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Hello /tg/,

I'm planning to start a Necromunda campaign with some friends and keep a blog updated, but I'm having problems finding good Necromundish/Underhivish art.

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I was about to head off for the day. This thread has changed my mind.

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Source for OP's pictures: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80137

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Do any of the links in that thread work?

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Necromunda general?

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Gon be starting (or rather digging out my old) a Van Saar gang for a campaign starting soon.

Taking suggestions for gang member names and gang name.

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They did yesterday when I first found it.

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I have never heard of Necromunda before. What is it?

From the pics it looks almost like Green Delta.

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It's a skirmish game set in the 40k universe but much smaller is scope. Basically it all happens in a basement of one huge hive city (arcology) where human gangs fight for territory, fame and fortune. The main thing is that it's campaign based, your guys gain XP and new skills and their stats, wound and gear carry over from battle to battle.

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Also make sure to check out Gangs of Nu Ork, it's an expansion that adds rules for the other 40k races (no Marines) and tons of fun stuff to do in the post-battle.


>having hellyea

Hell yea, Captcha.

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I remember the old scenario for the farseer coming to necromunda

if his "target" he's trying to capture was killed while the farseer is on the board, he instantly kills everyone with his brain and leaves. Most don't get back up


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Wait, so it's built around miniatures and rulers and whatnot?

Ha, ya'll have fun with that.

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well, dark heresy can be pretty similar to necromunda, if you want P&P..

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Necromunda was my gateway drug into 40k/Fantasy. Don't knock it til you've tried it.

>desu onavate
Captcha likes Rosen Maiden... Who knew

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I'm not trying to knock it, I've just never tried a miniature-based game and I don't plan to. Just watching someone play a game of 40k gave me a headache when they started pulling out the laser pointers and rulers.

Not to mention the huge amounts of money it takes.

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Necromunda rules are free to download from GW and $40 will get you all the minis you need.

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There's terrain to consider too... luckily Necromunda is pretty easy to bash together with cardboard & spare parts.

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Necro has the best terrain

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thanks for the collaboration!

The idea is to keep a blog updated with Campaign Events, Battle reports and stuff. Also it's kinda hard to find any necro art that is not included on any of the rulebooks/sourcebooks.

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Necromunda is pretty cheap in terms of tabletop gaming. You'll only have a dozen models in your gang at most and the terrain can be built from whatever.

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MOAR... please?

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