join in during one of our action phase. All you need is a tag a name and a trip.

>can give me some of the fluff?
Ragnyll (our nation) has the only known Ibonyte deposits, Ibonyte is magical material than can be bonded into any material or refined to allow our elementalist to cast spells. Ragnyll was attacked by their neightbor Voss, to annex us. We are currently fighting back on Ragnyll soil to take back the last major base they have after which we will counter attack.

>but these vehicles are like playable squads that you choose at the beginning of the game?

They are, but unless you take the field as a pilot they take organization slot. (a vanguard fielding a bitank would cost 2 slot while a pilot fielding it only cost one)
I will probably limit the number of gryffin fielded to one though. (seeing as we only have 12 slot and it always take two slot)

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Honestly there really only ever should be one Gr on at any time. It's like our version of the Mammoth MkII.

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what are the classes?

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Here's the chart I just hope it's the complete one... (sseing as I have all the version in the same folder)

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And here are the alternative loadout for [A] and [S]

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I'd like to request the Clovis mech we saw during Five finger... That and the different Voss tanks.

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I could add fluff here, like how the striders work off of rudimentary kinetic force conversion in which heat to force conversion of these engines have a 50-60 percent energy retention rate, making this bipeds economical as well as high performance. Though, it is said that pilots undergo intense conditioning to keep up with these machines as the heightened machine performance are felt almost directly by the pilot. Heart attacks become common among veteran pilots who dont update their engine outputs to match their age. However its rare for a strider pilot to survive past 40 in the first place....

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How about you go back to playing in your 40k threads

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Huh, didn't expect to see an Ironhearts thread today.

While I'm here I forgot to get this answered before I picked which limb to lop off, Do any artificial limbs interfere with casting? I picked the leg because I figured I'd need both arms to cast right, but if the leg kills magic too, Might as well get an arm.

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naw you're cool

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When I first saw the the words "Moon Jumper", I immediately thought of a squadron of Striders moonwalking into battle.

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So..so I heard you like anti-tank striders. It's not that I like your or anything!...I just, just think Ragnyll needs more anti-armor units.

You can name it, if you want. Not that I care. But you can.

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Huh, Neat. Ok, Think I'll pick up an arm instead of a leg then, if I can retcon that, since arms are generally more versatile with upgrades.

>Grappling hand, Melee arrests at range, I THINK SO, TIM.

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We have a name for those.

They're called BiTanks.

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Hellghast investigators are so good at performing arrest anyways.

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Y u do dis?

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>Shhhh, the Dice hated us that mission. Next time I'll grab someone.

Or I suppose I could just integrate the revolver into my arm, to pop up like a super battle droid's blaster.

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Probably because allowing this to take the field void everything else... I mean it do everything.

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>every time I sit down to draw someone is calling me.
Working on Self Propelled Gun LegTank because SPG artillery rocks.

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Ohhh this'll be interesting. I'm gonna have to experiment with how "American" design would influence their tanks

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pic related

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How is this one?

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How about an anti-strider infantry? SMG, Smoke grenades, and Sticky Charges. Maneuver up to enemy armor, attack and smoke bomb away.

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Only effective in urban settings.

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You should probably take a closer look at the unit sheets. We have stuff that can perform those roles already.

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A scout armed with the sturm anti material rifle alt loadout can onehit a strider. as can their grenades. and the assault's grenades. and the M's grenades. and the Hr's rockets.

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true, but it at least could be used as an interesting enemy encounter in an urban or jungle setting.

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Actually if you're good enough you can just snipe the pilot right out of the thing.

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My bad, I was just a random passerby who had a suggestion for anti tank unit.

(Also I've been playing far too much battletech recently)

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So they're top heavy, they're not much more mobile than a modern tank, and they offer little to no protection to the pilot.

Why are these getting used instead of regular tanks again?

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Don't forget that if they do fall over you need a crane just to get it operational again.

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Heavy? they are about as big as an horse, maybe a bit taller. They act more or less as armored and mobile machine gun emplacement. They can jump too I guess.

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I think you're a bit confused here.

We are talking out Striders, which are essentially recon versions of BiTanks. BiTanks have fully armored and protected cockpits while Striders do not.

Plus, the advantage walkers have in this game is that they can traverse terrain that would be impossible for wheeled or tracked vehicles to get to, like jump up cliffs, across rivers, over obstacles, etc.

Plus BiTanks are much faster than they look. They can easily keep up with whatever armor the Voss can put on the ground.

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He said top heavy, read again. It means that they could be tipped over more easily.

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A preview of Clovis armor.
Favoring all kinds of modularity , firepower and speed.

Capable of track travel and bipedal support where needed.

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I know that U will play armor if we ever get to play clovis.

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what should I go for next ?

>> No.15974965

Well someone requested an octoped platform so...

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I'd love to see Voss stuff, any stuff.

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>Sleep schedule out of whack, konk out for three hours as soon as I get home.
>Talk of Striders.

Y u do dis.


Self centered as it is... requesting a Strider with the Three Seasons upgrades (Kinetic Topshield and +1 armor). And maybe one of the characteristic diagonal colored stripes they have going over the left headlight.

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>Sleep schedule out of whack
Tell me about it.
Went to class today looking like a zombie. Still don't have a clue how I navigated campus.

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Doing Voss tanks next since they're in the direst need for visuals : D

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For real. Falling asleep all over the place. I almost fell over in the shower.

Not like I wasn't already doing that but still.

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Hmm, thinking up new mechs is tough, because of how well balanced the current cast is. We got our light striders, good old balanced bitanks, and big heavy deathstar Griffons. One thing I really like though, is straight up artillery. Hold on, let me break out the pad.

Also, I'd just like to say, I did fuckall last night and it was still the most fun I've had gaming in years. You guys are the best

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Good thing my sleep schedule was already messed up when I joined this quest, so I'm used to staying up absurdly late.

>> No.15975676

Good thing my sleep schedule was already messed up when I joined this quest. Easier to keep up with threads when you can stay up absurdly late.

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While we're on the topic of mechs, laying out my striders' upgrade plans.


I don't know what the gold nitro converter engine or MOON JUMPERS do but I WANT THEM.

After that, AP ammo for the gatlings. Because just when those Voss bastards thought they could be safe from 24 damage 2 shots per turn by jumping in their tanks, I come back and show them what for.

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The Voss light Valkan tank and the Hammerfall Battle Tank.

Your combat experience with these models are sufficient explanation.

>> No.15975854

Yeah, I kinda suck at mech drawing, but you get the idea. Big, slow moving, long range, probably couldn't fire much more than every other round, but packs a punch. Would probably have to be pretty lightly armored, as it's more a cannon with legs to get it places, not a dedicated direct combat machine like a bitank.

>> No.15975876

Let's take a break from tanks for a while, how about other machines ? Weapons ? uniforms ?

>> No.15975884


For me anyways, you guys can KEEP DRAWING THAT AWESOME SHIT.

>> No.15975907

As was said before, I want to see what the Octoped walker would have looked like if we had selected that.

>> No.15975914

Able to walk on the rockiest of terrain.

>> No.15975923


Ya still could so I dont feel bad for never drawing it >8D

But since you're the armor captain...

>> No.15975950


Voss uniform.

Clovis uniform.

The inquisitor's uniform and her guard.

Parade, BDU's, all of it.


>> No.15976018


Holy shit.

>Because I am obsessed with scale.

Assuming the average pilot is anywhere between 5'6" and 6'0", and based on the width of that cannon shell compared to the height of the crewman handling it, that gun is around 700-800mm caliber. This puts it at around the same size as the 800mm Gustav Super Heavy Railway Gun used by Germany in WW2, the largest rifled cannon to see real use in the history of forever.

This is compared to the 16 inch (406mm) guns of the American Iowa class battleship.

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>that crewman was smushed into paste by said shell falling over shortly after this aerial recon photo was taken

>> No.15976105 [DELETED] 


>MFW Korgoth the Barbarian.
>I can't be the only one who wished this got an actual series instead of just pilots.

>> No.15976289

Might as well write it down here again...

From the last mission, taking AP rounds for my rifle, and +1 rifle rating, with 3 XP remaining. So now my total upgrades are:

Rifles: Double Tap, AP rounds
+1 to Rifle ammmo
+1 to Action
+1 Rifle rating
+1 Damage to direct hit projectile damage
+1 Move
+ Double Mentality

Am I able to kill a tank by shooting it with small arms now?

>> No.15976332

just got back from the corner store. Doing uniforms

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>MFW it takes me forever to draw a comprehensible schematic, and both my awesome strider and my awesome war cadillac were rejected

Feels bad, man

>> No.15976554

You're a cool guy OP.

>> No.15976557


well it would have helped if you took the time to look at the unit sheets and and see that there's already vehicles that fulfill the purpose. . .

>> No.15976559

Did somebody say weapons? I think it'd be neato if every class had an alt or two to pick from. Here's a couple ideas I had for the vanguard and Mobil Artillery. A welding-pike that could cut through armored plating, albeit slowly, and something of a heavy MG that fires small high-explosive charges. I think there should also be a flamethrower. There is a severe lack of FIRE in this war. What do you think, would that fall under [A] or some other class?

>> No.15976573

So, how are you drawing these?

>> No.15976610

>dem Clovis tanks. Do want.

Ok, I'm gonna be purchasing an upgrade for the Mechanical arm.

Arm Revolver
a modified form of the Investigator's revolver which is housed in the forearm section, and deploys out of a hatch on the top. Hands are still free to move, as the trigger mechanism is thought controlled.
>Just an arm gun that packs fancy bullets, doubletap ability would be nice, but if that's beyond the purview of a 10 exp upgrade, that's cool.
That doable?

>> No.15976617


Except I did. Your trolling is meaningless. Anything could be stated to simply be a copy of certain basic archetypes.

There being a tank and a drill transport in no way indicated that an anti-armor strider or a transport car would be more redundant than anything else, because there is everything else.

Troll harder next time.

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The obvious conclusion that can be drawn from this is that said flamethrower must be scaled up so we can bolt one onto a tank.

Or we can just go balls out and build ourselves a full scale Livens Large Gallery Projector. If you don't know what it is, go here and skip to 5:50

You know... it looks to about the right size to fit onto a Gryffin...

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The obvious conclusion that can be drawn from this is that said flamethrower must be scaled up so we can bolt one onto a tank.

Or we can just go balls out and build ourselves a full scale Livens Large Gallery Flame Projector. If you don't know what it is, go here and skip to 5:50

You know... it looks to about the right size to fit onto a Gryffin...

>> No.15976792


The gatling cannon mount on the Strider looks really modular. Since the weapon and ammo storage are self contained, it'd be as simple as swapping out modular weapon systems to fit the Striders out to fill the needs of the mission at hand.

Obviously we need a Strider Flamer, to clear troops out of cover, a Strider Rocket Pod, to kill tanks, aaaand...

A Strider Chainsaw, just because.

>> No.15976833

Fund it. Fund it NOW.

>> No.15976886

Mount the flamethrower under the chainsaw, and put them both on extendo-arms.

>Flaming chainsaws, bitches!

>> No.15976947


My next upgrade will be pneumatic chainsaws to replace the grapplers.

It will be glorious.

>> No.15976996

So you want to play Voss....

>> No.15977010

This thread is quite relevant to my interests!

I never played Iron Hearts only seen th artworks. May an outisder drawfag join?

>> No.15977032

the more drawfags the better!

>> No.15977045

You're thinking small time. We had a few soldiers lose arms, right?

>> No.15977047

>Spots a Riza Hawkeye lookalike

Drawfags are always welcome, and more meat for the grinder is always a bonus.

>> No.15977065


Terror. Vengeance. Hatred
These aren't things that drive the Voss
simply, these are tools that they will use along with anything at their disposal that will hit hard, die hard, and keep hitting even after its dead.
Using the basic structure of war, Voss can millitarize any population, fund any regiment and equip any mass of people to fight for them as good if not better than the worn but grizzled veterans before them. And in their latest show of Force, the Voss can stem their battlefield losses, by bringing them back to fight again. This is simply the sacrifice that every living, breathing, dying, walking, unliving soul that has commited themselves to the wave known as the Voss ideal.

To sacrifice everything, give up nothing, and ensure themselves as the most iron will to surpass the hollow threats of the Aeon, the old ideals of Iffram, and the naivette of their Ragnyllian counterpart.

>> No.15977070

i do not know what iron hearts is but i drew a mech design for you it is called the rapeothopter and it is the strongest.

>> No.15977079


>> No.15977129



>> No.15977135

this is like watching sum dorf fortress ragnyll edition 8D

>> No.15977139

A few more weapon designs. A compact, folding pneumatic SMG for the pilot whose balls necessitate more than a gas pistol, or the stealth conscious assault trooper. A revolving grenade launcher that affords a mobil artillery multiple consecutive shots, at the expense of range and limited ammunition

>> No.15977143


>> No.15977187


At that point im just tempted to give them a grenade ammo belt and attach launcher gun arm as a weapon 8>

>> No.15977207

Alright son the workshop just got cleaned let us get working on that new mecha of yours!

Who will be the owner?

>> No.15977212


>> No.15977222


IN MY DRAWQUEST !?!?!?!?!?

>> No.15977236

don't worry with my help we will make metal heart into best

gonna pass out now

>> No.15977246


I think that honor will belong to Sarge Gunther, boss.

Isara Mk. 4, IS A GO!

>> No.15977247

>Iron Hearts
>Copper Lungs
>Zinc Kidneys

>> No.15977268

Whatever son, just let's get to work I ain't got all day!
Give me some specifications about this mech you want.

>> No.15977275

Cyber-Shark fists.

>> No.15977306

A cannon that shoots bears.

Armored war bears.

>> No.15977317


Two legs, chicken legs.

Maneuverability, then firepower.

Open top optional, so the Sarge can flip Voss off before he explodes them.

Also, a giant gun, that shoots armored bears, or barring that, some really big explosive rounds.

Radio standard.

>> No.15977354

Enough with the funny stuff son! I don't tell me you have never built anything from scratch before with your own hands.

First we need to decide about the basics this thing, you want it to be two legged, thre legged, four legged or with tracks or wheels?

Should it be a chicken walker like Monday does them or somethign else?

>> No.15977364

Fire, lots of fire. Like, a huge gothic smokestack in the back, connected to a forge with an opening in the visage of an angry demon. It has arms that pick up enemies, and place them inside the forge, where they are burned for fuel

>> No.15977376

And the arms are supplemented by Reaper like harpoon cannons, that catch and drag pray to the manipulator arms for furnaceburning!

>> No.15977383

I have forseen the battle to come.
>The Voss secret weapon isn't a mega airship.
>It's an army of Zombie-Vampire-Were-Bear-Tanks

>> No.15977401

Well this is Iron hearts so A heart shaped body, made of ...Iron?

>> No.15977406

It should have screw tracks for propulsion. See: Shagohod.

>> No.15977416

Ok now we are getting somewhere here, go on!

>> No.15977437

And give it 4 legs, for stability for all the stuff we are going to give this thing.

>> No.15977453


I thought it was gonna have only two legs?

Also, torso twist w/ jumpacks.

>> No.15977501

two legs it is now whe should we put on the torso?

>> No.15977504

Inquisitor and her judgemental posse.
They chose ALL the right color schemes.

>> No.15977510


Connected to a hip-plate that the legs are attached to.

So it can torso twist, adding energy to it's soon-to-be cyber-shark-tipped-drill fists while it punches other tanks to death.

>> No.15977513

Between the legs

>> No.15977527

>A young Father Abel Nightroad in the back.
>Fuck yeah.
I hate them so, but damned if religious orders don't have the coolest uniforms
>also the Inquisitor's tight pants. Mmm.

>> No.15977537

She lacks womanly hips.

>> No.15977545

I think that's mostly the angle.

>> No.15977571

Eh, she's got kind of a soccer-mom butt, if you ask me. But that certainly wouldn't stop me from trying to convert her to the ways of hot lesbian sex, if you know what I mean.

Also, if you aren't going to use my furnace idea (Which is extremely practical, by the way) it should at least have an extendo-drill between the legs.

On a not-sexually-suggestive note, damn the Aeon have bitchin' uniforms. Dat helmet, hnnng

>> No.15977579

You think we can get a portrait of House Father Zwei? Seeing as how we seem to have picked him up as yet another honorary Hellghast.

>> No.15977585

A hip plate is done!

>> No.15977650

Alright we are almost done with the basis now comes the fun part soon! How should we build the torso? Do you want a large cockpit for more then two persons?

>> No.15977658


It's a single-man, I think, unless the Sarge says otherwise.

No, I don't know how he moves these things forward; I think there's some pedals involved but honestly I don't actually know.

>> No.15977665

I vote for singe let this be a hero style mech housing a singe elite pilot.

>> No.15977668

will get on it and his band of missionaries perhaps

>> No.15977674

Definitely need portraits of Hodr's new Bolter Bitches.

>> No.15977767


Agreed. Something that can only be operated by a single man or woman with titanium balls. This should be the pinnacle that all true pilots strive for

>> No.15977775

On side note i request our Ace pilot to be Freddie Mercury.

>> No.15977787

Okay single person cockpit it is but then that person must be really good at piloting to do the driving and handle the weapons as well. Wit ha small cockpit that leaves us a lot of space to work with however that also limits the complexity of the weapon systems.

>> No.15977830

This thing's gonna be fast and maneuverable, right? I vote for either a drill-lance, or a flamethrower. Possibly both. Something direct and simple would be easiest to use while still piloting a mech like this, I think. Either that, or a single large, long range cannon. That way the pilot will most likely only have to worry about getting into position, then firing, rather than trying to move and shoot at once.

>> No.15977844

How about a flaming drill lance mounted on a mechanical scorpion tail located on the back?

>> No.15977852

Oh and a Gattling howitzer mounted on the front.
Oh and don;t forget the Mechano-Shark fists!

>> No.15977862

London finally got tired of its riots :D

Yeees i realize the scan is horrid, but I snapped a pic of the drawing when the motorola razr was brand spanking new and 400 dollars.

I could re-take the photo with my newer setup, but i have no idea where that particular art book is.....meh

>> No.15977886

>remembers his days of watching way too much Zoids

We need a Charged Particle Gun. basically a Bigass superlaser.

>> No.15977938


>> No.15977981


>> No.15977993

Son, how about a pair of ROCKET POWERED Shark fists?

>> No.15978007

>the sharks look like the mechanical sharks from the underwater levels of the PS1 Spyro the Dragon series

Dammit thread, stop making me nostalgia today.

>> No.15978015

This just went from grimdark to mellowdark.

>> No.15978017


I like where this is going

>> No.15978018

"Hrmm, looks like dat guys pretty protective of his flock, we betters not mess around wit' dems girls still the danger just must makes it more temptin."

>> No.15978026

Nice what about that flaming Scorpion tail Drill, I think it will really tie everything together as a mechanical manticore of evisceration.

>> No.15978029

So, how many of you are going to jump in front of a bullet to save Saint Nicholas? Show of hands?

>> No.15978041


>> No.15978043

>eyes the one directly behind the good Father
...Oh man do I know what you mean, Soap. Wonder if they take vows of celibacy in Aeon...

>> No.15978050

No qualms here.

>> No.15978052


are those girls.... holding sluggers ?

>> No.15978056

Yup, and Hodr has them all to himself, Lucky bastard.

>> No.15978058

Well, yeah. What else would they use? Derringers? Pffft.

>> No.15978062

While I do condone the fucking of bitches, as a former choir-girl myself I would suggest staying away if you don't want fists in your morning coffee. Unless, like, she's totally asking for it. Then it's more or less your duty as a red-blooded Ragnyllian to tap that. Or if I do it. Then it's okay too.

>> No.15978065

>I swear to god if one of them is named Meryl...

See now you must be trying.

>> No.15978067



>> No.15978074

I don't know shit about Mechs, but, get this.
Tripedal mech, with... WAIT FOR IT...
Think about it.

>> No.15978079

Hell fucking yes I will. Especially if it means that one in the glasses back there tends the wound. Unf.

>> No.15978080

Knowing Monday? Yeah.

Probably one named Platina too...

>> No.15978085

I gotta tell you son that if we put the scorpion tail there then we will have no more space left for any other guns, it s gonna end up as a quick melee mech which is good for teraing apart large and slow moving targets with a gatling gun as the only self defence against fast moving small targets.

Are you sure about this?

>> No.15978094

The sharks should also fire lasers out of their mouths.

>> No.15978109


Sleepy, I am statting this shit after you are done.
ANd it will be an oderkunn easteregg mech that will fall apart after one mission.

>> No.15978113

Nah, I think fire would be just fine. I mean, lasers? That's just ridiculous.

>> No.15978120

It might last two if Gunther is driving it!

>> No.15978124

....But then who will Pilot-
>imagines Oderkonn pulling levers back and forth and cackling like the awesome nazi super-scientist he is.
Fund it. FUND IT NOW. He can eject harmlessly when it disintegrates.

>> No.15978128


>Isara Mk VI
> Notthisshitagain.jpg

>> No.15978135

Holy shit Zwei is totally pimping it there.

>> No.15978138

Bitches LOVE the grandfatherly types.

>> No.15978144

No can do son! These are rocket fists we are talking here if I put a laser in there it would get crushed the first time the rocket fist is fired.

So what will we do now?

Scorpion tail? -> Melee
Or you want something else?

Oh I must also mention this mech will be quite defenseless against and air assault.

>> No.15978149

Him being the House Father of a remote Abbey apparently full of nuns far from the strict doctrine of Aeon certainly doesn't hurt.

>> No.15978162

Remove the gatling from the front, get it a friend, put them both behind the cockpit, with a turret to swivel it.
And then add some kind of radar.
The sharks, they can extend, right?

>> No.15978163

>>Sleepy, I am statting this shit after you are done.
>>ANd it will be an oderkunn easteregg mech that will fall apart after one mission.
Fall apart after one mission? awww... I m kinda sad now. Oh well such is the fate of melee mechs...

>> No.15978166

>I hope you realize what you've done, Monday.
>Introducing a group of militant nuns to our unit.
>Oh gods, the shenanigans this will cause.
>Confirmed once again for Diabolical Mastermind

>> No.15978178

>All of them give have at LEAST this much ass

>> No.15978184

I think it's an Aeon hereditary trait.

>> No.15978191

It's like Catholic schoolgirls all over again.

>> No.15978192

It's like Sentinel's with SHARKS! They can bite down and tear stuff off.

>> No.15978203

Go ahead and slap a flak cannon on there. I'm pretty sure there's still plenty of room for something like that. WAIT, no, better yet, give it rocket boosters on the legs! That way it can just jump up and fuck up any air units that try to get in its shit

>> No.15978207

I can personally attest that the catholic schoolgirl = closet slut stereotype is 100% true.

Oh man do I miss that girl...

>> No.15978233

Son this is currently a single person mech. In order to put a flak Cannon there we will need a second person to man it. lso if we do that then there is no place for the scorpion tail.

As for Booster rockets that is cool for jumping a bit but this mech is not designed for stying airborne for long.

So should we remove the gatling gun? Then we can switch that for another weapon.

>> No.15978245

I can't think of anything better or anything at all so my vote is still with the scorpion tail, It just seems like a good idea to my sleep deprived mind.

>> No.15978259

Nah man, give it friggen Gundam wings. Make this shit fly.

Oh. Sleep. Forgot about that. Meh. Hey Monday, when's the next War Room/Battle looking to be?

>> No.15978267

GATLING scorpion tail, methinks.

>> No.15978278



>> No.15978296


>185 posts

It'll never get done. Was hoping for Salamander drive by on some chaos foos, feat. Battle Brother X-zibit of the Salamanders 5th Company


>> No.15978304

Awesome. Crashing now.

>If Hodr takes a single casualty, I will cauterize his eyelids shut. Protect the nuns, dammit.

>> No.15978305

Actually it's a drawthread for a particular quest thread.

>> No.15978308


UNTO I MEANT, fuck i just woke up


>> No.15978312


Then pardon me whilst i get out.

just throwing it out there nonetheless

>> No.15978318

Really? FFFFFF-

I'm gonna be outta town visiting my big bro all day. Hopefully I'll at least be able to catch the beginning and the end though.

>> No.15978327

No, it's cool man. You're totally welcome to stay in.

It's just that the stuff is only tangentially 40k related, so it may be that nobody is gonna draw your admittedly awesome idea.

>> No.15978339


It's cool Warrooms generally take up alllllllllllllll day to prepare for the actual battle.

go have fun with your bro.

>> No.15978344

Battle is like 30% preparation, 20% complete bullshit, and 50% sheer luck

>> No.15978365

How do I space marines I dont even...

>> No.15978416

Scorpion tail is aded is this suitable?

If so then get yourselves ready because now comes the most important part of mech building!

>> No.15978422

Put a pair of those fake testicles that attach to the rear bumper on it.

>> No.15978510



>> No.15978513


>> No.15978519


>> No.15978555

So how does this look to you?

>> No.15978575


>> No.15978581



>> No.15978593

And the last thing which we must not forget!

We must give this thing a NAME!

>> No.15978606


>> No.15978609

Also when this mech uses DYNAMIC ENTRY you are listening to this!

>> No.15978617

I was thinking more like a type you used for your own mechs like.

"TeethMAX MK I" or something

>> No.15978621

The Obituator, obviously.

>> No.15978626

Trisha Ark S= Three Sharks

>> No.15978669

Or Triglav. It's a custom job so its not exactly gonna have a model name.

>> No.15978679

welp I hev to sleep

>> No.15978689

Now THAT'S what I am talking about!
We are done!

>> No.15978708

alskdfalskf ;ayes

>> No.15978732

good night!

>> No.15981884


I think I jizzed myself a bit, boss...

>> No.15982087

When the warroom starts this thread will self detonate to free up the visual assets.

>> No.15983742

thread detonating...

>> No.15983822


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