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Living in a retrofuturistic world would suck in some ways. Look at this state of the art palmtop device.

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Ironically, the newspaper tablet pictured here was from a video claiming that brand loyalty would win out against accurate (and free) news reporting.

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Can you make sense of what this device is supposed to do?

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Has anyone on /tg/ ever tried one of those virtual reality games they had in the 90's?
Waste of goddamn money.

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video-phone combined with a video-fax machine?

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I did. Went to a tech tradeshow back in the 90's. Some company had a demo. It gave me motion sickness.

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Some sort of primitive 4chan with built in camwhore capabilities.

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Here's a more heartening depiction of the future FROM A CHILDREN'S BOOK.

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No point beating around the bush with the mini-meat bipeds. Best to give it to them straight before another 19 hour shift in the acid mines.

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Also from the same book, there's this hilarious image, which never fails to make me laugh my ass off every time I see it.

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Kind of like the 3DS. I tried playing that thing, got ill. It's like a fake 3D, and it looks blurry as fuck.

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Advanced multimedia systems will become as much an integral part of our lives as the telephone, the television, the typewriter and the book. "Cornucopia" demonstrates how ergonomic a multimedia system can be. The system uses DVI technology and a CDROM drive, and combines an A4 paper white screen and a colour screen (for stills and motion video) with a new control device called a "tadpole."Advanced multimedia systems will become as much an integral part of our lives as the telephone, the television, the typewriter and the book. "Cornucopia" demonstrates how ergonomic a multimedia system can be. The system uses DVI technology and a CDROM drive, and combines an A4 paper white screen and a colour screen (for stills and motion video) with a new control device called a "tadpole."

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Why do they all have the same face?

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Cloning may become very wide spread in the future. This may become a problem because sex with someone who looks exactly like you never gets any less wierd.

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* Imagine [ten/twenty/fifty] years in the future.
* Your [car/toaster/robot] speaks to you.
* No, it's not your [friend/mom/crazy fever dream].
* Your life just got better* with technology!

[*If article appears between 1971 and 1979 replace "better" with "shitty in the worst way"]

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Brave New World is like the perfect example of this.

One of the most hilarious descripincies is how that world only had 2 billion people. Ah, a more innocent time.

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Oh god, my fucking sides. Look at these illustrations.

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>Waste of goddamn money.
Fucking seriously, the year 2000 couldn't have come fast enough.

Retrofuture is the progression of technology with the stagnation of social and aesthetic progress. As it is, social "progress" is moving in rabid circles, while aesthetics have rocketed ahead of technology...

Hell, right now individual electronic devices are regressing in processing power to accommodate more radical and scientifically driven aesthetics. Of course, all you need nowdays is a 4G transmitter and enough power to run a Cloud client, and you've got the power of a full-computer (in theory).

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The pastel-colored jumpsuits really mesh well with the Kaiser up there.

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We pretty much have all this technology, and yet we use it mostly for porn.
I wonder if they had any idea back then...

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>I wonder if they had any idea back then...

Only in their wildest fantasies.

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Isn't this basically online shopping, except for the over-reliance on robots? I don't think it's a terrible idea at all.

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They tried it during the 90's. It failed horribly. Always late, horrible quality, no return policy, etc.

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I wonder if it's the sign of the times that any prediction of what the world will be like in 30 years is more likely more controlled, more monitored and less free.

But it would universally accepted because not only would your whole life experience be perfectly tailored to you but Googlesoft knows exactly what porn fetishes you like and the email addresses of everyone you've ever met.

"You appear to be using another browser. Would you like to return to default settings or for us to destroy your life".

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That was the '90s. We can do better.

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More from the pure comedy gold that is WORLD OF TOMMOROW.

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They clearly needed to have a talk with GERTY. The most realistic depiction of an emotionally awakened AI ever to come out of Hollywood.

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aside from the fashions isn't this exactly what happened? off the shelf camcorder + computer?

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This is because these futurists were blatant socialists with heaping boatloads of wishful thinking.

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Aside from the separate system being required, this is pretty accurate.

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"Fucking robot bruised my bananas again..."

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I have no words for how stupid this idea is.

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Business supply chain stuff basically works like this today. If the factory runs low of something it orders more from the warehouse. If the warehouse runs low of something, the computer orders more from a supplier over the network.

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I do my major weekly shop on line. All my groceries and non-perishables just easier. Saved list, click done. I just buy fruit, veg and meat from the actual shop when I want them.

I think in the future we're likely to see the develop of smart fridges and kitchens, that are aware of their contents and their usage. Basic essentials like bread, milk, eggs etc will be ordered when they run low automatically.

I can also envisage a melding of the net and IRL shopping, where it's possible to browse a real life shop with a AR avatar, or vice versa the onlne catalogue instore as if virtual items were real.

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That... That just described auto-tune. Completely.
I'd have rather had the pastel suits and Car-building murder-bots.

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Another awful idea from this book series.

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This is a primitive version of a holodeck. I wouldn't call it stupid. The rest of the text is mostly on-target.

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We do that, sans holograms. Then we complain about the 1 hour game cutscenes on 4chan.

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what is the name of this book?

however, the part where they talk about our computers taking over for TV and radio is spot on.

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They've been predicting that since the 70's.

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This is coming.

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Same thing when you check out with your groceries. Barcode gets scanned, inventory gets deducted, orders get triggered. That we still use humans to do the scanning and loading is just a sign that robots aren't ready yet.

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This book was definitely not written by professionals in the field of predicting technology and it's applications&implementations. Yes, such professionals do exist, many large companies employ them, though their predictions come form studying trends over time and being educated about what technologies do what.

Uploading (or at least the scanning and copying) of human minds is predicted to happen long before the century is out btw for something crazy and hardly believable. It does help that computing power is growing exponentially though. IBM should have next year a super computer with roughly the equivalent processing ability of a human brain. Supercomputers generally being about 12 years ahead of personal computers btw. I must make clear though that processing power is not everything, the super computer is being built for weather prediction and that alone if I remember right.

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>>mfw it's a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day. It's a great big beautiful tomorrow, and tomorrow is just a dream away. Man has a dream and that's the start, he follows his dream, with mind and heart. And when it becomes a reality, its a dream come true for you and me.

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The book is from the World of Tommorow series. This is probably the only sane concept in it. Robotic orange-pickers.

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this is how a debit card works.

>that feel when you will never ride in an autotaxi

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>Hotel California
You can check out anytime you'd like but, you can NEVER LEEEAAAVE

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> awful idea
> describes debit cards exactly

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And what did we get? a billion videos of cats on youtube and tons of crappy bands. Fuck yeah. mediocrity should temper all predictions of future tech use tbh.

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What? I have a smart wallet on my phone. That contains all my personal details, emails, FB account and pics of my gf. ID cards are small time.

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LOL hackers.
After seeing the results of a few American Idol seasons, I never want to see how badly online voting would fuck up the country. Then again, Norway used internet "Crowdsourcing" to re-write their constitution.
Like was mentioned before, tried it in the 90s, shit sucked.
Hell, this was the world of 2001, just with shit retarded clothes and humanity losing the ability to make curved surfaces.
Holography isn't there yet, close, but not yet. And note the person with an Atari controller on the couch... It's not holographic larping, it's a console RPG with cutscenes.

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I like how the world is absolutely nothing like the idealised 40's-60's view, but becoming more and more like the nightmare cyberpunk view.

I like it because I don't like people

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Now World of Tomorrow starts to get strange.

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actually, this is one of the things the book got wrong. picking fruit without damaging it is very hard for a machine to do right now. that is the primary reason the job is still done by human workers.

I suppose in the future with advanced robots and machine intelligence it might be possible. or, they could just pay illegal aliens to do it for pennies.

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that could be happening today if it were not for cheap illegal immigrant and other 3rd world labor making robots not cost effective.

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Terraforming With Subway Tie-Fighters, Part 1

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This is... kind of accurate. Minus the kids calling each other fags.

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>Thinks world is becoming CyberPunk
>Not 3/4s of the way to Dystopian

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Why the last one? Isn't that an archaic thought by now? What's so great shopping with an avatar instead of going to amazon.com?

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Nearly all old fashioned predictions overestimated robotics at the expense of information tech and communications.

Likely just as we overestimate IT and comms where the future lies with genetic and bio engineering.

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Growing older, the lack of widespread holograms in our society has been a constant source of disappointment to me.
Would somebody please tell the AIDs and cancer guys to give up and make me some holograms instead?

Yours, W. Gibson.

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terraforming is not strange. it just isn't practical on a human timescale.

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Oh yeah right, like Robot Farms with ever happen.
Mexicans are MUCH cheaper.

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>implying people wouldn't have moved to the off-world colonies

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>implying my Mexibots don't combine the best of both
>Mexibots; The horribly exploited thing of the future

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> Farms Fund Robots to Replace Migrant Fruit Pickers


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That was the wrong picture. This is the one I meant to post.

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I, for one, welcome our new robot underclass.

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Practicality, Futurists. There can be only one.

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Well, one good thing to come out of global warming is that we don't have to worry about another Ice Age.

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>PS3/Xbox picks game for you
Timmy: "Hmm... Worms, or GTA?"
Michael: "I don't know, stop being a fag"
FC: "How about some Halo/Call of Duty?"
Kids: "Fuck yeah!"

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I'm sorry, trying to change the future is a BAD THING?

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looks like the opponents are a black kid and a girl, so add in some of the most disgustingly hateful racist and sexist slurs ever invented by humanity to the mix coming from that kid's mouth.

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This is actually a really neat idea. Rather than dropping nerve gas to kill everyone, you could just disable the enemy with potent hallucinogens, and take them prisoner or kill them at your leisure.

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I imagine it as a social experience. You accompany a friend down London's Oxford Street, her actually there, you represented merely as a avatar visible through AR interfaces in contact lenses or glasses because you're on the other side of the world. If you have a physical presence it's merely as a small hovering drone or something, but thanks to AR you appear as you.

You can share the experience of shopping or sightseeing, examine products in 360, easily compare objects in a physical way. Shopping would merely be the tip of the iceberg of actual telepresence.

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the military trains for NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) warfare

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I love how the guy with the raygun and the 70's motorcycle helmet seems to be enjoying himself.
"We were somewhere in the city, on the edge of their base, when the drugs began to take hold."
"Trooper Duke, get it the fuck together!"

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The LDR of the future.

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Is that woman behind the desk wearing a sleeping gown?

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Not all militaries are equal. Most civilians don't have NBC training or carry gas masks at all times, either.

It's even better if you can produce aerosol hallucinogens that are absorbed directly into the skin.

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cyborg mexicans upgraded for maximum fruit picking efficiency?

There is that interesting idea that's being bandied around lately for building farms in skyscrapers, largely automated intensely climate controlled greenhouses basically. The Japs are certainly liking the idea due to lack of land, and it's be ventured as something to have in the various megacities of the world to potentially decrease cost of shipping food.

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Remember, the goal is DOWN...

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Shut up, Ender.

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>Shitty renders and sensationalist headline.

>Deal with mentally violated, broken, spiteful, bitter prisoners and their eventual release or the ramifications of the public knowing you executed them.

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looks like a spoof mate

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Whoever's dumping the book, thanks, but you should know that you're extremely retarded and pessimistic.

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Dumping some. Also, related:

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YES, I've been looking for these images for a while!

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I love how nearly everything predicted by this book has basically come true, but invariably in disappointing mundane ways that give the lie to ideas of techno-utopianism.

I fucking love the idea of zero-g football though. Think of the money we've wasted on research platforms when we could have had sports stadiums.

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If you're going to use chemical warfare, you should be prepared for the consequences.

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See what happens if you try.

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and it will be known commonly as SPACE HANDEGG

There's also some ideas along the line grassing over the tops of skyscrapers in large cities like new york for the benefit of cooling, growing shit and potentially mildly better air quality. Also cheaper air conditioning bills. Which would be the biggest draw for corporations.

Thinking of roofs, coating almost every building's roofs with solar panels is certainly a possibility for the future.

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microgravity stadiums are probably unfeasible.

stadiums on the moon, however. that might work.

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Why would they be unfeasible?

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TACTICAL SPACE HANDEGG, to distinguish it from Rugby, which is the best handegg.

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Gundam without giant robots.

>> No.15962553

"Aquabat - 2, look out! There's a shark behind you!"

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>> No.15962560


each bit would have to be lifted and assembled in orbit. on the moon you could use the rocks already there.

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>> No.15962580


right now we have high energy laser systems designed to target and destroy incoming missiles

>> No.15962584

Nanomachines. Launch a warhead full of them at a target with sufficient mass, get a sports stadium.

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>> No.15962601

>> No.15962606

Thing is, the writer was trying to come up with a completely "no-kill war" scenario, because he has no idea what war is.

It's like someone trying to predict the future of music, but they think music is man's imitation of digestion noises... In which case, they would have accurately predicted dubstep. But that's not the point.

>> No.15962607


look how few cars there are on the road. I wish that was the present.

>> No.15962608

>> No.15962622

Well, after the Nuclear war of 1996 the population was decreased by half

>> No.15962626

An inflatable module might be cheaper and easier to lift for this purpose. In the future, when asteroid mining and orbital factories become a reality, launch costs will be less of a problem. If we finally built a mass driver on Earth...

But yeah, Moon is good.

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>> No.15962637

The retrofutre can't get here fast enough.

>> No.15962651

There is no sanctuary, dude.

>> No.15962652

And that's ii. Nothing like Russian Retrofuture

>> No.15962669


what am I looking at? reminds of the swamp base for the Legion of Doom.

>> No.15962691

Looks like some sort of fission (or fusion) power plant. Sucks water in the bottom for cooling.

>> No.15962699

damn that Khan and his genetically engineered supermen!

>> No.15962721

I used to work with research irradiators all the damn time, machines with not a single thought towards their appearance or practicality of handheld use... They are still more intimidating, rugged and practically portable than the death rays these space cadets are wielding.

Looks like a pretty normal fission plant, if you take away the building surrounding it to intentionally make it look scary, that is...

>> No.15962724

What is this sanctuary? Also, more of her.

>> No.15962752

It's from the original version of the movie "The Time Machine", if my memory serves.

>> No.15962753

I liked that they remembered death rays should be invisible.

>> No.15962760

Sure, let's go with that...

>> No.15962850

I want one of these.

>> No.15962930

Pfft, everyone knows that there are no black people in the future.

>> No.15963077

>> No.15963182

It's always neat to see this retro future stuff and discern how they are accurate and how they aren't. Curious how we'll mark up accuracy wise in 50-100 years (Pretty sure transhumanism will be our rocket-car pipe dream).

What say you guis, what seems more likely technological wise for our future?

In the year twooo thoouussaannd (and 75)


>> No.15963699

You saw that kid to lol

>> No.15963875

In the yeeeaaar Twenty five twenty fiiiive

I kind of like this setting (it's translated from Chinese, hence some bad in the story telling)... Sadly, the Sync setting looks like it's kind of grinding along orders of magnitude more slowly than first hoped.

>> No.15963901

Living in a retro future would would be awesome if it was retro enough. Only slightly retro would suck. I want my cars pointlessly sleek and brightly colored, and my public officials in skull caps and massive cowled capes.

>> No.15963956

Also, X-COM apocalypse is a goldmine for this stuff

>> No.15964266

See that huge building in the background to that picture?

That was supposed to be a real building called The Palace of the Soviets.

It was approved but never completed, lots of artistic sketches of it around though.

>> No.15964441

After a quick googling, wow... I kinda wish they had gotten along just well enough to have completed that before the country fell. That would be a hell of a place to see.

>> No.15964635

Gawd damn I remember when power windows were the shit.

I don't know what's coming but I know the trend with motorcycles. The new models are all gonna be fuel injection with shaft drives. Give it 10 years or so. Not to mention computerization.

All the decent new autos freak me out a bit. Anyone "jailbreak" their car? I can't wait for that arms race between consumers and regulators to take off.

>> No.15964664

Fuck me, I take this train to work every day. I'M IN THE FUTURE!!!

>> No.15964731

My God, I used to own all these books when I was a little kid. They're lost in time now, but they seemed so amazing at the time. Maybe that's why I'm so deeply interested in futurology nowadays.

BTW, robot farms? More likely than you think. The demographics of Mexico are changing very fast. 20 years from now they won't have any surplus population to send to the USA, and their demographic profile will converge with ours. No more cheapo farm laborers.

>> No.15964793

Read the fucking article dumbfag. The article was written 4 years ago and all the company has to show for it is a bunch of CAD mockups. Also....purely vision based systems will fail...

>> No.15964794

>psychedelic chemical weapon
>realistic monsters
>not completely absurd colour patterns

>> No.15964865

After initial tests with LSD didn't work as expected, the US Army tried their luck with BZ, a deliriant hallucinogen similar to datura.
Still didn't work as expected, which led to the army completely abandoning hallucinogenic weapons, but this stuff does produce actual hallucinations that can be pretty realistic (and last for about 3 days).
These hallucinations are still more likely to include smoking imaginary cigarettes than battling pterosaurs, though.

>> No.15964884 [DELETED] 

>YFW 20 minutes into the future and everything is being run by Commissars.
>Or did someone just light off the hallucinogen arsenal?

>> No.15964915

>> No.15965133

Future of the 80s? FUTURE OF THE 80S!

>> No.15965160

And shadow people. Don't forget the shadow people. And the shadow birds, and the shadow spiders.

>> No.15965270


My god.... it's like REVERSE EXTERMINATUS!

But seriously how dumb is this guy? He acknowledges that Venus is so hot lead boils but still tries to feed us "bombarding the planet with algae will make it habitable".

The rest of it though? If it wasn't for all the stuff being an all in one unit most of it would be pretty accurate.

Except for the fashion...

>> No.15965326

>we become a race of furries that slowly is not even human at all at one point according to the timeline

>> No.15965364

I didn't read it, but theoretically you could bombard it with ohgodsomanytrillionsofbacteriotiter of some sort of engineered extremeophile. The idea isn't that bad.

It's the pure mechanics of it. We all know Venus is too hot by magnitudes for any biological process, extremophile or not, that we can think up or know that may or may not take less than a hundred years for a single metabolic act to be stable and continuous. And then getting even the "Venus+oxygenated atmosphere" livable for Earth-grade life would be stupid-hard without moving the entire damn planet. Space-fags probably know more stupid work that would have to be done.

>> No.15965490

i really want to see more of these ideas. That, and some more "hey, why not?" science of dumping tailored extremeophiles into the venusian clouds or sprinkling cold-and-co2 loving lichens and microbes on mars.

The science promised to us by all those movies and books.. brought to us by Dedicated Scientists Working To Better Tomorrow.*

*sometimes this involves injecting chemicals into babies, or dumping barely-tested aggressive microbes onto other planets.

>> No.15965629

Oh shit, I just figured out what this whole fucking thread reminds me of.

Cave Johnson, we're done here.

>> No.15965844

Fuck you guys, the retreating into the past is the way of the future.

In 2061 we'll have express steam train services (powered by biofuels), luxury zeppelin cruisers (not filled with hydrogen and covered in rocket fuel), and Africa will be the new tourist hotspot, with countless excursions up the Nile and Congo rivers.

Also we'll have trench warfare along the Rhine.

>> No.15965900


Steampunk was just an early rumbling of what's to come. Terrified of the incessant changes in our world, people are going to retreat more and more into the surety and constancy of the past for comfort. They'll start producing more cars that look like a melted version of some '50s sedan. Suspenders will make a comeback. Mainstream media will feature more and more things that look like a terrifying mixture of anachronisms.

Because as things change more and more, more and more people are going to look for things they think will never change. Like the past.

>> No.15966019

"gears stuck on everything"punk passing as steampunk pisses me off.

sticking random gears on does not make it look more like a compressed-gas driven or mechanical device. It makes it look like you stuck on some watch guts. The worst of these people never thing about Function.

smooth wooden fixtures, turned on a lathe and stained. Intricate stamped brass and steel, complete with maker marks, with ceramic screw-on couplers at the end of fabric wrapped wires.

Mmm.. That is form and function working together.

>> No.15966176

trench warfare along the Ganges

>> No.15966315


>Everyone is getting trench warfare!

Hah! yes!
We wondered what would happen if we shot this packet of microbes into Venus! We have good and bad news. The microbes worked.. now all testing associates report to the armory and get ready to repel space invaders.

>> No.15966334

>mfw I wear suspenders often
>get complimented every time
>women suddenly friendlier

Suspenders are cool, man.

>> No.15966775

Stalin wasn't the only one thinking big.

Hitler wanted a stadium so big you could stand the Eiffel Tower inside of it. The thing in the bottom right corner is the Reichstag for scale

>> No.15966779

Sorry, not Reichstag. The Brandenburg Gate. You get the idea though.

>> No.15966938

Have you ever read Fatherland?
Basic premise is a different world where the Nazis won, and it takes place around Hitler's 75th-ish birthday and a bunch of murders relating to the "Last lose ends" relating to the concentration camps.
Anyway. Your Volkshalle is built, and becomes the first and only building with a climate in the winter. And the Arch of Triumph, detailed as being 49 times larger than France's Arc de Triomphe with all the names of German soldiers that died in the war inscribed on it.

>> No.15966988

I love retrofuture stuff, it's great fluff and inspiration for Traveller games.

>> No.15967372


Stories are cool too, bro.

>> No.15967415

Could some kind soul archive this please? What started as a random dump thread quickly became an enlightened discussion about Futurism.

>> No.15967520

In the retrofuture you only need to be white and middle high class for live like a god.

>> No.15967563


Read the text, dumbfuck. He says ALGAE.

>> No.15967571

"I like the future, we should hang out more"

>> No.15967784

>cyborg mexicans upgraded for maximum fruit picking efficiency?

And how!

>> No.15968938

>electronic devices regressing in processing power to accommodate more radical and scientifically driven aesthetics

>> No.15968985


i'm guessing he's one of those people who are annoyed that things like the ipad don't have the LATEST HARDWARE SPECS

>> No.15969211

>"Oh look hunny! We can watch the Romans brutally murder some people!"

>> No.15969230

A fat as fuck shark...

>> No.15969235

But what work will be left for the Mexicans?

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