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Lothar, whom you thought was the mightiest man alive, who you have seen withstand wounds enough to kill a dozen men, now lies motionless in a pool of his own blood, his eyes fixed open in shock. McNealy, the sneakiest bastard this side of the black woods, who up until now has craftily avoided every danger and obstacle is pinned against the wall with a spike, slumped over, arms still gripping the iron rod in a futile attempt to remove himself. Randall, whose faith seemed always to break through at the right moment to save everyone, now lies in two pieces on opposite sides of the room. Now Ba'Beg turns to you, and starts slowly walking forward, weapon outstretched, a shiteating smile crossing his face.

You are the group wizard, you are down to 1 hp, and have one spell left


Are you a bad enough dude to pull through and defeat the bbeg, or are you left with only Frendle's Snare Defilement as the last spell to leave your lips?

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The Infernal Exorcism of the Blasphemous Dragons

I always get absolutely horrifying-sounding spells.

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>Become Dwarf

I punch him in the nuts with my new beard.

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> Circles of energy

I didn't kill him, but at least my last words were a reference to my own balls.

>> No.15942116

Slay Wizard.

Well... at least he won't get to kill me himself?

>> No.15942122

Kraken's Generosity

Oh shit yes, that dude is fucked. And you guys thought I was being retarded when I let the kraken live

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>Become Gamemaster

You think you've won, BBEG? You feeling powerful?



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Rite of Nothing . . .

Either I just rolled a natural 1, or a natural 20 here. Does it do absolutely nothing . . OR TURN ALL TO NOTHING, ACCIDENTLY DESTROYING THE UNIVERSE. Or at least Ba'Beg's ugly face? :3

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>Rest of party's dead.
>I'm at 1.
>If I go down, I'm taking you with me.
>Incatation of Transform Magma

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>Robes of Metal

Your weapon! It is useless! Muahahaha

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Damned Casting of Control Magma

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>Ceremony of Bear Summoning

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The Infinite Callings of the Instant Knives

That sounds like it might work. Too bad it doesn't include the ZAWARDO opener and the steamroller finish, but I'll take it.

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>Haunt Summoning
Depends on what undead I just summoned about how fucked he might be.

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>Elven Sigil of Alteration
I turn gay.

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>> Villainous Ruby Spheres

I can't even decide what this spell actually DOES.
Though if it's related at all to the Red Wizards of Thay (villainous, ruby) I have high hopes for it.

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>Chant of Mark Shivs

Who is this Mark Shivs fellow, and how does his chant help me?

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Felines' Sadism

>> No.15942192

>Intelligent Drakes' Ceremony of Hope

I can win...
I just have to believe~

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> invocation of seduce lesser gravedigger

well... if Ba'Beg is a lesser gravedigger...

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This is now you.

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> Exorcism of Flame

I'm probably still screwed, since this Ba'Beg fellow doesnt seem too fazed, but we'll see. We'll see.

Going out in flames, at least.

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Spectre's Working of Cursing and Dexterity

So, as long as I'm cursing, I'm going to be super nimble?
Guess that means I'm running away cursing...

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Haunted Exorcism of Become Ghost

If it's before he kills me, he's fucked. Otherswise it's what he'll do to me with his blade.

>> No.15942207

>Ancestral Spell of Water
Welp, at least I'm not dying thirsty.

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>Ritual of kill killer

Well, the BBEG is dead. And then since my spell killed him, I guess I am too.

>> No.15942224

Wise Arch-angel's Rune of Opening

Rune of opening what, wise archangel?
I don't know what it opens.

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>Amazon's Flesh Bolts

"You killed my friends! Now my friends will kill you!"

>> No.15942233

>Holes of Chaotic Terror

Let's do this, bitch.

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>Viper's Generosity

It occurs to me, Mister Ba'Beg, that I am carrying ENTIRELY TOO MUCH POISON.

>> No.15942243

Caster's Sorcery of Sludge and Virtue

I slow down the fuck out of him but valiantly stand my ground instead of running away. Not more than a week late, a ballad is made about me.

>> No.15942244


I am one sexy-ass androgynous bitch. But what the fuck am I doing shooting the knives out IN THE WRONG DIRECTION?

>> No.15942257

Time Control

Goodbye Ba'Beg.

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>cleanse coins

Don't worry guys, I've got this...

>> No.15942264

> Vestment Cleaning

Oh, BBEG, let me clean off my friends' blood for you...

>> No.15942272

The Chime of Lineage
>Ding-Dong! Your father's name was Phillip!

It should probably... distract him so that I can put into motion my oh who am I kidding that sucks

>> No.15942273

>Bone of Elemental Dryness


>> No.15942275


Currently they are summoned hilt-out, so that you may select and draw one with ease. At your discretion they can shoot forth en masse, blade first.

>> No.15942277

>Thundering Rings of Resurrection

I bring back as much of the party as this spell allows before getting cleaved in twain.

I swear if those guys fuck this up a second time I'm gonna be so pissed....

>> No.15942289

>glasses of vocabulary perfection

>> No.15942294

>>The Infinite Exorcisms of Creator Killing


>> No.15942295

>The One Thousand Curses of Divinity Summoning

Curses that summon the divine?
How does that even-oh god.
I'm going to curse the Divine so much that it's going to drag its ass down filled with righteous fury and decimate everything.
Everybody's fucked.

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>The One Hundred Ghostly Ceremonies of Drunkenness

This sounds entirely too awesome for it to possibly fail.

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Shiv Creation
... I am now a prison wizard.

>> No.15942304

>mud barriers

Haha! What now Ba'Beg? Attack me and you may become slightly filthy!

>> No.15942306

Oh this is heaven

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>Archmagi' Assaults of Earth
Rocks fall, everyone dies-not just for DMs anymore.

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>Dwarven Exorcism of the Studious Amazon

Ages ago, the dwarves of Durnharrow gifted a set of six magnificent runes to the southern kingdom of the amazons as a token of good faith. These runes, when combined in the proper order, can spell prosperity or doom for a chosen recipient.

For six centuries, these runes were used to secure wealth and plenty for the amazon kingdom, until they were lost during a catastrophic volcano eruption.

The runes live on, however, in the minds of learned sages in both kingdoms. By invoking these ancient runes, I cast my nemesis into the upper atmosphere and lol at him as he freezes and suffocates simultaneously. Then, I go outside and make a wish on the shooting star that is his corpse reentering the atmosphere.

>> No.15942318


You win the battle, and the thread.

>> No.15942320

But everyone you resurrect is gonna be stunned by all the thunder!

>> No.15942321

rolled 17 = 17

>Tritons' Sigil of Evasion and Sadism

I don't even know what this does...

>> No.15942323

Innocent Thinkers' Spell of Intoxication

Might as well anesthetize myself before he kills me. This wizard is going out stoned out of his mind.

>> No.15942324

>Monstrous Ritual of the Miserly Lover

I just.. I.. I don't even..

>> No.15942333

>rune of negate gender-reversal

I - I'm done guys, I'll be leaving forever now...

>> No.15942334

>Gnome Control

... Is Ba'Beg a gnome? No?


My loyal swarm of gnomes now spill forth to draw forth his blood for me to bask in.

>> No.15942337

>The Eight Exorcisms of Undead Seduction

Hey sexy there zombie babe...boy you're looking hot this evening. I was wondering if you could do me a teeeeensy favor and eat that bad guy's brains.

>> No.15942338

>Become Happy Finders
My day gets just a little bit brighter.

>> No.15942342

>Humanoid Slaying

And I didn't pull this out earlier BEFORE my party got wiped why? Then again, my aim isn't that good. Maybe they were... and I.... oh god...

>> No.15942344

>Green Hands of Light
I become the Red Cyclone.

>> No.15942345

Glorified Evocation of the Innocent Lizards

Great. So I get a super shiny, impressive looking flash of light that makes him stumble back in fear, and then a few baby geckos fall on him. That seems depressingly accurate to how things normally go for me when I play wizard.

>> No.15942359

Mud Bolts


>> No.15942360

>Sacred Sigil of Deflect Light
My entire body now reflects so well I can turn my palms into a photon cannon, fuck yeah.

>> No.15942364

>Invocation of Slay Human

Well, if Ba'Beg is human I think I'm ok. If Ba'Beg isn't human I'm boned.

>> No.15942370


Damn, you're right. I knew a lightning-based resurrection spell was a bad idea!

Wait a second...

Lightning based resurrection?

You know what that means, right?


>> No.15942376

>insect summoning

Life in danger: Releasing

>> No.15942379

>Illusion of Force and Nondetection

I go invisible, and the BBEG think he's being assaulted by multiple invisible assailants.

>> No.15942383

>The Evil Incatation of the Unspeakable Serpent
I summon an ancient serpent of such dark power that its name has been srticken from the histories, its existence only referred to in hushed whispers and maddened scrawlings in the pages of ancient tomes of the most forbidden magicks. It is a being of smoke and flame and darkness, its great, black bulk wrapping my enemy in its coils, squeezing the life from his mortal form even as its hissed whispers tear apart his mind.

So, yeah, I think I do okay.

>> No.15942388

But it's not lightning, it's thunder. As in, the sound you hear after lightning strikes.

Really, it's just a really loud resurrection spell.

>> No.15942393

>Curse of Control Sly Breakers

I... wait, what?

>> No.15942394


>> No.15942398

Living Disks of Dust

My god, I'd just fall to my knees and do that "maniacal laughter with tears streaming down face" bit as my discs spin around me, filling the air with allergens.

>> No.15942403

>Ultimate Curse of Curing

...He'll get his.

>> No.15942406

>Ceremony of Become Lizard

... Well, shit.

>> No.15942412

Portals of Magic

>> No.15942416

Celestial Incatation of Become Silencer


>> No.15942419

>Heroism Control

This is good?
I hope its good.

>> No.15942423

>Ethereal Incatation of Transform Lightning
Transform self into lightning, he cannot damage my form, beat him to death with superfast electric fists.

You are revenged, my party. You are revenged.

...maybe I should have cast this earlier.

>> No.15942425

>Working of Invulnerability

>Its fucking on now chaps.jpg

>> No.15942433

>Hateful Bears' Curse of Intelligence

With my dying breath I create the world's greatest novelist.
Who then drinks himself into poverty and finally cuts his veins open. REVEEEEENGE!

>> No.15942436

>Black Chains

Fucking metal!

>> No.15942437

>The Ten Divinations of the Portable Books
At first, Ba'Beg merely laughs. A useless storing spell, he thinks, as a half dozen books land on his shouders. Nothing that can possible threaten his rise to power. What Ba'Beg doesn't realise is just how long I've been adventuring, and just how much of a bibliophile I am. Why does he think it takes ten whole divinations to summon my library? There is just time for a look of surprise to spread across the evil lord's face before the torrent increases and he is crushed under tons and tons of weighty tomes.

>> No.15942439

> Shackles of Blood

Just as planned. Although most of the party had to spend their lives to accomplish the feat, their heroically spilled blood makes the shackles unbreakable, binding him forever in the nameless vault.

>> No.15942444

Infernal Invocation of the Icy Shrines

Doesn't that cancel itself out? Do I create an ice shrine that rapidly melts, forming a deadly puddle that he can slip on?

>> No.15942447

>Mud Arrows
I slit my own throat.

>> No.15942448

>The Perfected Invocation of the Sagely Victor

...this is vague.

>> No.15942461

>Ceremony of Slay Hateful Artists
If Marilyn Manson exists in this setting, he just got owned.

>> No.15942469


You say "I win" with such believability and perfection, that he just accepts it. Obviously.

>> No.15942471

>Romance Alteration
I had hoped it would not come to this. I had REALLY hoped it would not come to this.

>> No.15942472

Ogres' Hex of Ooze and Dexterity....
Yes the spell I needed. Oozing myslef and picking up my dextirity I manage to shoot myslef like a rocket against Ba'Beg. Good thing i have a pointy hat... to RIP APART HIS SOULD WITH IT WHILE I PASS THROUGH HIM>

>> No.15942473

>Exalted Conjuration of Become Angel
Suddenly this man is not as terrifying as he used to be.

>> No.15942480

>Ritual of Control Intelligent Executioner

I don't think I saved myself, but I think he won't be far behind me.

>> No.15942490

>Casting of Lava and Spikes

I pull a lever and laugh manically as spikes rise from below and lava falls from above on my foe. And then I cry as migrants appear to be slaughtered by that damn kobold scout I can never find.

>> No.15942498

>Elven Stone Spheres


>> No.15942499

>Spear Detection

...alright, we figured out his weapon is a spear.


>> No.15942519

>Clear Crowns of Sapphire

well, I guess he's rich now as well.

>> No.15942521

>Charm of Negate Submission
Oh great, he'd just surrendered, and now my spell made him...

I am so confused. And boned.

>> No.15942530

>Ring of Flesh

I kneel to the ground and whisper. Around me forms a ten-foot high whirling ring of flesh. Winds pick up and the bodies of my comrades are drawn into the ring. It is impossible to see what happens for a few seconds, then the flesh ring fades back into the floor. Standing in its place are myself and my comrades, at full health and with initiative. Bring it bitch!

>> No.15942534

lolin' through this whole thread. Awesome.

>Chant of Bear Hypnotism

I roll the dice on the chance Ba'Beg's is a large, flaming homosexual.

>> No.15942535

>Storm of Time and Resurrection


>> No.15942537

>The Ceremonies of Past Water

Whelp death is coming for me.
I manage to piss myself first.


>> No.15942541

>The Foul exorcism of Metal

Ba'Beg's weapons and armor disappear, replaced by random animal excrement. He crushes my skull anyway.

>> No.15942544

>Deathly Charm of Deflect Force

Finally! Something actually worthwhile! I might actually live if i'm lucky!

>> No.15942548

>The Ninety Rituals of Time Absorbtion

Let's just hope I have time to get through them all...

>> No.15942551

>Gray Coin of Ooze

Well, I ruin his favorite battle-suit I guess.

>> No.15942555

>Invocation of Kill Vicious Wanderers

Might work.

>> No.15942558

Kill Otherworldly Elves, eh?

Welp, if I'm going down, I'm taking some martian pansies with me!

>> No.15942562

>Arch-angel's Chant of Fire and Virtue
I don't know what it does, but it will most certainly fuck Ba'Beg in the ass.

>> No.15942572

>Fire Control
... initiate strafing run.

>> No.15942577

>Necromancer's Metal Balls

I've got balls of steel.

>> No.15942584

>Illusion of Deflection

I make them think I deflected the blow that actually killed me.

>> No.15942596

>Incantation of Lust

That last hit point is gonna get raped out of me.

>> No.15942604

Spell of time and closure...

I'm sorry what? Does that mean I can age him a million years?

>> No.15942605

>>Unholy Illusion of Become Drake

Motherfucker is toast.

>> No.15942611


>> No.15942620

Minor Charm of Sustenance

Looks like I make him a sandwich before he kills me.

>> No.15942625

>Storm of Deadly Barbs
I'll just call this one "Artificial Bee Swarm".

I'm guessing the BBEG is wishing he was the cleric right about now.

>> No.15942638

Final Incantation of the Ruthless Keepers

Looks like I'm taking him with me...

>> No.15942646

>Casting of Become Archmagi

It's like that fight scene from The Last Dragon where Leroy becomes the master.

And it is glorious.

>> No.15942653

Destroy Dungeons

All that was, became no more; the gods themselves had made it so.

>> No.15942657

>Perfect Defense


>> No.15942666

Robe of Otherworldly Wealth




>> No.15942667

Rite of Seduce Specter
> Illegal target


>> No.15942669

>The One Hundred Spells of the Howling Goblet


>> No.15942679

>Crowns of Force

Now, die to the power of the ultimate royalty.

>> No.15942680



>> No.15942681

"You've killed my friends, my family, and you've killed me too. But not before you feel MY LOVE, MY HATE, AND ALL OF MY ANGER! AMAZON MAGMA WEB!"

I can't help but imagine a giant web of magma coming down the general area and MELTING the BBEG into pieces.

>> No.15942691

>Villainous Chant of Conjure Lava


>> No.15942692

Rune of Kill Drunken Ladies

Why would anyone ever want to kill drunken ladies?

>> No.15942693

>Portable Orbs
I got this.

>> No.15942695

Two by two
>Hands of Blue
pwnage by sonic wave

>> No.15942696

"Ha ha Ba'Beg! I still have one more trick up my sleeve!"

>Vestment of Deadly Hiding

Then I sneak the fuck away while he isn't looking.

>> No.15942705

Deathly Dungeon of Wind

Now we're getting somewhere, like the fuck outta here

>> No.15942710

>Eternal Sorcery of Fire
Burn forever, you everloving fuck! Even if you kill me, even if this doesn't kill you, the rest of your life will be burning pain!

>> No.15942734


>> No.15942735

I couldn't decide between burning you to death and beating you to death, so I chose Constructor's Club of Lava.

>> No.15942742

>Control Worth
With my dying breath, I make you utterly worthless!

>> No.15942747

>The Endless Spell of the Eagles

It sounds so cool.
Good bye Ba'beg. I do hope you enjoy a never ending sound track of bad 70s rock !!!!


>> No.15942753

>Chant of Intoxication

Well, we're drunk now.
That's cool.

>> No.15942757

Accursed Curse of the Howling Sun
Blasphemous Ritual of Summon Dragon
Blessed Ritual of the Infamous Priestesses
Caring Joiner's Hex of Control
Ceremony of Kill Royal Undertakers
Divination of Hypnotise Messiahs
Exalted Conjuration of Time and Sharpness
Exalted Incatation of Become Messiah
Generous Golem's Rune of Hunger
Happy Breaker's Conjuration of Good
Haunted Invocation of Dreaming and Intoxication
Kingly Evocation of the Meteoric Blades
Lawful Rune of the Sagely Consumers
Ritual of Call Dwarven Wizards
Sly Chameleons Sigil of Preservation
The Chaotic Exorcism of the Miserly Ruler
The Fifty Callings of the Adamantine Gate
The Haunted Exorcism of the Great Opener
The Hellish Rite of the Hateful Elf
The Lawful Chant of the Unholy Fish
The Lost Ceremony of the Perfect Wolf
The One Thousand Callings of Heat Conjuration
Ultimate Chant of Deflect Good
Wise Titan's Invocation of Acid
Worldly Exorcism of the Charismatic Snake

>> No.15942759

>The Sixty Abjurations of Portable Chains

I win. Pic related.

>We have such sights to show you.

>> No.15942761


My spell is blessed by the dark gods

>> No.15942762


>Diavolo no Daibouken.exe

>> No.15942767

>Abjuration of Summon Stranglers

Not really sure what this does, but i guess someones goign to choke a bitch?

>> No.15942771


"Why was i going to kill you again?"
"Fuck whatever...I love you man. My party they they they didn't understand me like you does."

>> No.15942777

>Exalted Incatation of Become Messiah

>> No.15942781

>Lawful Incantation of Slay Fish

I'll kill his Goldfish before I die.

>> No.15942787

>The Hellish Rite of the Hateful Elf

>> No.15942788

>> Ritual of Misfortune Deflection

Personally, I read this one of two ways:

1. I cast my spell, nothing seems to happen. Ba'Beg stabs me in the shoulder, only he feels himself get stabbed. "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." He goes for my knee, and his knee gets stabbed. I grab my staff, saying, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Panicking, he stabs at my throat, only feeling his blade pass through it instead. Winding up like a baseball player, I swing, screaming, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!" And send his severed head flying off into the distance.


2. So, all those innocents you slaughtered? That town you just so happened to vaporize a few months back? All of the countless soldiers, the Mage's Guild, all of my comrades, my allies, and my WIFE, just because they had the 'misfortune' of crossing your path? Yeah, have fun getting hit with about 10,000 lives' worth of deaths bouncing back on you. Go burn in hell, bitch!

>> No.15942791

Kingly Abjuration of Possesion

>> No.15942792

Sacred Sorcery of Seduce Lizard

Well if he's a lizardman or something then I guess I could get out of it with a limp for a few days. Failing that I lose.

>> No.15942793

>The Uncountable Damned Evocations of Suns
I strike him down with the force of uncountable damned suns. I think that is sufficient dakka.

>> No.15942794

>Acidic Sun of Good
On the down side, a huge chunk of the countryside has been replaced by a sun made of acid.

On the plus side, it's actually pretty okay.

>> No.15942800

>Now Ba'Beg turns to you, and starts slowly walking forward, weapon outstretched, a shiteating smile crossing his face.
>weapon outstretched
>Deflect Holding

>> No.15942801

>Rune of Caring

>> No.15942807

>Blasphemous Ritual of Summon Dragon

>> No.15942810

>Chime Detection
I knew it! You fucking had chimes!

>> No.15942813

>Casting of Call Aquatic Creators

>> No.15942818


Bend over

>> No.15942819

Ultimate Invocation of Deflection

What you gonna do?
You cant do shit!

>> No.15942825

>Sigil of Absorbtion
>"... guys?"

>> No.15942829

>Control Triumph
I win.

>> No.15942830

Uncountable Witcheries of Lightning

Well why didn't I use this BEFORE Ba'Beg dismembered my entire party?

>> No.15942833

>The Lost Incantation of Eternal Barbarians

>We are the spirits of the Nephalem, the Ancient Ones. We have been chosen to guard sacred Mount Arreat, wherein the Worldstone rests. Few are worthy to stand in its presence. Fewer still can comprehend its true purpose. Before you enter, you must defeat us.


>> No.15942835

>Exalted Performance.

I challenge the devil to a rock-off.

>> No.15942836

"Archer's Illusion of Crystal and Infamy"

"When you said come back alive, it means it's ok if I kill this guy, right?"

>> No.15942838

>Ritual of Call Dwarven Wizards

One assumes it summons seven dwarven wizards.

>> No.15942839


>> No.15942842

>Seduce Final Specter
Does this mean I can seduce death?

>> No.15942846


Become Lawful Priestess

Well... I'm fucked.
Maybe literally as well :(

>> No.15942847

I cast BECOME FLETCHERS! Behold Ba'g, I am become death. Now witness as I make the arrows that lay before you a thousand fold more accurate!

>> No.15942854

>Foul Sludge Assault


>> No.15942861

>Mystical Conjuration of Call Ogre

"Hey, Ogre! Fuck his ass up while I get out of here!"

>> No.15942862

>The Eighty Illusions of Bone Deflection
I deflect your bones. ONLY your bones.

>> No.15942872

>Gauntlets of Thought

Wait just a minute I've got to think this out.

>> No.15942881

>The Cursed Calling of the Sadistic Insect

Don't know how to feel about this one.


>> No.15942919

Anon used Sludge Bomb! It's not very effective...

>> No.15942925

Berserkers' Divination of Diamond and Fortification

Shit! It even rhymes!

I'll throw profanities at him while he tries to break my diamond like body!

>> No.15942935

>The Shackle of Heat

I can work with this.

>> No.15942955

>Slay Ruthless Archmagi
Well shit, he sure as hell doesn't sound like a mage to me.

>> No.15942962

>The Wonderful Rune of the Final Leader

Ave Imperator.

>> No.15942972

Working of Anger

...well at lest I got rid o his shiteating grin

>> No.15942979


Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

>> No.15943039

>Geysers of Lava

Works for me.

>> No.15943046

Depends, does Ba'beg have any undead around?

Hypnotise Charismatic Undead

>> No.15943054

Invocation of Kill Sagely Humans


>> No.15943058

>Final Holding
... Remind me again why I saved this up until now?

>> No.15943064

Fortuitous Sigil of the Sadistic Ruler
Luckily I have this symbol represent some douchebag king to back me up!

>> No.15943079

>The Vestment of Ruthlessness
>The Mask of Viciousness
>Berserker Control

let's do this shit.

>> No.15943081

Future Traps of Magic

I'll get you eventually.

>> No.15943107

>Canine Calling
Dogs. Dozens upon dozens of dogs. Some wolves too.
"Good. Now break this fool to pieces."

>> No.15943120

>Drake's Slime Storm
NOW YOU'RE ALL STICKY- glukkgkahggg
>Generate again
>Drake Calling
That's great, spellbook, that's really great, thanks.

>> No.15943134

>The Uncountable Abjurations of Humanoid Slaying
all he has to do is fail ONE save

>> No.15943135

Summon Charismatic Assasins

Well, could be worse.

>> No.15943142

>The Gate of Time

Hell yeah I'm a bad enough dude. Fuck you Ba'Beg, your ass is mine.

>> No.15943153


Hex of Negation


>> No.15943213

>Dragons' Magma Beam


>> No.15943221

The dogs all become confused. You're calling the guy who was about to kill you a "fool" when you were obviously not only ill prepared but also far weaker than your opponent. They all decide to leave because you're a retarded faggot.

>> No.15943244

>Berserker Summoning.

Not sure if want.

>> No.15943264

>Spectre's Nothing Assaults
So, wait, is this ghosts using weaponized nonexistance, or nothing happening?

>> No.15943265


>> No.15943689

>Sorcery of Call Endless Dragon
I win, but spend rest of eternity summoning a dragon that has no end.

>> No.15943714

>Curse of Detect Sludge
I die, but he's stuck knowing exactly how dirty everything is for the rest of his life.

>> No.15943743

>Victory Conjuration

And the day is saved.

>> No.15943747

>Arrows of Bodily Heat

>> No.15946351

My spell?

Negate Security.

Hell yeah, mo-fugger. Its ON NOW.

>> No.15946381


I'll kill the both of us, then. Pic very related.

>> No.15946402

>Shackle of Gods
Looks like I just bought some time.

>> No.15946415

>Generous Finder's Working of Infertility

Well, I may not save the day, but at least I can make sure that bastard doesn't have any kids...

>> No.15946421

>Ruby Barrier

I entrap Ba'Beg within a flawless barrier of solid ruby. I hope he suffocates soon because I'm now scrambling for a health potion while searching for the nearest exit.

>> No.15946423

>Gems of Good Dust

So... cocaine?

>> No.15946426


>> No.15946432

rolled 18 = 18

>The Uncountable Monstrous Illusions of Bows

>> No.15946433

I raise my hands and evoke
>Insect's lust

Insects fly from my sleeves and rape Ba'Beg. Any resistance earns him hundreds of painful stings and bites. Insect ichor enters his bloodstream, a mixture of some of the nastiest poisons begins to course through his body...

>> No.15946436

>The Grail of Ooze
I summon the Grail of Ooze, the goblet of Jubilex itself! And I summon the oozes of the world to my side to fight against Ba'Beg!

>> No.15946437

>Divine Breath of Flame
Too bad Ba'Beg doesn't also know how to say FUCK YOU in dragon.

>> No.15946443


>> No.15946480

>Deadly Calling of Blood and Health

With a single incantation I heal to full and visit ruination upon his circulatory system.

Then I run like hell.

>> No.15946517

>Fighters' Anger
I may not be the mightiest man, I may not be the sneakiest bastard, I may not be a paragon of faith, I may not even survive this.

But I am going down swinging.

>> No.15946524

>>Lordly Invocation of Springing
I use my tile as the Mistic Lord of Spring to declare right now:

Spring Break!!!!
All Spring Court Fairies are invited to the Wet T-shirt contest!!

>> No.15946555

The Good Spell of the Hateful Archmagi

This can be interpreted so many ways.

>> No.15946564

>Magic Control

...Oh shit, I think this means I win everything ever.

>> No.15946579

>Summon Mosquitoes
No, BBEG. YOU are the mosquitoes.

>> No.15946588

>Hex of Strangulation
"I know. I know. My magical splendour has left you all -breathless-."

>> No.15946591


>> No.15946594

The Sacred Ritual of Time

I have no idea what this does but it sounds impressive at least

>> No.15946635

Glorious Sound Arrow
So... is it an arrow of sound, that is glorious, or is it an arrow of glorious sound?
Basically, would this play Dragonforce at max volume when it hits?

>> No.15946641

>Working of Magma
What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of every bone in your body turning into magma.

>> No.15946652

>The Skull of Acid
Hurts having your skull turned into acid, doesn't it Ba'Beg!

>> No.15946670

Electrical Aura of Ice

I run around, kiting him while he's slowed and laughing as he's gradually electrocuted and frozen to death.

>> No.15946700

cast Amazon Calling, stand back as Ba'Beg is crushed by a stampede of scantily clad warrior women.

>> No.15946703

>Charismatic Wizard's Invocation of Teleportation

He who fights and runs away...

>> No.15946721


>Summon diamonds

so I guess... teleport the fuck away, use the diamonds to have somebody cast True Resurrection for your friends, spend some more diamonds replacing your gear then go gain a few levels and try again?

>> No.15946731

> Kraken's Benevolence

I hope these woods are right next to the sea.

Oh who am I kidding, I'm boned.

>> No.15946784

>Summon Lovers

Uhmm... So. Yeah. Uhhhh.. Well.. fuck.

>> No.15946785

>The One Hundred Charms of Lizard Killing

Let's hope he's at least a Scaleykind.

>> No.15946788

>Shield of Ultimate Closing
Having blocked the BBEG's attack, i then proceed to suck him into null space
I guess thats
*shades on* .... Case closed

>> No.15946797

>Meteoric Spheres of Silver

this can only end well...

>> No.15946800

>The Nine Callings of the Jagged Portals

>> No.15946809

>>The One Hundred Sorceries of the Fiery Holes

jesus christ am i summoning 100 std filled succubi?

>> No.15946812

>Door Cleansing


>> No.15946816

>Dissolve Blades


>> No.15946819

>Drake Calling
I guess he wants his Slime Storm back.

>> No.15946820

>>Summon Cat

<<My cat.

>> No.15946823

>Divination of Alteration

The floor is now lava and the BBEG is now ice.

>> No.15946825

>Sea Serpents' Evocation of Thought and Nondetection
I alter his thoughts so that he cannot perceive or remember me. A sea serpent is involved.

>> No.15946826

Superior summon cat is superior.

>> No.15946830

>Levitation Alteration

>> No.15946835

Bruce Lee Cat is a warrior Cat?

>> No.15946839

>Excellence Deflection
I deflect his Excellence to a random civillian. Now he isn't good at anything while farmer dude suddenly is the worlds greatest warriors. He then becomes a way better hero than me.

>> No.15946840

>Abjuration of Become Innocent Lover

Why the fuck did I prepare this? Oh right, to turn the BBEG into my gay boyfriend.

>> No.15946841

Ba'Beg: "... is that a goat?"

>> No.15946842

I finish him with my
>Final Balls of Magma

>> No.15946845

>The Chamber of Lineage
Spare me, I got your family tree?


>> No.15946850



>> No.15946878

>The Infinite Unspeakable Incatations of Cowardice

I'll make you run away! just let me finish this incantation and we'll be done...

>> No.15946892


A-Ah.. Well. You know. There.. uh, was this one time Lother brought this keg of dwarven ale along... errr... a-ha-ha, you see..? Its just.. uhh.. happened, yeah.

>> No.15946893

>Casting of Become Divine Messiah

I'll just convert the fucker to my religion, then cripple him with a bottomless collections tin!

that or turn all the water in his blood into wine...

>> No.15946899

>Portals of Sacred Jump

Fuck this shit, the better part of valour is not dying.

>> No.15946902

>Amazon's Calling of Canine Lovers

...great, so I get to watch bestiality porn as I die. Wonderful.

>anially but
goddamit, Captcha, you're not helping.

>> No.15946923

>The Uncountable Sorceries of Humanoid Seduction
So I know a quadrillion spells to seduce humanoids. Cast it on him, fake my death and have him commit suicide out of despair. Then I shall go and become the greatest pimp known to sentient life.

>> No.15946929

Lightning negation

Ba'beg better be using a very specific subset of magic or some very specifically named vehicles.

I am otherwise fucked.

This went much better on my mobile phone.

>> No.15946944

>The Door of Caring

>> No.15946965

>The Wonderful Incatation of Venom

As long as I don't roll a one, this might just work!

...What do you mean he's immune to venom?!

>> No.15946977

The Eight Conjurations of the Howling Lanterns

He will be deafened and maddened till his naught but a quivering mass.

>> No.15946992

> The Chants of Mystical Darkness

Not even sure what that does but FUCK YEA.

>> No.15946996

The Eight Ceremonies Of Cold Negation
While my friends fought bravely, I began my spell. The First Ceremony prevents Ba'Beg from feeling the chill of the breeze. The Second saves him from the winter ice.
Lothar falls. I remember the first time I met him, the first time I saw him eat.
The Third Ceremony prevents Ba'Beg from cooling himself by submersing himself in still waters. The Fourth does the same, but for rivers and streams.
McNealy is impaled. Was it so long ago that the rascal stole Lothar's coinpurse, on the streets of Kulmair?
The Fifth Ceremony I complete, saving Ba'Beg from the hoarfrost of dragons and ice giants. The Sixth Ceremony, intricate in it's simplicity, it will prevent our adversary from knowing the respite of shadows and shade, even on the hottest days. The Seventh Ceremony prevents the Elemental Planes of both Wind and Water from doing harm to Ba'Beg. As I intone it, I can hear Randall's voice falter as he combats Ba'Beg alone. I wish I could save him. But it was he that pressed the scroll into my hand and begged me. The Seventh Ceremony is finished.
I moan as I open my eyes and see the remains of my friends, my breath stolen from the Eighth Ceremony as much as the carnage about me. His smile grows as he nears me, and falters as he realizes how much he is sweating. How warm his armor has become. My hands weave the sigils in the air, my breathe rattles the alien sounds that make up the Eighth Ceremony. He comes at me, screaming with rage as I take from him the protection given to him by the ground beneath our feat, layers of earth beneath our feet and the atmosphere high over our heads. His armor is searing now, his skin charring, his blade glowing as the heat of the sun, barely warm upon my own brow, bears down upon him.
I collapse to my knees as he finally reaches me, as only a cloud of bitter ash and acrid smoke. Hot embers alight upon my robe, I taste him on my breath, feel my tears mingle with his parched ashen essence on my face.

>> No.15947005

Dwarven Divination of Divination


>> No.15947036

>Past Charm of Seduce Bane

Yohoo, Bane god of tyranny are you there? These people are being mean to be, so bash their heads in will you Bane-sama! Uguu

>> No.15947038

Sounds like dwarvern magic alright.

>> No.15947041

Invocation of Call Doomed Wanderer

I call the most powerful being that exists

He was doomed to wander the cosmos after committing a crime against the gods, then he killed them all several thousand years later once he found out there was no way to reverse the spell

So he wanders, for all time, for he cannot die, even by unconventional means

Ba'beg is fucked twelve ways to tuesday

>> No.15947061

>Water Control
Well shit.

>> No.15947062

>Eaters' Calling of Viciousness and Viciousness

Now with TWICE the viciousness!!!

>> No.15947068

The Demonic Incatation of the Ancestral Destroyer

I am loving this generator

>> No.15947074

Don't worry, I'll defeat the BBEG with the arcane might of my final spel-
>Dancers' Dryness
Well fuck.

>> No.15947077

>Berserkers' Ceremony of Flesh and Anger
Well it sounds awesome if nothing else.
Perhaps something akin to tensers transformation?
Or maybe it's something that makes my allies awesome in a fight, in which case...oh dear...I really should have cast this earlier

>> No.15947085

>>Call Final Berserker

Well horseshit. Guess I just summon him from across the room to right next to me then. Crud.

>> No.15947096

>The Distant Illusion of the Celestial Artist

...um, hang on.
Okay. Okay! I make it seems as though the BBEG is in space! And I make it so convincing that he suffocates! Yes.

>> No.15947119

> Divination of Light and Sadism

Go forth, my powerful artifact!

>> No.15947125

>The Infernal Spell of the Insane Victor

Hope it works

>> No.15947134

The Lost Curse of the Fortuitous Soldiers

Even if i die... the villain is totally fucked

>> No.15947138

fish control

Is he a fish? Please?

>> No.15947159

No. But you can pull a spiderman intimidate check on him.

>> No.15947166

>Divination of Seek Screaming Humanoid
Yep, Lothar, McNealy and Randall are all screaming all right.

>> No.15947171

Speaker's Rune of Necromancy

Looks like it's time for Round Two, motherfucker. Ding. Ding.

>> No.15947189

>Ultimate Arrow of Energy

Y'know, I think I got this covered.

>> No.15947210

>Cowardly Fletchers' Rune of Digging
Running away like a little bitch is clearly the best option.

>> No.15947247

>Good Sigil of Everburning and Courage
Only 1 hp? I suddenly like my chances very much.
And even if I fail, the memory my friends and I will always be a flame in the hearts of the people!

>> No.15947251

>Final Invocation of Deflection
Fina indeed

>> No.15947266

>The Eight Incatations of Bronze Transformation

I think i could kick his ass as an awesome bronze golem

>> No.15947271


or turn the guy into a piece of metal, of course

>> No.15947286


Or transform the air around him into bronze. You've got eight different incantations.

>> No.15947352

>Lawful Chant of Alter Copper

Well uh... If.. If Ba'Beg is wearing.. Copper armor.. Then uh.. Maybe I can...

Who am I kidding, I'm fucked.

>> No.15947362

Collect all the traces of copper from around - the floor, your blood, your fallen comrades - and collect it all in his throat.

>> No.15947408

>Orbs of Massive Nothing

The last words of Merlin the Asshole.

>> No.15947421

rolled 27, 8, 48, 28 = 111

> Summon fish

Yeah, he pretty much boned. But so are the rest of us.

>> No.15947438

>Messiah's Drunkenness
His blood turns into blessed wine and he dies of alcohol poisoning instantly.

>> No.15947446

>Summon Lost Arch-angels

>> No.15947465

>Walls of Lightning

>> No.15947493

>Breath of Exceptional Infertility

Well at least he wont make another BBEG.

>> No.15947505

That doesn't sound very lawful.

>> No.15947544

The door flings open as soon as it is summoned, bathing Ba'Beg in a rosy light. Tears welling in his eyes, he laments the suffering he has caused to your party and vows to wander the earth for the rest of his days, righting his wrongs.

>> No.15947615

>Hex of Bronze and History

I curse Ba'Beg with my final breath, and his form melts and twists, as bronze cogs and clockwork gears burst from beneath his flesh, replacing his innards with steam and clockwork machinery.

As I expire, I allow a small chuckle to myself as Ba'Beg's final realization is that his new form is useless until he is wound up by the small bronze key in the small of his back, just out of his reach.

There he will remain, among the bones of me and my allies until he rots and his cogs and gears are caked with an age of dust and forgotten time.

>> No.15947619

>Become Innocent Humanoid

>> No.15947645

>Spell of Become Clever Barbarian
I become the governor of California

>> No.15947710

>Happy Arch-angels' Calling of Lightning

He shall be smited via HAPPINESS.

Or the Arch-angels simply call in a rain and thunderstorm and frolic in the puddles while I get maimed, killed, burned, etc.


>> No.15947818

>Rite of Sanity
Now, don't you feel bad about killing all those people?

>> No.15947877

>Hail of Unspeakable Muck

Well, I think I at least ruined his day.

>> No.15949199

>Bodily Balls


So do I make his balls shrink into his body?

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