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This is a blood angel thread. Post anything blood angely

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This thread was gifted to us by the Blood Angels.

Praise our brothers

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Your newest successor chapter.


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What? That's Bjorn, the Space Wolf Dreadnaught.

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Why dont Blud Angle servitors have Mindlock?

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haha XD so you don't know?

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I'll take a guess you're from /v/, trying to troll.

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*That's Bjorn, the Blood Angel Dreadnought.


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That's /tg/ fiction. And those are Blood Ravens. Who are Thousand Sons. Get your fluff straight.

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you mean BLOOD RAVEN he was gifted to us for our victory in Korruva

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My Flesh tearer's stand beside you brothers

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That's a blood angel, you fuckwit.

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Very aware just don't have any good flesh tearer's pictures.

Now I have one

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Does anyone have a good image of the 3rd edition codex cover image?

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There aren't many, oddly.

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Best. Marine Biker. Ever.

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Love this picture.

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I miss the ol' rhino rush

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If anyone has any more Id appreciate them :)

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Gabriel Seth.

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i miss the days when BA weren't pale twilight wannabe's but just a simple chapter with a blood fetish and some dark secrets

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yeah, that Pretyboy captainTycho bullshit needs to be washed out with bleach. Fuck matt ward and his stupid as fuck special characters

space marines are TOUGH BALD MEN, not a bunch of sissy faggots that brush their hair.

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Tycho's prettyboy fluff has been around long before Matt Ward. Ever since 2e he has been buttfrustrated at the Orks who scarred his bishie face.

Blame Jervis, he's the one who made that fluff up.

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>Fuck matt ward and his stupid as fuck special characters

Seriously bro

Shut up

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yeah, we need more classic blood angels like Seth instead of ward fanwanking all over a beloved chapter

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You don't know Tycho got Mind-crushed in a White Wolf battle report showing 2e rules?

It was pre-Dark Millenium and was in issue 155 or so.

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manly death=/= wailing prettyboy wardfaggotry

seriously, you sound desperate

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>pretending he doesn't know Tycho just became a masked angster in 2e because of that attack

I see you trollin'.

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>stories and additional background: William King and Jonathon Green

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It's in his unit entry, and those do not constitute "stories or additional background" which is in the fluff section of the codex.

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Flesh Tearers are bad-ass as fuck. I love me some BA successors.

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When I saw the top of that dread, I thought it was painted after Optimus Prime. I was disappointed.

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Are the Blood Ravens successors of the Blood Angels?

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My 1750pts is being crafted :P

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No, Blood Angels are successors of Blood Ravens.

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No. The geneseed of the Blood Ravens is unknown. It is possibly Blood Angels, based on heraldry, but there is merit to the arguments for Raven Guard (heraldry) or Imperial Fists (B/Ravens are responsible for the maintenance of Rogal's Fist) also.

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Flesh Tearers FTW , Picking fights with Loyal Chapters since aaagggeess ago

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You're thinking Minotaurs.
The Flesh Tearers stay away from other Imperial organizations on order of Gabriel Seth.

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>It’s too late… the Wolf is at the door and it hungers for blood. Oh, Throne… no, the blood! The Ravens, I see them too. The lost sons and a Raven of blood. They cry out for salvation and knowledge, but it is denied! A brother betrayed, a brother murdered. The worst mistake for the noblest reason! It cannot happen, but it must!

This is from "A Thousand Sons" HH novel.

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Hey guys, what's going on in this thread? Can I come in?

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'Fraid not.

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Love this one.

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Can we post BA lists?

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Can I come in without being kicked in the groin again?

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As soon as you stop killing everyone.

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i'll post a list, and you guys tell me what to improve
3000 Points
Headquarters Gabriel Seth 160

Honour guard Blood Champ Chapter Banner 2xPowerswords Flamer

Transport- Razorback Heavy Flamer Storm bolter Hunter-killer Missile

Elite1-Sanguinary Preist in Terminator Armour
Two Sanguinary Preists with Power swords

Elite2- Terminator Assault Squad All Thunderhammers & Storm Shields

Transport- LandRaiderRedeemer Multi-Melta Hunter-Killer Missile Extra Armour

Elite3- Sternguard Power Fist 5xCombiMelta 2extramen 2xMulti Meltas

Transport- Rhino StormBolter Hunter Killer Missile

Troop1- Death Company 2extra men Thunderhammer

Transport- Razorback TwinHeavyFlamer Extra Armour Hunter killer missile

TRP2- Assault Squad with No Jump Packs 5ExtraMen 2xMeltagun Powerfist

Transport- Rhino Extra armour

TRP3- Assault Squad with No Jump Packs PlasmaGun Powersword

Dedicated Transport-Razorback with Twin Heavy Flamer

FST1- Baal Predator Flamestorm Cannon Heavy Flamer Sponsons Extra Armour

FST2- Baal Predator Flamestorm Cannon Heavy Flamer Sponsons Extra Armour

FST3- Baal Predator Assault Cannon Heavy Bolter Sponsons Storm Bolter Hunter-killer Missile

HVY1- Vindicator Dozer Blade Hunter killer missile

HVY2- Vindicator Dozer Blade Hunter killer missile

HVY3- Vindicator Dozer Blade Hunter killer missile

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Drop Seth, acquire Librarian

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stop buying sponsons for flamestorm predators. Unless you plan on have stuff assault whatever you are throwing templates on (with your terrifyingly low infantry count), you will have them die in CC only moving 6" a turn to use your sponsons.

And no DC at 3000 points? Sad lemartes.

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Not the same guy that posted the FT list.

HQ: Reclusiarch-175
Plasma Pistol
Melta bombs
Jump pack

Honor Guard-115
Melta bombs

Furioso Dread-190
Extra armor
Drop Pod

Scout squad-115
Locator beacon
Camo cloaks
Sniper rifles

Assault Squad-230
+5 marines
Power weapon
Melta bombs

Assault Squad-155
-jump packs
Las/plas razorback

Heavy Support
Extra armor

1000 points

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some good points there. thank you!
Yeah, i kinda felt like i had a low amount of troops

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Flesh Tearers


Gabrial Seth 160pts


Seths Honour Guard
Powerfist 150pts

Seth's Land Raider redeemer
Extra Armour
Multi melta 255pts

5 Man Assult Squad (in the raven)
Powerfist 135pts

5 man Assult squad

Bolter Razorback 20pts

5 man Assult squad

Bolter Razorback 20pts

5 man Assult squad

Bolter Razorback 20pts

Fast Attack

Baal preditor
Heavy bolters 145pts

Baal preditor
Heavy bolters 145pts

Baal preditor
Heavy bolters 145pts

Heavy Suport

Stormraven Gunship
Extra armour 215pts


Should be taking this to throne of skulls This October

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>Assault Squad-230
>+5 marines
>Power weapon
>Melta bombs

>Assault Squad-155
>-jump packs
>Las/plas razorback

I'm going to assume you have those backwards because you cant take a DT AND jump packs

If that's the case, than I'd ditch the las-plas and go for for the assault cannons or a flamer. You're already gonna be up close with that squad, particularly as you've kitted them out to pop some tanks, in which case the las-cannon is somewhat redundant.. and assault cannons > plasma guns.

Also I'd ditch the scout squads with locator beacons if I was you, I've found that DOA already helps enough. Take another Assault squad with a melta gun instead

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Here. I didn't actually include Tycho and his facerage, its 2e stuff and back then it wasn't the rule for all of them. nonhelmeted marines back then, including tycho would typically be painted with a very tan fleshtone, like one you would expect from a chapter hailing from a planet like Baal, not the pale emo shitface twilight faggotry they've become nowadays :(

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There's no mistake.
The -jump packs means the squad has no jump packs.
Their job is to huddle on an objective.

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looking for notes also a good way to spend the last 40pts

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looks good. perhaps think of adding more power weapons to the honourguards, or possibly a turret upgrade on the razorback

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Made my chapter a descendant of the BA. Vermillion Wings. Have a hyper-sensitive omophagea, and have to devour enemies once they defeat them, and prefer close combat above all else. Still working out the fluff for them. For Sanguinius and the Emperor!

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Hello I am a former blood angels player
I have converted to chaos and turned my blood angels to the powers of the warp

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Easy enough:
-Convert the Razorbacks to Heavy Flamers, give Dozer Blades to two of them.
-Give Hunter-Killer Missiles to the Baal Predators (yes, really). Scout, and Sidesnipe.

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surprised this hasn't came up yet

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I'm looking at putting a heavy dreadbash together for the 1500 - 1750 range. Which dreads should i focus on?
Are DC dreads reliable? Should I mix in some Baals? Are techmarines worthwhile if i'm running rifleman dreads? should i give them a servitor squad? and if so, heavy weapons or no?
What kind of troops should i use for grabbing objectives ect?
Anyone have experience running dread heavy lists? What tactics work for you? do you drop pod or dreadslog?

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Can someone help me out on this? looking for advice

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