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/k/ommando passing through here.
I wondered what kind of firepower your fictional universes had to oppose the real world. I've seen some interesting stuff from Warhammer 40k, but anything is welcome.
I'm looking for:
-pics, preferably CGI
-gun porn (working firing cycles, field strips, exploded views etc.)
-short descriptions
I know it's somewhere between your damage charts and character sheets, hit me with it!

Pic unrelated. It's a Flammenwerfer. It werfs Flammen.

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...nothing? At all?

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>claim to be from /k/
>post most overposted weapons picture ever
>ask a sfw board for porn
>/k/ interested in /tg/
Holy fucking summer.

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Well, the standard weapon of the Eldar (Space Elves) is the Shuriken Catapult.

It fires ninja stars. Monomolecular ninja stars.

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We start with blunt rocks and end with weapons that can end the known universe. Both of which are used by the same race.

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I... What?

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Monomolecular ninja stars made from psychic bone.

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ask for Deathleapers fangirl she usually has the largest collection of /tg/ related pics Furon being right after.

I suspect neffag though as you are not dumping the pics you have....seriously http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Imperial+guard

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>gun porn
>I know it's somewhere between your damage charts and character sheets, hit me with it!
Don't you know that charts, numbers and statistics are much more interesting?

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>ask a sfw board for porn

gun porn =/= porn
It's just a term.

/tg/ has guns too, so I don't see your problem.

Eat this pic of a fucking abomination and shut up.

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You think that's weird? Boy, we haven't even gotten started!

BAM! TYRANIDS! Giant bug-dinosaurs from outer space, that devour entire planets.

Their weaponry varies from claws and talons, to biological guns.

Do you want to be killed by a high-pressure jet of venom / stomach acid? How about flesh eating beetles fired directly into your gut? Or projectile worms that eat their way through your nervous system to your brain?

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>The Harlequin's Kiss (Eldar: brathu-angau, "kiss of doom" or "kiss of evil") also known as Sting, is a tubular wrist-mounted Monofilament Injector. As the name suggests it is widely associated with the Eldar Harlequins. The Kiss is only effective in close combat. It contains a tightly-coiled retractable monofilament wire which is around 100 metres in length. When activated (often with a forward punching motion) the wire is violently released. Capable of piercing armour, if the wire penetrates its victim it instantly uncoils and lashes around violently, liquefying bones and internal organs, and causing immediate death. The wire then retracts back into the Kiss.

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Somebody tell him about the Snotzogga. Should occupy him for a while.

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/tg/ booru is good for this, but here.

I play Battletech. We start with stuff like this in a man's hand, and work our way up to 100-ton walking tanks, intersystem warships that can bombard planets from orbit, and powered armors in the 1-15 ton range for good measure. Plus the usual variety of infantry, armored vehicles, and conventional fightercraft.

Battletech likes it's war toys. From the top down is a gyrojet rifle, a machinegun, a short range missle launcher and a laser pistol, from the Japanese version of the rulebook (which is exotic compared to the US version, artwise- but awesome)

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Standard weapon for space marines, and anyone else buff enough to carry one is the Bolter.

This thing is big. It fires rockets that explode once they've penetrated something.

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Scrounged up some diagrams, nothing too detailed though :[


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Even though it's /v/ related, I love the guns from Mass Effect.

Instead of standard ammunition it fires shards from a solid block of metal. It fires these shards at FTL speeds; this is accomplished using the essentially magical Element Zero. These shards are also very, very small, meaning that you essentially will never have to reload during a battle.

Then the second game had to go and ruin all of that... grumble grumble

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Shokk Attack Gun.
Just the Shokk Attack Gun.
It sucks in little creatures called Snots, opens a safe tunnel through a realm of utter madness where, usually, nothing can survive, and throws them through said tunnel.
The other end of the tunnel is in your armor.
Or your body.
Yes, it basically teleports a rabid, scared to madness, little fuck inside you, where it claws its way from your entrails back to freedom.
And sometimes it malfunctions and opens a rift in reality. Or teleports the user.

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>Fio Se'phi'roth

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Well, 40k has space ships with weapons designed for orbital bombardment, which would probably beat real word military by default (we have rather few anti-space ship weapons, after all).

On ground level, comparing the capabilities of modern armies and 40k factions would be hard, because the 40k rules aren't really designed to represent real war (the weapon ranges for example are pathetic because othervise you'd need really big tables to play the game). It should be noted, however, that the basic lasgun, jokingly referred as the flashlight because it's one of the weakest weapons in the game, is statvise equal to an autogun (ie. an assault rifle. Looks and presumably functions similarly to modern equivalents) and is cabable of blowing big chunks out of unarmoured humans (laser hitting flesh causes liquid in the tissues to rapidly vaporise).

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OP here. That is some... strange stuff.


Please continue. I'd especially appreciate if you had something from a fictional firearm too.

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old pic is old.
I wish it was fictional, sadly, somebody actually raped two perfectly fine (read: constantly jamming) AR-15 to make that.

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Dear /k/, I will tell you how the 40k weapons generally work, by faction.

Humans are split into two major categories - WW2 grunts, most of whom carry pewpewlaserguns and have WW1 to WW2 era looking tanks. Their laser guns range from pistol to giant space battleship battery. They also use non-laser stuff, particularly on their tanks and other armored vehicles, but not as much as the other type of humans,

The SPESS MERHINES. Standard weapon is a huge gyrojet launcher. The projectiles are delayed-fuse armor piercing explosives. Also chainsaw swords. Lots of missiles and that type of stuff.

There are space elves, and as you've been told, they have a gun that shoots ninja stars and is made out of psychic plant/bone stuff. Pretty much everything they use is make out of psychic bone-plant stuff, including their jet-powered hovertanks with all their pewpewbeamguns and such. Some of their guns rip open holes in reality and suck in their victims.

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Does it not work?

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And nothing of value was lost.

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Orks is space are basically what everyone thinks of slavshit, but moreso. Everything is strapped together using paperclips and rubber bands, and they generally go for quantity over quality. Expect a lot of boxy looking things that randomly spit bolts and screws all over the place. Some of their guns have laser pointers on them, but the lasers don't always point where the gun is going to shoot, so they just deal with it.

Tyranids are the hivemind space bugs. All of their guns are just more space bugs. Everything they shoot is all gloppy and gross, and most projectiles are themselves alive. They either break apart by impact, spewing their acid blood all over the place, or they dig in and eat their target inside out when they hit them. Nasty stuff.

Necrons are TERMINATORS in space, and their guns are fucking magnets how to they work. They pull off matter from their targets layer by layer, so they're called "flayers." Can't really armor up against that.

Tau are stereotypical sci-fi aliens and their tech is relatively hard-sci-fi compared to the other factions. They use lots of energy weapons, in particular pewpew plasma guns that shoot like star wars blasters. They also mount railguns on their hovertanks, use laser target designators, and lots of guided missiles to hit targets designated by said lasers. Also they have mecha with jetpacks and guns for jumping around, but they don't generally melee with them. They also have a gatling plasma/blaster gun that they mount on most of their hover vehicles.

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Now this I understand.

Define "work". Does it go dakkadakka and spew bullets? Yes. Will it hit anything? No.
Also, the top gun will jam even more than usual on account of being turned upside down and using a Cmag, and its mechanism is linked to the bottom one which will also stop working.

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Of note are the Sister of Battle, often referred to as Bolter Bitches. They mostly use SPESS MERHINE giant gyroget guns, but when things get too sticky for just that, they up-gun in a very specific manner. While the grunt guards of humans will pack laser cannons and big artillery, and the space marines will too, the Sisters answer all of their problems with FIRE. They bring flamethrowers by the metric fuckton, and for popping armored vehicles, they don't bother with missile launchers or laser cannons - they just bring anti-vehicle melta guns, a.k.a. we're going to super duper burn that tank to death. Meltas are very short range but very powerful, like a panzerfaust. Bolter bitches love getting all up in your business and then burning said business to the ground. If they haven't set it on fire by the end of the day, the Sisters are generally unsatisfied about it.

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>Define "work". Does it go dakkadakka and spew bullets? Yes. Will it hit anything? No.

In other words, it's an Orky gun.

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>It fires these shards at FTL speeds
No, it does not. You need to read the codex more closely. The recoil from FTL bullets would vaporize everything forever in the vicinity of the fire...er. I dont recall exactly but I think the mass effect field propels the slivers and heat sinks captures the heat (duh).

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Visited /tg/ to look at some fictional firearms, left it with a general idea of all Warhammer 40k weapons and the unexplainable urge to weaponize small animals.
Thanks, fa/tg/uys.

I'll keep monitoring this for a bit, just in case.

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I have just re-read my posts, and I apologize for not being able to fucking type, holy shit I had no idea I was this bad at words.

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Cheers, /k/ommando.
Always welcome.

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the only /tg/ game I've been involved in recently is the Laundry series.

so, the Basilisk Gun, Optical weapons which can hit a target within unimpeded line of sight, and convert 0.1% of the carbon atoms in the organic structure to silicon, with a resultant release of electrons and heat.

And a modern computer with applied mathematics. A weapon capable of tearing open the boundaries between universes, and bringing through the gaps the things from beyond, wether they be simple posessive beings, or vast entities capable of causing the accellerated heat-death of the universe by changing the planck constant...

and then there's "CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN". the awakening of Cthulu, when the Stars Are Right.

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Do the Inquisition, pretty please?

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idk I liked the words you made there.

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>unexplainable urge to weaponize small animals
Now you're thinkin with squigs!

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Hell, I've got some 40k images ready to go. You said you wanted gunporn, right? The vast majority of 40k images are generally action poses of guys shooting at a slightly downward angle at a presumed enemy which is apparently ten feet in front of them and in the ground, so you'll be seeing a lot of that.

I have more Sisters and Tau than anything else, but I think I have some space elves, imperial guard (human WW2 grunts) and SPESS MERHINES scattered about in my /tg/ folders, so if you want something specific, I can probably dump a bit for you.

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And the asshats at redjacket firearms one-upped this thing and tied 3 M16s together in a similar fashion.

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Fair enough. Some humans and maybe one pic with that elven dominatrix whip from hell?

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Squigs fall under a special area of ork gear. Sometimes a weapon, sometimes a replacement organ, sometimes a bomb, sometimes a wig(orks can't grow hair of their own), but most often they just eat everything that isn't orks and then get eaten by orks.

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>And the asshats at redjacket firearms one-upped this thing and tied 3 M16s together in a similar fashion.

1.Mention on /k/

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The Dark Eldar use a variety of different weapons, as much intended for inflicting terror as being deadly on the field.

Their Warriors wield splinter-weapons as standard-issue armament. Housed inside each rifle is a poisoned crystal, and as the gun is fired, an electromagnetic field will break shards off from said crystal and propel them at hypersonic speeds to poison their targets in a most hideous fashion. There are pistol, rifle, and carbine variants, as well as the Splinter Cannon (which is effectively a squad-automatic weapon with additional recoil compensators and anti-grav harnesses, so it can be hipshot with relative accuracy).

In addition to splinter weapons, the Dark Eldar have "Darklight Weapons" which fire weaponized dark matter, the results being torn-apart by black-hole like forces upon impact. The DE use very sophisticated magnetic containment fields to ensure nothing goes wrong...the main such weapon is the Dark Lance, which is essentially a long-range anti-tank gun, carried either as an emplaced weapon or mounted on one of their gun carriages. Infantry might wield a mobile version called a Blaster, sacrificing range for the ability to be accurately fired on the move (similar stabilizers found in the Splinter Cannon), while officers and those of rank may have Blast Pistols instead.

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good old necrons. you gotta love a gun that works by distabilising the bonds between the atoms of the target, then using electromagnetic force to pull these atoms away from them, thus causing the "flaying" effect
the green lighting is probably something the necrons added on cos it looks cool

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Hm, I don't have a lot of dark eldar (dark space elves) so I probably don't have the crazy kink whip you want, but as for humans, I think I have enough Imperial Guard for the thread, so we'll go with that, maybe some Space Marines, and probably some Sisters of Battle. You'll easily be able to tell the difference.

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see them silver prongs on the underside that almost look like a bipod? antigravitic field projectors, allowing the physically weak eldar to lift and carry the weapon

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Within the Imperial Guard, there are guys called Catachans. They're basically Vietnam/Rambo/Predator guys.

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Also the Guard has some of those chicken walkers from star wars.

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There are other assorted weapons as well. Some units may wield the Haywire Blaster, which is effectively an electromagnetic rifle, capable of electrocuting lightly-armored infantry though being better-used for frying enemy vehicles. The Disintegrator is a vehicle-mounted plasmacaster used for rapid bursts of energy to vaporize infantry. The Heat Lance is a specialized hybridization of Melta and Dark Matter technology, a breakthrough unknown to the rest of the galaxy as it allows them a mobile short-range tank-annihilator unknown to most. Shredders are effectively shotguns which fire a fast-spreading net of monowire, the results being targets getting turned into many bloody chunks...

The Haemonculi are alchemist-scientists that have many other devices which tech-wise may as well be magic. Liquifiers are specialized liquid-projectors which spew a mix of corrosive chemical compounds to turn infantry into bubbling piles of flesh. The Shattershard is a resonant piece of a mirror that when smashed will similarly shatter those whose reflection was caught in it. The Hexrifle is a sniper rifle that introduces a vector for a particular virus engineered toslowly turn its victim into a glass statue. The Dark Gate is thrown like a grenade and opens a portal to a realm of many many tentacles. They also build Talos, which are akin to combat-droids, only powered by torture-victims, or the hearts of forsaken children. These in turn can use a mix of conventional or arcane weapons (the Cronos variant in particular has several "Soul-draining" weapons).

Melee-wise, the Dark Eldar have a mix of melee weapons, some poisoned, some not. They may additionally have assorted forms of Power Weapon (think blades with an energy field, that can cut through armor), including Electrocorrosive Whips, Agonizers (think neural stunners), Huskblades (which suck a target's soul out), and Djinn-blades (animated self-sentient blades).

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The Pyg's face makes me laugh every time.

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This is not so much /tg/, but I would love to see a tabletop system adapted for it.

This is from the comic Glimmer Rats. Very little explanation is given regarding the Glimmer, some alternate dimension alongside our own, but high tech stuff just doesn't work there. The first brigade of soldiers and scientists sent through were massacred instantly as intangible horrors popped out of their radios and dematerialized them inside their suits. Now the only occupying force there is a ragtag bunch of deserters and military criminals (some of whom were supposedly executed) sentenced to serve life in the Glim. They're shipped through in drop pods with less integrity than an ork segway, and most of the unfortunates die on impact. Those that survive have to make do with guns that are relics of decades ago and that won't kill most things that live in the Glim anyways. This is a surreal world where human presence shapes the landscape, making it more solid and less hostile. It feeds off of fear, weakness, and death, and even the ground often tries to kill you.

Oh, right. Why is this relevant? Critter storms.

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As a surgical raiding force, the Dark Eldar use a *lot* of alternate modes of transport as well. The most iconic of these is the Raider (see pic), a vehicle with origins as a pleasureboat which uses a mix of solar sails, and antigrav engines to move around. It has next to no armor, and either relies on energy shielding or stealth-tech to protect itself from incoming fire. It serves as both a transport, and fire support carrying either a Dark Lance or Disintegrator (and there is a gunboat variant which sacrifices the ability to transport troops for slightly improved armor, more guns, and improved targeting systems). The Dark Eldar additionally love to customize their vehicles further with enhanced engines, chain snares, hallucinogenic gas grenade launchers, ammo dispensers for the passengers, etc.

An alternate transport is the Venom, a large version of an Eldar Jetbike which can carry 5 passengers instead of 10...smaller than the Raider, it's nevertheless agile, and rather well-armed for anti-personnel duty, with armament usually consisting of 2 Splinter Cannons.

Alternate modes of transport include having your bones hollowed out, and wings (and the muscles to control them for flight) being surgically added to your form among those. Another option is a hoverboard with built-in Splinter-Pod (a slightly slower-firing Carbine), or the Reaver Jetbike. The Jetbike is a fast yet flimsy vehicle equivalent to a Star Wars swoop bike, having a single Splinter Rifle (occasionally upgunned to a Blaster or Heat Lance), *lots* of scythes and bladed points for fly-by-slicing, and the occasional proximity-mine dispenser. The riders in turn usually are drugged up beyond recognition, their reflexes allowing them to fly the damn things in the first place.

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(Forgot the pic. Damn captcha-issues)

There be other vehicles of course, besides the Raider, Ravager, and Venom. Occasionally some of the Reaver pilots get bored of biking, or get enough money to buy an aircraft instead. There are two main aircraft the Dark Eldar possess, including the Razorwing Fighter and Voidraven Bomber. The former has 2 lances, a Splinter weapon (either a twin-linked rifle, or a cannon), and 4 missiles (anti-infantry,and they can be all fired-at-once for fun times). The Voidraven has heavier armor, upgrades the Dark Lances to a heavier version called the Void Lance, and replaces the missiles/gun with an anti-tank bomb called a Void Mine (which creates a forcefield, then a dimensional portal to vaporize everything inside said field). It can optionally have 4 missiles aside from that.

There are numerous other pieces of auxiliary equipment of course. Specialized displacement forcefields, holographic projection units, plasma grenades, EMP grenades, etc. Aside from this, the Dark Eldar either tame or create assorted warbeasts and monsters for war as well. The Talos were mentioned, but other monsters include Grotesques (test subjects pumped full of osseovirals and macrosteroids and turned into dumb brutes used to smash stuff up), Ur-Ghuls (blind hunting creatures that use scent to track, and have *LOTS* of fierce jaws), Medusae (brain-parasites attached to a host, whose gaze can shred a person's mind...said hosts wear a helmet which they occasionally open in combat), Voidwing flocks (think flesh-eating bird swarms that can overwhelm a target then tear it apart), Khymerae (extradimensional beasts used like attack dogs), etc.

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Not exactly /tg/
But read Blame!

it has a gun that is some sort of gravity displacement thingemejigg.

it shoot 84 Km of destruction&shit

and its a lot cooler than I make it sound

>> No.15937449

That shit better be in some space ship.

>> No.15938331

it's a unique handgun.

also if you fire it at that power you will probably lose your arm, even if you are cyborg of sorts

>> No.15938365

rolled 93 = 93

>it shoot 84 Km of destruction&shit

>also if you fire it at that power you will probably lose your arm, even if you are cyborg of sorts

I'd hazard a guess that you'd lose quite a bit more than an arm.

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here it is fired at a much lower output

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AdMech here. Everyone else is small-time. Pic related: it's a small Titan.

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I'm a Warmahordes man, specifically Cygnar. As a general rule, Cygnar weaponry is very similar to the kind of shit they had in America and Britain between World Wars I and II. Breech-loader rifles, chain guns, rifle grenades, etc. True automatics are rare as all shit, mostly because the few designs in use are clunky pieces of junk and were offloaded on some trolls so that they'd go kill some people the Cygnarans didn't like. Revolvers and multi-barrel designs are fairly common.

Where shit gets crazy is with mechanika weapons (that is to say, weapons which mix magic and technology). A fair number of these are melee weapons, such as the mechanika swords issued to journeyman battle mages and the various electrical arms issued to the Storm Knights. In fact, Cygnar has a pretty big hard-on for electricity altogether. They use all kinds of swords, staves, guns and coils designed to blast holes in things with big bolts of lightning, many of which are designed to complement each other in interesting ways (increasing the power or range of other nearby devices, for example). There are also gun mages, who use pistols to fight. Their guns aren't mechanika, strictly speaking, as the only magic involved comes from the user. They can do some crazy shit with them though, like creating shockwaves or hitting a target who is completely concealed behind the wreck of a warjack (a giant steam-powered robot with a magical computer for a brain. not really a faction specialty, but they do use a lot of them).

Pic is a Storm Knight, electrical sword and all.

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