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HI guys! Did you miss me?

Or should I say "did hyuu mish mii?" :3

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You were gone?

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I miss Culexus, not you.

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He's till running Boonquest isn't he?

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Something tells me, its going to be filled with sexual innuendo.

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It is and isn't. There was some sex involved, but a dapper, british gentleman can't leave a lady alone with her wants, can he?

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And in all fairness, Chernabog is hot.

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I missed you, heretic.

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It's so wrong the the thing that I find most attractive about cultist chan is the bacon smell

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Oh by the gods yes. Every long cold night.

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I miss Mutant Quest. :(

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I miss you cultist kawaii desu...

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I must ask good sirs.

Are all these sentimental gestures genuine, or are you all shedding crocodile tears?

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Yes. I also miss those wonderful snaggley teeth.

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I loved you

but then I knew you must die

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Most endearing character /tg/ ever came up with.

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It is very easy to confuse things which are endearing and memorable, with things that are just repetitive and nauseating.

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this sentence makes sense if you add "for sufferers of clinical depression"

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To be fair good sir, I assume all denizens of /tg/ are sufferers of clinical depression.

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I still like this one

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You just have to look at that fucked up smile and that misplaced haphazard enthusiasm and it brings a smile to your face.

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Well, you know the rhetoric about assumptions.
If you don't then google it or something.

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You know, I've never really found you that annoying. Are people really that bothered by non-sexual pictures of whatever-the-fuck-a-sergal-is?
Because I have never seen you post something legitimately dumb or aggravating. Maybe I just missed it?

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He's already an ass. What does he care what his assumptions do to the rest of us?

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But good sir, if I do not make assumptions, arguments cannot move forward, and we would be mired in endless rhetoric.

I'm afraid she does not charm me anymore good sir, her personality is shallow and 2 dimensional.

Her physical attributes and attire are solely designed for sex appeal, and to emulate a "damaged goods" girl to attract warranted and unwarranted attention.

She is everything that reminds me why I hold a deep-seated hatred for moe.

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Someone suggested cultist guro in Techno thread. I wonder if it got drawn. I would be happy in so many levels if it did.

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Personally, that one-dimensional innocence is exactly why I find cultist-chan endearing.

It's the same thing that makes grown men watch My Little Pony.

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I do not question the appeal of My Little Pony.

Although I would say that the entire series is overrated and over glorified. And I suspect elements of the more obnoxious members of the furry fandom had something to do with its notoriety and wide spread infamy.

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You just have to look at that fucked up smile and that misplaced haphazard enthusiasm and it brings a smile to your face.

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>But good sir, if I do not make assumptions, I cannot imagine that I won the argument, so that if you do not let me make them I will refuse to acknowledge I am wrong despite all reason and logic.

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In some cultures, a smile, or a simple grin, is a declaration of war, a threat display.

Although we may or may not live in those cultures, however the wisdom to appreciate the social taboos of other cultures does give us different vintage points of how to twist the most trivial customs and traditions, for devious purposes.

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Is it christmas on 4chan? because it's beggining to look a lot like samefag.

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Newer once did I think that this would happen to me.
But that picture did it, OP.

Guess I gotta to over to /jp/ and ask what I should do now that I have a waifu. Maybe get one of those pillows made...

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I only posted one of those.

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Is it wrong that I read that as "Yes. No. Maybe." and then I don't know can you repeat the question? YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF ME NOW!

Also, yo Sergalfag, good to see you're still around.

And to stay on topic, I fucking love Cultist chan... it's totally the teeth and speech impediment.

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You can win the argument if you so desire good sir.

What right have I, to devoid a gentleman in knowledge and in rhetoric superior then I, a worth fulfilling victory?

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there are at least 2 of us.

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Holy shit! Cultist daki?
I'm totally doing this now! Time to commission an artist!

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Wait. . . I have a pillow with a picture of my deceased father on it.
. . . is my dead dad my waifu?

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This is solely dependent on the size and shape of the pillow. If the pillow is around 150x50 cm, then yes. Your dead father is now your waifu. (hunsbando)

If not, well your' just weird, but do not have to call him your waifu.

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Nee jongeman, jij bent de homo.

Always funny to see soem retard think no one understands him when he posts stuff like that.

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>Cultist daki

If you do this you must post pics.


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Hunting for artists as we speak.
Finding one with the skill for it, who knows how to make it for a daki right, and won't simply turn due to the subject will take some time I fear.

Any high ranking drawfags interested in making some cash? I'd go ask /jp/ where they get thiers done but they'd just tell me to get out.

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In the name of His Holy Inquisition, what is a Synx doing in this thread?

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Your not here to purge us?

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They already exist.

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All of the versions of this pic, including the one with the giant dong have bothered me for one reason: WHY IS SHE BANANA YELLOW?

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not scrawny enough. She's supposed to be an starving chaos cultist, not some bucksome wench

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What were we just saying in this thread, about making assumptions? Something about you make them because you are an idiot trying to invent a reality in which you are right?

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god dude that was painful for me to even look at

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You know good sir, that gentleman you are speaking to, is a completely different poster than I.

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what is a daki?

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Blessings of Slaanesh

If she had pleased Khorne she would have a six-pack and biceps

Tzneetch and she would have multicolored hair, wings and magic.

Nugle and she would have STDs

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I don't believe Cultist-chan is a pure devotee to Slaanesh. Doesn't she worship chaos undivided, having all four sigils of their respectful chaos gods, tattooed somewhere on her body?

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If by "completely different" you mean "also making assumptions therefore also a dumbass" then may I inquire what other basic physical laws you do not believe in?

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It depends, the laws of physics are simply theories are they not?

Who knows when they will be proven obsolete or wrong.

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She has STDs, trust me.

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Relase the dips.

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so I heard there was an official cover with cultist chan in the background?

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It's a matter of who she is most in favor with at any given time.

One day Khorne may lover her for starting a bar fight, the next Tzneetch may notice her for tricking Dranon into giving her a sammich and the day after Nurgle may giver her a gift for spreading flu in a packed hive-city.

Today it is Slaanesh. Don't as what she did, sometimes serving is its own reward.

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>laws are theories

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*nocks the door*
*nocks the door down*
Are you a heretic?

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>implying Cultist-Chan isn't Miss Word Bearers 999.M41

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With all the mutations thrown onto her good sir, I'm surprised she isn't a gibbering chaos spawn at this point.

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Dakimakura or something like that. Basically, a body pillow +cover usually depicting waifu. That SO RONERERY macro that's been going around forever of the geek on the train? He's holding one of these.

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I will count up to 1 the i'll burn everybody.

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That is pretty much how Undivided works.
Serve them all or none in particular.

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that's utter trash and you should feel like trash for even suggesting such.

I'll commission such a work that all fatguys everywhere will rush to get their own copy of such a masterpiece! It may take months, but don't let this declaration fade from your memories, one day I shall return with all the proof that you require.

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I love this strip.

Also wasn't there some official cover with Cultist-chan?

>> No.15938350 [DELETED] 

And when that day arrives good sir, do you wish for us to pretend laughing with you, but secretly laughing at you for your most embarrassing deed.

Or do you wish for us to cut all subtlety and allow us the pleasure to blatantly laugh at you?

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Or, the TL;DR version of the TL;DR version...

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Mission Accepted.

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Oh god the shitstorms.

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Yeah, everyone knows the Squats are the good gu{#`%${%&`+'${`%&NO CARRIER

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Fuck it.

Why not.

I'm a sculptor and I like to make weird stuff. I was actually thinking of making something like this, a female in a heroic pose, holding a flagpole or a banner.

I'm going to do it and I'm going to post my progress to /tg/. I'm going to call myself: "Nox" and if it's not absolute shite; I'm going to make a silicone mold so I can make copies and post my creation to a few fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls (I don't sell, I only give gifts).

So. . .*whersh ya fink?* would anyone be interested in this?

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>silicone mold

wait like a Cultist-Chan RealDoll?


>> No.15938611


Haha! No.

A flexible mold that I can pour plaster into, pop into my gigantic industrial vibrator wait a few hours and hey presto! I have a clone of my original.

>> No.15938615

Take your mind out of the gutter.

Go for it.
There's one comic which shows Cultist with a banner in a pretty good charging pose that may interest you, the one about the origin of her Hound, I think it's been posted here already.

>> No.15938618

You don't happen to send shit to germany, do you?

Also: I wish you best of luck, may your plan succeed with zero interferences.

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maybe you want her capturing the bed for KAY OHHHSSS

>> No.15938677

I'd let her capture my bed FOR KAYOHSS if you know what I mean

>> No.15938694


I can and will if I get the chance. I don't know how I'll arrange it, maybe a lottery? I won't be retaining any copyrights so if someone has the patience to copy them they'll be more then welcome.


I think I have that one. *pic very related*


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Boobies. . .I'm thinking about making some nice big boobies.

>> No.15938746

Nah bro.
Cultist-chan has a modest sized chest. C(ultist)-cup at best.

However you could make her hold two skulls in front of her boobs doing a 'lhook haw beeg theey ghoot' pose

>> No.15938752

this, if you want to model some tig old bitties there's always Jubblowski

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Does anybody has a comic where a girl ask callidus to be hes friend or talks to callidus assassin about being friend with CULEXUS then culexus show his face all diabolic and the girl is scared? Plz thx

tl:dr comic with callidus and culexus assassin and random gurl

>> No.15938773

it's not a random "gurl" it's a death cult assassin, there's also a shooped version where instead of callidus and culexus it's Miko and Fagot

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I ... I can read the words, but I can't make a connection between them.

>> No.15938791


Shomfing leik thizz?

>> No.15938795

Its like everything bad about /tg/ in one thread. Somebody want to start posting Touhous and autistic analyses of 4e to complete things? I would but I actually like /tg/ not being a shithole.

>> No.15938808

holy shit are you an intolerant, no fun allowed fuck

what would you prefer, anyways?

>> No.15938809


Oh go eat a bag of dicks. We're having fun.

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>> No.15938828

We could post threads about elfrape or some grimderp mature thread for grimderp mature anons such as himself.

Maybe that'll please our neckbeard boardquality control overlords.

>> No.15938842

This version has better quality (and less nudity)

>> No.15938848 [DELETED] 

Please do good sir, I terribly miss those elf slave threads ever so very much.

>> No.15938871

Sent out the first couple of emails, I've now taken my first steps into this gauntlet.

See you at the other end of this /tg/, hopefully the proud owner of a new daki.

Also, The Collector, if you have anything new could you kindly post your archive here? I have the feeling I'm going to need LOADS of reference pictures to get this one through.

>> No.15938872

Meant to post this.

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>> No.15938887

Just what is that in your pic anyways?

Why yes, I am in fact a newfag.

>> No.15938890 [DELETED] 

The Collector is a very fickle fellow. He posts very sporadically even by my standards, what makes you think he will appear at your every beck and call. And your slightest whims?

>> No.15938896

The avatar of someone who's ban has clearly just been lifted.

>> No.15938901

How about you take your self-righteous "no fun allowed" mood and shove it where somebody actually cares? Sergalfriend is a longstanding, fine /tg/ fixture.

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no, this is correct, a physical law is just an established theory with a lot of testing and documented proof with properly constructed control samples

and even that margin of error is the ideal to which the process strives for

>> No.15938915

..Seriously guys.

Sergal has never been a good troll. He's only a troll because you guys just WANT to get worked up over nothing. The only thing he does is show up. Then you guys rip your own anuses open in rage. It's been that way since he first showed up on /tg/. His method hasn't changed a bit.

Stop being a doof.

>> No.15938932 [DELETED] 

I'll never change, and Cultist-chan threads will always be made. Why its as if the more things change, the more somethings stay vehemently the same.

>> No.15938934

Is your name referring to Elwood? If so, shame on you. That woman is nowhere near fat; she is *voluptuous*

>> No.15938946

No, it's not.

>> No.15938947


Shut up whore.

Sergal's a twat and will get hopefully banned by our sweet janitor. Again.

>> No.15938948 [DELETED] 

What irks me more about Elwood, is her inability to draw proper anatomically correct female breasts.

Her female characters' breasts are always out of proportion with the rest of the body.

>> No.15938952


I'm pretty sure Fuuka adopted that name long before your favorite furry ever touched /tg/.

>> No.15938955

oh gods, not this line again

is there a term here for summer trolls?

>> No.15938957

This thread is disappoint /tg/.

>> No.15938961

yay a Cultist thread

>> No.15938963

Segalfag, where did you get all those sergal emotes?

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>> No.15938973

Because during times of change we humans cling to whatever scraps of familiarity we can grasp

>> No.15938974

mfw, I'm raging because she did those marks of chaos in the mirror because they're totally bassackwards.

>> No.15938980

those marks are what?

>> No.15938990 [DELETED] 

Why on /tg/ of course, and its sister boards, and wikis.

And may Nurgle bless the stubborn and ignorant to forever be stuck in their backward ways.

>> No.15938993

Lurk some more newfag and learn your marks of chaos.


>> No.15939017

>look at cosplayer, look at cultist-chan, compare and contrast

>the marks of chaos are on the wrong sides of her body

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>> No.15939045 [DELETED] 

We bash at the tiniest errors and mistakes in the master pieces or works of art others have handcrafted painstakingly from scratch.

Yet through my years on this board, I have never heard a praise or compliment.

No elegen/tg/entleman has yet to learn or value humility.

>> No.15939070

don't get me wrong, I was laughing at myself for noticing the error right away and then correcting a newfag who didn't see it

that and her facial structure does not appeal to my sense of aesthetics

the costume itself is fantastic though

/tg/, I think I may be proficient in double-think

>> No.15939071


I think I've enunciated enough why you didn't deserve praise in my previous thread you so haphazardly ruined with your inconspicuous way of verbose derailing.

The fact that /tg/ only has a very small window upcoming this september in terms of dumb threads being filtered and retarded posters like you being gone makes me smile with disgust knowing the holidays are near.

>> No.15939075

I was poking fun on the typo.
And I should mention, I do not play WH40k.
I loathe the moneygrabbing GW is doing.

>> No.15939107

>hates 40k
The what the hell are you doing on /tg/? A board made to get all the 40k its own board instead of taking over /b/? I don't think this place is for you at all.

>> No.15939111

>I'm raging because she did those marks of chaos in the mirror because they're totally bassackwards.

what typo? at most I should have used a comma instead of the second because

>> No.15939123

>Cultist-Chan thread
> Sergal Faggot reappears, along with his faux"Good sir" bullshit

I don't think this is a coincidence. Both are cancer.

>> No.15939135 [DELETED] 

Oh my dear drawfriend, even with the coming autumn will slow down the relentless grind of debauchery on this board.

Although I do apologize for whatever ire I have incurred. I cannot help but prey upon the pretentious, the elitist or egotistic.

>> No.15939139


My word, I think you are on to something. This is not the first time we see these two paired up , is it?

>> No.15939155


>> No.15939157

>Yet through my years on this board, I have never heard a praise or compliment.



'caues I have, and I only started on /tg/ last year.

On a more on-topic note, has anyone made a cultist-chan mini?

>> No.15939174


>has anyone made a cultist-chan mini?

yes. I can't find a picture, but it was based on this (presumably Reaper) mini.

>> No.15939192


>I have never heard a praise or compliment.

I actually supported some of your arguments when they made sence on certain topics if you can so recall the Fulgrim debauchery, And I also thanked you when I asked you to kindly take your leave and you did so.

But you do realise that 95% of the time, your posts are not at all required? And that praying on the so called pretentious,elitist or egotistic, is in efect fighting fire with fire, and you are only harming yourself and the board with these types of arguments?

>> No.15939197

We are joined by our love for Cultist-Chan.
No seriously, I like the Warhammer setting and I'd like to explore the game, but damn. I don't want to spend a tripple digit number just on a bunch of speehs mureens and a tank or two.

>> No.15939201 [DELETED] 

Then perhaps, your vigilance have awarded you with better fortunes then I have in all 4 years of /tg/'s existence. And with that, you have my respect.

>> No.15939207

Somebody should commission Mr. Culexus to make a decent nude drawing of Cultist-Chan.
After all, he's fully aware his fans consider her, Commisar Raege, Cuddles, and Boone to be Sex symbols.

>> No.15939218

mmmmm... dat boone....


>> No.15939223


Oh god, really?

Want me to do it?

Is the desire that big? Isn't there enough of her on booru and paheal?

>> No.15939226

Knowing very little of the man myself, would he be amicable to such a deal?

Furthermore, if he's willing to do such things my search for daki art would be best served by the very source of such of the character. Money's not much of an issue, but I honestly have no clue if he'd bite.

>> No.15939227


>> No.15939228 [DELETED] 

It can be said that, 95% of the posts who are made on this board aren't required at all. Almost all arguments on any of the topics and subjects we had in this board, have already been made, and discussed in triplicate. And yet they continue to be discussed ad infinitum. And when wiser anons try to conclude those silly arguments, they're met with scorn and ignorance.

>> No.15939243


Why would you want to be a part of them now? Isn't that hypocritical of you?

>> No.15939251

There's a fuckton of porn of her, yes, but they all blow something or other out of proportion. It's like fapping to fake pics of celebrities.
The subject is there, but in the back of your mind you know you'd rather fap to some half-blurry pic Haley Williams takes of herself than some fancy photoshop pic.
Why? Because no matter how good the imitation, it isn't the same as the real thing.

>> No.15939262

You are, without a doubt, one of the most cynical people I have ever met, whether in person or online. Are you optimistic about anything?

>> No.15939269


I am just worried that if I try something with her, Its going to lead into a girl on girl fanfic of my RL self with her.

>> No.15939273 [DELETED] 

Why yes it is. Where is it said, that I don't derive pleasure from playing the devil's advocate.

>> No.15939287

>Implying there aren't people fapping to you already.

>> No.15939288


>> No.15939295


So you take pleasure directly from incurring my ire, as you so put it, whilst still apologizing for it?

You are one of the most retarded persons I have ever met. You have no sence of logical conduct.

>> No.15939296


>> No.15939313

I'm not entirely sure what would be wrong with that.

But anyway, it's very unlikely to be your irl self, as most folks around here don't give many fucks about who you are in real life. If anything, it might be with the God-Emperor of Mankind.

>> No.15939317 [DELETED] 

I am positive, that there are stalkers lurking among /tg/ who would love to rape our lovely drawfriend over here, when given the chance.

I am also positive, that as our dear drawfriend's ego will inflate out of proportion and eventually start having self entitlement issues with /tg/'s many residence, from all the attention, money, and white knights she has received.

I am also positive, that such drama caused, will leave /tg/ broken, and a valued drawfriend lost to us, due to her own vanity.

>> No.15939319

Seriously. Do it.
Something tasteful, yet leaving nothing to the imagination.

>> No.15939320

Forgot dem tats.

>> No.15939326

That's not what "Devil's advocate" means.

Also, heads up, there's more than one sergalfag. Just like there's more than one Alpharius.

>> No.15939332

....So in other words, no there isn't. Good to know, t trouble you again then

>> No.15939333


What I was trying to say is that , If I embarked on such a quest, it might not be what the guy that originally requested would want.

>> No.15939335 [DELETED] 

I am only doing what common courtesy dictates my fair lady.

And if such conduct has no logical bearing, then point the blame on the system, for I am only cog in the machine.

>> No.15939341

You really come here to be a downer, don't you?
I take it you have no faith left in people, so you come here to reaffirm yourself that going outside is a bad idea.

>> No.15939344

No, it makes perfect sense, the behavior just isn't very straight-forward... we could say Sergalfag's motivations are convoluted, yes?

>> No.15939345

If many people like it, is is bad that it doesn't align perfectly with the expectations of a single individual?

>> No.15939348

>Just like there's more than one Alpharius.
What are you talking about? there is only one Alpharius.

And the Sergals did not infiltrate the Ultramarines.

>> No.15939350


Alright doing it. You know the Tgchan thread right? it will be surely there If I dont have the time to finish it.


I know, but I specified threads to see if this is the one I've been talking to mostly.

>> No.15939357 [DELETED] 

Yes playing the Devil's advocate means to take an position, even one the individual may not particularly be in agreement on, but wholly for the sake of argument. And the same discussions and arguements have been discussed so many times, I can pull supporting evidence and counter arguments from the myriad of archived discussions at a whim and see how the opposition reacts.

>> No.15939360

Unless you're getting money, the only thing you should strive for is to make a decent nude of her, and let your creativity guide the rest.
If you're getting money, then the person requesting should be incredibly clear of what they want and keep updated the whole time.

>> No.15939365

I'm Alpharius

>> No.15939371

You've forgotten a key part of the definition - it's not to take any position, but rather, to take the least popular position such that it may be better represented.

>> No.15939372

No, I'M Alpharius.

>> No.15939376

Since quitting IE that was a bookmark lost to me. Care to link me to said thread? I'm going to bed soon anyways.
That said, thank you, God Emperor of Mankind, beloved by all.

>> No.15939384

We are all Alpharius.

>> No.15939386 [DELETED] 

Which I always do my good sir.

>> No.15939391



>> No.15939394


.... no, it's like fapping to various versions of power girl or soemthing

>> No.15939403

I don't mean to contest that, fine sir. I merely pointed out that you'd neglected a portion of the definition as I'd not see fa/tg/uys mistaken on the exact nature of the word's meaning.

>> No.15939407

So am I

>> No.15939409

>ctrl+f "aim"

Goddamn it.

"Yes, but the Omnisiah improves our aim."

>> No.15939417

Thank you, God-Emperor of Mankind, beloved by all.
I hope you produce something fappable, awesome, and anatomically correct; which, by seeing some of the stuff you've already done, looks to be the case.

>> No.15939418

Actually I'm Alpharius, you are all posers.

>> No.15939439 [DELETED] 

Believe me, if you have seen the discussions I have been in, I always choose the weakest argument I can find. Many of them quite undefendable, and it forces me to extrapolate out of the context of the arguments in order to support my claims. And even then I'm only forcing myself into a corner of strawman fallacies.

>> No.15939452


Goddammit, I HATE it when the legion gets drunk.

>> No.15939453 [DELETED] 

Not to be a judge of character of anything my good tripfriend.

But the way you mount flowery praises upon our drawfriend, I cannot help but wonder if you're a white knight in the making.

>> No.15939457

You do know that will end with everyone hating you?

>> No.15939458


>> No.15939463

> I ALWAYS choose the weakest argument I can find.
okay.......Why? (emphasis mine)

>> No.15939473

Omegon cut it out, you aren't even real.

>> No.15939477


post it plz

>> No.15939480


>Complains about not seeing people praise others
>Complains about people giving praise

You are not even trying.

>> No.15939483

Shut up, captain Diedson, and help me get my brother back to his quarters before he vomits acid that melts through the ship

>> No.15939484

>implying it hasn't already

Devil's advocate, pay attention. Also to fuck over shit threads.

>> No.15939487

The "Beloved by all" thing is from the Horus Heresy series. I'm not even close to believing I can get some from somebody who is not only overseas, but that I can get laid by being a sycophant.

>> No.15939496 [DELETED] 

The internet is indeed a hateful mistress. My only defense against such hatred is civility. Sometimes it is enough and sometime it is not. But joys I have wrought, when a opponent tries so hard to itch a reaction from my gross negligence, that he becomes the victim of his own cruelty.

>> No.15939499

Hey Alpharius, check this shit out:


>> No.15939508

So....... he always plays the same roll in every thread.


Seriously, why play devil's advocate all the bloody time?

>> No.15939526

For the same reason trolls troll and pretending he is a necessary part of our esteemed board.

>> No.15939544

Hey, Hey all you guys.
Have a present.

>> No.15939547


because when he doesn't, he doesn't post as a namefag.


>> No.15939550

Lovely, you have my thanks!

>> No.15939552

Filename aside, care to specify what it contains...?

>> No.15939556


Thank you for fueling my lesbian fantasy.

Id also like an archive with Space Marines , Specifically Chapter-sorted. If that's possible.

>> No.15939561 [DELETED] 

The board is more creative then ever before, the trolls for the most part are tamed, and original content flows out like a torrent.

Why deprive a old poster, his one simple joy, where already a oppressive regime is in place to already cripple his pursuits.

>> No.15939565

He never posts as a namefag.

>> No.15939570

You said "already" twice, sir.

>> No.15939579


>> No.15939586

>> No.15939593 [DELETED] 

Yes and mind became distracted with other thoughts, before I had time to change the post.

I honestly do not know why so many gentleman regard me as a epitome of verbose and elegant speech, when in fact I am the manifestation of imperfection and disaster on this board.

>> No.15939600


... not me?

>> No.15939610

>when in fact I am the manifestation of imperfection and disaster on this board.
And you're a quite adept manifestation thereof, fine sir. We could hardly ask for a better one.

>> No.15939623

I miss the crazy as fuck janitor that banned people 24/7.

>> No.15939643

But then this thread wouldn't have gone past the second post and we wouldn't have convinced you to draw a dedicated rule34 of Cultist-Chan

>> No.15939647 [DELETED] 

I miss him as well, he leaves the most hilarious ban statements.

So witty in conception, with a downright cruel edge to single you out as the scum you are.

>> No.15939658


safety and well being of /tg/ is more important than our fetishes.

>> No.15939669 [DELETED] 

But then who would watch the watchers?

>> No.15939676

>Filename aside, care to specify what it contains...?
...Yes. It has it.
Every single Cultist picture I have seen since the very first Cultist picture was posted is in there. And I mean that as in I was in the thread when the first Cultist picture was requested and drawn by Mr. Colexus when he was known and Collosul Faggot.
The ONLY exception being the 2 Flair Cultist pictures made by the Flair Troll, who's name I fear may once more summon the beast.
Alas, that is not something I collect. I have some Angry Marines and Scary Marine pictures, but not enough to warrant their own folders.

>> No.15939682


Other watchers. Theres always IRC.

>> No.15939692 [DELETED] 

Pray tell how many sergal images have you saved over the years?

>> No.15939693

But when you think about it, a lot of those crazy memes and such wouldn't have even spawned if he were still here. You have to admit a lot of interesting threads have arisen from stuff that the Janitor would have obliterated on sight.

>> No.15939695


How about some Dwarves?

>> No.15939706


Name 5 things that lasted to this day. You know what deeply saddened me?

The disappearance of those awesome homebrew chapter threads.

>> No.15939715

The Flare troll now feeds the legions of ponies, sir. I doubt anything will bring his interest hither.

>> No.15939724

Good point. This place is too... ephemeral for it's own good. Like laughing about how the people walking by on a busy city street look.

>> No.15939729

>who's name I fear may once more summon the beast.

I'm certain that your typographical errors are enough to spare us a repeat of that historical misery.

>> No.15939737

>> No.15939744

Good. I'd hate that thing to come back.

>> No.15939745

I suspect those threads will turn out to be seasonal.

>> No.15939748

Janitor, Mod, I still love you. NOW I KNOW.

>> No.15939765

Why's that?

>> No.15939774

I wonder how often I have to hit sergalfag until he runs out of IP addresses in his range. Remember to report his shit, guys. He's permabanned. And yes, it's just one guy. Stay frosty!

>> No.15939779


He heeds us. Take a look at the thread. Its surprisingly cleaner.

>> No.15939783


That's why.

Always thought you were more of a Nazi as of late, but, nah. You're cool bro.

>> No.15939786

Holy shit, the boon you have granted us shall not soon be forgotten (by a few of us anyhow).

>> No.15939788

Tonight... I have seen some shit.

>> No.15939792


Mods = Gods

>> No.15939814

The People's Champions indeed.
By the way, how goes the drawing? I'm off to bed (college classes tomorrow) and curious on the progress.

>> No.15939818

Thank you Based Mod ;-;

>> No.15939822



>> No.15939827


Barely sketched a pose on paper. cant scan it... its 4:51 AM here.

>> No.15939839

Screencapped for epic.

>> No.15939841

>Mod bans sergalfag, but doesn't kill the whole thread
Well, this is a marked improvement over past moderation.

>> No.15939843

It's a start. Ouch, 4am. Well, I hope to see the finished work someday soon (I'll check your tgchan thread often). I'm going to bed, Blade Runner's on the telly and I'm gonna enjoy it, even if it is the Theatrical Cut.

>> No.15939844

Oh wow, in my feeding of the troll I had not realized how much he/we was/were shitting up the thread.

>here for at least four years; just now realizes how much trolls suck; feelingbad.jpg

>> No.15939889


Now you know. You've heard the mod bro, report Sergal's shit and stay frosty!

>> No.15939903

And saved for future use.

>> No.15939909

I thought this thread was supposed to be shitty?

>> No.15939930

Staying Frosty, Sir.

>> No.15939952

>> No.15939977

How many IP addresses have I used so far my dear moderator?

Quite frankly I have lost track. And although we may be enemies in this great hunt. Where does it say that we cannot be friendly to each other?


>> No.15939999




>> No.15940011


>Report Submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

>> No.15940019

You'll simply be shredded again...

>> No.15940020

Ban evasion? By a notorious furry spamming shitposter who has been permabanned every single day for several months? WHO'D'VE THUNK DAT?

>> No.15940031


>banning Sergalfag

I'm not sure exactly what this accomplishes.

>> No.15940034


>> No.15940037


I know, I was just quoting Heavy Weapons guy , but Im sure you figured that out as well, many thanks bro.

>> No.15940042

>most posts in thread
>doesn't delete porn
>I greentext to point it out

>> No.15940043

What the hell is that .gif from?

>> No.15940046


>> No.15940047

Its nice to see moderation actually happening for once
wish /r/ had an active mod : \

>> No.15940057

Welp, this thread went well. Time marches on; soon it will be the winter of our discount tent.

>> No.15940059

Just fuck off, you stupid faggot, no one likes you, your shitty posts, or your attention whoring.

>> No.15940065

You deserve a medal.

No idea.

>> No.15940075

>bans furry avatar fag
>doesn't delete porn
Mod is mega-king, he has correct priorities. Ban fur faggers, not cock fappers.

>> No.15940083


>> No.15940087 [DELETED] 

Yes my dear mod, congratulations are in order.

For your efforts you have made /tg/ a better place for everyone.

So how is your day been?


>> No.15940090

>Stay frosty!


>> No.15940101


Seconding this. Seems like Scanners, but with more linear geometry.

>> No.15940104



>> No.15940106

induring ban

>> No.15940118

Why do I get this odd impression that Sergalfag would be one of those antagonists that winds up doing everything solely to improve the board at the cost of himself being a dick.

>> No.15940121



>> No.15940123


>> No.15940125

>Sergalfag keeps coming back
>thinks he's awesome for doing so
>rest of /tg/ gets an ego boost for not being so pathetic

>> No.15940126


Oh Mod, you make us so happy.

>> No.15940127

Stay alert brothers, the enemy must be nearby

(you read this post in Gabriel Angelos' voice)

>> No.15940129

He doesn't. He just makes bad threads worse. If he were serious about improving board quality, he'd stop his bullshit and let the mods do their job.

>> No.15940131

Janitor is taking out the trash! cheers!

>> No.15940139

>improve board
Pick one. Even ignoring /tg/'s vehemence towards the ass, all sergalfag does is avatarfag and roleplay. Doesn't actually contribute to the thread except in throwaway comments buried under wordy bullshit.

How does any of that improve the board?

>> No.15940143

ah, my bad... I wish I had some cultist-chan images that haven't been already posted

>> No.15940150

>> No.15940156

He doesn't do sexy, or at least the colossal faggot claims as such.

>> No.15940157

Sauce on that gif please?

>> No.15940165

Nope, wrong on every count.
Sergalfag and his bullshit contributes nothing towards this board, no matter how verbose he wants to make his posts.

>> No.15940173

Wish i had it to tell you, got it from some thread a few weeks back where the poster didn't know what it was from either.

>> No.15940176

Actually he makes me feel good for

1) Not being a furry
2) Not being a fag

>> No.15940183

Hwee! Hyoo mods are the bhest mods ehvoor!

Thoo, Fhoor, Seix, Eyght, who do whee appreciate? Ghoooo mods!

>> No.15940191 [DELETED] 

It is not the question of improving the board, but strengthening the relationship between anon and mod.

Were you ever here, when the mods banned posters, left right and center for no reason but for their dislike of the general argument the posters expressed? Or when Janitors want on a rampage deleting both original content and unrelated topics in a tantrum?

At least now, there is a communication.

>> No.15940194



Pic related, its an IRL picture of this mod.

>> No.15940195

Last Action Hero, an Arnie film.

>> No.15940196

>Not being a fag
>Darth Uchiha
Oh really.

>> No.15940201

Is that supposed be a Daemon Dick gifted by Slaanesh?

>> No.15940208

So, this thread has basically gone from Cultist chan appreciation to an epic battle between the mod and Sergalfag.
I'm reminded of Hercules fighting the Hydra. No matter how many heads you cut off, more pop up. I suspect it will end the same way, with the mod tracking down Sergalfag, chopping off his head and shoving a flaming stump in the neck hole.

>> No.15940209


You should quit.

>> No.15940219

>Not being a fag


Oh right. You're that promising new troll who managed to make me mad in two posts, a while back.

You should quit your job and troll full-time, like Sergalfag.

>Since I don't have anything not already posted, have thi-

Target locked.

Banhammer-class missile is go.

>> No.15940225


Stop trying to rationalize being a cunt, cunt.

>> No.15940228

All four gods. It is a its obvious form (Slaanesh), familiar (Tzeench), Thunderhammer (Khorne) and +1 Toughness (Nurgle).

>> No.15940231

Dude, just stop.
You are not clever, you are not funny, you are not beneficial to the board.

>> No.15940235

Well, if Sergalfag was a woman, that would rationalize it quite well, IMHO.

>> No.15940238


Even my dog thinks you are being retarded.

>> No.15940239

Oh, I do hope someone gets pictures.

>> No.15940254

Dude you know he's just gonna fap to your dog now, right? =[

>If Sergalfag were a woman
Fix'd for grammar cuz that's how I roll.

>> No.15940258

so... does that mean I was right? or that Sergalfag is just using my naivete to justify his actions?

>either way, I'm still taking notes to make a BBEG with

>> No.15940259


All the more reason for our awesome mods to steamroll the fucker.

Too bad they are not allowed to disclose his ip range to us.

>> No.15940261

You know, I've never been much of one for the ideas of waifus, but I've always had a soft spot for dear Cultist-Chan.

And the mods here just kick nine kinds of ass.

>> No.15940262


>> No.15940263

>sergalfag getting his head chopped off
I came.

>> No.15940281

That sounds like an improvement to me. CUTE SEXY LESBIANS! FOR EEVERYONE!

>> No.15940287

Now, if only dear Mod would give us Touhoufag back, and then ban-stomped the ievitable one or two fuckers who always trolled his threads, we'd get some quality D&D discussion on this board again.

>> No.15940288



>> No.15940296

I see your dominatus and raise you an EXTERMINATUS

>> No.15940300

It's the second one.
Sergalfag is nothing more than an attention whore, desperate for self-validation in the form of believing that someone, somewhere, might actually think he is worth the resources it requires to sustain his existence.
He wants to pretend that he's clever or funny, or somehow benefiting the board, but he's worse for /tg/ than any amount of "-4 STRENGTH ELF SLAVE WAT DO" threads.

>> No.15940309


>actually think he is worth the resources it requires to sustain his existence.

I have so written this down on my sketchbook.

>> No.15940316 [DELETED] 

God heavens no, I am not terribly into bestiality.

>> No.15940318

Are you a whore with fat thighs? I like fat thighs.

A GIRL in /tg/? HERESY!

>> No.15940319

>this thread
>first time on /tg/
>see a mod banning someone.
>apparently its a furry spammer
>doesnt matter, mods are still faggots

>> No.15940321



>> No.15940331

She's actually the antithesis of a landwhale too. I was shocked to say the least. And before you ask, I didn't save the pictures. Not sure if regret.

>> No.15940334

>banning people 2011
Good, ban the summerfags who are trying to troll and dont know how to use proxies.

Leave the real trolling to me and my kin.

>> No.15940340

This is arguably the highest form of unity I've ever seen a board on 4chan come to. Absolutely admirable.

>> No.15940344

I remember the first time I figured out the sign of the aquila just from the reading material, nothing big really, but I was so stoked that I did it without visual aid

>> No.15940350

What's that epic gif from?

>> No.15940352

Sergalfag's no summerfag. Its been here for much longer than that.

>> No.15940353


Should have been here for the great JP ban of '08.

>> No.15940354


>> No.15940359



>> No.15940361

I never really liked it if I'm honest. Two hands for a salute seems pretty..shit.

>> No.15940371


>implying this isn't an IRL picture of our Mod cracking open a cold one before laying pipe into some hot wenches.

>> No.15940372

I was there man. I was there. Almost wish I wasn't, even despite the victory. I still have nightmares.

>> No.15940381

Hoh my, teejee! Hyoo have sergalfag all over hyoo!

Get ohver here, hwee will scrub hyoo down.

>> No.15940385


More likely than you think.


You just don't get it , do you?

>> No.15940394

Sergalfag only exists because we believe so?

Then let us forget the fool.


>> No.15940395

man you guys are getting worked up for nothing

>> No.15940396

hey, it's /tg/'s 2 favorite girls in one pic!

>> No.15940399


it's alright if dudes aren't carrying wargear, but if you have to put your bolter down to salute, it's a bit much (although I think there have been references to a single-handed Sign of the Aquila for such occasions)

I prefer the Unity salute, fist to chest. as an added bonus, it helps make Cybermen think you're already one of them.

>> No.15940405

We've got something for you to scrub..for instance, penises.

>> No.15940411

Best. biblefight. ever.

>> No.15940426

Ban evasion is ban evasion. As much as I'd like to have touhoufag back, and as BS the janitor's trolling of him was, he did get caught breaking a pretty cut and dry rule.

>> No.15940430

When did you start doing this, anyway? I guess basically when SDF went away, but my memory fades.

>> No.15940431


This is no way to accomplish that.

>> No.15940432

Issat x-chan?

>> No.15940442



>> No.15940444

>Good (lawful/chaotic axis unclear)
>Lawful Neutral

>> No.15940446

I guess to be fair we should be called fa/tg/uys and fa/tg/irls

>> No.15940451

/x/-tan yes

>> No.15940456

Your mom's gonna bear the seeds of heresy all over her face

>> No.15940460

Yup, it is.

>> No.15940474


Moderator, can you see us? Reporting sergalfags in your name! Moderator can you hear us? Raging over furfags shitting up our board!


>> No.15940475

Does anybody else see what Sergalfag is doing? Are we all not ranting against him/her?

Is no one thinking indirectly enough to see?

>> No.15940476

Actually, I think that the writing style is a direct product of his autism, rather than of autism-influenced personal choice. He may well lack the capacity to change it. But even so, I doubt it would be distinctive enough to merit a ban if divorced from touhou imagery.

>> No.15940487

The Astartes of the Angry Marines, Deep Ones and Emperor's Nightmare have rallied to Inquisitor Anonymous ## Mod's cause. Begun, this Crusade has. The Tiji Sector shall be purged of the Cult of Sergal.

>> No.15940499


>> No.15940502

I'm disgusted that I agree with something you typed.

What's with your fetish monster and eyes? Do you get turned on by looking at pictures of it eating eyes?

How many IPs can someone access? Thousands? How is he able to change IP so quickly? =[

>> No.15940509

Alas I do miss his calculating and polite phrasing.

I do hope he comes back to us eventually, even for a little while before he is banned for evasion.


>> No.15940516

at a guess, he prepares them beforehand

>> No.15940521

Good point. Let the conversation then be changed. But what does /tg/ love to discuss so much that it will enable us to escape the fetid influence of the Sergal?

Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly submit to you: Penises.

Do sergals have baculums?

>> No.15940522


We are following orders. The Heretic shall burn.


>Remember to report his shit, guys

>> No.15940524

Thus far it's taken him some amount of time to change IPs. I'd guess he just resets his router.

Talking about != reporting

>> No.15940530



>> No.15940534

awesome, I had an inkling, but I'm not much of an /x/-phile, to many succubi not enough Constantine if you catch my drift

>> No.15940537


Report, not reply.
Big difference.

>> No.15940549

What game is this?

>> No.15940554

Looks like the cutscene from WAR.

>> No.15940555

It's a screenshot from one of the WHFB videogame trailers. Mark of Chaos, I think.

>> No.15940558

I wasn't here for a year (or two). Is that what it comes to? What happened to giving trolls enough rope to hang themselves? No, let's suck mod balls for dong his job instead!

>> No.15940560

The difference between reporting and replying can be quite crippling. REPORTING a rules violation usually has no further consequences. REPLYING to one can mean a ban. Threadbans are common for CP and tripfag circlejerks (point in case: Alice, Grandpa Dreadnought etc).

>> No.15940562


Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning

>> No.15940574


To ward off the Heretic's perversions, one must inform the Heretic of his damnation, in order to strengthen one's righteous hatred.

>> No.15940579

Thank you for that information lord inquis-I mean mod

>> No.15940589


Annotations to the Witch-Hunter's Handbook made.

>> No.15940591

This battle between them reminds me of Eisenhorn VS Cherubael for some reason

>> No.15940594

Times have changed good sir. No longer can we trust ourselves to self moderate the board. For the risks are too great. And /tg/ has proven time and time again, that this prevention strategy to be ineffective, usually resulting disastrous consequences upon execution.


>> No.15940602

Target spotted

>> No.15940615


>> No.15940618

Because anonymous Internet message board is serious fucking business.

>> No.15940625


Mod, I...

>> No.15940629

Orders received, Mod.


>> No.15940631

Dis mod mang.

Dis fucking mod.

>> No.15940633

Usually,l we're too busy forcefeeding them to let them hang themselves.

>> No.15940635


Unchecked Heresy can lead to Br*n**s. Vigilance must be unending.

>> No.15940644

>Eisenhorn used Cherubael as his personal BFG at the cost of the people who loved and respected him

never change, /tg/, never change

>> No.15940650

Thank you based mod.

>> No.15940657

I will never understand how roleplaying is a bannable offense on the roleplaying board.

Ah well, as long as that's clear.

>> No.15940659


Heresy is like a tree, its roots lie in the darkness whilst its leaves wave in the sum and to those who suspect nought it has an attractive and pleasing appearance. Truly, you can prune away its branches, or even cut the tree to the ground, but it will grow up again ever the stronger and ever more comely. Yet all awhile the root grows thick and black, gnawing at the bitter soil, drawing its nourishment from the darkness, and growing even greater and more deeply entreched.

>> No.15940688

best/worst thread on teegee

>> No.15940700

Yet you forget.

We came to this thread for the heretic, the beloved Cultist-chan.

No, Emps, you are the heretics.

But we remain for duty.
But we remain for HONOR.


>> No.15940706

Alice is permabanned on all boards, but Grandpa Dreadnought threads should be fine in /b/.

>> No.15940710


Why am I the heretix? I love Cultist chan, and I despise sergalfag, reported every single post of his.

>> No.15940711


>> No.15940718

I am but a humble servant of the MOOT-EMPEROR OF 4CHAN.

>> No.15940725



Incoming Drawfaggotry.

>> No.15940733

Cultist-chan is Chaos, and thus Heresy.
You, however, are serving the greater goo-

Understood. I shall self-terminate for this awful, heretical mistake.

>> No.15940737



oh, right, blue board. not uploading that. *cough*

>> No.15940739

Why is grandpa dreadnought banned from here? I didn't dig it, personally, but a lot of folks seemed to.

>> No.15940747

Put it on tgchan and link it, as I have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.15940771


not really tg related, just moot and some naked chick and golden text proclaiming that there ain't no party like a moot party. and/or moot getting blown.

but this picture of moot fingering a tight little pussy is blue-safe.

>> No.15940781

Mod, can we actually get a ruling on Touhoufag while you're hear? Yes, I understand he ban-dodged, but the cause of his banning was literally a months-long harrassment campaign by our Janitor, who abused his position of power and besmirched moot's boards by circumventing the janitorial rules by provoking a "bannable" offense via biased erasures. It doesn't seem reasonable to me to hold this slight against him considering the circumstances of his original banning.

>> No.15940794

my only other Cultist cosplay photo.

>> No.15940831

I shall spread the word, O, Mod.

Not sure how many folk'll take up the opportunity, though. But thanks for that tidbit anyways.

>> No.15940846


Is this sort of thing still a bannable offense? I saw a thread involving it, and didn't know whether it's globally unacceptable and/or counts as furry, so is that the sort of thing to report or just hide?

>> No.15940880


Hopefully it is. Please take it to /co/ or /b/.

>> No.15940905



being the image in question.

>> No.15940935

I don't see why not if it's being discussed reasonably in a /tg/-related manner...

But it's up to our local Inqui- MOD.

Also, the self-terminator system appears to be nonfunctional. Please deploy a techpriest posthaste to fix it and soothe the machine spirit.

>> No.15940976


Consider it soothed.

>> No.15940993

Did anyone who wasn't incredibly obviously trolling with it even get banned? Mostly the threads just got deleted and maybe a few warnings were passed around.

I still do DRYHooves stuff every now and then with my gaming group, but I've made peace with the topic being too easily trolled on /tg/ nowadays.

>> No.15941008


the old sticky said not even as a tg.

>> No.15941065

It's not an inherent problem with the concept. Surely you've seen all sorts of "How do I make [so and so setting/franchise] into an rpg" threads, Harry Potter being one of the recent ones I've personally seen around.

It's that the second you mention MLP, regardless of where it is posted or how calmly the idea is posed, that shit is gonna get trolled hard and utterly relentlessly. It's probably way easier to just blanket ban it then deal with the inevitable fallout.

C'est la vie.

>> No.15941068

Yet that sticky is no longer up, and I've seen nothing recently saying it was not allowed.

Hell, the best, most reasonable discussion I've ever had of that series was here after that sticky went down.

Thank you, good sir.

>> No.15941370

Mod you are just and have made my day. Scratch that, you have made my week!

I love you so much right now.

>> No.15941734

It was disallowed at that time because it always devolved into a shitstorm, as people from the "stop liking what I don't like" crowd fucking hated MLP. It might work out better now.

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