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Good night eloquen/tg/entlemen.
I have a problem.
In two weeks I'm about to DM a 40k roleplay game (my group is still debating on the system)
Problem is one not-too-that-guy. He roleplays pretty nice and is generally fun to have in RP sessions, but well. He always chooses a Psyker. And minmaxes the fuck out of it. Last game (Chaos-oriented) on rank 5 he had about 70-80 WP with UnnaturalX2 due to Dark Pact. He proceeded to steamroll through all the encounters alone.
Also, well. It's not too common, but I'll try to explain. This guy is either some kind of telekinetic IRL, or just a masterful gambler. Thing is, when he WANTS to roll 01, he WILL roll 01 from the first try. It gave me frustrations when I was a player and now I'm afraid that it will cause me enormous amounts of ass-pain as a DM.
So, as usual.

tl;dr: a guy in Dark Heresy minmaxs the fuck out of psykers and also possesses a talent for throwing dice just as he wants it, wat do?

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His case is obviously because he knows what works for him. He's probably not a minmaxer as much as he's seen one good build.

Just make him play something else.

If he says its not fair, have everyone play something else (you can roll a die for it if you like, but he might come up with psyker).

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> when he WANTS to roll 01, he WILL roll 01 from the first try

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nulls, nulls everywhere

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Didn't think about it, thanks.

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Nothing like an Untouchable Heretek Secutor to put the fear of the Throne in a deviant Psyker.

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>Dark Pact
>With a Psyker
>Not getting fucked in the ass repeatedly.

I would post an appropriate reaction image, but unfortunately I'm not on my normal computer.

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I hear the upcoming Black Crusade irons out some of the kinks in the system. Namely the skyrocketing Unnatural attributes - they now give a flat bonus instead of a multiplier.

And since it's a Chaos oriented game, it takes the account of "evil" characters and their abilities from the start. Giving things like Dark Pacts or forbidden artifacts to DH characters can easily screw up the game.

Remember that Dark Heresy was the first game in the line and from a different company. It's a great game, but it's probably easiest to break, even if you don't intend to do so. With Psykers, especially.

And if you go up to Ascension, then shit gets completely off the rails.

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Does this work?

He made a dark pact, OP. What was his part of the bargain? Who knows about it? Don't say "no-one," someone will. Even if it's a Xanthite Inquisitor who has a daemonic informant spying on the pacts other daemons are making. A Dark Pact is a trade off; he's got the power, now smack him with the downside.

Also, Unnatural Willpower is straight up broken when it comes to psykers. Black Crusade fixes this, as >>15967923 said.

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TLDR: Shit DM doesn't know how to balance his own games.

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Or a platoon of pic related.

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>> Apparent first time Dm, doesn't yet know how to deal with a min maxer, I am puzzled.


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So how about you play a game at starting rank and dictate what careers you find appropriate for what you are trying to do?
You could just say you want a mundane campaign, that means no psykers, no soros, no Thy Name I Keep.

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Wow. You're kind of an asshole. And since you're a namefag, it appears you don't mind everyone knowing that you're an asshole.

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That is so much better than my shoddy effort. Thanks.

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That Guy detected

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Dark Heresy is easy as shit to drive straight into a wall with Psykers. Don't have to be even a min-maxer to do it. And don't even have to be an asshole and do it intentionally.

Every other career is more or less predictable. They have their skills, their talents and gear, and they operate within parameters that are pretty easy to judge, making the creation of good encounters for them smooth and easy.

But a Psyker can just shit the bed on the first encounter with a simple dice roll of Unbound Daemonhost, lol! Or take a talent that seems legit and helpful for the character, only to see it break the game down the line.

Unpredictability of psychic powers fits the setting, but it's a bitch to build encounters around them.

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Anybody who DM's anything needs to know atleast two shits about a setting, you got a problem you start building towards your players weakness.

This guy doesn't even know what he wants to do, thats the first thing you figure before tackling it.
Even his player thinks he's a chump so he makes a demon pact for x2 willpower, I mean what would you have to be smoking to let it go that far. How did his Inquisitor not find out, why does the group tolerate a guy consorting with demons, getting a trillion corruption points from this why hasn't he horrifically mutated. Even my ass knows he uses rigged dice on his d10. He's ignored an entire shitstorm from day 1 and now he pays for it, and he must pay for it till he finally figures out he's had enough. Instead of running to a forum, omg psyker problems!?

No your entire style and observation has let it come this far, players will be players but you have to see how people grow. If he's new than it's a glorious first chapter to learn from, tend your garden and sort your shit actively.

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See now, this is actually helpful.
Your last comment was full of asshole though.

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He would not even need a pact to be broken.
All he needs to be is a Ghillam Void Born with Living Nightmare.
Boom 70 WP!
As soon as he reaches Psi-level 3, he will rape the shit out of everything with Barrage.

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Barrage was a power conceived by a team who thought that the greatest WP bonus a psyker would get, even at its most powerful, would be 6 or so.

It doesn't hold up well in reality and really, really needs to be fixed. Any power that factors in WP Bonus twice does, really.

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My Feralworld psyker at AG40 with dodge +20 and sidestep, I can dodge at 60 twice a round if I cast precognitive dodge enemies get -30 to their BS/ws rolls. so that basically means I get 3 dodges, while dancing around with Templar Callyx 2H force-sword.

You can bullshit pretty hard if you try but before the game theres always this.

>House rule anything thats retarded.
>Keep house ruling as you go and encounter new forms of cheese.
>If you find a player actively min maxing without rp'ing, make him sit out a session.
(I can't stress that enough people picking optimal backgrounds, it's even the reason it's recommended you ROLL your characters.)

It's like you guys are the UN and everytime you see something you don't like this happens: "Well look dave he just destroyed 50 chaos terminators and didn't lose a wound thats bullshit."
'Well Tim I wish I could help you but the rules state he can violate anything and everything, so my authority ends there.'


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Just be kind and ask him to roll something that is't a psyker. He seems like a nice player who is just lucky as shit, so just have him play a more challenging class to keep the game interesting.

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>min maxing

How naive, these younglings...

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Just use your favorite pokemon
"Fire for Effect". Don't forget the coordinates.

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Ever heard of the Slaugth?

Our group's WP-Bonus-14 Psyker hadn't either...
It was ugly.

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Barrage is not as powerful as you people make it out to be. Why? Because it has no Penetration at all, and its damage isn't pooled but dealt piecemeal, with TB and AR deducted each time.

Yes, it's good, and it'll turn the early throngs of cultists into bloody pulp, but later-game opponents -- those with decent TB and AR -- won't be as bothered by it.

Soul Killer and Psy Blade are much, much worse. (Above psyker with WP 70 (x2) will deal 1d10+14 with a pen of 28 (!) with his psychic knife, not accounting for stuff like Lightning Attack, TWW Melee, Crushing Blow and Criplling Strike.)

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There's a saying for this, in Shadowrun.

It's "Geek the mage first."

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Probably cheating, unless you use an Online Dice Roller or have someone else roll his dice for him and his strange "Luck" stays.

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