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All members of Alpha Legion: Please report your progress as the necessity of discretion allows.

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Pie. That is all I can safely report.

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reporting in: Have subverted the majority of /d/ to be fap crazzed faggots begging for cock. they will make excellent fodder to throw at /fit/ and keep them out of the fight.

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I am Rowboat Girlyman. I mean. Spartacus.

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Alpharius here. By means of [omitted] we have managed to [omitted] and [omitted] all of the [omitted], culminating in a massive [omitted.]

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Currently infiltrating the Old World, codename "Warhammer". Attempting to destabilize lunar rotation while plunging the planet into Chaos, using indigenous species. Alpharius saturation at 80%. >>15939430

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Trying to get Alpharius up and back to his room after the big ass party where we all got drunk

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Your brother is still in extasis, sir.

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Pretty sure /fit/ is cock crazed with or without any outside input from other forums.

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My charge, Matt Ward, has yet to be fired.

Alpharius trained me well.

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I think we've got the Ultramarines well under control at this point. Is there anything we want to actually do with them?

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No, that's brother sergeant Culpold. Bro and I are currently on the barge <ommitted> following operation bar crawl with the other prim-


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[omitted] reporting. blood angels still haven't noticed the hallucinogens we have been slipping into their rations. More and more are falling to the death companies.

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Make them green. Thus, their chapter name will be a lie.

Me, I'm busy trying to bring the Squats back to li-


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I think he meant Guilliman.

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am currently fucking with alpha legion plans, as pur alpha legion PLANS.

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Soulstorm 3 is in development as we speak. we are preparing to send it back to M2

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We may or may not have infiltrated location 3245580.

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operative indigo kangaroo in transit transferring abbadons arms to a new hiding spot.

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/v/ and /b/ have both succumbed to the hordes of summer, and will never rise again. /co/ is well on its way to joining them.

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Yes, I know he was talking about our dupe.

Also: requesting emergency extraction from the Eagle's Wing Pub. Alpharius just got reminded of Spartacus

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/v/ has always had non vidya.
/b/ was always shit.

What's up with /co/ though?

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Sup guys, I've been following /v/ as commanded and....well I...something is wrong. There's clearly some taint of Khorne there, but...it's pervasive, like some sort of tzeentchian spell. Even now I....EEERG..I'm so..so...AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHH

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Having so far infiltrated, three channels in IRC, four ongoing quests, two that are no longer, having three well known and distinguished trip codes and or names, and partial integration into an off site project I've managed to mislead and confuse any significant following that goes against my objectives. Leaving most locked into infighting or stagnation.

Preparing phase two come November.

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The Uprising in Point #52/55-B is ready to start, only require the start order from Alpharius and Alpharius.

If this works, I'll take my residual leave and ask Alpharius for a date.

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The ponies wane and no other tumor grows to replace them. We need merely to mobilize the children, and the board will be overrun.

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Ponies, most likely. Shows like that bring in new posters that, unfortunately, are only interested in that one thing. But they'll never leave.

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For the purposes of me actually being able to coordinate this shit while Alph is passed out drunk, I am requesting that all following posts have OP-ID and IFF tags in the name post

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Operation [REDACTED] proceeds as planned. Now that [REDACTED] is safely assumed to be the actual [REDACTED] we may begin subverting [REDACTED] by means of [REDACTED] in order to safely plot our course through [REDACTED], which of course will end with our complete and total [REDACTED] and allow us ample maneuvering room once [REDACTED] realizes [REDACTED] and begins with the anticipated [REDACTED]

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Well, at least they ARE on topic.

Although I do like adventure time better.

Is there a Adventure time/MAREENS crossover done?

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Have destabilized the Zoren Sector allowing for the retrieval of artefacts necessary for the revival of [REDACTED], disrupting the formation WAAAAGH Greengoff, and leading to the destruction of the Dark Eldar Cult of Scarlet Ribs.

Highly successful Legion Agent Allieb Craw escaped apprehension by the inquisition leading to the purgation of the Craw Family Conglomerate, and the destruction of the largest shipping concern in the Eastern Ultima Segmentum

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Infiltration of Homestuck progresses well, Alpharius. With my guidance, the threads are quickly becoming as numerous and tainted as their pony forebears. Strategic use of trolls further engenders chaos.

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Alpharius here. Some Alpharius kicked me right in the Alphariuses and I had to go to the Alpharius to get some Alpharius... Uh I mean Ice... for it. Alpharius Out

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Alpharius reporting in.

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Your ignorance does you no credit - the Homestuck threads predate the ponies, and those threads have been far grander in days of yore. Their current growth is merely a return to form that mirrors that of Alpharius, Homestuck's author.

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So...did any of you guys start those London Riots? I seriously can't figure them out.

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All agentss are advised that this right here is WHY WE HAVE IFF TAGS THAT ARE ADDED TO YOUR POSTS.

In other news, who pulled off that nice piece of work on Khaldan VI? I don't know what the hell a Terrasque is, but you managed to divert three Angry Marine barges from WAAAAGH Gritznak. well done

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I'm compiling this thread to be used as a disinfo stream to keep the Inquisition tied in knots.

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Oh that was Alpharius who did that, yeah it was impressive.

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Alpharius here. Sucessfully travelled pan dimensionally to the place known as 'Nottingham' and attempted to incite nationwide riots to destroy the [REDACTED] before they're ever created. Mission was a [REDACTED]


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Alpharius here, see


Alpharius out

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All Agents, be advised: Alpharius (the real one) has called a purple-tango-delta situation. You all know what to do, and my history vindicate us

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Operative on quasi terra clone world m37568 (earth) reporting in that our proxy in control of north-eastern continent has successfully gained office and is having the desired effect with our campaign of "hope and change".

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Guys I'm just really beggining to think that calling ourselves all the same name and getting plastic surgery to all look the same was a bad idea.

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The Narwhals proved more troublesome than expected, but they sure did give new meaning to the golden throne.

We also gave it an upper decker, just in-case.

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It was a GLORIOUS idea.

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Which is why we are supposed to tag out mission updates with our IFF tags

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Its a good idea just so that we can all hold down the same girlfriend, at the same time. Everyone of the legion. Who wants sloppy two thousands?

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Sir I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

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Speaking of which, was that thing with the mackerels on Boren IV really necessary?

I know we needed a distractition, but this was just..awkward.

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The Excel spreadsheet says it's Alpharius, then Alpharius and Alpharius. Then next month we've got the Annual luncheon, don't forget to bring what you signed up for.

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Then all is going according to plan brother. FOR THE FALSE EMPEROR!

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Stop being a faggot. We are all Alpharius. Even you. Further identification, besides that inherent to the roles we assume, is utterly unnecessary.

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Worry not, Alpharius. Your current role requires no awareness on your part.

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Fine. You do all the paper work in the back room. I am going to valhalla for some tea.

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Alright, which one of you assholes wanted the Tau porn? Because I've lost two astropaths to "overextertion" already and this shit has to stop.

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My bad brah, I was using it to subvert a couple of the fringe Imperial colonies near Tau space. I'm honestly shocked they haven't tried this yet themselves

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Or we could just get more astropaths.

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That was me. The chaos pit of influence known as /tg/ loves that shit. keeps them going in circles for days.

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Brother Falkner, office 68-b, third floor, 7th portal on your right

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I ate some chips today, they were delicious

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No wonder we keep losing the astropaths, so much demand.

>> No.15939895

definitely more astropaths

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Oh shit, Any volunteer to back-up this man according to standard protocol 75-67r?

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What do I look like, a Salamander?

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ahh those were Russ's chips. no way in hell sir. You know how he gets when there are no snacks to go with the beer.

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I am John Alpharius I have been successful at [Redacted]
For the Emperor!

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It is ok brother, I ate the chips then had a delicious beverage so I did not become thirsty.

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>eating chips and having a beverage
You sir are what every member of the legion should strive to be.

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All right everyone, old business is finished, does anyone have new business to discuss?

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thats classified. I could tell you but you would try to screw with it.

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seeing how your current objective is infiltration of the salamanders..... yes, you do.

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Tomorrow I'm planning on leading a riot near a KFC in London to score some free chicken.

I love me some free chicken.

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>free chicken in london

Why not just take one off the streets?

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I duct taped a couple honey badgers to an eversor assassin's hands. It's already annihilated three Imperial battlefleets, four Necron tomb worlds, a hive fleet and an ork WAAAGH! It's not stopping. I... I'm scared guys.

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Brother Agamenon reporting, managed to infiltrate the Blood Ravens, however all my weapons and belongings have been replaced with loyalist versions, and my armor has been painted red, worse yet, this loyalists are masters of psychological warfare, i know they know i know they know what i am, yet they show no concern, they treat me as if i was one of them, i... I must admit the other day i had a break down, started yelling and fighting that i was a chaos marine, but they never gave in.

I have now been put under the command of Captain Diomedes aboard the Litany of Fury, all of the Blood Ravens started calling me by another name, Agamenon, i don't remember my real name anymore. All i remember is who to send this report, sir, do not send more to infiltrate the Blood Ravens. There is no escape.

Oh no, by the throne i hear captain diomedes coming, it's time for Steel Rain practice, please no, no, not the Steel Rai-

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Because then I have to cook it.

And I have no spices.

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I had the gardeners of a planetary governor plant new rose bushes 3 inches from where they are supposed to be. I suspect that there will be riots and the governor will be killed with in the month.

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Abaddon has uptained repacement arms, and has traveled back in time, as planned he has overshot his destination and landed in a time predating Mankind, My facad of senility is holding up perfetcly.

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The blood angels: so good they manage to steal our agents then sell them back to us at bargain prices.

How goes the search for the warehouse world?

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Establishing secure vox link.
Established//Bouncing signal.
Proxy chain established//Hijacking tripcode.

Cipher C4//Encoding...
Message encoded//Message as follows:

Xlic evi epp hieh.

M omppih izivc pewx sri sj xliq.

M hsrx izir orsa als M eq ercqsvi...

Fyx xlex nywx qierw csyv-... syv gsrhmxmsrmrk asvoih.

Mx'w asvoih xss aipp, M'q wipj xivqmrexmrk ew xli ria qi gerrsx pmzi amxl xli sph.

Jepwi iqtivsv tvsxigxw.

//Message Ends

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>i don't remember my real name anymore
It's Alpharius.
Anything else you need to be reminded of?

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preparing to troll the lesser elements of said threads into rage which will spill over into other threads. the ensuing RAGE will be a perfect diversion for <omitted> to commence without delay

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Watch out. The last time I was with the Blood Ravens on assignment, I kept losing my bolter.

And my helmet, at one point. It was quite bizarre.

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requesting said Eversor be directed to the Eye of Terror and become drinking buddies with Kharn.

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What a coincidence, I've also infiltrated the Blood Ravens. By skillful use of subterfuge and [omitted], I have assumed the position of a Captain, and nobody seems to have noticed.
Brb, I need to maintain my disguise and call for another Steel Rain practice session, or the other captains will begin to suspect me.

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Better yet, tie a badger to Gorechild.

You seem to have rediscovered a Squat combat te-


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Our progress in [Censored] is as follows:

We are approaching the final stages of our years of labor here. Our agents have made their way into the various Imperial organizations on [Censored]. Arbites, Administratum, Ministorum Noble Houses, the PDF and numerous smaller merchant houses, political organizations and cults as well.

So far, we have followed standard procedure without being discovered, important individuals have been disposed of and replaced by others more favourable to our operation (whether as a puppet or an agent), and we have sabotaged a number of things vital to the Imperial war effort in the nearby sector.

An extensive report is attached, and we await your commands, I would reccommend starting mutant uprisings in the Loyalist population centres and bringing the production and supply of material to Imperial forces to a grinding halt. This world is vital to their efforts, any major problems and the threat of the enemy forces here will be signifgantly reduced.


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