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I don't want to start a problem here, but i felt curious about a little thing.
Seeing a lot of threads around here i saw that there's always a sexual hint in most places but there's some kind of hate for sex things too.

So, please be sincere here, are you into sex roleplay?
and if you hate the thing... why's that too?

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I am into it because I have bizarre fetishes.
Next question.

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It's a polar thing generated by the predominance of sexually interested/curious/experimenting players that have little first hand experience on the subject.

As a result, the effect it has on a game whose definition is the expressing of one's imagination cooperatively is often highly charged and wildly opinionated.

For a point in perspective, I used to play a lot of female characters, but looking back it was a kind of subtle sexual expressionism even if there was never any innuendo. Now a days, turning 30, married and with a kid, it's far less so.
I never play females since actively dating actually.

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I want to fatten women up until they're to fat to move, or even fuck.

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ok... i don't want to have this conversation anymore

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I don't know if trolling
or he's the only rational guy that realizes is not okay to play with female characters if you are a man.

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Good. I'm glad this was a productive thread for you.

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>asking /tg/ what it's fetishes are
>expecting a nice answer

oh man

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what the fuck is sex?

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Just curious about sexuality around /tg/

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I think its some sort of coming of age ritual performed among the alphas of our species.

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> there's always a sexual hint in most places
> but there's some kind of hate for sex things too.

Son, you just described America (and a great many other nations), not just /tg/. You'd need a sociologist to answer your question properly.

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Because reality, nice as it is, has it's limits. And is full of vanillia, when mint tastes so much better.

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well if I ever roleplay sex, it'd sort of depend on who I was roleplaying it with and how much detail the thing goes into.

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Not trolling, just doing the /tg/ thing and having rational conversation.

One just has to be open to the sensitive world that RPGs can occasionally be. People are opening up their minds and take criticism pretty harshly.

Sometimes criticism is necessary, sometimes it's not. Just have fun, grow a little and move on.

But yah, a sweaty unattractive neckbeard roleplaying a 10year old loli is really... awkward... to say the least. Especially if some sexual prediliction is dragged into an otherwise unsexual game.

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Well there's a reason I'm here you know.

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Sex can be a great plot point or event of character development, so I don't mind it if and when it turns up in a game. If a game is constant sex, then it turns from being entertainment into pornography, which is something best enjoyed alone or with consenting individuals rather than forced upon a group.

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>But yah, a sweaty unattractive neckbeard roleplaying a 10year old loli is really... awkward

Never, ever do an ERP in pen and paper way...online is the only way. Well, that or bedroom, but we're not talking about this sort of roleplay here.

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The idea of describing to someone you are not romantically or sexually interested in and who you may not know all that well, what you're going to do with his orc chick is rather... unnerving. Now, if It'd be with my significant other (ha! As if), or someone you know and trust fully, then it may be different.

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Our group is relatively mature, so most of it is "Sex happened, we won't go into detail" kind of stuff, but romancing has sometimes been played out.

There has been one exception to this, and it was a private bit of post-session (and post TPK) roleplay between me and my boyfriend, who had been DMing that night.

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I even feel uncomfortable while rping any kind of romantic relation with a npc

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Damnit, I manage to chase off OP and you faggots are bumping his shit-thread

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I roleplay in City of Villains. On Virtue. In Pocket D.

'nuff said.

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most /tg/ threads are shit threads

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scat is my fetish!

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It's the only way to act out my fantasy of seeing skinny Asian girls get sexually abused by violent white men. Since I am in fact a 140 lb white woman, roleplay is my only option.

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Tabletop, pen and paper rpg with my friends? Fuck no. Hell fucking no! I will not roleplay sex with my other male friends. That's stupid as hell. I like those people and I don't want to be the fucker to alienate them by insisting with play out some bullshit rape dungeon fantasy.

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No. That's nowhere NEAR enough said.

Seriously. Outside of knowing what City of Villains is, I have no god damn idea what you're implying.

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welcome to /tg/

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Okay, I gotta ask, which one do you play?

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Never talked just about pen and paper rpgs.

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I bet he/she alternates between the two.

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Honestly, with the right group it's no problem. One of my characters is a lecherous xenophiliac pornstar and the group still runs smooth.

Admittedly, we've never done a game that's actually about sex but sex happens a lot in our other games, usually played for laughs though.

Because masterminding a plan to rig odds on a race another PC was taking part in while using a bunch of alien porn-stars as a distraction is just too fun not to do.

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Why does Ariel look so fuckable?

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Because she always does.

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Because she's wet.

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Its the eyes.

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I fucking hate it when people think the only way to sell is by making TITS AND ASS HEY LOOK EVERYONE THIS GIRL IS DRESSED LIKE A SLUT.

It's gotten so bad that I've vowed to never buy a book where the front cover has a scantily clad woman just for sake of being scantily clad, and that's most books you see in the fantasy isles.

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The girl usually. It's kind of hard to find actually Asian girls into that sort of thing and convince them you're a guy...

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Same here. I don't mind cheesecake if its tasteful, but eye fulls of tits is kinda hard to take seriously... even for a game. Much less with the significant other.

Reminds me of that "how to paint miniatures" book with the average-ish chick giving way too much cleavage.

I might of thumbed through the book if not for the cover.

>>five-year inwersio
sounds like a great campaign idea captcha

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Hmmm... Let me come up with a few examples, but first, I will start with a sample that the server is still not technically sure if the person was a sick fuck or a troll.

Normally, any roleplaying game may comprise of hints towards a few fetishes. It's rare depending on the group. But rarely, rarely will you ever come across an MMORPG that not only has a fantastic community of active roleplayers... But have that vile, evil shadow of a dark side that plagues the server.

We sometimes believe them to be cat-girls and furries. But oh no, there are much, -MUCH- more evil things out there.

I shall tell you about April Zoonum, the sex-slave, mind-control, beastiality-loving, pedophiliac, and her little eight year old slave girl.

I personally laughed at the whole ordeal, but it caused quite a stir amongst the 'normal' folk of Virtue.

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Is it more acceptable to play a female character if you're non-perspiring, cute, and clean-shaven dude?

A majority of my characters over 15 years or so of roleplaying have been female. I've never understood how playing a female character is any different than watching a movie or tv show or reading a book with a female lead.

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I roleplay sexually over chatrooms-PM's. It's a fantastic way to get off.

In traditional games, though? No.

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i don't do that either

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Normally, one such person would have simply been rubbed off, and patronized like any other roleplayer. But then people started to realize this person was actually serious about their character. Well, serious enough to create a full page description on virtueverse.net (hence deleted for child pornography).

As I look back on it, as well as noticing our neighbors /d/, it dawns on me that many of the fetishes listed in this character are actually quite tame.

-Beastiality (always had a male pitbull which s/he put excruciating detail into describing its testicles)
-Slavery (Once again, eight year old girl she always had on a leash and wearing nothing but rags)
-Futanari (Obscenely large)
-Vore (Loved to eat those smaller than her after having sex with them)
... And so many more fetishes that I can't even explain right now. I've never even heard of the term tentacle incest before I read about April Zoonum.

Needless to say, the persons playtime was shortlived, and they were served a permaban, and the Virtueverse page was baleeted by mods.

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Hello, I'm a random guy who occasionally runs a perverterd Quest on /tg/


Because why not?

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Partially. To be perfectly honest, it's less offensive when the player (gender inspecific) comes across as less of a loser.

But yah, 99% of the time, it's no different than seeing a lead protagonist that's female. Some sexual jokes if it's funny, but nothing erotic per se.

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Pretty much.

Have fun, more power too you.

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When I was around 14-15, yeah, I was totally into long, involved roleplays with 1-3 others that usually included kinky sex. Got exposed to it then involved around 13 when an RP from the fantasy board on Neopets (lol) taken to IM took a turn for the sexy. I got kinda bored of that shit a while later when my friends started getting...*too* invested and character relationships turnen all melodramatic and they "made eachother cry irl" when their characters did cruel shit to eachother.

Nowadays, I can't even do a romance with another PC in a game without it being more like a chaste bromance, though. Shit's too weird to actually bring out in the open with irl friends for me, I guess. What I totally hate is when the DM brings his weird fetishes into it, but that hardly happens.

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